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Midsemtopics 7th Sem(IAC 2012)

Midsemtopics 7th Sem(IAC 2012)

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Published by: gkmr65 on Dec 27, 2012
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Sub: Industrial automation and control Date: Oct 14th 2012


1.Control valves
1. Study the notes and go through this ppt 2. Don’t refer to louver and three port valves in the slides 3. Important topics:  Classification of control valves  Actuators (slides 1 to 11 and 27 and the notes only)  Valve characteristics  Valve positioner  Methods of fluid control Note: Don’t refer to the slides with no’s {12, 13… up to 26}

2.Flow sensors: contact type-(Orifice, venturi, rotameter ), Non-contact type-(ultrasonic and
electromagnetic type)

3.Pressure sensors: Manometers, bellows 4.Torque measurement: Strain gauge based torque meter
Note: For the topics 2, 3 &4: Refer notes, Dunn text given to U and Xerox of relevant topics of s.s Singh text book.

electrostatic coupling and grounding problems given. “All the best” .5. Its importance w.External noise sources: In the notes basic idea of Electromagnetic coupling. U can use internet to get more information. Signal conditioning: Phase sensitive rectification/Demodulation: Refer notes. Analog multipliers: refer notes Noise sources (internal and external) .r. Capacitive sensors explained in the notes.t LVDT.

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