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Ms. Martinez, Mr.

ZimmerEnhancing Instruction and Academic Achievement Whereas, The Los Angeles Unified School District is committed to graduating all students prepared for post-secondary education and training without remediation and productive employment with opportunities for advancement and civic participation; and Whereas, LAUSD strives to provide equitable and high quality learning opportunities for all students and has set clear goals to raise grade level proficiency, California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE) pass rates, A-G completion rates, and to improve college readiness, career preparation, and preparation for life after high school; and Whereas, The District has adopted policies in support of these goals, including the Multiple Pathways resolution, a resolution to partner with the Los Angeles Community College District, the Small Schools II resolution, a resolution to offer a rigorous, relevant, and personalized educational programs offering an A-G curriculum with multiple pathways at the high school level, and the Diplomas for All resolution, that requires the implementation of a demanding, engaging, and integrated high school program that provides academic rigor and real-world relevance; and Whereas, On June 14, 2005, The Board of Education of the City of Los Angeles passed a Resolution to Create Educational Equity in Los Angeles through the Implementation of the A-G Course Sequence as Part of the High School Graduation Requirements; and Whereas, This resolution stated that, beginning in 2012, every student entering the ninth grade must complete the A-G course sequence in order to graduate from the Los Angeles Unified School District and that the implementation of the A-G course sequence, as a graduation requirement, would include necessary learning supports, realignment and dedication of resources necessary, beginning early in a students education, so that every student is prepared to successfully complete the A-G course sequence at all grade levels from K-12; and Whereas, This resolution directed the Superintendent to align and dedicate resources to support professional development that ensures that all teachers are supported in researching, developing, and sharing rigorous, engaging, and culturally relevant curriculum and effective methods for the implementation of the A-G curriculum; and Whereas, This resolution also directed the Superintendent to strengthen the vocational and career technical education program so that it is more aligned with A-G requirements and would better prepare students to meet the demands of todays skill intensive 21st century labor market; and Whereas, The value and mission of A-G as accepted policy demonstrates true leadership and initiative in providing equity and access to higher education; and Whereas, The A-G graduation requirements allows marginalized students to secure the option to attend a four year public university; and

Whereas, The implementation of the A-G graduation requirements will increase equity, reduce achievement gaps, and transform education in LAUSD; and Whereas, There is a fundamental value in offering rigorous courses with the belief that students will perform to the expectations of their teachers and administrators; and Whereas, The A-G Implementation Plan will ensure that all students are mastering and passing core courses and that it represents a long-term commitment to educational excellence, is intentionally rigorous, focuses on instruction and academic achievement, makes all students competitive and, most importantly, equitable for all students; now, therefore be it, Resolved, That the Superintendent and the Deputy Superintendent of Instruction will increase instructional support, with existing resources, that will: Use common core professional development to prepare teachers in A-G courses, focused on math and English; and Maximize strategic teacher placement and effective evaluation to support students needs; and Maximize professional development that is focused on increasing students completion of courses without the need for additional remediation/credit recovery; and Expand the use of integrated curriculum to deliver course content in traditional classes and increase relevance of traditional academic courses by adopting different methods of delivering instruction including linked learning; and Ensure that schools maximize the use of transcripts and student data to identify atrisk students; Resolved further, That the Superintendent and the Deputy Superintendent of Instruction provide greater support, for successful A-G completion, to middle school students by: Ensuring that middle schools use common core professional development to prepare for courses in high school; and Maximizing use of integrated pre-algebra courses; and Using existing interventions and early warning systems to identify high risk students; and Ensuring that English Language Learners are on track to reclassify and/or enroll in A-G coursework; Resolved further, That the Superintendent and the Deputy Superintendent of Instruction increase flexibility in master scheduling by: Ensuring students successfully complete 15 A-G courses and that they are on-track for graduation before they are enrolled in non-sequential additional courses; and Ensuring that English Language Learners are afforded maximum opportunity to meet the E requirement through testing, AP testing and principal approval; and Prioritizing the use of block schedules;

Resolved further, That the Superintendent and the Deputy Superintendent of Instruction shall address credit recovery by: Working with schools to incorporate additional credit recovery courses in their master schedule when applicable; and Promoting on-line summer remediation/credit recovery using community resources and computer centers when possible; Resolved further, That the Superintendent and the Deputy Superintendent of Instruction adopt the community school model and wraparound community services by: Providing a plan for afterschool programs to support successful completion of A-G completion; and Ensuring that tutorial services are aligned with A-G implementation and credit recovery; and Promoting relevant and rigorous work-based learning; and Working with community partners to comprehensively address the needs of students and families that impact learning; Resolved further, That the Superintendent establish an oversight process and create an oversight commission that will set benchmarks to monitor progress in: Course enrollment; and Course completion; and Mastery of subject-matter; and Incorporation of best practices; and Maximization of wraparound services; and Effective parent engagement; Resolved further, That the Superintendent convene a Task Force to review achievements, research best practices and recommend changes for Math, teaching and learning at both the elementary and secondary levels that would: Include, but not be limited to, all of our labor partners (certificated and classified), our university partners, business and industry partners, teachers, students and parents; and Report quarterly to the Board and that each evaluation and support include Algebra achievement and A-G completion rates; Resolved further, That, within 120 days, the Superintendent shall present an informative and briefing that describes implementation details of the A-G requirements for graduation, incorporating the practices recommended herein, to the Governing Board of the Los Angeles Unified School District; and, be it finally Resolved, That the Superintendent shall report back on the progress of the A-G graduation requirements to the Board within 1 year of implementation, and semi-annually thereafter, to assess the accomplishments, challenges and best practices.