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Cyberbullying, the use of information technology to harass, threaten or humiliate other
people, has become a serious social problem. Unlike traditional bullying, anonymity and
easy access allow extended reach in terms of geography and frequency for bullies. The
repeated nature of cyberbullying results in dangerous consequences for victims; they have
low-self esteem, depression or even suicide ideation. One of the main problems is the
teengers’ reluctance to report to parents or an authority about occurrences which causes
supervision functionally impotent. In order to solve such problem, a mobile application
software is needed that detects any possible threat that arrives at a smartphone. It includes
an automated reporting system which enables parents or authorities to detect cyberbullying
instances and to engage in appropriate actions toward them. This can also discourage
cyberbullying at the outset with the bullies’ knowledge about the existence of such
application. This introduction of this mobile application will allow the use of technology to
solve the problem of cyberbullying.3. BUSINESS SECTION
3.1 Vision
Declaration of war on cyberbullying.
3.2 Industry Analysis: Mobile Application Software Industry
Industry: Mobile Application Software Industry. Mobile application software, or “app” that
is designed to operate on smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices.
Force: High/Low: Justification:
Buyer power: High In the application market, buyers are ultimate
consumers. Switching costs between different
developers are almost non-existent due to low
differentiation (Pappas, 2013). Such


circumstance allows a high negotiating position
for customers thus buyers have high power.
Supplier power: High The suppliers in the industry consist of platform
manufacturers such as Apple App Store, Google
Play Store and so on (Lella, 2010). Mobile
applications are mostly platform-specific which
means that an application purchased from
Google Play Store cannot operate on Apple App
Store. This leads to high supplier power.
Threat of new entrants: High Developers have relatively easy access to the
distribution channel and need relatively low
level of capital; no inventory is required and
fixed costs to remain in the marketplace is
relatively low (XiaXiao, 2013), so they have high
threat of new entrants.
Threat of substitutes: High Although major companies provide applications
on several platforms, similar content and
features are also available on web browsers on
smartphones (Feldman, 2011).
Rivalry among existing
High 80% of application developers are small
businesses (Tiarawut, 2013); numerous and
fairly equal-sized developers illustrate
competitor balance with fierce rivarly. Also the
lack of diversity or low differentiation in the
application market increases rivarly because
customers can easily switch between


Overall attractiveness of the industry: Highly unattractive
3.3 Customers and Thei r Needs
The target group of customers of this application is the parents of teenagers.
Despite numerous law enforcements already in action to help victimised teenagers, only
one in ten report cyberbullying to parents or authorities (11 Facts About Cyber Bullying).
Indeed, this reluctance of victims to tell others leaves supervision virtually impotent.
These unreported instances have significant mental damages for teenagers: lower self-
esteem, antisocial personality disorder and even suicide. Moreover, this psychological abuse
can cause victims to suffer mental disorder more than twice more likely than traditional
bullying (Cyberthreat: How to protect yourself from online bullying, 2011). Accordingly,
appropriate measures are required to manage the new form of bullying.
3.4 The Product and Service
This mobile application features an automated reporting system; once installed in a
student’s smartphone, the application screens all the messages received. Using the
database of the bully’s pattern, the application detects any threatening messages and
automatically report to the student’s parents and relevant authority.
This eliminates the shortcomings of the current supervision system and ensures more
appropriate and timely resolution.
3.5 Suppliers and Partners
Suppliers for this business include distribution channels such as Google Play Store or Apple
App Store. These distribution channels provides the application available for consumers to
Another supplier is software developers. Their works include research and development,
such as designing and testing the softwares. This allows applications usable for customers.


Partners include governments and related authorities.
The partnership with governments is crucial for providing law enforcements. The application
alone cannot achieve the desired vision and synergies are expected from this partnership.
Related authorities include police which can impose actual punishment to bullies and
protection for victims.
3.6 Strategy: Focused High Cost Strategy
Competitive Scope: Narrow market
The firm focuses its target on the narrow market of parents of teenagers. The mobile
application will be tailored to the needs of this distinct segment of worried parents.
Cost Strategy: High cost
The application requires a high level of R&D for, such as, its database for detecting function.
In order to provide an exclusive service that is sufficiently valued by parents, the firm will
pursue a high cost strategy.
The overall strategy is therefore Focused High Cost Strategy.
3.7 Value Chain Activity: Service after sale
The most important value chain activity for this business is Service after Sale
It is crucially important to enhance or maintain the value of the application. The competitive
advantage of the business derives from the application’s superiority to detect threatening
messages that is valued by the parents, the focused target segment of customers. The
business needs to deploy more customer feedback system in order to capture customer
wants and needs which will also extend the product life cycle.
So as to wipe out cyberbullies, the continuous updating of the application is critical. The
database of the writing patterns of bullies must be updated in accordance with the
cyberbullies, and the aim of the updates must be strictly performance-based for customer


Service value chain activity shall provide higher perceived benefits for customers of high
cost strategy; it also provides not only superior product, but also reliability.
3.8 Business Processes
3.8.1. WARRANTY MANAGEMENT PROCESS – It is necessary that parents continuously perceive a high
level of benefits from the application so that the business maintains the premium price strategy. The
application must ensure so that not a single threatening message can go through the firewall, in accordance
with the business’ assurance. Therefore, the warranty management process is crucial.
The business must first deploy high level of feedback systems and alarms in order to obtain customer
feedbacks. If customers feel their expectations are met and satisfied with the product quality, the business
successfully blocked cyberbullies from other teenagers.
However, if the product failed to meet the promised expectations, the business must analyse why some
customers were dissatisfied. In doing so, time and precision is a crucial importance to avoid decision latency.
Once the dissatisfying factors are analysed, the business must overhaul and mend any shortcomings of the
application software at a level that the parents perceive confidence and reliability.
By keeping the business promises, customers perceive a higher level of benefits therefore it can maintain its
high cost strategy.




3.8.2. SOFTWARE UPDATE PROCESS - The precision of the censorship is the critical value for the business.
In order to maintain the high standard of the censorship, the software update process is important.
Firstly, the business must analyse the censored result to see whether the messages were appropriately
blocked and reported to parents or authorities. The business would lose its competitive advantage if the
appropriate messages were wrongly blocked. In addition, the use of bullying language may change in
accordance with the teenager trend, so accurately recognising the patterns of language is also important.
If there were no mistaken censors, the business achieved its goal. However, if there were any, the business
must maintain, repair and overhaul its database to ensure its up-to-date version of language, in accordance
with the latest trend.
The next step is to assess the updated database and ensure the application is operating expectedly.




3.9 Functionalities
 Obtain Customer feedbacks
 Mend/ overhaul dissatisfying factors
 Analyse censored data
 Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul of the database
3.10 Systems



3.11. Summary Table: Value Chain to Systems

Value Chain
Processes Functionalities Specific Information
Broad Information

1. Warranty
1. Obtain customer feedbacks.

2. Mend/overhaul dissatisfactory factors
Customer complaints system

Defects repair system
Transaction processing
cheese system

Decision support system
2. Software
1. Analyse censored data.

2. Maintain, repair and overhaul of the
Data analysis system

Database MRO system
Transaction processing
cheese system

Decision support system


In conclusion, the application software is an innovative solution to the cyberbullying problem. It provides a
solution to the problem of teenagers’ reluctance to report incidents by providing an automated reporting
system to enable timely actions. Although the Five Force analysis illustrates the highly unattractive market of
the mobile application software industry, Focused High Cost strategy shall target the focused consumer group
of worried parents. Differentiated attributes that are valued by customers is important; in order to obtain and
maintain the competitive advantage of the business, Service value chain activity plays a critical role. Through
Software Update process and Warranty Management process the customers gain high perceived-value to
allow premium price strategy. By the virtue of continuous updates for customer satisfaction and precise
protection system, the business’ declaration of war on cyberbullying shall gain victory and wipe out bullies
from the earth.
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