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This magazine is truly an inspiration to all, Even tho I am very new to the Maya world, I hope one day to be as good as the images depicted in this magazine. I aspire to be that good, with time, effort and a lot of tutorials I hope to be their in the next few years. Thanks Ceiga for this amazing mag :) Richard Jones

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NOV - DEC 2011

On the front Need For Speed


Post Apocolyptic 24 I’ll Race Ya! Show Off

34 44 56

30 64

Corvette C1



And now

There’s finally something
For you fans of print!


All the great CG videos

on one channel





- Prince Philip
t’s been a whole year since the first issue of Ceiga and a quite a bit has changed since that time. The unexpected popularity of the blog, the ever-growing popularity of the magazine in the CG industry, the new design of the site, the new Vimeo channel and now, the ability to have a print version of the magazine thanks to Magcloud. Thank you to everyone who supported Ceiga by following me on Twitter, liking me on Facebook or simply viewing the magazine. Anyway back to the usual routine, this issue is all about CG cars. The topic of cars has been touched on in a previous issue so this might be a bit of a ‘deja

vu’ for regulars. CG cars are not too difficult to model but very difficult to render and light realistically, that’s why it’s always impressive to see an image of a realistic CG car, and that’s why I’ve decided to put this issue together.

Richard Bray Editor



‘SLR Outdoor #1’ by EXIDGE ( Modelled and in 3D Studio Max.

On The


inding an image for the front cover of this issue took a while. There are so many good images of cars out there I was tempted to have multiple front covers. Then I came across this amazing image of a Mercedes SLR by EXIDGE.

The image somewhat invites you to take a look at the car with its doors open, its light on and its position in the image. It works perfectly on the front cover of the magazine, making the viewer wonder what is inside the magazine. Makes me want to jump into it and drive it away.


Aniket Bhatkar


Audi .
3ds max

370Z Drift Scenes . .
Rhangga Adian Putra


AUDI S5 GTR series . .
Gunnar Assmy


Khrutskiy Yan



GT-40 In Vegas . .
Luis Nieves lendesign.comFordGT40


BMW X6 At Night City . .
Darius Makowski 3ds max

Rhangga Adian Putra

Mitsubishi LancerSL Drift Scene . . Maya

NOVITEC F430 . .
EXIDGE 3ds max

Pagani Zonda R . .
Johal Gow XSI

Buggy desert front . .
Marek Denko 3ds max

Suggested by - Alex Gregory @acGregore

Ravaged Vehicle . .
Alan Van Ryzin 3ds Max

The Duster . .
Anton Turkin


Open Road .
Waldemar Bartkowiak


Lightwave 3D

On Wheels .
Anton Cherenko


3ds Max

Anton Cherenko



3ds Max

Once upon a time... . .
Gustavo Groppo 3ds Max

Wal-Mart 2161 . .
Brano Florian

3ds Max

Civic 5d Postapocalyptic edition . .
Alexander Neskoromyuk 3ds max

Top Secret Weapon . .
Andrey Krygov 3ds Max

I’ll Race Ya

F1 2009 Scudería Ferrari F60 . .
Juan Carlos Jiménez Vadillo 3ds max

Aston Martin LMP . .
LeeJaeBum 3ds max

F1 Race
Herner Quintero & Eisenheim Mark Duvjänco



3ds max

Ferrari F60 Felipe Massa 2009 . .
Raymond Yang 3ds Max

Formula Renault 2.0 . .
Kirill Kuzin 3ds max

Renault R26 . .
Raymond Yang

3ds Max

Carlos Ortega Elizalde



3ds max

Victory .
Shamim Reza


3ds Max

King cobra 427concept
Arturo Garcia



3ds max

450 GranTurismo S . .
Artem Volchik 3ds Max

2012 CLS render 01 . .
Jeff Patton 3ds max

Aston Martin DBS . .
Patrick Danneker 3ds max

Audi R8 Nurbs - iRay . .
Andre Kutscherauer 3ds max

Exterior Audi R8 . .
Vladimir Akimov 3ds max

Lamborghini Aventador . .
Maurice Panisch CINEMA 4D

Lamborghini Dream . .
Flavio Silva 3ds max

Lexus LFA . .
Isaiah Takahashi

3ds max

Mclaren MP4-12C . .
Anas Yakoub 3ds max

Mazda MX5 .
Alejandro Albarracin


3ds max

Corvette C1
All of the images in this section were created by artist Jakub Przybolewski ( modelled with 3D Studio Max.









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