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Roll Designs International is Pleased to Announce

Hot Rolling Long Products + Basic Pass Design

A Practical Training - October 21-24, 2013, in Las Vegas
Over 150 companies have attended this key training from 43 countries worldwide

Tired of down time on the mill floor? Production not what it should be? This
program is focused to give more insight to your personnel in understanding
the issues and pitfalls in hot rolling of long products & basic pass design.
There are basic fundamentals that must be adhered to for optimum
production yield and less down time. Unfortunately, most do not have the
proper knowledge to quickly identify & correct the problems that arise.

Ask any coachto improve performanceyou must start with the basic fundamentals!
Program Content
Basic principles of pass design and rolling fundamentals are covered in this intensive four-day course (see course
content). Most production of rod, shape and universal mills will be discussed. Factors such as temperature, bite
angle, pitch and rolling line, spread, area reduction, pass types, cobbles, bar behavior defects, guiding, furnace
operation, motor size and others will also be discussed. A lecture will be given on furnace operation, including
fuel efficiency, proper air and fuel mixture, "Good Scale", "Bad Scale" and decarburization. Round table
discussion of the students' mill problems will be encouraged.

Special Bonus!
Got a specific issue you need help on? Bring it with you and get a private 1 hour one-on-one problem solving
consult with one of our instructors. A solution could more than pay for the course.

A special guest speaker, Mr. Rick Stanard from Siemens (formerly Morgan Engineering), will give a lecture on
rolling mill guides. Various type guides will be discussed, from the rougher to the finisher, including entry,
delivery and twist for various product types. Good guiding is as critical as good pass design. Mr. Stanard will
also lecture on Rod Mill operations and discuss operating problems he has encountered in world-wide Rod Mills

Participant Profile
It is very important that key personnel understand the fundamentals of the rolling process to avoid production
loss and yield. This program has been designed to ideally suit the following plant personnel:

Plant Managers Roll Designers Production Engineers
Engineers Rolling Mill Supervisors Mill Rollers
Rolling Mill Enhancement Training

We have two principle instructors who each have years of experience in pass design and "on-the-floor
knowledge operating rolling mills.

Mr. George Matyas, P.E., President and Founder, Roll Designs International, has a vast array of "on-the floor"
Rolling Mill experience accumulated over 40 years in the Industry. He has a wide array of mill knowledge, from
operating modern continuous, universal, rod and cross-country mills as well as older mills, including those with
fiber bearings, hand stranders and repeaters. Companies in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Columbia, Honduras,
Brazil, Argentina, England, Saudi Arabia, UAE and India have all utilized his expertise.

Mr. Giles M. Gilley, with more than 38 years in the Steel Industry, is a highly experienced and recognized Roll
Designer. He has hands on experience in all aspects of rolling long products. Angles, rounds, rebar, flats,
channels , rails , you name ithes rolled it. Assistant Rolling Mill Superintendent at Roanoke Electric Steel
Corp., Roll Shop manager , Certified Master of the Art of Roll Design and Past President of the Institute of Roll
Design are a few of the varied experiences that has built his incredible knowledge base and is willing to share.

Discounted Rate Ends September 20, 2013
The fee for this four-day specialized training is a nominal US$ 2,495 per participant. However, if payment is
received by September 20, 2013, the fee is discounted to US $ 2,200 ea. Group Discount: If the Company sends
three or more participants, the fee is US$ 2,000 ea, but must be paid by September 20.
This includes:
Course and training materials
Morning and afternoon coffee/tea and soda
Certificate of completion and graduation luncheon

The training will be held at the Stratosphere Hotel in Las Vegas, NV. The special hotel rate is US $35 per day,
plus $14.99/day resort tax + state tax. For reservations you must call Group Reservations at 1-800-998-6937
and reference Roll Designs International Group Code C-RDI13. The cut-off date for the special room rate is
September 22, 2013.

This program will revolve around a proper mix of lecture/discussion time. Participants will be provided with
ample time to discuss issues that are vital to their own job skills. Key results areas in performance of rolling
strategies will be discussed in a participative style. The sessions are interactive through Power Point
presentations and case studies.

We are sure you would agree that a program like this would immediately benefit your organization. Practical
knowledge that can directly affect your productivity yield is one of the best investments you could make in
human resources.

If you need clarification regarding this program, its contents, location,
duration, accommodations and travel details -- please feel free to contact Mr.
George Matyas, P.E., President, Roll Designs International.

Mr. George Matyas P.E. - Roll Designs International
Fax: 951-769-8226 Mobile: 951-500-4647
Tel: 951-769-8226

Hot Rolling Long Products
Basic Pass Design
A Practical Training Course
October 21-24, 2013, in Las Vegas, NV

Course Contents

Basic Pass Design

Relationship -- Mill layout, mill size
reduction series, billet & product size
Types of Passes - Open, closed, knifing,
upsetting & spreading
Upsetting and Elongating Passes -- Live &
dead holes combinations and effects
Pass Fitting -- Importance of overlays,
elongation, spread & reduction
Special Passes -- Breakdown spreading,
upsetting, knifing
Oval Design -- Single arc, double arc and
triple arc/guidelines for selection
Diamond Design -- Method of
determination/size and shape
Finish and Leader Pass Design
Reduction requirement and limits
Determination of shrinkage allowance,
side relief and tapers
Design of Other Sections
Bar shapes, flats, tees, special shapes
Finite element analysis
Universal Mill Rolling structural, rails
Slit Rolling - #2, #3 and # 4 bars

Product Defects Related to
Rolling Process

Universal Mill Defects - structural - rails
Roll misalignment
Seams, lap and pick up
Pass wear

Pass Design Fundamentals
Basic to all Sections

Brief Review of Hot Rolling Metallurgy
Rolling Temperature -- Relationship to the
rolling process and quality
Grain Structure -- Effects of heating and
Temperature and Alloying Elements Effect
on deformation, rolling force and shape
Special Presentation Furnace Optimization
Location of Pitch Line and Rolling Diameter
Pitch Line Effects -- Roll wear, bar delivery,
bar quality
Rolling Diameter -- Determination and effect