Techniques to control premature ejaculation The anguish that causes premature ejaculation I can only compare with the

obsess ion that is common to many men about the size of their penis. It is good to reme mber that what is characteristic of this sexual dysfunction is the lack of adequ ate voluntary control over ejaculation, reaching a climax before wanting. We tal k about quality control. This should be natural, effortless and carried out volu ntarily. If the control is carried out with less enjoyment, for example anesthet izing the penis or something else in mind, we have control, but not quality of c ontrol and ultimately not work. Exercises to correct this problem aim to achieve a sufficient sexual sensory perception of man, as this is the immediate cause o f your problem: to be surprised by the ejaculation. Men who suffer from this dys function have tried every means to resolve ... but in the wrong way. They have t ried to think of something else, almost always negative, as it pursues a robber or a cop, believing that drinking alcohol will help, use two condoms to reduce t heir sensitivity and in our country, Dominican Republic, using an anesthetic Loc als call the Chinito, in order to decrease the sensitivity of the penis and be a ble to "take" more time ... none of that works. Others try to cope with this sit uation a first time ejaculating quickly and start again and ejaculate again, bec ause usually the second intercourse lasts longer. Young people sometimes find it works. However, the best way is to solve premature ejaculation scientific way, that is, sexual therapy, and thus achieve the peace and security, to make love w ithout limitations and fears, for the rest of their lives. Helen Kaplan in his b ook Premature Ejaculation, Grijalbo publisher describes two very effective techn iques whose aim is to increase the level of perception of the sensations of the penis, which is very necessary to overcome this condition. Both are based on the concentration of the individual in the sensations of the penis. They are called "Method grip the penis" and "Stimulating stop-start." Grip the penis Method Man must focus their attention on the sensations of his penis and when about to eja culate, his partner should squeeze the penis hard, until you lose a little erect ion. Many men refuse to let them squeeze the penis and many women do not want it either, which tends to discourage their use. On the other hand, the stop-start method is more rhythmic, and thus much more like a vagina, much more natural. Me thod of stop-start pacing should follow the following steps. The first thing is to find a time for you and your partner without interruption. Nude bathing and b edtime, put a dim light. Start a sex game to get excited. Once you have an erect ion, you lie on your back and close your eyes. Your partner should stimulate you r penis with movements up and down rhythmically. You must guide your partner's h and to get the speed, strength and depth to which you want these films. You shou ld concentrate only on the sensations you get your penis and how to grow your ex citement. Forget about your partner. Be selfish. Think of yourself and your erot ic feelings. This is very important at this time. Then you can dedicate to it. T his is only temporary. When you feel you're close to getting an orgasm, but befo re reaching the inevitable point of ejaculation, ask him to stop. When your arou sal has dropped to a manageable level, to your partner stimulate you must start again. Do not wait too long between each stimulation, only 5 to 20 seconds. Not too much, to prevent the erection disappears. The goal is to drop a little excit ement to levels manageable. Do this three times and the fourth time should conti nue to ejaculate. It is essential to bear in mind not resist ejaculation, but to focus on pleasure. If doing the exercise you lose control and ejaculate, do not worry, you do the next time. (In the next update will introduce other exercises to correct this problem.)

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