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 The AVP should highlight the field of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering (ABE). Your presentation
should cover the following; but you are not in any way limited to these alone.
o What is ABE?
o Why is it an important? Its role in national development?
o What jobs/ opportunities are open to those that would graduate from such a course?
o What does the institute of Ag. Eng’g, soon to be Institute of Agricultural and Biosystems
Engineering have to offer in terms of expertise, capability, and facility for instruction, research and
extension in ABE.
 AVP should be limited to around 5-7 minutes of 720p resolution.
 All members of the group should be in the video.
 English Language, all throughout the AVP.
 The AVP should be informative and “catchy”. Anybody watching the AVP shouldn’t fall asleep.
 A good voice-over is a must, but he/she must be from your group.
 Credits at the end are necessary. (not included in time)
 No interviews of IAE Faculty.
 Use of Costumes and Props are encouraged, but are not required.
 30% of your grade for AVP will be given by your group leader. Your leader would rate you based on your
attendance in meetings, contribution to the AVP, etc. Your faculty-in-charge will be the one to rate your
group leader. 70% of your AVP grade would come from the criteria below.

Criteria for grading of AVP

Content and coverage-------------------------------45%

Computer Production Effects----------------------20%

Background sound and Voice over----------------15%

Overall package, “Catchyness”---------------------20%



Upload your AVPs in youtube and email the link together with the group leader’s evaluation to your respective
faculty-in-charge. Deadline is December 7, 2018 (Friday), 5:00 PM. Please refer to the list below for the email
address of your FICs.

Section T1 - PRPS:

Section T2 - KBVM:

Section T3 – ARE:


Please refer below for the groupings per section:


I Badiola Abadiez Arca

Chua Alejandro Arrieta

Cunanan Andres Bautista

Espinosa Bosi Cordua

Garbolo Buyuccan Crispo

II Joson Coching Delos Santos

Laguardia Del Mundo Dimapilis

Laurico Farofaldane Fabon

Lazo Gonzales Fernandez

Manalo Ibarra Garcia

III Nitura Malabug Labigtigan

Nolasco Micaya Laureta

Penamora Minano Lubiano

Quinay Mostajo Lumbera

Rala Que Luyun

IV Salayo Rumusud Mercado

Sales Segura Nicolas

Teodoro Serrano Olarte

Willie Watanabe Petalio

Bulatao Valles