Lesson Plan Science and Health Grade V

I. Objective: At the end of 45 minutes, the pupils should be able to: a. Classifies animals according to the food they eat. b. Identify the kind of animals according to the food they eat. c. Comparing animals according to the food they eat. II. Subject Matter: A. How animals get/ eat their food. B. References: ELC.II 2 p.10 C. Materials: charts, tables, pictures of animals D. Science Concept: Animals are classified into meat- eating, plant eating, plant and animal eating group. E. Process Stressed: Identifying, Classifying, Comparing. F. Science Vocabulary: Herbivorous, Carnivorous, Omnivorous. III. Learning Activities A. Review: Give examples of animals and their body parts or mouth parts used in getting/ eating food. B. Lesson Proper: 1. Motivation: Do animals eat the same kind of food? Why? 2. Developmental Activities: a. Picture study of: Animals feeding on plants, animals feeding on animals. b. Discussion on kinds of animals according to food they eat. Herbivorous - plant eating animals Carnivorous – meat eating animals Omnivorous – plant and meat eating animals

c. Classifying animals according to the food they eat by constructing a table. 3. Concept Formation: What are the kinds of animals according to the food they eat?

4. Application: You have pets and animals properly in your home and backyard, what food will you give them? dogs and cats ducks and chickens birds goats and cows

IV Evaluation: Classify these animals properly in the table: cow, goat, eagle, snake, pig, parrot, chicken, mouse Plant- eaters animals or Herbivorous Animal eaters or Carnivorous Plant- Animal eater or Omnivorous

V. Assignment: Make a list of Herbivorous animals, Carnivorous animals and Omnivorous animals.

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