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1. A 1/8 bend fittings is equivalent to?

a. 22 degrees fittings b. 30 degrees fittings c. 45 degrees fittings d. 90 degrees fittings
2. A 1/16 bend fittings is equivalent to?
a. 22 degrees fittings b. 30 degrees fittings c. 45 degrees fittings d. 90 degrees fittings
3. When cutting pipe that coated internally with enamel or glass, delicate core should be taken to avoid
cracking or chipping the internal coating. What kind of tool that should never be used for cutting such
a. Adjustable Hacksaw c. Wheel pipe cutter
b. Pipe reamer d. Square-edge pipe cutter
4. What is that tool used for expanding the ends of lead pipe?
a. Shave hook c. Drift plug
b. Turn pin
d. Dresser
5. What is that valve recommended for installations that call for throttling?
a. Globe valve
b. Gate valve

c. Check valve
d. Angle valve

6. What is the minimum length of time before a jointed plastic pipe be subjected to pressure test?
a. 1.5 hours
b. 2 hours

c. 2.5 hours
d. 3 hours

7. What will be the maximum water service pressure at the point where the building distribution system
a. 80 psi
b. 90 psi

c. 100 psi
d. 120 psi

8. What is the minimum size of a septic tank manhole?

a. 602mm x 602mm b. 508mm x 508mm c. 550mm x 550mm d. None of the above
9. Is the Revised Plumbing Code of the Philippines allows Wooden type of Septic tank?
a. Yes b. No c. No mention d. None of the above
10. What device to be installed for commercial or Industrial Special waste when liquid wastes
containing excessive amounts of grease,garbage, flammable wastes, sand, or other ingredients which
may affect the operation of a private sewage disposal system.

a. Receptor b. Interceptor c. Septic Tank d. None of the above

11. What test shall be applied to any drainage and vent system?
a. Air test b. Water Test c. Vacuum Test d. None of the above
12. . What test shall be applied to water distribution system?
a. Air test b. Water Test c. Vacuum Test d. None of the above
13, In how many minutes shall a water or air be on piping system before inspection for both water test
and air test for any plumbing system?
a. 10 minutes b. 15 minutes c. 20 minutes d. None of the above
14. When a water pipe crosses a sewer or drainage piping constructed on a clay materials, where shall
our water pipe be located?
a. 0.30m below a sewer or drainage pipe c. 0.30m above a sewer or drainage pipe
b. 0.30m parallel to the sewer or drainage pipe d. None of the above
15. All indirect waste from food equipments must be separated by ______when discharging it to
drainage system?
a. air break b. air gap c. full air break d. full air gap
16. All indirect waste from sterile equipments shall be drained through an________.
a. air break b. air gap c. full air break d. full air gap
17. An adjustable plumbing tool for gripping hexagonal nuts, with an adjusting screw in the head of the
a. Pipe Wrench b. Monkey Wrench c. Sink Wrench d. None of the above
18. A plumbing tool used to tighten connections in deeply recessed places that are very hard to get at
a. Pipe Wrench b. Monkey Wrench c. Sink Wrench d. None of the above
19. An approved tank or pit that collects sewage or liquid waste and which is located below the normal
grade of the gravity plumbing system and that requires mechanical means to be emptied is called a:
a. Cesspool
b. sewage
c. sump
20. A lined excavation in the ground that receives the discharge of a drainage of a drainage system that
has been designed to retain organic matter and solids while allowing liquids to seep through the bottom
and sides is known as:
a. Leech field

b. septic tank

21. On what type of building are wet standpipes generally used?

c. Cesspool

a. Tall building

c. Very tall building b. Large building d. Smaller building

22. Fire system piping is usually painted with?

a. Red color
b. Yellow color

c. Green color
d. Blue color

23. Clevis hangers are used for:


Vertical installation only

Horizontal installation only
Vertical and horizontal installation
None of the above

24. Flux is applied to copper pipe and fittings


after cleaning pipe ends and fittings

before assembling pipe and fittings
before applying heat
All of the above.

25. Zero gauge pressure is also known as atmospheric pressure and is

a. 14.7 psi b. 29 inch mercury c. both a & b d. None of the above
26. The recovery rate of water heater is also reffered to us:
a. gpm b. gph c. gpd d. None of the above
27. A solar water heater panel is also known as a:
a. roof heater b. circulator c. collector d. pump collector
28. Regardless of the type of heater all energy source must be turn off before attempting to;
a. drain a water heater
b. check the temperature of the water
c. do pressure check of the water system
d. None of the above
29. A device with at least a 750 gallon capacity that is meant to serve one or more fixtures in
preventing grease from entering the building drain and which is remotely located is called a:
a. Grease trap

b. Grease Interceptor

30. A house sewer is:

a. located outside the house c. inside the house
b. both a & b d. None of the above

c. Grease diverter

31. How many BTU per hour in One hp?

a. 2545

b. 2455

c. 2554

d. None of the above

32. How many gallons in one cubic ft?

a. 7.84 b. 7.48 c. 7.83 d. 7.47
33. Sizing of gas system begins with:

the first piece of pipe from delivery point

the farthest appliance from the delivery point
the middle of the system
none of the above

34. The use of a circuit vent and a loop vent eliminates the need for:
a. a vent stack c. a stack vent
b. p-traps d. multiple individual vents
35. The base of a waste stack connects with the:
a. stack vent c. building sewer
b. building drain d. none of the above
36. A hanger used to support a vertical pipe that penetrates a floor is called a:

vertical pipe supporter

riser clamp
clevis hanger
split ring hanger

37. A clevis hanger uses threaded rod along with:

a. wood screws c. hex nuts and possibly washer
b. anchor bolts d. a threaded thimble
38. The most common distance between the hot and cold roughing in on a sink is:
a. 4 b. 6 c. 8 d. 3
39. To minimize water hammer:
a. a quick closing valve is installed c. a shock absorber is installed
b. all water hammer arrestors are removed d. None of the above
40. To minimize water retention in Whirlpool bathtubs pump and circulating piping must be:
a. have a p-trap b. self draining

c. both a & b d. None of the above

41. What is the minimum number of pump required in in a sump pit?

a. 1 b. 2 c. 3 d. None of the above
42. What is the minimum clearance from invert elevation of inlet pipe to a sump pit from the starting
level of pumping operation of sump pit?
a. 4 b. 6 c. 2 d. None of the above
43. For the hot and cold water distribution system, on what side should the hot water supply be placed
in combination fittings? b.right c.left d.none of these

44. What is the shape for the signage for women's comfort room in order to aid visually impaired
women readilty determine whether a washroom is for men or women?
45. Drainage piping serving fixtures located below the crown level of the main sewer shall discharge into
an approved water tight
A.cesspool B.septic tank

C.leaching tank D.sump

46. In the water test of the entire plumbing system all openings should be tightly closed except at
A.producing cleanouts B.highest opening
C.stack vent D.bleeders
47. Where practical, all pipes from fixtures shall be run in what direction with respect to the nearest wall
or building line?
A.perpendicular B.across C.offset D.parallel
48. What is the type of Siamese connection that all 125-millimeter dry standpipes shall be equipped
A.two-way B.three-way C.four-way
49. What installation standard is followed in joining plastic pipe and fittings by solvent cement?
50. Which of the following is the primary basics for sizing vertical rainwater piping in the Revised
National Plumbing Code?
A.roof area B.wind direction C.slope of roof D.intensity of rainfall
51. Which copper piping is mainly used in commercial work?

A.Type C B.Type K C.Type L D.Type M E.None of the above

52. Soldering copper joints is commonly known as what?

B.Sweating C.Threading D.Welding

53. How far must the pipe must go into the fitting socket in order to ensure that the joint holds?
A.At least 1/4"
B.Half the diameter of the tubing
C.All the way until it "bottoms out" inside the fitting
D. None of the above
54.How do you know when the copper fitting and tubing are hot enough to apply solder?
A.The solder melts when it touches the joint
B.The copper glows bright red
C.The flux bubbles and hisses
D.You can no longer hold the pipe with your hand
55. Stem packing is used when leaking occurs at which location?
A.Tub Spout
B.Shower valve
D.Shower Head
56. Where is the cold water valve located?
A.Left Side
B.Right Side
57. How many p-traps does a double kitchen sink require?
58. What fits between a closet flange and toilet bowl?
A.Spud washer
B.Wax Ring
D.Lock Washer
59. What color of flame is best for soldering?

60. What substance is not permitted in solder which is used for water supply pipes?
A.Tin B.Brass C.Lead D.Steel
61. If a Plumbing Plan scaled as 1: 200 , then s 1 cm in the plan is equal to____ in actual ?
A.200 ft B.200 mts C.2 mts D.2ft.
62. If a Plumbing Plan scaled as 1: 1, 000 , then 2 cm in the plan is equal to____ in actual ?
A.200 ft B.200 mts C. 2 mts D.2ft.
63. If a Plumbing Plan scaled as 1: 50 , then 400 square cm in the plan is equal to____ in actual ?
A.100 sq. ft . B.100 sq mts C. 200 sq. mts D.200 sq. ft.
64. . If a Plumbing Plan scaled as 1: 50 , then 20 cm x 40cm cistern plan is equal to____ cubic mts in
actual ? Assume 2.00 mts actual depth of the cistern.
A.800 cu mts B. 1600 sq. mts C. 400 cu mts D.2400 cu mts
65. . If a Plumbing Plan scaled as 1: 10,000 , then 10 cm x 20cm catchment area in the plan is equal
to____ cubic mts of rainfall in actual for every hour ? Assume 100 mm/hr rain intensity.
A.300,000 cu mts B. 200,000 cu mts C. 400,000 cu mts D.None of the above
66. According to BP 344 Accessible toilet compartments shall have the following a minimum area of
a. 1.60 m x 1.80 m. b. 1.50 m x 1.80 m. c. 1.80 m x 1.80 m. d. 1.70 m x 1.80 m.
67. . According to BP 344 A turning space of ____ sq. m with a minimum dimension of
_____mm for wheelchair users shall be provided outside water closet cubicles.
a. 2.15 , 1500

b. 2.25 , 1800 c. 2.25 , 1500

d. 2.30 , 1800

68. According to BP 344 a minimum of one accessible to persons with

disabilities water closet in every floor for every ____ regular water closet.
a. 20 b. 25 c. 15 d. None of the above
69. According to BP 344 the maximum height of toilet seat for persons with
disabilities is _______?
a. 450 mm b. 500 mm c. 400 mm d. None of the above
70. According to BP 344 the maximum height of lavatory for persons with
disabilities is _______with knee recess of 0.60m-0.70m depth of 0.50m?

a. 700 mm b. 800 mm c. 600 mm d. None of the above

Match each tool with its corresponding description.
a) Adjustable open-end wrench b) Basin wrench
c) O-rings and rubber seats d) Pipe wrench
e) Plumber's pliers f) Rubber washers
71. The tools jaws can expand wide enough to get around pipes of all sizes, exposing serrated
teeth that provide great grip
72. Mostly used as a specialty tool for steel pipes, but also good in a pinch for getting to
some difficult nuts
73. Its smooth jaws are made to fit small nuts, bolts, and square and
hexagonal fittings
74. Used as gaskets for washer less faucets
75. Its long handle with spring tension pipe-gripping jaws allows you to reach up to grip pipe
nipples or tighten/loosen nuts in tight, hard-to-reach areas.
76. Used as gaskets for compression faucets
7 1e; 72d; 73a;7 4c; 75b;76f

a. Vent b. Drain Above Ground c. Hot Water d. Cold

e. Elbow turn down f. Elbow turn up g. Elbow 45


86. Identify this valve

a. Gate valve b. PRV c. Globe Valve d. None of the above

87. . Identify this valve

a. Gate valve b. PRV c. Globe

Valve d. Check Valve

88. ______ is the difference, measured in feet, between the static water level and the pumping level.
a. Total Dynamic Head b. Static Head c. Drawdown d. NPSH
89. ________ is the result of vapor bubbles imploding. This occurs when the amount of water flowing
into the pump is restricted or blocked.
a. Water Hammer b.Siphonage c. Cavitation d. None of the above
90. Net Positive Suction Head Available must always be lesser than Net Positive Suction Head Required
by pump to avoid air related problems of pump impeller.
a. False b. True c. None of the Above
91. ________ plumber- has served his apprenticeship and is competent to perform
the tasks of installing and repairing plumbing.
a. Journeyman b. Apprentice c. Master d. None of the above
92. ___________- water drained from lavatories, sink, laundry trays and showers;
contains minor pollutants.
a. Black Water b. Gray Water c. Potable water d. None of the above

a. Pendant b.Upright c. Vertical Sidewall d. Recessed Pendant

f. Concealed Horizontal Sidewall e. Concealed Pendant
99. device for regulating the supply of water in a flush tank by means of a hollow floating ball. also called
float valve
g. A.ball cock B.flushometer valve C.water hammer D.backsplash
100. The pipe from the public water main or source of water supply to the building served