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org Fall 2020 CFC#25431

The Chair's Message

ho would have thought that in 2020, the whole word would be ies such as: Ogie Alcasid, Regine Velasquez-Alcasid, Joan Almedilla, Apl.
hit by a health crisis, the COVID-19, that would also bring an de.ap, Cheryl Burke, Ryan Cayabyab, Jose Mari Chan, Darren Espanto,
economic collapse? For third-world nations like the Philippines, Pops Fernandez, Lani Misalucha, Zsa Zsa Padilla, Tim Pavino, Lea Salonga
the effect of the coronavirus is more pervasive and deadlier as resources are and Gary Valenciano. This online concert raised $138,000.
scarce and as millions of poor people are unable to buy protective gear and Here is a summary of COVID-related grants we have disbursed in only
practice social distancing. the last three months (our regular yearly grants for the school year 2020-
In Philippine International Aid’s (PIA) case, we have an added concern 2021 were disbursed earlier in the year in the amount of $95,000 to several
for the children: as parents lost their livelihood, children were becoming NGOs (see pages 8 -9)) :
malnourished; with quarantines and lockdowns, violence at home towards
the mother and children have increased; and with no income, children have San Francisco Bay Area, United States – for food and
become victims of cyberporn. The children had no one to turn to. grocery items
Alarmed at the great risk of the virus affecting the most innocent
members of our society, the children, PIA quickly mobilized its volunteers, West Bay Filipino Multi Service Center – for elderly Filipinos
donor base and logistical team in Manila. The assistance we gave also living in South of Market = $1,000
extended to front liners and to areas outside of Metro Manila, and in the Kultivate Labs – provide meals to healthcare workers and
San Francisco Bay Area as well. at the same time help Filipino restaurants = $1,000
In early March, we were contacted by Philippine Business for Social Pilipino Bayanihan Resource Center – community feed
Progress (PBSP), a foundation supported by big corporations in the Philip- on Mother’s Day in Daly City, CA = $500
pines, if they could use our Facebook DONATE button in a virtual concert Bessie Carmichael School and Galing Bata – meals and
they were launching worldwide for two months. We agreed to serve as their grocery items for 80 children in the South of Market
fiscal agent. The concert, Bayanihan Musikahan, generated $170,357.63 (San Francisco) catered by Filipino restaurants for a month
on Facebook alone. through a grant from Wells Fargo (see photos on page 6) = $5,000
Emboldened by PBSP’s online success, PIA launched its own virtual
concert hosted by Martin Nievera last July 10 and participated by luminar-
Philippine International Aid 1
2020 Board of Directors
and Officers

Mona Lisa Yuchengco, Founder and Chair

Carlos Y. Abaya
Leopoldo R. Briones, Treasurer
Teddy Diaz De Rivera, Secretary
Shirley B. Dimapilis Philippines - For food and hygiene packages, and learning needs
Dr. Edmundo B. Duldulao
J.D. Estella IV Caritas Manila (the social arm of the Catholic church) – outreach to 15,000 urban
James T. Lim, Executive Director poor families in Metro Manila (through Give2Asia) =$8,128
Ben R. Olivas PIA’s Off the Streets – Off to School Scholarship Program – 1,275 bags distributed
Lyra Rufino-Maceda in Metro Manila to the children and their families (photos on this page) = $62,192.85
Elaine R. Serina, Ph.D.
Tablet Computers - 27 electronic tablets were bought and distributed to senior high school
France M. Viana
and college students who could afford to buy one = $1,836
Raymond Virata, Administrative Assistant Bukidnon Provincial Medical Center – provided PPEs for the center’s doctors, nurses,
midwives, attendants, janitors = $500
US – Philippine Society -- PIA adopted a medical facility to treat coronavirus
in the Philippines = $1,000

Financial Statement In addition to the projects above, PIA disbursed grants in the amount of $1,000 to each of the
following NGOs:
Philippine International Aid
Statement of Revenues Child Alert Mindanao, for 5 barangays of Davao City to provide food, hygiene and school
and Expenditures
For the year ended December 31, 2019 supplies for 21 students
ECPAT Philippines, Quezon City, Manila for desktop computer and hygiene supplies for
REVENUES 36 elementary and secondary children housed in the center
Fundraising Income $ 175,797
Tanglaw Buhay Center, Zamboanga, for food and hygiene packages for 32 children in the
Campaign Contributions 9,985 center and their families
Donations 70,148 Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish to distribute rice to 195 pre-schoolers in the Alabang/Muntinlupa area
Restricted Income 153,554
Alay Kapwa, General Trias and Paliparan, Cavite to provide food to the poorest
Other Revenue 333
120 children and their families
Total Revenues $ 409,817 Open Heart Foundation, Quezon City, Manila for electronic tablets for 25 high school
and college students for online learning
West City Central School, Cagayan de Oro, Mindanao to provide
Fundraising Expenses $ 52,716 “Compassion Packs” (food, hygiene and school supplies) to 83 special needs children
Licenses 1,380 Kanlungan Sa Er-Ma Ministry, Pasay City, Manila and Laguna for a feeding program for
Utilities 1,499
Office Expenses 6,907
4 communities for 5 months for 60 children
Rent 11,980 ACAY Mission Philippines, Quezon City, Manila for 3 desktop computers for
Professional Fees 10,900 15 students aged 16-20 years old for their online educational needs
Accounting 4,250
Medical Mission Sisters, Bukidnon, Mindanao for food packs for 70 families
Bank Charges 2,799
of the Monobo Pulangiyan and Lumad tribes
Total Expenditures $ 92,431 Bukid Kabataan Center, Cavite for food/snacks and school supplies for 36 children
residing in the center

EXCESS OF REVENUES That brings a total of $92,156.85 in grants for COVID-related projects alone.

Fund Balance 1/1/19 $ 511,603 Due to social distancing restrictions, we will NOT be able to hold our annual fashion show fund-
(Note 1) raiser in November – the virtual concert in July replaced it. We will continue to give you updates on
the COVID-19 situation in the Philippines, especially as it relates to the children.
Fund Balance 12/31/19 $ 547,012
Note 1 – The amount of $41,715 is committed and considered Thank you again for your continued generosity and thoughtfulness, especially during this turbu-
restricted as of December 31, 2019.
lent and uncertain time.
Note 2 – The organization is incorporated in the State of
California. It enjoys Federal Tax Exempt status under Section
501(c) 3 of the Internal Revenue Code. Tax I.D. Number
Mona Lisa Yuchengco, Founder and Chair
November 2020
2 Philippine International Aid
News About The Children
failing to Child Abuse over the
Global status report
on preventing violence
against children calls
for more government
action and warns of
‘dramatic impact’ of

alf of the world’s children, or
approximately 1 billion chil-
dren each year are affected
by physical, sexual or psychological
violence, suffering injuries, disabilities
and death, because countries have

failed to follow established strategies to hey are the two latest arrivals were rescued also through the inter- navirus lock-down and restricted
protect them. at the Preda Foundation’s vention of the International Justice international travel. Many more for-
This is according to a new beautiful home for exploited Mission (IJM) together with the eign pedophiles are seeking sexual
report published today by the children set in the countryside sur- National Bureau of Investigation gratification by having children
World Health Organization rounded by wooded hills beside a (NBI) and the PNP-WCPC. The abused live online while they watch.
(WHO), UNICEF, UNESCO, small stream. The children are Pedro, children were brought by government Parents and relatives are the perpetra-
the Special Representative of the 12, and Angelica, 7, victims of online social workers to the Preda home. The tors and the ISPs that enable it.
United Nations Secretary-General sexual abuse perpetrated by the uncle government has no more capacity for The frequency and number of
on Violence against Children and with the knowledge of their parents. the victims and has no commitment reported incidents of online sexual
the End Violence Partnership. They are now rescued and are happily to financially support them at the Pre- child abuse has exploded. The
“There is never any excuse for playing with toys and recovering from da home. They had been sexually US-based National Center for Miss-
violence against children," said Dr the abuse. abused by their own step-mother in ing and Exploited Children
Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, The abusive uncle also sexually online exposure to Australian pedo- (NCMEC), which operates the Cyber
WHO Director-General. “We abused them. He made a video where- philes over the Philippine internet ser- Tipline Report (CTR), has a hotline
have evidence-based tools to pre- by he put his cell phone into his briefs vice providers either PLDT/Smart or for cases of online exploitation of chil-
vent it, which we urge all countries and blindfolded the children and told Globe when arrested. These compa- dren and has recorded 279,166
to implement. Protecting the them to look for it. He videotaped the nies are violating Philippine law by reports from March 1 to May 24,
health and well-being of children sexual abuse that followed and not blocking child pornography and 2020, according to the Philippine
is central to protecting our collec- uploaded it on YouTube. He was allowing live streaming of child sexual Department of Justice. The number is
tive health and well-being, now detected and the Philippine National abuse. Soon, there may be interna- greater by 264.63 percent or by
and for the future.” Police Women and Children Protec- tional sanctions against them if they 202,605 incidents in comparison to
The report – Global Status tion Center (PNP-WCPC) of Region don’t obey Philippine and interna- the figures recorded at this time last
Report on Preventing Violence 4A tracked him down and arrested tional laws to protect children online. 2019. Then there were 76,561 reports
Against Children 2020 – is the him. The Philippines is a global hot of on-line sexual abuse of small chil-
first of its kind, charting progress A week previously, three more spot of child sexual abuse online. It is dren. This a shocking and disgusting
Continued next page child victims of cyber sexual abuse growing more severe with the Coro- Continued next page

Philippine International Aid 3

Countries... continued from page 1

in 155 countries against the “INSPIRE” mentation has been slow. action plans, prioritizing data collection, and
framework, a set of seven strategies for pre- strengthening legislative frameworks. Global
venting and responding to violence against The COVID-19 response action is needed to ensure that the necessary
children. The report signals a clear need in all and its impact on financial and technical support is available to
countries to scale up efforts to implement children all countries. Monitoring and evaluation are
them. While nearly all countries (88%) have “During the COVID-19 pandemic, and crucial to determine the extent to which these
key laws in place to protect children against the related school closures, we have seen a rise prevention efforts are effectively delivered to
violence, less than half of countries (47%) said in violence and hate online – and this includes all who need them.
these were being strongly enforced. bullying. Now, as schools begin to re-open, “Ending violence against children is the
The report includes the first ever global children are expressing their fears about going right thing to do, a smart investment to make,
homicide estimates specifically for children back to school,” said Audrey Azoulay, UNES- and it’s possible. It is time to fully fund com-
under 18 years of age – previous estimates were CO Director-General. “It is our collective prehensive national action plans that will keep
based on data that included 18 to 19-year olds. responsibility to ensure that schools are safe children safe at home, at school, online and in
It finds that, in 2017, around 40,000 children environments for all children. We need to their communities,” said Dr Howard Taylor,
were victims of homicide. think and act collectively to stop violence at End Violence Partnership. “We can and must
“Violence against children has always school and in our societies at large.” create a world where every child can thrive free
been pervasive, and now things could be get- Stay-at-home measures including school from violence and become a new generation of
ting much worse,” said UNICEF Executive closures have limited the usual sources of sup- adults to experience healthy and prosperous
Director Henrietta Fore. “Lockdowns, school port for families and individuals such as lives.”
closures and movement restrictions have left friends, extended family or professionals. This
far too many children stuck with their abusers, further erodes victims’ ability to successfully Editor’s note:
without the safe space that school would nor- cope with crises and the new routines of daily The data for the report was compiled
mally offer. It is urgent to scale up efforts to life. Spikes in calls to helplines for child abuse through a survey administered between 2018 and
protect children during these times and and intimate partner violence have been 2019 with responses from over 1000 deci-
beyond, including by designating social service observed. sion-makers from 155 countries. n
workers as essential and strengthening child And while online communities have
helplines.” become central to maintain many children’s
learning, support and play, an increase in Child Abuse... continued from page 1
Progress is generally harmful online behaviours including cyberbul-
uneven lying, risky online behavior and sexual figure of this heinous crime. The NCMEC is a US
exploitation have been identified. private non-government agency funded by the US
Of the INSPIRE strategies, only access to “Whilst this report was being finalized, government.
schools through enrollment showed the most confinement measures and the disrupted pro- Another study led by the International Justice
progress with 54% of countries reporting that vision of already limited child protection ser- Mission (IJM) shows that Philippine internet-based
a sufficient number of children in need were vices exacerbated the vulnerability of children child sexual abuse had tripled in the past three years.
being reached in this way. Between 32% to to various forms of violence,” said Najat Maal- The study showed that the number of Philippine IP
37% of countries considered that victims of la M’jid, Special Representative of the United accounts that were used for child sexual exploitation
violence could access support services, while Nations Secretary-General on Violence against online increased from about 23,333 in 2014 to the
26% of countries provided programmes on Children. “To respond to this crisis a unified, whopping total of 81,723 by 2017. So over a three
parent and caregiver support; 21% of countries child rights and multisectoral framework for year period, the increase in the number of Internet
had programmes to change harmful norms; action for children is critical requiring a strong IP addresses used that shared images and acts of
and 15% of countries had modifications to mobilization of governments, bilateral/multi- sexual abuse of children increased from 43 per
provide safe physical environments for chil- lateral donors, civil society, private sector and 10,000 IP addresses to 149 per 10,000 IP addresses-
dren. children, whose views must be heard and truly a massive and shocking increase in the child sexual
Although a majority of countries (83%) taken into account to ensure duly protection abuse of Filipino children.
have national data on violence against chil- and the possibility for all to thrive and reach This evil inclination of the pedophiles and
dren, only 21% used these to set baselines and their full potential.” their enablers that is damaging thousands of chil-
national targets to prevent and respond to vio- dren shows a serious failure of irresponsible govern-
lence against children. Accelerating action to ment officials to implement existing laws to protect
About 80% of countries have national protect children the nation’s children. The enablers that make it pos-
plans of action and policies but only one-fifth sible are the internet server providers such as PLDT/
have plans that are fully funded or have mea- WHO and its partners will continue to Smart and Globe Telecommunications. Soon, a new
surable targets. A lack of funding combined work with countries to fully implement the player DITO Telecommunity, will be a provider of
with inadequate professional capacity are likely INSPIRE strategies by enhancing coordina- access to the internet.
contributing factors and a reason why imple- tion, developing and implementing national The ever vigilant and straight-talking man of

4 Philippine International Aid

action, President Rodrigo Duterte, intolerant of Servers PLDT headed by Manuel V. Pangilinan and tered.” (See the complete law at
child sexual abuse, must use all his presidential pow- Globe headed by Jaime Augusto Zobel de Ayala The Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012, Republic
er to protect the children and get the National Tele- must answer for the child abuse that is happening Act No. 10175 bans cybersex and child pornogra-
communication Commission, headed by Commis- over their internet servers. Have they “captured” the phy, among other things.
sioner Gamaliel A. Cordoba and Deputy Commis- regulators at the NTC and have an arrangement What appears to be collusion between govern-
sioner Delilah F. Delesto to explain why the Elec- NOT to implement the clear provisions of the law? ment agencies and the telecommunications compa-
tronic and Internet Service Providers such as PLDT/ Would they lose the revenue of more than 82,000 nies enables 24/7 the access to horrific images of
Smart and Globe have not installed detection soft- or even 100,000 paying customers perhaps? children being tortured, raped and abused. The per-
ware to block the uploading and downloading of Republic Act 9557, under Section 9, says: nicious and evil abuse of online streaming of chil-
child pornography and online live-streaming of the “The duties of Internet Server Providers (ISP) to dren being sexually abused must be stopped by the
sexual abuse of children as provided by law. monitor the content passing through their servers NTC and the ISPs. Can President Duterte be the
The NTC was so quick to issue a “Cease and notify the police of illegal content and provide the one man that can do it? Who are the worst crimi-
Desist Order” against ABS-CBN for no fault other authorities the particulars of users who gained or nals? They who do it? They who order and pay for
than the non-renewal of its franchise but how much attempted to gain access to an Internet address it? Or those in the NTC and ISPs who enable it to
more important is the protection of little children, which contains any form of child pornography. All happen? All three must be held to account and face
some three-year olds from online sexual abuse ISPs shall install available technology, program or the sanctions of the just laws. n
about which the NTC appears to do nothing, software to ensure access to or transmittal of any -Fr. Shay Cullen, May 28, 2020,
favoring PLDT and Globe? These powerful Internet form of child pornography will be blocked or fil-

Visit the Children

ponsors in the "Off the Streets-Off the
School" Scholarship Program can visit their
sponsored children whenever they visit the
Philippines. (Please contact our office to schedule
your visits).

Connie McHugh, Rod C. M. Hall, Bennett &

Sharon McMicking and Phyllis Hattis visit
their sponsored children and the children of
the Joseph and Mercedes McMicking
Foundation last February, 2020.

Tony Abarquez (left) and family met up with scholar Mark Leonard Maryles Casto (second from left) got together with her 3 scholars
Panzo (second from right) last December, 2019. last December, 2019.
Philippine International Aid 5
Activities 2019/2020
AY Foundation Taal Relief

hilippine International Aid donated $1,000
to the victims of the Taal Volcano eruption
in the Philippines last January 2020. The
funds were coursed through the AY Foundation’s
relief efforts.

Cuisinero-Taste the Philippines

hilippine International Aid teams up with the creators of the cookbook "Cuisinero -
Taste the Philippines," author and publisher Flavel Monteiro and co-author Keesa
Ocampo, along with chefs Nouel Omamalin and John Buenaventura to bring distinct
tastes, flavors and a new meaning to Filipino cuisine from the beautiful Philippine archipel-
ago. The eBook is only available at for $4.99.
Every purchase of this eBook will help children to go school in the Philippines. As an added
bonus, one gets a free digital copy of the multiple award-winning book “Coffee Absolute Gastronomy
with the world’s cutting-edge chefs” with every purchase of Cuisinero. Limited supplies available.



hilippine International Aid organized a food grant of $5,000 to provide meals and groceries for
"COFFEE ABSOLUTE 80 students and their families in the South of Market Area (SOMA) of San Francisco. PIA coor-
GASTRONOMY" dinated the food distribution with the South of Market Community Action Network (SOM-
CAN). Food and groceries were purchased from local Filipino establishments.

Volunteers at SOMCAN

6 Philippine International Aid

Activities 2019/2020

Hil Asilo
Designer Cora Manimbo and fashion show director Oskar Atendido at Giving Hope to the Children 2019

Giving Hope to the Children

esigner Cora Manibo and fashion show
director Oskar Atendido were featured
at the luncheon fashion show at the
Hyatt Embarcadero, San Francisco last Novem-
ber 17, 2019 (see above photo). The show was
hosted by Lloyd LaCuesta and Diane Dwyer
Sharp. Sponsors were Philippine Airlines, Cora
Tellez and UBS Alpha+ Group. The event netted
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this
year's annual fundraiser was an all-star online
concert hosted by Martin Nievera last July 10,
2020 (see poster on the right). The show generat-
ed $138,000 and is still available on www.phil- for viewing.

The Kingmaker

hilippine International Aid premiered Lau-
ren Greenfield's "The Kingmaker" at the
Embarcadero Cinema in San Francisco last
December 12, 2019. The film is a documentary
on Imelda Marcos and the Marcos family's return
to politics after being ousted from the Philippines
in 1986. The film showing netted $1,666. n

Philippine International Aid 7

Grants for 2020
n 2020, the PIA board approved the following grants (for a description of each grant, please visit: www.

Alay Kapwa Educational Foundation (Cavite and Cebu) - $10,000

ACAY Missions Philippines Inc. (Bataan and Manila) – $6,000
Bukid Kabataan Center (Cavite) - $9,000
Child Alert Mindanao (Davao) - $8,000
Davao School for the Blind (Davao) - $4,000
ECPAT, Philippines (Manila) - $7,000
Kanlungan sa Er-Ma Ministry (Manila and Luzon) - $10,000
Katilingban Para sa Kalambuan, Inc. (Zamboanga) – $18,000
Open Heart Foundation Worldwide, Inc. (Manila) - $5,000
People’s Recovery, Educational, Developmental (PREDA) (Olongapo) - $5,000
Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish Preschool (Alabang) - $5,000
The School of Indigenous Knowledge & Tradition (TSIKAT) (South Cotabato) -$4,000
The Child's World - A Growing Center (Manila) - $4,000

PIA’s grant of $9,000 to Bukid Kabataan Center provides educational and PIA ($10,000) supports 50 children of Kanlungan sa Er-Ma's drop-in cen-
psychological assistance to 59 neglected children. ter which is geared towards the holistic development of children in need of
special protection.

PIA provides educational assistance ($5,000) to Open Heart Foundation

Worldwide's 17 students who completed courses in education, electronics, com- PIA’s grant of $4,000 covers educational assistance and food for the 51
puter engineering, criminology, criminal justice, social work and human resource students at Davao School for the Blind, which is the only educational instu-
management. tion for the blind in the Southern Philippines.

8 Philippine International Aid

Grants for 2020

PIA’s grant to ACAY Missions Philippines ($6,000) goes to psychological evaluations, counseling sessions and transportation of 40 at-risk youth (girls aged
14-21 years old who were orphaned, neglected and abandoned and bow who have had conflicts with the law).

PIA ($12,000) supports the Alay Kapwa Day Care Program's 340 preschool PiA’s grant of $4,000 takes care of school fees and meals for 120 children
children with education and nutrition programs at two centers in Cavite and in a community-owned school that incorporates the T’boli culture in the cur-
two centers in Cebu. riculum.

Off the Streets – Off to School Scholarship Program

total of 1,267 students were enrolled for the school year 2019-2020 in various pub-
lic schools in Metro Manila (Elementary = 440 students; Junior High School = 549
students; Senior High School = 190 students; and College = 88 students). Due to
the COVID-19 pandemic, the school year was cut short.
Here are our graduates for the SY 2019-2020:
Elementary = 138
Junior High School = 126
Senior High School = 62

College Graduates

1. Mendoza, Jona, National University, Civil Engineering

2. Pantinos, Joshua = Technological University of the Philippines, Some scholars of "Off the Streets-Off to School" program at
Civil Engineering Technology the Christmas party.
3. Barredo, Paula = University of the Philippines, Bachelor of Sports Science
4. Laurel, Ma. Lourdes = Polytechnic University of the Philippines Bachelor of Science in Tourism
5. Diaz, Gilbert = Technological University of the Philippines, Bachelor of Technology
- Tool & Die Engineering Technology n

Philippine International Aid 9

PIA Thanks
Guardian Angel
List of 2019 Contributors
Col. Nestor and Dr. Rozanna Aliga
$20,000 and above Angelie Ang
(based on payments received by December 31, 2019)
Asian Pacific Fund
Auntie Em’s Fine Foods
S. H. Cowell Foundation
Charito Benipayo
Peggy Berlese
Ninong/Ninang Dolores Bernardo
$10,000 - $19,999 Marie Bernardo
Catherine Buan
Manny and Lyra Maceda Bunso Breads
Katrina Montinola Sherman and Ria Calinga
Cora M. Tellez Cenon and Mimi Carolino
The Joseph and Mercedes Ann Bess Chanco, DDS
McMicking Foundation William and Sally Chao
The William and Flora Hewlett Tarni Chhabra
Foundation Ana Maria C. Conroy
Mona Lisa Yuchengco Tom and Christine Consunji
Domingo Cosino
Community Backer Mary Cudahy
$5,000 - $9,999 Fr. Rey Culaba
Sherida I. David
Virginia V. Camara Donny De Leon and David Swanson
Cielito and Polly Cortez Tony Dee
Teddy and Jeanine De Rivera Juan Paolo and Kristina Delacruz
Maryjane Fuster, DDS Lauriann Delay
Michael and Patricia Gonzalez Noel De Rivera
John and Susan Ocampo Greye Dixon
Ben and Rose Olivas Gareth and Ruth Hill Evangeline C. Buell Tom and Suzette Donnelly
Victor N. Villagracia Lourdes Hojo Frederic C. Calindas Diane Dwyer Sharp
Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. Lloyd LaCuesta Ma. Angela Castro Therese H. Finnegan
James and Cay Lim Edgardo Co Flawless Faces Skin Care
Benefactor Helen Limcaoco
LTD Global, LLC
Emil and Magdalena De Guzman Foreign Cultural Exchange Consultants
Leonard and Maria Fu
$3,000 - $4,999 Danilo and Lydia De La Cruz
Rafael C. Lumanlan Manzel L. Delacruz William P. Fuller IV
Carlos and Charles Manese John A. DeLuca Prudence Gaspar
Alex and Barbara Abela Marina Go
Consuelo H. McHugh Felicito H. Desuasido
AT&T FACES MVC Solutions, Inc. Peter Goetze
Shirley B. Dimapilis
Chevron Network for Good Eric and Marsha Golangco
Erlinda Dizon, M.D.
Elizabeth J. Esteva Zinnia S. Orosa Juannie Eng Jocelyn Greenlaw
Roderick C. M. Hall Rebarts Interiors Giggles and Grins Dental Care Virginia C. Gualberto
Jane Huey-Chai Lin Marisa Robbins Mizono Thomas and Michelle Gotelli James and Lynda Hampton
Denise Jackson Bess T. Roces Rick Gutierrez D. T. Hand
Zenaida Mallari Rohit Sawhney Mike Lord Mary O’Connor Hauser
Cris and Evelyn Raimundo Norma Serina Ken and Lupita Kashiwahara Robbie Herrera
Elaine R. Serina and Andrew Chiang San Francisco-Manila Sister City Gail M. Kong HM Integrated Services Committee Adam and Esther Kotowski Julieta Hudson
Elisea Singson-Tan, M.D. LBC Mundial Corporation Alejandra Ibarra
Sponsor SJ Engineers Martin and Grace Licuan Marilu Illenberger
$1,000 - $2,999 Mitchel Stark Ma. Theresa S. Martinez Jade Chocolates
George and Barbara Sycip MC Business Development Corp. Gregorian Jones
Agbayani Construction Company Tancinco Law Offices Lorna H. Mello David Katz
Marivic Agoncillo, DDS Lili Tarachand Gloria Melone Helena Leiner Katz
Jose and Maria Albano Jennifer F. Tasto Paula Morgan Kopolo California
Agnes Y. Alikpala, M.D. Peter A. Tcherepnine Mark and Imelda Oppenheim Andy and Cathy Koubek
George and Frieda Baker The Buchheit Philanthropy Fund Ray B. Riess Ma. Angela La’O
Dado and Maria Banatao Celia Tomlinson Lourdes F. Rius Andrea Lamar
Bank of America Matching Gifts UBS Employee Giving Programs Rodel and Edna Rodis Nate and Mary Lane
Marilen B. Bernrado United Way Maria Sabado Felicidad G. Lao-Domingo, M.D.
Leopoldo and Eloisa Briones University of San Francisco Mario A. Santos Eric and Aurora Linak
Renato and Josie Castaneda France M. Viana Edmundo A. Somoza, M.D. Ernie and Mila Llorente
Maryles V. Casto James Vohs Bernadette Sy Michael Gil Magnaye
Cornelius Cu WuHoover & Company LLP Conchita and Ricardo Taylor Allan Manalo
Sonia T. Delen Johann Yuzon Tin RX Castro San Francisco Fe Manipola
Tina Desuasido Toppings Din Corporation Shirley Maramag
Evelyn Dilsaver Patron United Way California Capital Region Dr. Rosanna Marquez
Donor Network West $500 - $999 Bert Valerio Thomas Marsoner
Christal and Ken Doyle Dr. Cesar and Suzette Veluz Lene V. Martinez, M.D.
Eliza D. Duerme Carlo and Elizabeth Abaya Angela Watts Lilia Mauricio
Dr. Edmundo and Tanya Duldulao Dan and Linda Altamirano Vicky Wong Marita Mayer
Maya Escudero Ong Joseph Anonuevo Ato and Jojie Yap Katrina Mayol
Nina R. Estella Anne Archer Hunt Elsie McAteer
Joselito and Maria Palacio Christian Arnesen Donor McCaffrey’s Home Care
Corinna A. Gamez, M.D. Malou Babilonia $300 - $499 Carrick McLaughlin
Eric Joel Gatchalian Mary Anne Baysac, DDS Christina Mendoza
Google Matching Gifts Program Patrick J. Boland ABS-CBN International J.R. Mendoza
Joan Mersch

10 Philippine International Aid

Jose Davila Shirley Paulson
Milagros De Guzman Shauna Peterson
Genevieve Dee Therese Pimentel
Teresita Y. Degamo Edward and Lydia Pomposo
Arsenio Del Rosario Eric Quema
Ronaldo and Myrene Delmundo Primo Quesada
Robert and Pucchi Di Ricco Antonio Raimundo
Alejandro A. Diesta Maria Raimundo
Luis and Nelieta Diguangco Reginald Ramirez
Vikranth Eleswarapu Lucy Recksett
Elaine Elinson Gary Resurreccion
Roger F. Espiritu, M.D. John W. Rhodes, Jr.
Jose D. Estella IV Virginia Rivera
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Philippine International Aid 11
The children need your help!
The pandemic has made it nearly impossible for us
to do any fundraising, and yet so many of the chil-
dren we help to stay in school need our assistance
more than ever. Most of them live in overcrowded
slums. Their families are constantly struggling to
secure food and basic necessities. And now, they
also all must endure the constant threat of serious
illness, possibly death, from the still uncontrolled
pandemic. Never in our 34-year history have we
seen all these dire circumstances conspire to create
a truly devastating environment for the most vul-
nerable members of society. No young mind should
be left defenseless against malnutrition, the loss of
family income, threats of crimes against children
and, now, catastrophic illness. PLEASE HELP SAVE

Here’s how you can help:

1. If you are an employee/member of the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC), you can donate to Philippine
International Aid (PIA), designate #25431.
2.If you are an employee/member of the America’s Best Charities (ABC), you can also choose to direct your dona-
tions to PIA (,, or
3. Find out if your company offers a matching gift program. Your donations can be doubled.
4. If you love to shop through Amazon, please go to and designate PIA as your charity.
AmazonSmile will donate 0.5 % of your total eligible purchases to PIA.
5. If you belong to any civic or student club, please introduce PIA to your members, and think about us in your
next fundraiser.
6. You can sponsor a child’s education for only $150/year. This amount covers books and school supplies, uniforms
and shoes, field trip expenses, meals and transportation allowances, annual medical and dental check-ups.
$150 translates to only 40 cents a day! ( ) YES, I will sponsor ____ child(ren).
7. You can make a straight donation to PIA, attend our fundraisers and other activities and volunteer.
( ) YES, enclosed is my donation in the amount of $ ______.
( ) Yes, I would like to volunteer. Please contact me at: email ___________________
phone __________________.
7. You can refer Philippine International Aid to your friends and relatives. We will gladly go to your gatherings
to give a presentation.
Donations/payments can be mailed to our offices or done through our website:
Please mail back this form to:
Philippine International Aid Name: ________________________________________
The Children’s Fund
Address: ______________________________________
1813 El Camino Real, Suite 3 ______________________________________________
Burlingame, CA 94010
Tel 650-231-8202 E-mail: _______________________________________
E-mail: (Help us save on stamps)
Tax ID: 94-3008383