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That I, RUSTICA B. SION, of legal age, widow, Filipino, and resident of
#12 Teodoro Gener st. Kamuning, Quezon City, for and in consideration of the
sum of ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND PESOS ONLY (PHP 100,000.00), Phil.
Currency, to me in hand paid and delivered by EMERSON BLANCAFLOR
BOBILES, also of legal age, married to Josephine Siping Bobiles, resident of
Barangay San Juan Sur, Manabo, Abra, receipt of which sum being acknowledged,
do by these present sell, cede, transfer and convey by way of absolute sale unto the
said Emerson Blancaflor Bobiles, his heirs, successors and assigns, a parcel of land
more particularly described as follows:
RICELAND situated at Laplapga, Poblacion , Manabo, Abra, bounded on
the North by Lot 1247; on the East by Lot 1250; on the South by Lot 1251; with an
area of .2223 square meters; assessed in the amount of PHP ;
under Tax Dec. No. 202; bearing Lot No. 1249 of the Manabo Cadastre No. 327-D
in my name;
OF WHICH PARCEL OF LAND I am the lawful owner and actual
possessor, my ownership thereof having been acquired through lawful means,
while my possession thereof is open, public, continous, uninterrupted, adverse
against the whole world and in the concept of the owner fot more than 50 years
including that my predecessors in interest; that the same is not tenanted; that there
is no liens and encumbrances on the same; that I will defend the right of herein
vendee, her heirs, successors and assigns, against any lawful claimant on the same;
and that I will answer for all costs and damages that said vendee may suffer by
reason of such lawful claim of any person whomsoever on the same;
That vendee may register this instrument in the Office of the Register of
Deeds of Abra, pursuant to Act 3344, as amended, it appearing that the same has
not been registered under Act 496, or under the Spanish Mortgage Law; it
appearing further that all the adjoining owners and possible redemptioners have
been informed 30 days before the execution hereof, pursuant to Article 1623 of the
Civil Code, but only the herein vendees willing and ready to acquire it at my own
In witness whereof, I have signed this instrument at Manabo, Abra, this 12

day of November, 2013, in the presence of witnesses.
Signed in the presence of:
1.________________________ 2._________________________
(Republic of the Philippines
Manabo, Abra)
In Manabo, Abra, this 12
day of November, 2013, personally appeared
before me Rustica B. Sion, with Res. Cert. No. , issued at Manabo,
Abra, on November 12, 2013, known to me to be the same person who executed
the foregoing instrument and he acknowledge to me that the same is his own free
act and deed.
Witness my hand and seal, at the place and date first mentioned above.

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