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Volume 12 Issue 2

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A scouting mission trip to White Earth Ojibwe Indian Reservation was made by House of Friends Founder and Board President, John Gross, his wife, Dianna, and Native American Outreach Directors, Dale and Jeannie Ritter. While there, they did a little work at Camp Dominion. This outreach of Ben Israel near Leech Lake, Minnesota, is overseen by Art and Mary Beebe. The Ben Israel leaders extended great hospitality to the team and gave them a place to stay while meeting with several Native American ministries. John preached at Naytahwaush, a small Team works on grounds at Camp Dominion. town on the White Earth Ojibwe Reservation. While there, Bibles, donated to House of Friends for outreaches, were given to leaders as well as pew Bibles for an upcoming evangelistic meeting being held by leaders, Willie and Anna Atkinson of First Nations Ministries of Cass Lake, Minnesota.

Lodge at Camp Dominion where Dale and John did a small amount of labor.

On the trip back home John was invited to speak at an all night prayer meeting of an African church after being introduced by our Minnesota contact, Vladi Pisarchuk. Vladi is originally from Russia and has outreaches to Haiti and throughout Minnesota. The African church, located in St. Paul, actually became a sponsor of a child at Abba House and provided funds for clothing for the children. The team also met with prayer warrior, Susan Jones and Joanne Norton (who has spent time as a missionary with her husband Dave) and visited the family of David Katz, a family preparing for a missionary adventure in Africa. They also visited with Davids pastor who is Native American. His insights were invaluable for preparing House of Friends for future ministry in the area and ended in an invitation to do outreaches together.

John and team joined Russian friend, Vladi (left), in doing repair work at Ben Israel community, located on the edge of the reservation. Here they are joined with Peter and Joanne Brock, residents of the Ben Israel community. Ben Israel was established by Art Katz and is devoted to prayer Mamma Rose, Dale Ritter, John and Dianna Gross, for the nation, Israel, Native Americans, and Inger Katz (wife of the late Art Katz) and Jeanie Ritter others. They also provide assistance to pose on Mamma Roses front porch. She is a long Native Americans and host various camps time friend of the Katz s and quite a prayer warrior. and retreats throughout the year.

Ana and Willie, Native American evangelists shared their testimonies of Gods saving grace. RightPastor Fatai Jubril and wife of the African Church where John shared.

The Ninemire family is teaching their children acts of love and sacrifice. The return is the joy of seeing children across the world receive attention and times of rejoicing in the gift of life with a special monthly or bi-monthly birthday party. How do they do that? They do fund raising and celebrate their own birthdays but forego receiving a gift so Abba House children can have a gift. It has a dual effect on hearts. The children at Abba House recognize the sacrifice and pray for them and their sponsors.

Julius and Allen, the main cooks

The children with May and June birthdays are showing off their special birthday gifts and enjoying a wiener roast birthday party held on June1st.

During their daily devotionals, the children often pray for their needs. One such need was flip flops. Who would know that God would bring to the home a couple of college students from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Alice McCoy and Justine Shorter, to personally spend time with the children and buy 48 pairs of flip flops. Alice and Justine also provided some cooking supplies for donuts, snicker bars and strawberry twizzlers to top off the birthday party.

This little cutie is a displaced Haitian orphan receiving a supply of food provided by House of Friends donors. We are thankful to Bolivar (Moreno) Reineso who volunteers his time to make purchases and hand out supplies monthly to families who have temporarily taken these children into their homes.

Left to rightDeborah Kaaya, Justine, Alice, and one of the children, Faridah, who is helping in the preparation. To the rightIrene frying the donuts.

Harry and Mary Hartzler of Gunn City, Missouri took Shon, Zion, Sherman and Vivian, their children, and also Jacob, a youth from their church, on a mission trip to Uganda. The family is familiar with Uganda. They dug the foundation for the first Abba House built several years ago. House of Friends founder, John Gross, a friend of the family for 25 years, had the pleasure of being with them the entire trip. Two other Hartzler daughters, Bethany and Joan, visited Abba House in Uganda the previous week. The team accomplished a lot in less than 2 weeks. Some of the projects included painting the inside of the boys house and helped pay for a veranda to be built for the same house. They brought clothes and gifts for the kids and provided a huge special meal. Mary and Vivian updated the profile pictures for the all the children. Harry and the boys built nesting boxes for the chicken house and erected a basketball goal which was a huge uplift for the kids, especially the older ones.


For less than $1/day you can join a partner sponsor in meeting the needs of a child. Or consider taking care of a childs entire needs. Partner Child Care Sponsorship $20/mo Full Child Care Sponsorship $40/mo Education Sponsorship $25/mo
Go to to choose your child and write or call to make your commitment.

The whole team, along with veteran missionary, Barb Decker, went to Katogwe to visit the Eddy Reber Memorial House. They took soccer jerseys which had been donated by American teams who knew Shon and Zion. The children received them with joy. They checked the status of the plaster project (which sealed the bricks on the inside and outside of the home) being finished with funds from the sale of a motorcycle donated by the Wyatts of Concordia, Mo. The project was about half completed and looked great. They added a small solar panel, that we had suggested previously, and had lights in the house that would normally be very dark due to no electricity in the area. The youth did a skit and the adults testified about Gods faithfulness. The day was finished with a great traditional meal. The team was impressed with the joy that was so evident in our friends from Katogwe.

Barb Decker, John Gross, Harry Hartzler and his son, Sherman, made the trek up to Richard Kaayas family farm. Harry did soil tests and we visited with Richards brothers about partnering with House Of Friends to take Abba House to the place of being self sustainable in the next few years. Richard did a great job of presenting our case to his larger family, and we are in the process of moving forward with a large scale farm operation. The property still shows the effects of the war but has great potential. Details will be coming. For all those who have a passion for farming, get ready!

John Gross,, Barb Decker, and Harry Hartzler went with pastors Richard Kaaya and Paul Busulwa to Adilang in Pader (Northern Uganda) to meet Peter, who is a pastor in an abandoned Sudanese refugee camp. It was a very hard trip with great fruit in the end. Richard, who had been through the war in Uganda in the 1980s, had a fresh message of forgiveness to these wonderful people who have lived through the Kony war in recent years. The team took a few supplies that are hard to obtain in that area. There was a torrential rain that provided the team with the opportunity to stretch their faith. God was faithful to get them safely back to Entebbe, despite the obstacles caused by the rains.


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All donations are tax deductible. Make checks payable to House of Friends and send to P O Box 228, Alma, MO.

The mission journey proved to be a great experience for all. In the end, I personally have a new respect of love for what House of Friends is doing through Abba House, especially what our missionary, Barb Decker, has brought to the homes. After living there for a week it is so evident that the kids are absolutely in love with her, and I am sure Jesus is well pleased in the care of His children. One last note, we added a new girl, Alice, who is 15. Barb and I made the deciBarbara Decker and several of her Uganda children. sion to take her, trusting the Lord will add the finances that will be needed. Her story is so sad, but she showed such joy she inspired me deeply. Thank you all for your prayers and financial support. Gods blessings to each one,

Dear John, It was such a great honor seeing you back in Uganda. I appreciate everything you did for us, especially in Abba House. You really left the place looking good. We appreciate the financial support House of Friends sends to us, and its our prayer that God opens more doors. Greetings to all our House of Friends sponsors. We love you all and pray for you. Greetings from Deborah to your family at large. God bless you my brother.

Our partners, The About Group, have merged with Lakota Hope Ministry, so as we bring news of our partnership on the reservation, we will now be referring to Lakota Hope Ministry. Dale and Jeanne Ritter, Native American Outreach Directors, will be going to the reservation soon on a short mission trip.

John Gross

Funding was sent to help meet needs of widows for the next four months.

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