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Group Games (Recap) (2)

Group Games (Recap) (2)

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Published by: Vholts Villa Vitug on Apr 02, 2013
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2012 FLEA Review Session GROUP GAME

1. Acropolis means "high city" in Greek, literally “city on the extremity” and is usually translated into English as Citadel. The Acropolis of Athens or Citadel of Athens is the best known acropolis in the world. What is the best reason why the temples for the Gods and Goddesses were located on high grounds like the Acropolis?
a. This would make the temples closer to their Gods. b. It would be clearly seen by worshippers at great distance. c. A defense strategy to protect their temples and Gods’ statue from invaders. d. They considered high places sacred or holy.
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2012 FLEA Review Session GROUP GAME 2. The Pantheon is a temple in Rome which means to every God. The building is circular with a portico of large granite Corinthian columns (eight in the first rank and two groups of four behind) under a pediment. The Pantheon's dome is still the world's largest unreinforced concrete dome. The oculus serves as the only light source, and even cooling and ventilation. What system did the Romans used to treat water during the rainy season? a. They were covering the oculus by thick wool textile. b. A drainage system below the floor handles the rain that falls through the oculus. c. The Romans used cistern right below the oculus. d. There is no rainy season in Rome.
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“intercolumniation” is the spacing between columns in a colonnade. c. intercolumniation was determined by a system devised by the 1st century BC Roman architect Vitruvius. In Architecture. expressed in terms of the column diameter. Systyle Eustyle Diastyle Araeostyle Back to Table 3 . d. b. He compiled standard intercolumniations for the three classical Greek orders. as measured at the bottom of their shafts.2012 FLEA Review Session GROUP GAME 3. In classical Architecture. All intercolumniation were using stone architrave EXCEPT? a.

Marcus Vitruvius Pollio is the author of De Architectura. known today as “The Ten Books of Architecture”. Colonnade of Agora protects the people from extreme heat from the sun and rainwater during rainy season. he stated that a structure must exhibit three qualities which was termed as the “Vitruvian Virtues” or “Vitruvian Triad”. Proportionality and symmetry of Classical temples. d. c. a treatise on architecture written in Latin & Greek.2012 FLEA Review Session GROUP GAME 4. In this book. b. Back to Table 4 . The application of white marble on walls and columns. Massive columns used surrounding the Parthenon. Which of the following statement does NOT imply the Vitruvian Triad? a.

Because star fortification was cheaper and easier to build. Concentric type was vulnerable to aerial attack. the concentrictype fortification became obsolete and was changed to star fortification ? a. a concentric type of castle fortification was developed. b. it was equipped with battlements and machicolations. Concentric type was not effective for ground assault. During the Medieval period. What was the reason why after the medieval times.2012 FLEA Review Session GROUP GAME 5. Back to Table 5 . Because during this period. Fortifications are military constructions and buildings designed for defense in warfare. c. d. gunpowder and cannon came to dominate the battlefield.

unstable subsoil. Because of the weak foundation.5 degrees. the tower leaned at an angle of 5. of the cathedral of the Italian city of Pisa. but the tower now leans at about 3. set in weak. or freestanding bell tower.99 degrees. d. Because it was bombarded during the World War II Back to Table 6 . b. Due to a mere three-metre foundation. c.2012 FLEA Review Session GROUP GAME 6. It was designed to lean. Prior to restoration work performed between 1990 and 2001. The Leaning Tower of Pisa or simply the Tower of Pisa (Torre di Pisa) is the campanile. What is the reason why it leaned? a.

One of the features of Gothic Architecture intricate use of tracery windows. Tracery are ornamental work of branchlike lines especially the lacy openwork in the upper part of a Gothic window. d. What was the material used in making the tracery of Gothic window? a. Molded steel Carved timber Molded or cut stones Stained Glass Back to Table 7 . c.2012 FLEA Review Session GROUP GAME 7. b.

A building with a Classical Greek & Roman orders. is a European style of architecture. How could you tell that a building is a Palladian style? a. The Palladian style. Building with raw exposed concrete. Building with symmetrical geometric blocks.2012 FLEA Review Session GROUP GAME 8. named after him. b. Andrea Palladio began to develop his own architectural style around 1541. Back to Table 8 . The term "Palladian" normally refers to buildings in a style inspired by Palladio's own work. c. Building with glass and steel. d. that which is recognised as Palladian architecture today is an evolution of Palladio's original concepts.

self-contained communities surrounded by greenbelts. The Garden City movement is a method of urban planning that was initiated in 1898 by Sir Ebenezer Howard. Garden Cities were intended to be planned. Back to Table 9 . The following were reasons why several movements for urban planning were done and initiated during this period EXCEPT? a.2012 FLEA Review Session GROUP GAME 9. c. To Protect the unique character of rural communities that might otherwise be absorbed by expanding suburbs. The need for better living environment for workers. b. d. To ensure that urban dwellers do not have access to countryside. Rapid growth of population and industrialized cities.

Back to Table 10 . The Seagram Building is a skyscraper designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe in collaboration with Philip Johnson. d. What made him used non-structural bronze-toned I-beams instead of exposing the structural steel frame? a. Because the idea was to make it the most expensive skyscraper at that time. usually concrete. Because the American Building Code required that all structural steel be covered in a fireproof material. One of the style’s characteristic traits was to express or articulate the structure of the buildings externally. Because it would be more ornamented than using the structural steel. c. Mies would have preferred the steel frame to be visible to all. Because it will support the non-structural glass walls.2012 FLEA Review Session GROUP GAME 10. b.

c. Development of Reinforced Concrete. Invention of Cast Plate Glass. followed in 1864 by the first glass and metal curtain wall.2012 FLEA Review Session GROUP GAME 11. The following reasons led to the development of curtain wall EXCEPT? a. The Crystal Palace by Joseph Paxton at the Great Exhibition of 1851 was an early example of iron and glass construction. d. Development of Structural Steel. b. Development of Load Bearing Walls Back to Table 11 .

technique. and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe.2012 FLEA Review Session GROUP GAME 12. The Bauhaus style became one of the most influential currents in Modernist architecture and modern design. Changes of venue and leadership b. Hannes Meyer. Why it was closed and Walter Gropius migrated to America even it had a profound influence upon subsequent developments in art and architecture? a. instructors. and politics d. under three different architect-directors: Walter Gropius. Under pressure from the Nazi regime c. Dessau and Berlin. Transformation to private school Back to Table 12 . The school existed in three German cities Weimar. Constant shifting of focus.

b. What was located in square 5 which was enclosed by fortifications? a. The Holy Field symbol is essentially numerology applied to the nine-in-one square (see figure). c.2012 FLEA Review Session GROUP GAME 13. Ancient Chinese urban planning is the application of the traditional principles of Chinese architecture to urban design. Temple of Ancestors The Palace The Market Place The Audience Hall Back to Table 13 . d. The cities were planned by based on an enlarged Holy Field.

b. Chinese wanted to raise the platform resulting to tower-like structure. sometimes also called battō or tōba is the Japanese version of the Chinese pagoda.2012 FLEA Review Session GROUP GAME 14. pagodas are towers while stupas are domelike? a. Back to Table 14 . Pagodas are reliquary same as the stupa. d. c. itself an interpretation of the Indian stupa. A stupa is a mound-like structure. They have the same purpose. The change and availability of materials made the Pagoda in different form. Stupa only used clay and soil that could not stand higher. How do pagodas were evolved from stupa since they have different type of structure. The tō.

As well as providing a visual cue to a Muslim community. b. c. generally a tall spire with an onion-shaped or conical crown. Elimination of the circular staircase in the shaft. Minaret of early times used larger stone walls for the shaft giving a larger diameter.2012 FLEA Review Session GROUP GAME 15. The use of reinforced concrete lead to smaller shaft diameter. the main function of the minaret is to provide a vantage point from which the call to prayer is made. A minaret is a distinctive architectural feature of Islamic mosques. usually either free standing or taller than any associated support structure. What is the primary reason why do minaret of early times had larger shaft diameter than modern minaret? a. d. Muslim community prefer smaller minaret to allow more space for prayer. Back to Table 15 .

His buildings have the unique ability to evoke the past.2012 FLEA Review Session GROUP GAME 16. Back to Table 16 . Wang Shu of The People’s Republic of China Is the 2012 Pritzker Architecture Prize Laureate. What is his distinctive approach to buildings especially to materials that made him the Pritzker Architecture Prize Laureate ? a. without making direct references to history. Wang Shu’s architecture is exemplary in its strong sense of cultural continuity and re-invigorated tradition. Passive system of planning. b. d. Connecting the building to nature. Exemplary usage of modern materials like glass & steel. c. Usage of recycled building materials.

the fortified Intramuros was the seat of government during the Spanish Colonial Period. Both surrounded by moat. b. the capital of the Philippines. The outline of the defensive walls of Intramuros is irregular in shape. following the contours of Manila Bay and the curvature of the Pasig River. d. Both have strategically located bastions Both used the Concentric planning.2012 FLEA Review Session GROUP GAME 17. c. What was the similarity between the defense strategy of Intramuros and the Medieval castle fortification? a. Back to Table 17 . Both have machicolation. Intramuros is the oldest district and historic core of Manila. Nicknamed the Walled City.

the colonial Filipino house. Scarcity of native bamboo materials For protection from any revolutionary act. b. For nobility. the nipa hut or bahay kubo gave way to the Bahay na bato (stone house). During the Spanish era. followed the nipa hut's arrangements such as open ventilation and elevated apartments. c. The following are reasons why the nipa hut was changed to Bahay na Bato EXCEPT? a. Availability of stone materials and construction method. The architecture of the Philippines is a reflection of the history and heritage of the country. Back to Table 18 . d. It was constructed out of brick and stone rather than the traditional bamboo materials. The Bahay na bato.2012 FLEA Review Session GROUP GAME 18.

c. light. Locsin. It was textured by crushed seashells. The Cultural Center of the Philippines. It was rough finished. The most prominent characteristics of the building are rectilinear forms. and an illustrational weightless quality produced by the use of cantilever construction. rigid plane surfaces that have been completely exposed. b. It was naturally exposed. what is the distinctive feature of the cladded concrete? a. Leandro V.2012 FLEA Review Session GROUP GAME 19. Aside from being cantilevered. d. Back to Table 19 . It was painted by an organic paint material. a structure designed by National Artist for Architecture.

Back to Table 20 . d. c. What was the reason why he was commended for this award ? a. The implementation of BP 344 Pioneer of Green architecture in the Philippines .2012 FLEA Review Session GROUP GAME 20. Use of native materials. They also earned him the distinction of being the first blind person to be honored for this award. b. Arch. Jaime Gomba Silva was awarded as 2011 Outstanding Professional Architect by the PRC. Innovator for Skyscraper design.

2012 FLEA Review Session GROUP GAME Ancient & Classical Architecture European & Colonial Architecture Modern & Western Architecture Asian or Eastern Architecture Philippine Architecture System of Planning 1 5 9 13 17 Buildings & Structures 2 6 10 14 18 Architectural Features. Materials & Method of Construction 3 7 11 15 19 Architects & Architectural Concepts 4 8 12 16 20 21 .

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