SUBJECT AND VERB AGREEMENT 1. The picture of the soldiers (bring/brings) back many memories 2.

Anything (is/are) better than going to the play tonight 3. A number of reporters (was/were) at the conference yesterday 4. There (was/were) some people at the meeting last night 5. Each student (has/have) answered the first three questions 6. Either John or his wife (make/makes) breakfast each morning 7. The army (has/have) eliminated this section of the training test 8. The number of students who have withdrawn form class this quarter (is/are) appaling 9. These pictures as well as photograph (brighten/brightens) the room 10. Gymnastics (is/are) my favourite sport 11. The trousers you bought for me (doesn’t/don’t) fit me 12. Where (do/does) your family live? 13. Three days (isn’t/aren’t) long enough for a good holiday 14. What he told you (seem/seems) to be of no importance 15. Measles (is/are) cured without much difficulty nowadays 16. Neither the moon nor stars (is/are) visible in this dark night 17. Wheat (is/are) used to make flour 18. The staff (was/were) opposed to any changes 19. Fortunately the news (wasn’t/weren’t) as bad as we expected 20. I don’t like very hot weather. Thirty degrees (is/are) too warm for me. II. S-V Agreement 1. The weather in the southern states (get/gets) very hot during the summer 2. The results of Br Noll’s experiment (was/were) published in a scientific journal 3. Doly and her friends (is/are) coming to the anniversary arty tomorrow night 4. Every man, woman, and child (is/are) protected under the law 5. Washing the dishes (is/are) the children’s job 6. A lot of the students (is/are) already here 7. Some of the furniture in our apartment (is/are) secondhand 8. Some of the desks in the classroom (is/are) broken 9. At least three-quarters of that book on the famous Americans (is/are) about people who lived in the 19th century 10. One of the countries I would like to visit (is/are) Italy 11. Some of the cities I would like to visit (is/are) Rome and Venice 12. Each student in the class (have/has) to have a book

the extent of Jane’ knowledge on various complex subjects (astound/astounds)me 29. The police (is/are) coming. of all the spiders in the United States. Half of this bowl of fruit (is/are) apples 42. as well as Alex) late for the meeting? 39.13. There (is/are) an incorrect statement in the newspaper article 19. Each girl and boy in the 6th grade (has/have) to do a science project 35. Half of the fruit on the table (was/were) apples . The majority of the TOEIC tests (is/are) difficult 38. Annie had a hard time when she was coming home from the store as the bad of groceries (was/were) too heavy for her to carry 37. Massachusetts and Connecticut (is/are) located in New England 31. Ten minutes (is/are) more than enough time to complete this exercise 22. This exercise on singular-plural agreement of subjects and verbs (is/are) easy 28. The United States (is/are) located in the North American 20.Brown as the new president 34. Why (was/were) Susan. Getting to know students from all over the world (is/are) one of the best parts of my jobs 36. A number of students in the class (speak/speaks) English very well 17. Many a house (was/were) built in Hanoi 100 years ago 41. Only the black widow spider. None of the students (was/were) late today 15. Most people (like/likes) to go to the zoo 23. Each of the students (have/has) a notebook 14. (has/have) caused death among human being 32. The number of students in this room right now (is/are) twenty 16. Japanese (is/are) very difficult for English speakers to learn 25. The professor and the student (agree/agrees) on the point 33. (Is/are) having the responsibility for taking care of pets good for young people? 40. The subjects you will be studying in this course (is/are) listed in the syllabus 30. The old in my country (is/are) cared by their children and grandchildren 27. Economics (is/are) Don’s favourite subject 21. The Japanese (has/have) a long and interesting history 26. Almost every professor and student at the university (approve/approves) of the choice of Dr. I’ve already called them 24. There (is/are) some interesting pictures in today’s paper 18.

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