ACTIVITIES (30 minutes


1. Match and arrange the lock and key hypothesis of Enzymes

1. Teacher



6. Students separate Strategy :
themselves into Student centered group (1 group 2 students) Approaches: Constructivism

students to work in






substrate and product are in piece of paper each.

2. Teacher distribute a
pieces of enzyme, substrates products and and pictures

7. Students received
pieces of enzyme, Methodology : substrates and Simulation

products pictures and a paper Vocabulary :

a manila card

for each group.

from teacher.

3. Teacher
the substrates products


8. Students
the substrates products

match CCTS : enzyme, and SPS :

students to match enzyme, and according

according to their specificity.

Noble value :

to their specificity.

4. Teacher


9. Students arrange
and stick the proper process of

students to arrange and stick the proper

Teacher ask student to wash the stains by using the powder 3. Washing clothes 1. Teacher end of asks 2. enzyme on manila card. . Student and wash go outside the class the detergent handkerchief with detergent powder outside the class. 2. Students received handkerchif from teacher - the uses of enzyme handkerchif to the manufacture of detergent (detergent powder) 2. Student dip the end of the handkerchief into the sauce dishes (source stains) student to dip the the into dishes handkerchief the sauce (source stains) 3. Teacher in each student give 1.process of enzyme on manila card.

5. Students explanation.4. listen the the teacher degrade the protein in the stains and the stains goes away . student rinse the handkerchief using water and noted that the stains was goes away and ask teacher what was the role of the detergent powder on the stains. Then. Teacher explain to the student that the enzyme that use in the powder detergent help to 5. teacher ask student to rinse the handkerchief water using 4.

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