Year 1–Le sson 1

Grade : 1

Da tes: March 2/9 Object ives : - To have students learn to develop skills To introduce themselves, and others. Ma teri als : Overhead, Powerpoint Acti vity 1: Intr oduct io n(15M inutes) Introduction to English class. Explanation of class rules Explanation of classroom expressions (Ie: I don’t understand) Acti vity 2: Sayin g Of The Week – Al rig ht(5 Minu tes) It’s alright – It’s ok. Are you alright?

Acti vity 3: Intr oduct io ns (10 minutes) The teacher will discuss the concept of the introduction, and it’s various forms. Students will practice and write down the basic format for an introduction

Hello my name is ___ Nice to meet you ___ Nice to meet you too

Acti vity4 : T he Name Game (10 minutes)


The teacher will explain the name game to the students. Three students will practice a scene with an introduction One student will introduce his friend to the other student. Students will be given different names during the introduction. (This is my friend Mickey Mouse. Nice to meet you Mickey)

Acti vity5 : Wra p up/ Rev iew The teacher will wrap up the class, going over all material we studied in today’s lesson. The teacher will present the students will review questions