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The Hinckley Legacy Chapter 9 The College Line

The Hinckley Legacy Chapter 9 The College Line

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Published by hippielayla86
The Hinckley's 5th generation heads to college! Term papers, make overs and Greek house mayhem :)
The Hinckley's 5th generation heads to college! Term papers, make overs and Greek house mayhem :)

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Published by: hippielayla86 on Jan 07, 2013
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Hinckley Legacy Chapter 9: The College Line

by hippielayla86

The Hinckley's 5th generation heads to college! Term papers, make overs and Greek house mayhem :)
Originally uploaded to thesims2.com Exchange on January 3, 2007

Welcome back to the Hinckley Legacy! We are currently on generation 5, and you've arrived just in time to wish our generation 5 heiress, Lana, the best of luck at Sim State University. I haven't created any of the custom content that you will be seeing unless otherwise specified, so I want to give a great big shoutout to all of the fine creators that put so much more life and color into my game! And as always, thanks to you--the reader--for following me along in this tale of the Hinckleys... on with the show!

The crew at the main house is getting smaller and smaller everyday, here we can see from left to right, Amelie and Peter of generation four wishing their daughter, our heiress, Lana off to college.

And we mustn’t forget little Lizzie. "I'm not really that little anymore..." Yeah, but little Lizzie is an alliteration, and I like it. "Just because I'm the youngest doesn't mean I'm little!" I know that from personal experience hun, I have to same issue, now 20 years old and still "Little Layla" or "the baby" Just start getting used to it now, it doesn't change until you have nieces and nephews, and still then it's just a less frequent occurrence. "But I have two nieces" Shhhh, the reader doesn't know that yet, don't spoil my spare chapter I have planned. "It's all about you you you" Well... yeah...

And just in case you forgot Lana's aspiration, she's a family sim. You'll be married soon enough, now go enjoy college silly. By the way, this was a pretty big family minded generation, 4 out of 5 are family, with the only boy being more interested in knowledge-- and I thought generation 5 was big at 16 kids all together.

And this is where we'll leave the main household for a while, with Lizzie playing with the family's cat Fante.

But before Lana headed to college, I decided to play some other Hinckley generation 5 households, and every household I've played since she got on that van, one of the teens has brought her home from school. Seems I just can't win with these sims, Lana, I'll get to you. Pictured: Lana and her cousin Elliot

Why is this picture here? Well, first kisses are always so cute, and Nathan here is Lana's cousin, and his girlfriend Molly is Lana's best friend. Both of these two will come into the chapter later on to join Lana at college.

Speaking of college, let's get on with it already, as you all may remember from last chapter, the red head is Lana's sister Luke, and his twin is on the couch making out with her boyfriend. How can you put up with that Luke really? "I don't know... I think it's time for me to leave these two lovebirds alone and get the family greekhouse ready for Lana"

So soon after Luke invites over his friend Robin who is coincidentally the placeholder for the Urele Var Greek house.

And makes it into the Greek house once he's greeted Robin.

So, what about the two lovebirds here? Well, Sam and Lacey are hosting this chapter, and have many plans of their own.

First of all, Sam's mother is going to meet Lacey for the first time tonight.

Good luck making a good impression Lacey, although Amaya aka Mrs. Larrain is a pretty cool cat, so you shouldn't be worried too much.

Eyes up Sam! "I was just brushing the hair off of the chair, honest!" Anyway, Sam and Lacey are going to open a salon and floral boutique since neither of them have life time wants related to careers.

It makes perfect sense since Sam is quite skilled in the makeover department, while Lacey has already gotten her golden badge in floral arrangements.

And now it's time to head over to the Greek house. Mmm... hold on, Christian, you are long past college age, what are you doing here? "Luke invited me, now pardon me while I mix my lady friend a drink." Your lady friend? Long story short, I took advantage of the new "invite household" option on the phone that came with Pets, and invited over all of Christian's family that was still living at home, and Christian here stayed for 3 days while his children all left that first night.

Oh, I guess this is his lady friend, ie wife Audrey who also hung around for a couple of days. You both already enjoyed college, get out of here already, stop stealing the spotlight from the young!

Robin here was long overdue for a makeover, so she gave herself some dreads, and I insisted that she loose the heart glasses and fairy wings. Much better huh?

Curious about Luke? Well, he's still our little bookworm. "Layla, I just found out why ghosts haunt us!" Oh, do tell. "Well, it says here that deceased sims will often haunt their living family due to a vengeance against their string puller." *gulp* "What's a string puller Layla?" Umm... ahhh... I don't know... *runs away*

Hey you two, what did I tell you? Enough loitering already, I know your kids are all teens now, so just imagine what they're doing at your house all alone. Can someone say-parties+teenagers+unattended house= disaster. "Mmmf, this juice is *hic* gooooood" "Christian, Christian! I have the *hic* best... idea... ever... whoa, I'm feeling dizzy" Okay, I think they're beyond help now...

And finally Robin gets to get on with her life. Just don't tell her that she's probably never going to leave the sim bin okay? "What was that?" *whistles innocently*

And she grows into a hideous purple sweater, how unfortunate.

And she's off!

That night Luke doesn't waste anytime and invites over a few ladies.

And then asks his girlfriend Ivy to join the Greek house. And she accepts of course. I mean, wouldn't you? A hot boyfriend with a loaded house-- Where do I sign?

And surprise surprise the adult duo is still here, Luke and Ivy have been way more productive than these two "adults" have been these past days.

Once Christian and Audrey left, Luke and Ivy were finally able to enjoy themselves.

Everyday Luke's twin Lacey and his older sister Leah give him calls. "Lacey, I'm sort of busy, can you tell me about baboon face's latest makeover later?..... Lacey, seriously, I gotta go the shower is running"

Like father...

Like son. Some things in this family never change, fortunately for us we have candles and flowers *chuckles*

Ivy and Luke decide to take their relationship to the next level while on a date.

Yeah yeah yeah, I know there's a lot of pictures of these two, but they're so adorable together. "Layla, haven't you ever heard of a thing called privacy" Nope "Leave, just leave."

A chapter is never complete without a fire, which was my own fault. Luckily I put in a fire detector before I lit the thing since I was concerned that the rug was too close.

"Hi" "Hello" "So, you're my big brother?" "Yes..." *Awkward silence* And I'm not making this up, these two hadn't met until now.

I love the new "Invite household" option that came with pets, here we have Luke's family visiting with their two cats Coda and Fante.

It's a family reunion at the Greek house every night.

And what are Ivy and Luke the two knowledge sims doing while everyone else parties? Writing their term paper and talking to one of the few Hinckleys who isn't over at the house.

Amelie was the one who stayed on after the night this time.

And then proceeded to get abducted... good job.

You thought they had escaped the Greek house curse of pizza? Think again, I just hadn't taken any pictures of it.. I crave pizza every time I play this house.

Luke is in his last semester of college, so we're going to mosey on over to Lacey and Sam's dorm again.

Er, or downtown to check on a date of theirs. They clean up nicely don't they?

"Renaud, is she taking a picture" "Yes my love" "Renaud! What did I say before, if they catch us together it'll ruin your career in the military!" "My love, it's just Layla" Hey, you're not afraid of me? And you know, I always figured Renaud probably didn't go for girls, but Abjheet, hm, that surprises me.

"A toast to a long and happy dinner" Um, waiter, I'm not exactly sure that's what they were toasting to. "Well, they'll just have to deal."

Despite the waitress interfering Sam finds the courage to propose-"Lacey, will you marry me?" "Oh Sam! Of course I will!" Two family sims, whatdya expect? A no?

And the happy couple finished dinner and then headed back to the dorm.

You know what this makes me think of.... "Is there anybody goin' to listen to my story All about the girl who came to stay?"

"She's the kind of girl you want so much It makes you sorry; Still you don't regret a single day."

"Aaaah giiiii-iiiirrl! Giiiii-iiiirrrl!"

"She's the kind of girl who puts you down When friends are there, you feel a fool Didi didi didi didi diii"

"When you say she's looking good She acts as if it's understood. She's cool, coooool, coooool, coooool. Girl.... Girl..."

"When I think of all the times I tried to leave her She will turn to me and start to cry;"

"And she promises the earth to me And I believe her. After all this time I don't know why. Ah, girl.... girl..."

"She's the kind of girl who puts you down When friends are there you feel a fool. When you say she's looking good She acts as if it's understood She's cool, cool, cool, cool, Girl.... Girl..."

"Was she told when she was young the pain Would lead to pleasure? Did she understand it when they said That a man must break his back to earn His day of leisure? Will she still believe it when he's dead?"

"Ah, girl..... girl" The Beatles- "Girl" from Rubber Soul, and now tell me, that first girl's haircut seriously looked like John Lennon's hair on the cover of Rubber Soul, I think the creator of that hair even named it "Revolver" ie another Beatles album... can you tell I like the Beatles?

Back to the story, these two would make a cute couple methinks. I'm loving how I'm giving all of these college folk makeovers, I only wish I could change their clothes too. I ran into a problem with that, you all interested in what happens when you try to cheat with boolprop to change your dormy's outfit?

Yup, Revolver girl (Debbie) walks around in the nude now, but it's okay because she's auditioning to be a Bond girl silhouette. I think the hair is perfect for that ;)

It was the end of Lacey's sophomore year, and I decided to re-roll for her since marrying off 6 kids would extremely over populate the neighborhood even more, and she rolled fortune. Which is actually quite perfect.

Since she had a ton of flowers to sell anyway. And here is her newly purchased Little 'n Local lot where she will sell all of those flowers she's been making. By the way her new life time want is 100k, will that happen? Probably not.

And who else to come the first day of business but Peter, Lacey's own father.

This is Lacey's first sale, and yes, she is unbearably slow at the register, but give her a break Lila.

The next day (yes that's right, the next day, the energizer is your friend ;) Amelie comes to visit her daughter's new store. "Lacey, I love what you've done with the place, you're definitely a Hinckley now with your own business that you'll probably never go to after your initial visit." "Mom, I'm a fortune sim, not a romance sim running a shop, I'll be here." "Sure, let's see if you can say that in three chapters"

And now kind reader, let's venture over to Lana's newly rented house. Grew up nicely didn't she?

But she was in need of a wardrobe change, I figured she'd like a funky (in a good way!) outfit.

And who is this?

Only a possible match for an heiress. The only way I found Hunter was through one of Lana's best friends, remember Molly? Well, Molly here got Hunter on a blind date, since her ltw was to have 50 first dates she started getting NPCs after a while.

Many people had suggested having Dorian Kauker (the cop) marry Lana, so Hunter here is a look-a-like. You all sure you want that nose joining the family? I mean, I just got rid of the nose *shrugs* You gotta make the people happy sometimes.

Lana, quit reading the newspaper and greet the cute newsboy. "Why would I want to greet the newsboy? I'm in college now, teenagers do not interest me anymore." Rightly, you shouldn't be after teenagers, but this one isn't a teenager anymore.... you remember how you wanted a room-mate? Well, here he is.

You all curious about Hunter's personality and aspiration? Well, Hunter here is a very confused fellow, first of all he's an "Aries" but has 1 or 2 outgoing points, and secondly he's a popularity sim. And so far I've already had 3 popularity sims, that is before Joanne had a mishap with this very machine....

Mmmm cheese. What? Can you blame me? He had the lifetime want of being best friends with 20 cats/dogs.... that was *not* going to happen!

Besides, I figure if I start him eating the grilled cheese in college, he'll be much more likely to reach his lifetime want.

Fortunately for Hunter, Lana is a nice family sim, so she'll be more receptive to his conversational needs than her Grandpa Gavin was for Joanne.

And so it begins...

Unfortunately they didn't have enough money left for another bed, I was hoping they'd be best friends in one day and could share the double, I know, wishful thinking on my part. So since Hunter only brought in $500 to their fund and insisted on a silly grilled cheese painting, he gets to sleep on the couch.

After a haircut the next day, Hunter decides to put the moves on Lana, and I had him initiate every time because shy sims are so durn cute!

Hunter's Thoughts: "I think I would like to marry the cheddar headed girl. She'll be the inspiration for all of my grilled cheese masterpieces! With Lana by my side I will rule the world! Or the kitchen...."

Okay, and if you weren't convinced that they are a perfect match before this picture, I think the matching style pjs should convince you!

I couldn't have explained their future anymore perfectly *chuckles* :) Grilled cheese and babies...

By the end of the second day Lana invited Hunter off of the couch. Sweet eh?

In the past when I had tried to give Lana a hairstyle change she wouldn't have any of it, but this time I think the red style Hillary Duff hair suits her perfectly and she agrees.

To celebrate the end of their first successful year at college, the two have decided to go out for dinner.

Yes, they behaved themselves in the photo booth. And while I was perfectly happy with them just taking pictures, my boyfriend was trying to convince me to hit the "woohoo" button since he thought it was funny that they could do that and hadn't even kissed yet. I had other ideas, though I don't think either Lana or Hunter would've minded.

I think it's precious that the two of them are taking things slowly.

The couple was all smiles as they looked over their menus, Hunter kept on thinking how lucky he was to be with such a beautiful girl.

And maybe it's a good thing that they behaved themselves, it looks like Peter here is checking up on his baby girl. "Damn straight I am, I know how boys that age are, and I'm no fool, my daughter is good looking, that boy better keep his hands off of her otherwise I'll--" Let's just end that thought there Peter, besides Lana is dating a very shy guy.

After dinner Hunter decided to make his move, and had his very first kiss with Lana. See, I told Peter he had nothing to worry about.

Or.... maybe I was wrong. What happened to the taking it slow thing that I was convincing Peter of?

What a great way to end a date though, and the two were in love *le sigh*

Well, you all know what this picture means, and this is where Hunter differs from me, Hunter, you should have some morals! "Layla, we're in love, now could you leave please?" The heat of the moment gets you everytime...

Yup, still kissing.

And for some reason, they both change into their matching pjs, and go to sleep under a shooting star. Is this mushy stuff making anyone else sick yet?

And to start off their sophomore year, Lana gets a new outfit. I'm going to try to have her in a different outfit for each year so you all can see her progression without having to say everytime "It's Lana's Junior year yada yada"

Hey everybody! I found the mystery sim! But this is where I must leave you for now, join me next chapter for the end of Lana's college years and the beginning of her adult life :) Thanks for reading everybody! *Shameless plug follows* You heard of SiMania yet? Well turn the page and let me tell you more!

SiMania! The place where all of the cool cats hang out! ;) If you want to have a fun time while talking about sims, legacies, other challenges, and anything really, head on over to www.s12.invisionfree.com/Sim_Mania We don't bite... well... mostly *pokes Nathan* ;) Thanks again for joining me with the Hinckleys, and I hope the day finds you well! Happy SimmingHippielayla86

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