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Appealing to All Students Communication is Key!

Please feel free to reach out at any time

with any question, comment, or concern!
All students will be expected to follow Parent participation is highly
classroom rules and model desired encouraged, and I believe that a united
behavior. For my students who have front is the best way to encourage and
special needs and/or an IEP, I will work support our academic superstars.
with them one-on-one to ensure they
understand the expectations and are Contact Information:
given the necessary tools to be successful.

Phone: (555) 555-5555

Modifications Available Include:

 One-on-one regular meetings

 Private communication on
appropraite behavior

 Regular review on rules and


 Provide strategies that do not

disrupt others

 Allow brain-breaks when needed

 Allow body-breaks (movement

time) when needed

Huitt, W. (1996). Classroom management: Learning
A behavioral approach. Educational
Psychology Interactive. Valdosta, GA:
Environment and
Valdosta State University. Retrieved from
anage/behmgt.html Management
Mrs. Johnston
Classroom Environment “A great classroom
Classroom rules are impletemented each year; environment comes
however, the students assist in creating them
during the first week of school. We begin by from the heart, not from
brainstorming various rules as a class, dicuss
how it would be difficult to rememeber this the wallet. It is built on
many rules, and ultimately narrow them
down to a managable amount. As a class, we love, laughter, and a
discuss the similarity of the rules and begin
categorizing them into four groups. This leads
feeling that everyone
to the four rules previously stated. belongs.”
Positive and negative consequences come
about naturally as studnets make their
choices, and this is an effective stratgy I
Classroom Rules & Rationale implement in my classroom. For reoccuring Classroom Management
misbehaviors, I have students complete a Beliefs & Reasons
We have four classroom rules: reflection sheet, on which thye decide the
reaons for their behavior, identify the
1. Be Safe consequence, and come up with a plan for
Rationale: Students are to ensure that the improving the behavior.
actions they choose to make keep themselves “Establishing clear expectations for
and others safe at all time. This will aid in appropriate behavior, monitoring behavior,
creating a safe learning environment for all. and then reinforcing appropriate behavior
2. Be Responsible and redirecting inappropriate behavior” is
Rationale: Student’s will be encouraged to how I plan to conduct my classroom (Huitt,
problem solve,be independent, and take 1996). This type of classroom management
resopnsility for their own actions; however, is known as the Behavioral approach. I
they will be held accountable by natural
believe that it is important to hold our
3. Be Respectful
students to a high standard and push them
Rationale: Students are to respect themselves, to preform to their full potential. By
others, and all school supplies. This will setting the expectations at the beginning of
uphold the lifetime of the classroom resources the year, students will have a clear
and create a postive moral in the classroom. understanding of the standards and will be
4. Work Hard held accountable for their actions.
Rationale: Students are encouraged to put Students can rely me to give constant and
forth their best effort in any given assignment. encouraging feedback, engaging lessons,
I will strive to provide all the necessary tools and clear behavioral expectations.
to ensure success from each student. By
working hard we will see growth in instrictic
motivation and quality dedication.