COPD ASTHMA Allergens alpha antitrypsin D. (dust, pollens, molds Cigarettes, smoke,etc.) CHRONIC BRONCHITIS H.

influenza Diplococcus Pneumoniae EMPHYSEMA Cigarette Smoking Anti

Inflammation of the Bronchi Breakdowns of elastin Activates Ige septa Mast cells & Basophils Bradykinin, Histamine, Prostaglandin destruction of alveolar wall

Inc. capillary Permeability

Inc. Dead space Dec.pulmonary bed

Release Histamine, Leukotrienes, Prostaglandin, Cytokines, Serotonin flow Inflammation of bronchial airway RBC Vasodilation Bronchoconstriction

Fluid/ Cell Exudation

Inc. CO2 Edema of mucous membrane hypercapnea Inc. activity of Goblet Cells Hypersecretion of mucous Plugged airway



additional expansion of the thorax

whee zes

Dec. intrathoracic pressure

Dec. O2 lungs

Persis ted Cough

Barre l chest

pinkis h

hypox ia

Decreased Oxygen Blood circulation

cyanos is

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