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December 19, 2007

Dr. Benonie P. Llanto

Digos City

Through: Rolando Saragoza Jr.

Dear Dr. Llanto:

Christian Greetings!

We, the student leaders and members of the Adventist Inter-Collegiate Association of the
Philippines (AICAP) met on its 2nd Summit Meeting on December 14-18, 2007 at Cliffside
Retreat, Tagaytay City, with the presence of the founders and advisers of the respective
participating colleges. We then unanimously decided to support AICAP in all its programs and
actions as what is stated in the minutes of meeting in the attached files.

In view of this, an organization cannot work without funds, so therefore, we would like to
request from your good office to add a P50.00 AICAP fee to the general fees of each student
which will eventually serve as the national fund for the said actions and programs needed by the

And as support to the holistic programs of the organization, we would like to request your good
office to delegate a faculty member to act as sponsor and to serve in the AICAP Board of
Advisers for the enhancement of the association’s actions and programs.

We are looking forward to having your participation and support in the unification of all SDA
colleges here in the Philippines

We hope for your kind consideration and favorable response to this request.

Yours truly,

Ariel Celis Rex Diamante

Chairman, Council of Presidents AICAP Adviser
Attached: AICAP 2nd Summit Minutes
Constitution and Covenant of Cooperation