November 9, 2011 Executive Committee Saskia Sawyer, President, Saskia.sawyer@du.edu, x12704 Ashley Beaudry, Vice President, ashley.beaudry@du.edu, x16068 Nicky Bruckhart, Past President, nbruckha@du.edu, x14241 Kathy Aliaga, Treasurer, kaliaga@du.edu, x13284 Lisa Cox, Secretary, Lisa.Cox@du.edu, x13170 Jordan Ames, Webmaster, jordan.ames@du.edu, x12781 Members in attendance: Aliaga, Kathy Beaudry, Ashley Briggs, Lynne Bruckhart, Nicky Coulouris, Fay Cox, Lisa Dixon, Catherine Dye, Jodi Gross, Anne Grundstein, Keri Harben, Victoria Harris, Crystal Hower, Don Koch, Cindy Kyner, Michelle Milnes Chester, Elise Pinnock, Ken Raeburn, Kelly Rossi, David Sawyer, Saskia Facilities Women's College Univ. Advancement Athletics & Recreation Learning Communities & Civic Engagement Institutional Compliance. & Internal Audits Institutional Research and Analysis Morgridge College of Education Undergraduate Admissions Sturm College of Law University College SECS Facilities Daniels College of Business Penrose Library Student Life Human Resources University College Graduate School of Social Work University Advancement

Volunteers and Guests in Attendance: Cannan, Christine Internationalization King, Amy Human Resources Lamb, Joanna Records Management Lee, Amy Controller’s Office Lewis, Maria Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences Ota-Wang, Nick Graduate School of Social Work

The meeting was called to order. Page M i n u t e s

1) Introduction of the Council Members. 2) Approval of minutes for September and October- Minutes were not approved. Christa Bruning (past secretary) needs to be removed as an Executive Committee member. Minutes for September, October and November will be voted on in the next meeting. 3) President requested Executive Committee ballots from SAC members. They were collected and counted by Nicky, Past President. 4) Confirmation of Committee Chairpersonsa) Outreach Committee- Cindy Koch b) Coat Drive Committee- Nicky Bruckhart c) Staff Awards Committee- Nicky Bruckhart d) Employee Appreciation Picnic- Kathy Aliaga co-chairing with Nicky Bruckhart e) Bring Your Child To Work Committee- Kathy Aliaga co-chairing with Nicky Bruckhart f) Annual Egg Hunt Committee- Kathy Aliaga g) Staff Issues and Task Force (the committees have been combined)- Saskia co-chairing with David Rossi 1) SAC Questionnaire Results- Top three results 1) The perception of the role of SAC members- Being a member is sometimes seen as a negative and individuals have comments relating to such in PEDS. Being a member should be seen more positively. 2) Salary transparency and inequities- Amy King noted that this is being addressed, but it will take time. She requested the Task Force Committee to keep in contact with her for developments. 3) Personal development- Encouragement from the top-down does not exist. HR is working with DCB to create a Leadership Institute to help provide personal development; however, it has not yet been determined whether attendance at this Institute will be required or voluntary. Sharon Gable in HR can work with departments on creating 360 degree reviews and HR is looking into possibly changing the system used for reviews. 1) Committee Updates a) Outreach Committeei) Researched performed on what other University SAC’s are doing. We are doing pretty much what other institutions are doing. ii) Presented at the New Employee Orientation on 11/9 to introduce SAC. iii) Discussed the possibility of holding a staff Holiday Party at Beans After Dark- Funding was discussed as well as a date. Thursday December 8th was the date decided. One drink ticket and appetizers to be provided. iv) Determined which divisions are not currently represented on SAC and asked that if any current members are aware of an individual who would want to represent their division, to let the Executive Council know. SAC will be reaching out to unrepresented divisions in the coming months (after the Bylaws are approved). 2) Ballot Results Announced- The New Executive Council a) Vice President- Ashley Beaudry with 13 votes b) Treasurer- Kathy Aliaga with 15 votes c) Secretary- Lisa Cox with 15 votes Page

M i n u t e s

d) Webmaster- Jordan Ames with 14 votes 3) Three Things SAC Should Address this Year- To be addressed by the Staff Issues and Task Force Committee a) The role of SAC members b) Professional Development c) Outreach to the Campus Community 4) Engagement Survey Results Feedback a) Community wants to see the results, but the results are being used as baseline data and will not be released. b) Amy King was asked to elaborate on wellness. Amy noted that the University has to put in a Wellness Program to curb the rising costs of healthcare. This is a priority in order to sustain costs; however it is unknown how this will develop. Saskia asked if SAC could be a member of the Wellness Committee. c) Amy King asked that individuals and departments have patience with HR regarding the results. Meeting adjourned. Next meeting: December 14, 2011, 12 – 1 pm Respectfully submitted, Lisa Cox Secretary


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