Chapter 1: Rate Of Reaction
• What is rate of reaction? -the speed which the reacyanys are converted into product in a chemical reaction Formula? Rate Of Reaction = amount of reactant used up Time taken Rate Of Reaction = amount of product formed Time taken Terms? -For Rate Of Reaction __ High __Low -For Reaction__Fast __ Slow

Observable Changes And Measuring -Volume Of Gas Liberated -Precipitate Formation -Change In Mass During The Reaction -Colour Change -Temperature Change - Pressure Change

Rate Of Reaction? -Average Rate Of Reaction – The average value of rate of reaction within a specified period of time Example; 5g of Magnesium Ribbon is completely burned in 2 seconds. Calculate the average rate of reaction.

Thus the higher will be the rate of reaction -Concentration Of Reactant (LIQUID) When theconcentration of the reactant increases. the rate of reaction also increases -Use Of Catalyst *Catalyst = is a substance which alters the rate off chemical reaction while it remains chemically unchange at the end of the reaction Positive Catalyst increase the rate of reaction by lowering the activation energy -Pressure Of Gaseous Reactant Collision Theory • Definitions .875cm 3s-1 • 5 Factor Affecting Rate Of Reaction -Total Surface Area Of Solid Reactant When a fixed mass of solid reactant. the higher will be the total surface exposed area.Time(s) Volume Of Gas(cm3) Solution 0 0 10 30 20 50 30 65 40 75 50 75 60 75 Average Rate Of Reaction = 75 40 =1. the rate of reaction become higher -Temperature Of Reactant As the temperature of the reactant increases. the smaller size of the reactant.

-Activation Energy = is the minimum amount of energy to start a reaction -Effective Collision = collision which result in chemical reaction and its formation of product -Frequency Of Effective Collision = number of collision per unit time nt ( ) • • According to collision theory. for the reaction to occur. the reactant must: -Collide between each other -Collide with enough amount of energy (achieve the activation energy ) -Collide with correct orientation Collision Theory And Factor Affecting The Rate Of Reaction .

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