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To whom it may concern

At the time of entering the University of Medical Science, a scholarship during the
studying is determined to be given to one student of the rural area by one Australian
family’s funding.
Upon entering university she won an scholarship given by Australian family. They
were looling for a student with determination and talent from rural place in Mongolia
to give the scholarship.
That time, a selection has been organized in the framework of ………, which was in
Board of Directors, and a relevant interview has been held with candidates. In this
result, A has been selected. From that time, a support was given on the studying. The
studying achievement and social activeness have been assessed for a decision to
continue the scholarship.
By the time,the interview was held by Borad of Directors and determined that she was
given the scholarship based on her academic performance and motivation to study
further on her study. As a result, she had been selected as an potential candidate for
the scholarship in her first year at Medical University. Formatted: English (United States)

A had been was one of the leading students of the course with a sincere wish to be a
physician. She understood well her responsibilities and studied hard at professing
possessing new skills and qualification year after to year and developing herself and
her skills as a medical student in a short span of time time. She participated actively
and successfully in an individual and team categories in scientific and
competitiveness competitions whch were organized among the students of University
of Medical Science. As a In this result, she achieved the following successes.
(uncountable) Formatted: English (United States)

About Approximately 15-20% of total graduates of University of Medical Science

graduate with GPA of 3. Needless to say, A graduated with GPA of 3.47. in addition,
which included her in about 10% of total students who receive Full tuition fee 100%
scholarship for whole one academic year while A receivinged 100% scholarship for
consecutive 6 years. In her senior a graduate year course, sheagain was awarded got
scholarships of ZSZorig Fund and CL.
Besides focusing on her studying, she participated in activities of G Society, and
called students to participate in voluntary and social activities. She also worked in
projects and programs implemented by international foundations, and in a research
team of Harvard in Mongolia. All of these achievements talk on her behalf thatexpress
that shehad been was one of our top students all along..
Most of the students of University of Medical Science select their specializations in
graduate courses but A selected the obstetrics and gynecology fields, when she was
studying in previous lower years courses. She had never been hesitant to be in
constatnt contact withcontacted teachers, lecturer and physicians to study further in
order to reach her dream to become the best physician possible. She participated
successfully in academic conference with above-mentioned topics. ‘The treatment
becomes more effective by finding the reason of the disease’. Therefore, helping
voluntarily to professionals in with master and doctorate degrees and helped to gain
some experience firsthand.
As same as other physicians, she keeps her curious mind up and maintaining close
relationship with her former teachers by continues her studying and developing her
skills. I and a team of our non-governmental organization are glad that we made have
done the right decision by giving her headstart by giving the scholarship 9 years ago.
We not only believe that she will become a citizen and a physician recognized in the
world but also to become one bright mind to set up a cornerstone of (zorij bgaa
salbaraa bicheerei) . I have known her from the time she was growing from that bright
a little student of a secondary school into an the obstetrician, still we are and working
shoulder to shoulder together with foreign physicians in the newly developing sector
of (salbaraa bichne). . I have no doubt that she would quickly rise to become an
invaluable asset to your program. It would be a grave tragedy to have someone of her
caliber slip through your fingers at an opportunity like this.
Therefore, there is no doubt that this program will provide an opportunity to study and
to do more, and to bring this sector into a new level.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact to me.
Thank you. Very Kind Regards, ……………………… (ner, gariin useg tamga)