My name is Miko Peled, I am an Israeli Jew and I support ASUW resolution 2039.

The struggle of blacks in South Africa was destined to succeed, but their suffering could have been shortened, relief for millions of Africans under the brutal apartheid system could have come earlier if it wasn't for politicians like Ronald Regan and Dick Cheney who opposed boycotting the racist regime in South Africa. The regime of segregation in the Southern states of the U.S. was destined to end. But white racist politicians like George Wallace stood in the way and prolonged that suffering. The Palestinian struggle is destined to end in victory with freedom and equal rights for all. Zionism, like apartheid and segregation is sure to fall. You can speed up that process or delay it. When we do not act we prolong the suffering of children in Gaza, children who have no access to water fit for drinking, though there is plenty of water around them; children without proper nutrition or the most basic medicine, though there is no shortage of either just minutes away. When we do not act we prolong the sentence of thousands of political prisoners jailed in Israeli prisons in violation of international law; we prolong the exile of Palestinians living in refugee camps around the Middle East. Will you be the student senate who hesitated when tough and principled choices had to be made? On the issue of justice and freedom there is no room for compromise, no room for tolerance. There must be consequences for regimes and states that choose policies of violence and discrimination. Vote for divestment and proudly align yourself with the great men like Desmond Tutu, and women like Mairead Maguire who support it.