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Posts; Blog of Dr. S.A.

Ostroumov; professional activity, Internet; Ecology,
Environment, Biology; updated 2011, March-February;

Key words: ecology, environment, biology, biosphere, resources, water,
sustainability, environmental, safety, ecosystem, services, aquatic, water quality, self-
purification, pollution, improvement, new, discoveries, innovations, applications,
education, ecotoxicology, preventing, global, change, protection, biodiversity;

New links among toxic pollution and eutrophication;

Mar 18, 2011;
_toxic_pollution_and_eutrophication; New links among toxic pollution and
eutrophication. Traditionally eutrophication is considered as linked to nutrients but
not to xenob... ;


Terminology: pre-infection chemicals (metabolites, compounds);...

Mar 16, 2011;
infection_chemicals_metabolites_compounds_post-infection_chemicals Terminology:
pre-infection chemicals (metabolites, compounds); post-infection chemicals
(metabolites, c... ;


Lessons: Japan, earthquake, tsunami; oil spill;

Mar 15, 2011;
rthquake_tsunami_oil_spill; Lessons from Japan 2011, earthquake, tsunami; nuclear
disaster, BP oil spill:;

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List Translated to French. Papers online;

Mar 13, 2011 – 0 comments – 3 views;
_French_Papers_online; Translated to French. Papers online Sites where the full texts
of the scientific papers are available online free: ;

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Papers online.
Mar 12, 2011 – 3 comments – 28 views;;
Papers online. Sites where the full texts of the scientific papers are available online
free: PAPERS.AVAILABLE.ONLINE. November2.2010.doc; formatted and updated
March... ;

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Ecology:citing of the publications authored by Dr.S.A.Ostroumov;

Mar 9, 2011 – 2 comments – 5 views;

World-wide and international citing of the publications authored by Dr. S.A.
he_publications_authored_by_DrSAOstroumov; some examples: ;


Lake Biwa, Japan;

Mar 4, 2011 – 0 comments – 11 views;;
A. Shrivastava, T. Hori and H. Takahashi. The Activities of Natural Purification of Lake
Water and Types of Shores Surrounding Lake Biwa, Japan. - In: Sengupta, M. and D... ;

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Ecological Studies, Hazards, Solutions. Volume 16;

Mar 2, 2011 – 1 comments – 11 views;; Экология, науки о жизни: инновации /
серия: Ecological Studies, Hazards, Solutions. Volume 16. Экосистемы, организмы,
инновации-12. Труды научной конференции (23 июня 2010 г., Москва) и другие
материалы. М.: МАК... ;


CV. March1.2011;

Feb 28, 2011 – 0 comments – 29 views;;
CURRICULUM VITAE of Dr. S. A. Ostroumov, (2011, March 1), Bibliography included at
the end of the file: a list of some publications; Name: Sergei A. Ostroumov; Member,
the... ;

FAQ:Biotic Self-purification of Aquatic Ecosystems;

Feb 27, 2011 – 1 comments – 24 views;
purification_of_Aquatic_Ecosystems; FAQ on the paper: S. A. Ostroumov. On the Biotic
Self-purification of Aquatic Ecosystems: Elements of the Theory. - Doklady Biological
S... ;

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publications were published in the journal Doklady Biological Sciences.

Feb 24, 2011 – 0 comments – 20 views;
published_in_the_journal_Doklady_Biological_Sciences; Some of my publications were
published in the journal Doklady Biological Sciences. Some frequently asked
questions... ;


New Science Created: Book by S.A.Ostroumov;

Feb 23, 2011 – 1 comments – 15 views;
ed_Book_by_SAOstroumov; A new science was created - Biochemical and Molecular
Ecology - by publishing a relevant book by S.A.Ostroumov. A new scientific discipline
is em... ;


Ecology. Materials online free. 2011, Feb 18;

Feb 18, 2011 – 1 comments – 10 views;

Ecology. Materials online free. 2011, Feb 18. with additions; Guide to publications
Guide to publications on ecology, environment, water quality, ecotoxicology
(authored and coauthored by S.A. Ostroumov) and relevant blogs:
http://www.resear... ;


Innovative Opinion Paper &Review Ostroumov S.A.;

Feb 18, 2011 – 2 comments – 10 views;
_Paper_Review_Ostroumov_SA;; S. A.
Ostroumov. Biocontrol of Water Quality: Multifunctional Role of Biota in Water Self-
Purification.-... ;

Bibliography2010; 2011;

Feb 14, 2011 – 0 comments – 11 views;
011; Publications of Dr. S.A. Ostroumov 2000 - 2010, selected (some with comments,
abstracts; edited 2011, February): ;


Feb 11, 2011 – 0 comments – 7 views;
tssubmittedtothesession; On Feb 12, 2011, an international conference was
organized, in the form of a poster session. It was entitled 'Ecosystems, Organisms,
Innovation... ;


Ecosystems, Organisms, Innovations-14, Amherst;

Feb 10, 2011 – 1 comments – 19 views;
sms_Innovations-14_Amherst; About the poster session (conference) see:
ms_Innovations-14_... ;


Conservation of living nature and resources;

Feb 8, 2011 – 0 comments – 7 views;
ng_nature_and_resources; Book: Conservation of living nature and resources:
problems, trends, and prospects. Authors Yablokov, A. V.; Ostroumov, S. A. Authors
Affiliat... ;


Submitted from Italy;

Feb 7, 2011 – 0 comments – 17 views;

New material submitted to 14th intl poster session Ecosystems, Organisms,
Innovations-14, from Italy: Risk of Lyme borreliosis and rickettsiosis by co-infected
ticks across one of the most populated area of Europe: Po river valley, Italy. Pajoro
M.1,... ;


Feb 1, 2011 – 0 comments – 18 views;

Professional Activities in FEBRUARY 2011: Subject Category: Environmental, health
and safety issues
January5; NEW: Sites with full texts, online free:;...

Citing Dr. S. A. Ostroumov;

Jan 10, 2011; Citing. S.Ostroumov:;
Examples: publications that CITED PAPERS on aquatic ecology, authored by
(Read more);

** Professional Activities in January 2011;

Jan 10, 2011;
es_in_January_2011; Professional Activities in January 2011: Subject Category:
Environmental, health and safety issues NEW: The event is announced at the site Arts
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Book.Biological Effects of Surfactants;

Jan 9, 2011;
cts_of_Surfactants; Useful Book (areas: Ecology,
Environment, Water, Preventing Pollution) entitled: Biological Effects of Surfactan...
(Read more);

** address to send your poster ;

Jan 8, 2011;
our_poster; The mail address to send your poster (printed out on paper; size less than
1 m x 1.5 m; even better if it is 70 cm x 100 cm or less; also, it is possible jus... (Read

** FAQ.2.Book.Bioeffects;

Jan 3, 2011;
s;; Frequently asked questions, part 2. [About
the book, Biological Effects of Surfactants]: A book was published on some
contemporary... (Read more);

** Arabic: on Detergents;

Jan 1, 2011;
English to Arabic translation: in Arabic:
nts;; About the book on ecotoxicology of
detergents. Importance for better management of wate...

** Comments. Evaluation. January2,2011

Jan 1, 2011 – 2 comments – 35 views

Opinion on and rating of Dr. S.A.Ostroumov’s works: comments of experts, citation in
scientific literature worldwide. Updated January 2, 2011.
on_January2_2011; http://ww... ;

**Ecology, materials on site, scipeople;

Jan 1, 2011 – 2 comments – 43 views
PROFILE OF THE AUTHOR, in Russian and English, January, 2011: Ecology, materials
on site: Opini...;


Jan 1, 2011 ;
factantsdetergents; Ostroumov S.A. Overview of new data on the effects of
surfactants and detergents on prokaryotes, algae, flagellates, vascular plants and
animals.–In:... (Read more)


Dec 29, 2010 ;

Ecology, Environment. List of publications by Dr. S.A.Ostroumov, translations into
several languages.
nese; ** English to French translation: ;


Dec 28, 2010; English to German translation. 29 Dec 2010: the German translation of
the list of publications see: Dies ist ein
Computer-Übersetzung vom Englischen ins Deutsche. The original list of references in
English see a... ;

**Экосистемы, организмы, инновации-12;

Dec 27, 2010;
enceEcosystemsOrganismsInnovations-12; Выпуск, который включает в себя
материалы 12-я международной сессии стендовых сообщений (конференции)
"Экосистемы, организмы, ин... ;


Dec 26, 2010; Inhibition of[water filtration and]mussel suspension feeding by
surfactants of 3 classes.
ol6; Full text:;


Dec 25, 2010: On the book 'Biological Effects of Surfactants [and Detergents:
gents6languages; Table of contents, comments in English, German, French, Spanish,
Chine... (Read more)

postscribd, fulltexts;

Dec 25, 2010 ;;
Texts online free. Papers; Extended Abstract of Books: The full texts of the following
papers were made available online free, Sites with full texts, online free: S.... ;

**Ecology Environment; in.Swedish;

Dec 22, 2010;
nt_inSwedish; Några papper och material (ekologi, miljö) som finns tillgängliga online
gratis [se: eller]: Text i vol... (Read

** Ecología, Medio Ambiente.Spanish.

Dec 21, 2010; Ecología, Medio Ambiente: to whose who speak Spanish.
bienteSpanish; Algunos documentos y materiales (Ecología, Medio Ambiente) que
están disponibles en línea gratuitos

** Ecology Environment; in Danish;

Dec 21, 2010;
nt_in_Danish; List of materials (Ecology, Environment); in Danish. Nogle papirer og
materialer (økologi, miljø), der er tilgængelige online gratis

Dec 21, 2010: Some papers and materials (Ecology, Environment) that are available
online free:
tonlinefree; [see: or] : J. Pandey,...
(Read more);

Dec 21, 2010;
yMaterialsinKorean; 어떤 서류와 자료 (생태, 환경) 온라인 무료 [참조 : 또는] 사용할 수 있습니다 : 볼륨의 텍스트 :
Ostroumov sa 를 Kotelevtsev SV, Toderas... ;


Dec 21, 2010;
h; Materials in Dutch (translated by the computer). Wat papieren en materialen
(ecologie, milieu) die online beschikbaar zijn vrije [zie: of
http:/... ;


Dec 21, 2010;;
Ecology, Environment, Water:; 一些文件和材料
(生态环境),可在线免费[见:或 http: //]: 卷的
文 字:Ostroumov 萨,;

** Materials in Dutch;

Dec 21, 2010;

Materials in Dutch (translated by the computer). Wat papieren en materialen
(ecologie, milieu) die online beschikbaar zijn vrije [zie: of]: Tekst van het volume: Ostroumov SA, Kotelevtsev SV,


Dec 21, 2010; いくつかの論文や材料(生態環境)無料オンライン[参照してください:または http: //]利用可能です: ボ リュームのテキ
スト:オストロウーモフ SA は、Kotelevtsev SV は、Toderas IK を、Gorshkova の OM
(編)生態学的研究、災害、ソリューション、2010 年第 15 巻;、2 言語、英語とロシア語で材料;キーワード:... ;

Book. Praha. Conservation;

Dec 18, 2010;
vation; The book (Jablokov A.V., Ostroumov S.A. 1991. Ochrana živé prírody.
Problemy a perspektivy. Academia, Praha, in Czech language) is included in the
sylabus of the...;

** 2005.RJE;

Dec 17, 2010; S. A. Ostroumov. On the Multifunctional Role of the Biota in the Self-
Purification of Aquatic Ecosystems. - Russian Journal of Ecology, Vol. 36, No. 6, 2005,
pp. 414–420.; DOI:
10... ; View details ·

** 2010.DBS.Au;

Dec 17, 2010; Gold nanoparticles, nanomaterials: S. Ostroumov, G.Kolesov.; Macrophyte C. demersum Immobilizes Au
Nanoparticles... - Dokl.Biol.Sci., 2010 S. A. Ostroumov, G. M. Kolesov. The Aquatic
Macrophyte Ceratophyllum demersu... ;

** French.list;

Dec 17, 2010; List of posts, the personal blog of Dr. Sergei Ostroumov, in French:;
subaction=showfull&id=1292797433&archive=&am... ;

** German.List;

Dec 17, 2010; List of posts, the personal blog of Dr.Sergei Ostroumov, in German:;
subaction=showfull&id=1292785289&archive=&... ;



Dec 17, 2010;

E. A. Solomonova and S. A. Ostroumov. Tolerance of an Aquatic Macrophyte
Potamogeton crispus Sodium Dodecyl Sulphate. Moscow University Biological
Sciences Bulletin, 2007, Vol. 62, No. 4, p. 176–179. ;


2 innovations;

Ostroumov, Faculty of Biology, Moscow State University, Moscow; Curre... ; Vladimir I.
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3 Key Blogs;

Dec 5, 2010;;
---Welcome to look at three new blogs, which contain lots of info on many sites with
innovative publications and relevant activities and opportunities - Ecology,
Environment,... (Read more);

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Poster.Session2011, February12;

Dec 4, 2010; 6 comments – 959 views;

Meeting Announcement and Call for Abstracts: 14th International Poster Session
'Ecosystems, Organisms, Innovations-14':
February12; T... (Read more);

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Dec 3, 2010; Ecology, Environment, Water Quality - Key publications: ;
-----------------authored by S.A.O.: Tolerance of an Aquatic Macrophyte Potamogeton
crispus Sodium Dodecy... (Read more);

** list.of.Blogs.Ecology.Biology;

Dec 3, 2010; ;
· ; List of blogs at the personal profile, at the
portal ResearchGAte. The topics of the blogs: innovations and priorities... (Read

** New.poster.session2011;

Dec 1, 2010; CALL FOR ABSTRACTS: New poster session: ‘Ecosystems, Organisms,
Innovations-14’, February 12, 2011; Amherst, MA, USA;
011; Session, 2011, February12; http://www.resea... (Read more);


Nov 28, 2010;
us; New publication - ecology, biogeochemistry: This is a fragment of a letter I got
from Springer Press. May I share the info on the new publication with you: Dear Dr...
(Read more);
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Nov 26, 2010;

Key Roles of Filter-feeders.
ers; Identification of the fundamental roles of aquatic organisms (filter-feeders,
suspension feeders) in engineering the biomachinery of a... (Read more);


Key Blogs;

Nov 24, 2010; Some of key blogs:;
publications authored and coathored by S.A.Ostroumov are available online free:
(Read more);