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system of knowledge attained by ver ifiable means." Http:// Supported use of Moodle and educational resources for all like ... interact with their students beyond the classroom? using multimedia in the classroom? motivate your students? Contact us! In collaboration with continuing education centers of Teachers, provides schools involved an online platform for the management of collaborative learning and br oad-based educational resources in a format accessible and easy to learn for the teachers and students. FIRST PAGE OF SCIENCE IN SCHOOL SCIENCE IN SCHOOL is a project developed by the Department of Applied Social Sci ences Faculty of Science and Technology of Universidade Nova de Lisboa (FCTUNL). Mission We believe we can bring our vision: Advantages Creating a page of courses, curriculum groups or projects. Giving an example. Using, creating, sharing, 2 Access to a database of educational resources digital Vision liked living in a school where: collaborating. Not only resources but also ideas and contexts, so open, free and in Portuguese 2 Promoting good practice, realistic day-to-day Portuguese schools, which make use of technologies to improve work and learning. 3 Possibility of sharing information between students and teachers through forums, chat, exchange files, etc. .. There is a distinction between technologies in education and education. Education has as inherent in the use of technology, period. 3 Doing all this with enthusiasm. Because we believe that enthusiasm is contagio us. And that teaching and learning is evolving. Creation of four tests, lessons and exercises online as complements the assessment in the classroom.

2 Teachers create, collaborate, share and reuse materials from colleagues. Freel y and with enthusiasm. 5 Collaboration with existing projects at school (Eg projects under CRIE). ADVANTAGES FOR SCHOOLS 3 Students express themselves creatively, collaborate, sharing and learning in the disciplines and projects with meaning, either for th emselves or for colleagues. Contacts Want more information about the project Science in School? E-MAIL: Skype: hugo_domingos tel: +351 212 948 300 Ex t. 10425 Campus da Caparica - Ed VII (2. º Piso Ala A monitoring and training on the platform Online Moodle and its potential in education. 2 The storage of all data in our facilities, preventing the assembly and maintenance of servers at the school. 3 News, tips and share ideas on the most various topics (education, technology and science) in a dedicated area just for teachers. East, Room DCSA-1) 2 Science in School ideas for a new school The gradual introduction of Educational Technology (ET) in the schools allowed t eachers to have new tools to share information with their students, as well as t he development of environments where the students can also create and share know ledge in school context. Unfortunately, this action enables the students in the use of educational technologies as tools for creating and learning are still not in schools of our country on a massive scale. Will be many reasons for this sit uation, but this is not the subject of this work. The intention with this docume nt is to disseminate the project Science in School, which develop methods and ed ucational practices with the use of ET and wishing to support teachers and schoo ls to develop new educational strategies. This is the foundation of work in our team that appears perfectly willing to share their work. one of the areas which we have given more importance is the development of online educational communiti es and strategies for information sharing across the community. Our knowledge co me from our experience with the Moodle LMS in the creation of two communities: M oodle @ FCTUNL and Science School, and in direct contact with schools and teache rs. MOODLE + multimedia =:) Introduction SOME FACTS OF THE REPORT Moodle @ FCTUNL 2007 - student responses Preferences in the use of technology disciplines Null Prefer Prefer not using te chnology disciplines that use technology in a limited way I prefer courses that make a moderate use of technology I prefer courses that use a lot of the technol ogies I prefer courses that use technology exclusively N Total 83 18 61 358 890 76 1486% 5.59 1.21 4.10 5.11 24.09 59.89 100.00

Importance attached to video content recording audio recording of classes of cla sses Demonstration of actual cases Excerpts from documentaries, films and report s simulations and animations Models Average number of responses x in the range 1-4 2.3 2.4 2.4 2.6 2.9 March 1133 57.50 60.00 60.00 65.00 72.50 75.00 3 Science in School ideas for a new school THE EXPANSION of Moodle in schools and its growing use by teachers allows the in troduction of multimedia to a level never before possible. use Moodle as a suppl ement to classroom teaching in the classroom, teachers have gained a new tool to communicate and share educational materials with their students. Although there is still a great heterogeneity in the use of the potential of Moodle that can b e classified as the simple provision of basic materials for teachers and advance d to regular interaction with students through activities Moodle, this use is st ill dominated by the actions of the teacher. Our aim is to present a set of stra tegies that promote the creation and integration of educational materials in Moo dle with students, both in terms of curriculum content in both creative expressi on and communication online. Through a set of computer applications (freeware an d netWare) intend to demonstrate that students and teachers can create, share an d communicate ideas and homework in a simple but innovative and motivating. In t his context, we will present various practices using specific software and its i ntegration in Moodle to create educational resources integrable in Moodle activi ties and communicating online with multimedia. Are these two fields (creation of materials and communication) that will be worked and developed throughout this document. Creation of educational materials quality is undoubtedly a major conce rn of a teacher. The need to create materials that allow students to understand and mobilize the curriculum promoted the creation of tools that, over time enabl ed the teacher to present a wider variety of materials adapted to certain educat ional activities in the classroom. MOODLE + multimedia =:) Introduction Today With the introduction of computer applications more accessible to working teachers have at their disposal a whole range of technological arsenal that allo ws you to create spectacular animations, templates, graphics, applications, data analysis, organizational schemes of information, on-line platforms , synchronou s and asynchronous communication, etc ... This reality is very positive, but our question is this: "And students are eletos integrators use this arsenal or just spectators? ? 4 Science in School ideas for a new school In a first approach to the media, will be presented in this paper forms and meth ods of integrating video and audio. This implies the creation of these files for mat, how to integrate them into Moodle and finally some examples of activities t hat can be developed using these media. MOODLE + multimedia =:)

Tools HEADSET "This set features two headphone and microphone jacks that connect to th e computer and are easily recognized by all software audio capture. Great for sy nchronous communication, but also for asynchronous communication, because the us er has the ability to listen directly to his voice while recording to the comput er. MP3 PLAYER 'Many recent mp3 players bring a microphone. They have the advantage of rendering the audio to a digital format immediately and allow the user to eva luate the quality of the file before transferring to the computer. geralemnte mi crophones are not great quality but are very useful due to its portability and i ndependence from the computer. microphones' Currently the microphones are very affordable in price, which vary according to quality. They have the advantage of capturing better sound quality than the microphone headset and mp3 players. WEBCAM 'A webcam is the accessory most used for online communication. Besides be ing used for synchronous communication (eg chat) are also very useful to record video files which can then be edited. You can even use just the audio. Digital Camera »The current digital camera may, in addition to the photos, Garv er short video clips that can be easily transferred and edited on the computer. Does not require extensive knowledge capture and extremely portable. Video Camera 'are now very affordable cost,€there are very portable models with good quality video capture. This quality is superior to the webcam and digital camera and manipulated in a video editing software. 5 Science in School ideas for a new school MOODLE + multimedia =:) Software FREE MP3 Recorder freeware that lets you record audio from any device connected to your computer directly to mp3 format. Ideal tool for capturing voice. http:// recorder.htm CamStudio freeware that lets you create screen capture videos from your computer . Provides two export formats (. Avi and. Swf) and is quite intuitive in its use . Windows MovieMaker Video Editor from Microsoft, available for your Windows opera ting system. Presents all the basic functions for capturing and editing video, i s a nice software for beginners. movie maker / default.mspx Super video converter and audio. Very useful tool when trying to convert an audi o or video format to another more suited to user needs. Accepts and converts alm ost all existing formats.

Science in School

ideas for a new school youtube MOODLE + multimedia =:) Webware Through YouTube can find videos on various topics. By creating an account, you c an create your own channel where you can save your favorite videos and perform u pload your own videos. Automatically provides the html code to incorporate (embe d) the videos into Moodle. TWANG media hosting service (hosting of media files) in which to make uploading photos, audio and video. Like YouTube, it also provides html code to integrate y our files into Moodle pages. Apply online mojito (webware) that lets you edit video from video sharing sites (YouTube, Google Video, Metacafe, etc). The issue is only the addition of legend s and symbols on the original video, not allowing the cutting of video segments. Also available for integration into html pages Moodle.

Science in School ideas for a new school Through accessories and applications shown above, one can easily create audio an d video files. The question now is to demonstrate the processes of integration o f these files in Moodle, dirname activities. Creation and integration of audio: Through Free Mp3 Recorder easily an audio file with your voice. There are severa l audio formats, but the best is the MP3 due to its quality / size, it allows a good sound quality with excellent compression. After opening the file, you can e nter the audio files via the following ways: MOODLE + multimedia =:) Integration in Moodle 1. The teacher can complete the upload files directly to dO file folder of your page Moodle and use the link that file to integrate it 2. You can also integrate an audio file MOODLE in an activity, making the upload files as attachments, function availabl e in ACTIVITIES As the Forum and work. In CAPTIVE MOODLE, Through the HTML Edito r 8 Science in School ideas for a new school Creation and integration of Video: For video, the integration takes place in Moo dle like the audio, but the variety of formats to use is much higher. Due to the variety we offer the behavior of each format in Moodle, using the business foru m as an example. The AVI (audio and video interleaved) is not a format used to b roadcast video over the Internet. Moodle's filter to avi, but usually is not act ive, not playing the videos in. Avi. Moodle can play videos in WMV format (Windo ws Media Video) using the plug-in windows media player. Videos in this format ha ve good quality and Elav compression in file size. The. MOV (QuickTime movie) is easily integrated in Moodle, provided that you have installed the Quicktime pla yer and its plug-in. These files also have good quality with high compression.

MOODLE + multimedia =:) Integration in Moodle The. Flv (flash video) format is the latest video created for the Web because it allows to be read in all browsers. Moodle presents itself for a player flv file s, but you need the Flash player plug-in installed. Moodle allows you to insert videos with ease through the process EMBED provided by video sharing sites (eg YouTube).€The frame size is configurable and the vid eos have good quality. 9 Science in School ideas for a new school Analyzing the behavior of video formats integrated in Moodle is concluded that t he formats are more favorable format. MOV and. FLV via embed. EXCLUSION of other formats due to the following reasons: - The videos in the format. Avi present s ize which implies a high and undesirable long time to download. The airplane is used to display videos with aa high quality media players offline, hence the exc lusion of use by means of Moodle. - The videos wmv already are more suitable for broadcasting over the Internet, for conducting a high compression in file size while maintaining a low loss of quality. With these characteristics, it would be natural to include it as a format to use, but unfortunately presents a problem of incompatibility with browsers other than Internet Explorer. That is, the vide os wmv integrated in Moodle, they are only read by the browser Windows, Internet Explorer. This carries a management problem for any user of Moodle you want to share videos, as users who use browsers Mozilla Firefox and Opera (among others) can not see these videos. Knowing that users of a Moodle platform may use diffe rent browsers, the videos in wmv format were excluded from our options. - Videos in. Flv no longer have the problems of incompatibility of wmv, as they are read by the plug-in for Moodle's own files. Flv (flash player). This format would ma ke this an excellent choice for use in Moodle, but unfortunately there is a prob lem with the flv player in Moodle, which only displays these videos in 480x340 s ize. Videos that have sizes below or above, the reader automatically play these videos in 480x340 with a clear loss of quality. This has added to some loss of q uality when converting to this format, lead us to put this format to a second pl ane. IN CASE format. Mov compatibility issues are no longer met, simply that use rs have the QuickTime media player installed. This compatibility also applies to users using OS other than Windows, including users of Apple Macintosh and Linux . MOODLE + multimedia =:) Integration in Moodle This format, through a good choice of codecs, has taken great quality with a com pression file size, enabling the display of videos without excessive network tra ffic. In the case of integrated video through the video sharing sites, the advan tages are several. The first is due to the ease of integrating the videos throug h the HTML code to embed and the ability to change the dimensions of the video. The second is due to the fact that the videos after the upload the video sharing site, to be converted. Flv with sound quality that frees users from laborious c onversions. Finally, these videos are compatible in multiple browsers and operat ing systems, an important feature for online community where there are great var iety of users. Finally, the emphasis on the diversity of existing videos on this site that allow the creation of a personal archive of videos available to be in serted on any page on the Internet. 10

BLA BLA BLA Science in School ideas for a new school A major advantage of Moodle is the ability to easily publish and communicate wit h the user community platform or a specific course through its interactive activ ities. This document has been presented as solutions can create audio and video files and include them in Moodle. Now we introduce some examples on how you can use these same files to educational activities. Audio: The online communication can be accomplished through audio or video. In the case of audio, this is quite useful for sharing ideas and thoughts of individuals and groups. Limiting the pe rsonal expression of students to the text, promotes the literacy and grammar, bu t to incorporate audio to text, allow students to develop other skills such as s peaking and creative expression. In addition, through the audio, you can capture the stories of several students in one file and their interactions as a workgro up. Thus, they also promote collaborative work and interpersonal interaction, im possible to achieve through participation individualized. Students: MOODLE + multimedia =:) Contexts in short, the audio can be used: Teacher: 1 Presentation of work to be undertaken by students Integration of two interviews or reports on activities Moodle 3 more personal contact with the online community or class. An Exhibition of questions and ideas, either alone or in addition to text 2 Reflection on group work done Example: In a group work where it promotes research and reflection, the teacher can create a forum for discussion or one where students work in groups, will hav e to discuss the salient points of their work. And when we say research work, ob viously we can cover other types of collaborative work. This work can be done in the classroom, but by requiring students to be concise and objective in their s tatements to create a class file, they will have felt the need to be more rigoro us in how they express themselves and how they organize group. This exercise can also be used for further self-assessment, where the audio file works as a part of the portfolios of the students. 3 Presentation of interviews, reports or reflections personal integrated into individual or group 4 Material of self-evaluation and integration in ePortfolio BLA BLA BLA 11 Science in School ideas for a new school Video: Combining the human voice in an online platform is certainly a big step t owards promoting a more active community and a more personal sharing information online. But by combining audio with motion picture possibilities in sharing inf

ormation increases greatly. Here we enter the field of video, which for many can be a difficult tool to master, but in fact is a tool increasingly accessible to any user, gaining considerable importance in educational activities. In additio n to online communication, the video is also excellent teaching resource for dis playing information. With the incredible growth of video sharing sites, teachers are now available a vast collection of videos of educational content, never bef ore accessible. Moreover, teachers do not have to worry about conversions and ed iting, as these same videos were created by other users who have these skills an d share their work freely The use of a video quality, rather than a document of 10 pages, is a most interesting element for current students fascinated by image and sound. REM videos. MOODLE + multimedia =:) Contexts mind making a video for their students. But more interesting is the students the mselves are the creThere are several possibilities to create videos with students: Visits a field: conceptual comments or explanations of local people or elements (eg, flora or monuments) may be used to report on the visit. 2 Record a play / roleplay and its disclosure by the platform that serves as an archive. 3 Realization of practical activities and experiments, using video to record eve nts and observations for later analysis and integration work. 4 Creation of a video on a subject discipline By integrating a video with text, the teacher produces quality educational mater ials and more motivating for students. Through the activities Moodle, a teacher can easily create a lesson, test or work where you can combine the most diverse media elements. In addition to activities Moodle, a teacher can also create an e lectronic presentation or a document which combines video, or simply use as part of study or even as an educational video for use by other students and teachers . 12 BLA BLA BLA5 Science in School ideas for a new school There is a very rich learning process while creating a video. Students have to c reate scripts, develop writing, speaking, thinking and remembering. The image ca pture requires accuracy and promotes a more detailed observation of the object u nder study. The representation for a video promotes concentration and a thorough working posture. Finally the issue promotes reasoning, logic and creativity at a high level and very difficult to achieve with other educational activities. Th e development of these skills is a major factor for the introduction of multimed ia in education. Adding the possibility of dissemination of these works for the remaining school community and even other schools to promote a greater sense of responsibility and pride in educational tasks by students. By integrating the vi deos created by students in activities Moodle€Professor creates exercises that promote students in the mobilization of knowledge more effectively for this new requirement is a result of prior learning and intrinsic to the student. MOODLE + multimedia =:)

"Adding the potential of sharing information and online communication that Moodle allows teachers and students have been given to the media for more resources and forms of personal expression that promotes, fi rstly, the development of skills and knowledge mobilization by students and, sec ondly, allow the teacher to understand the progress of their students and create a more participatory learning community, motivated and creative. Settings SUPER to convert MP3, Mov.