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Dapa, Surigao del Norte

2nd Periodical Examination in
TLE 8 Housekeeping

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MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the letter of the best answer. Write your answer on the space provided before each
_____1. It refers to the upkeep and maintenance of cleanliness and order in a house or a lodging establishment.
a. Cleaning c. Housekeeping
b. Household maintenance d. None of the above
_____2. What type of housekeeping that applies the housekeeping maintenance in commercial lodging establishments?
a. Domestic housekeeping c. Aesthetic upkeep
b. Institutional housekeeping d. Maintenance
_____3. What is the function of housekeeping that requires comprehensive understanding of different surfaces?
a. Maintenance c. Cleaning
b. Aesthetic Upkeep d. Floor Cleaning
_____4. What is the basic function of a roomboy, chambermaid or room attendant?
a. Responsible for the cleanliness of public areas.
b. Responsible for the cleanliness, care and maintenance of ladies comfort rooms and locker rooms.
c. Attends to the maintenance and upkeep of all guestrooms and service areas assigned to him/her.
d. Responsible for cleaning the grounds including plants and landscape.
_____5. What is the cleaning equipment that is used to eliminate loose oil and dust particles from carpet surfaces,
upholstered furniture and even hard surfaces?
a. Carpet sweeper c. Floor polisher
b. Vacuum cleaner d. stick and soft brooms
_____6. What cleaning chemical should be used in removing grease, oil, dirt, ink, mildews, soils and waxes?
a. Wax stripper c. Chlorine bleach
b. Lemon juice d. Degreaser
_____7. Which code is used when the guest is expected to arrive within the day?
a. BLO c. OCC
b. VR d. NCI
_____ 8. The room with this sign should not be cleaned nor disturbed.
a. OCC c. BLO
b. MUR d. DND
_____9. What sheet is used to protect the mattress?
a. Bed cover c. Woolen blanket
b. Mattress pad d. Duvet
_____10. What cleaning procedure do we use in vacuuming carpets?
a. Straight forward motion c. Circular motion
b. Vertical arc d. Open figure fight motion
_____11. Which of the following housekeeping function that identifies and follows up those items that are
malfunctioning or defective throughout the facility?
a. Aesthetic upkeep c. Engineering
b. Cleaning d. Maintenance
_____12. Which of the following is assigned to the cleaning and maintenance of kitchen and dining area?
a. Housekeeping department c. Gardener and ground maintenance
b. Front office d. food and beverage section
_____13. Which of the following can be cleaned by white scouring pads?
a. Scrubbing painted surfaces c. scrubbing porcelains
b. Scrubbing mirrors d. all of the above
_____14. Among type of floors given, which floor is applied with non-buffable wax?
a. Linoleum c. Vinyl
b. Wooden floor d. Rubber tiles
_____15. The other term “On Change” for a room status means that:
a. The room is vacated but not ready for occupancy. c. The room has just been occupied by a guest.
b. The room is occupied by a paying guest. d. The room has just been vacated by a guest.

all of the above _____30. OOO _____25. d. Sanitizing using a disinfectant. Metal polish _____24. This behavior means that: a. none of the above ANALYZING _____29. _____17. Cleaning towel c. The ability to assess and initiate thing independently. CO d. The guest asked for laundry services. RFS c. The room is blocked for a new guest. Vacuum cleaner c. Which of the following shows responsibility of the housekeeping department? a. Horizontal arc d. d. Remove remains with the use of disinfectants. Which of the following is the first to be removed in stripping the bed? a. It becomes dirt. All of the above _____27. VR b. d. b. Overlapping arc is used for: a. APPLYING _____21. If a guest checked in and did not sleep in his room during the night. Hospitals d. Bedroom make up is done. VR c. Which of this process totally eliminate germs and bacteria? a. _____33. Cloth b. Scouring pads _____23. How are you going to remove this from the floor? a. Trash bags d. The room is not fit for occupancy. c. The guest request for a massage. a. when this is done this means that the room is: a. During renovations it cannot be avoided to have plastic remains and cement on the floor. Mopping c. It will be easy to remove. Vacuuming b. Electric suction machine d. all of the above _____18. Linens _____32. _____22. none of the choices _____31. but due to some circumstances. NS d. Mattress pad c. b. Which of the following best describes an underliner? a. d. What type of establishments practices institutional housekeeping? a. Nipa huts b. Drain cleaners d. MUR _____26. circular motion _____28. Cleaning with the use of soap and water. b. c. NSI c. plates and stains. Apply muriatic acid. Vertical arc c. b. b. a and b b. To prevent wet garbage from penetrating the surface or corners of a garbage bin we should need an underliner. Vacation houses c. d. Bottom sheet d. Which one of the chemical that is appropriate in cleaning brass and copper? a. The room is vacant but dirty. cleaning towel _____19. which code should the housekeeper write on his room status report? a. Polishing cloth d. Dusting d. A guest called in and reserved a room for two days. It becomes rubbish. Flexibility among the housekeeping staff is one of the behaviors that they should possess. Mopping floors with buckets and floor mop. b. Reporting is the last step in servicing a guestroom. c. Polishing _____20. Buckets c. Washing and issuance of employees uniform c. The room with a code “OOO” or Out of Order means that: a. Wiping properly with clean cloths. Woolen blanket b. use degreaser to soften these remains. housekeepers should be hardworking. collecting and delivery of guest items b. Use wax stripper and floor polisher to remove remains. Which of the following is mainly used in cleaning metal surfaces like bathroom fixtures? a. c. what code should the front desk use? a. VR b. Choose the best cleaning procedures used for walls. c. They need to adapt to different circumstances. RFS . the guest did not arrive on his scheduled date. c. bucket and floor mop b. A room has been cleaned and ready for occupancy. Babysitting d. The room is reserved for a guest. Room service has been served. NSI b. Lemon juice c. Dusting cloth b. VD d. d. Which of the following materials is used for removing soilage due to liquids? a. What is the room code the front desk used? a. What will happen if dust is combined with water or grease? a. Disinfectants b._____16.