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Unit 7 Accomplishment Map

Type of Assigned activity Due in unit (1−10) Estimated
activity day (M, T, W, Th, amount of time
F) to complete
work (hours)

Readings From your Snell, Morris, and Should be 6.5
Bohlander text: completed the
weekend of week
 Review Chapter 8, pages
300–331 (You read this
chapter in Unit 2; review it
for this unit).
 Read Chapter 9, pages
 Read Chapter 10, pages
From the Capella Library:
 Read Pfeffer's 1998 article,
pages 109−119.

Discussions Unit 7 Discussion 1: First posts for each 2.5
Motivational Approaches discussion are due
by Thursday.
Unit 7 Discussion 2:
Performance Management and Response posts
Compensation are due by

Additional Listen to Performance Should be 0.5
studies Management: Appraisal, completed by end
Incentive Programs, and of week seven
Motivational Approaches with
Al Gorriaran

Assignment Continue researching for and This assignment is Prep time varies
prep organizing your Unit 8 due late Sunday of by learner.
assignment. Week 8.