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Volume 12 Issue 3

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Abba House children were among over 400 participants in Kids Camp which was conducted by Grace Global Impact Ministries, our partners in Uganda. Pictured at left is one truck load of children from a nearby community. Several truck loads came for the three-day camp. Abba House youth, Andrew, (left) assisted in tying colored cords on the wrists of the children. The children were divided into four groupsNaaman, Moses, Samuel, Abraham with each group having a specific color of wrist band. Each group over the course of three days put together a song, poem and skit, all with the obedience theme, which they made up during the camp and performed on the last night. Under the tree, the Naaman group is practicing their song. Green and blue cups fill the table as children are gathering for breakfast porridge in shifts at camp. Lower left, Abba House youth gave of themselves by helping prepare and serve the food at Kids Camp. Other activities included class sessions, puppet show, competitive dance (below), playground time, meals, and a program by all at the end.

The theme of youth camp came from 2 Corinthians 5:17, If any man is in Christ, he is a new creation: old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new. Over 250 youth (Abba House youth included) took advantage of camp workshops. To the right Pastor Richard Kaaya, Grace Global Impact Ministries, spoke with the girls about how they should act at this stage of life, especially around boys. Questions such as What should I do if I cant rid myself of lustful thoughts I have for a certain boy? were brought to light from the group. The male youth here are discussing topics that plague teenagers and move their thoughts away from who they should be in Christ Jesus. Beside attending workshops all youth gathered together in the evening for service. Youth also participated in dancing competition, soccer, and free time of one-on-one or group relating, or a Jesus jam session. The Friday night session of the youth was powerful and two of our female youth, Scovia and Faridah gave their lives to Jesus. Faridah comes from a Muslim background.

How long do you believe it would take to prepare for a mission trip to Pine Ridge Indian Reservation? Dale and Jeanie Ritter, Native American Outreach Directors, believe in being instant in season and out of season. They saw a small window of opportunity and took it mid-October. Their two young grandchildren, Callie and Carter, went alongthey love missions. A truck and trailer loaded with blankets, firewood, a bicycle, lawn mower, lamps, shelving, From the gracefully matured three large boxes of picture frames to be used by Lakota Sioux artists, to the innocent child, a culsome furniture, miscellaneous housewares and a lot of home and Christture is being renewed through the Gospel and the mas dcor was delivered for needy families on the reservation. preservation of their skills. Keeping in close touch with our ministry partners, Bruce and Marsha BonFleur of Lakota Hope Ministry, formerly the A.B.O.U.T. group, we are seeing God change the face of His work at Pine Ridge Reservation. We are joining them in whatever way possible to encourage and assist them in their endeavors. Lakota Hope Ministry is a fresh new name for a fresh new vision to bring hope and wholeness to the Lakota People of Whiteclay, Nebraska through a life-saving, life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ. Their three-fold mission is Establishing Relationships, Building Trust, Restoring Dignity. They are endeavoring to establish relationships based on the common ground of Biblical values and cultural virtues; to create a bridge of understanding that spans cultures, heals injustices and realizes Gods promises for each persons future; and to help restore the Lakota People to the place of dignity for which they were createdto raise up Rising Warriors! Bruce and Marsha have shared, Still another change is in the direction of our work within the Lakota Nation, a people group which is consistently counted as one of the top three areas of poverty in America. When we asked the question, If Jesus was here where would He be? the answer was loud and clearWhiteclay, Nebraska, a tiny town (population 12) just across the Reservation border that is notorious for its beer stores which sell 1213,000 cans of beer every day to the residents of Pine Ridge where alcohol is prohibited. God has pinpointed our ministry to serve the LEAST of the least of these as we narrow our focus to loving the men and women living in the filth and squalor of the streets of Whiteclay. God has also given the street people a new name; in our desire to speak life over them we now call them Rising Warriors. The walls of division between people (and God) are coming down as new insights and relationships are forming, especially through a weekly Rising Warriors breakfast. It is an early morning time of gathering with the current 20 to 30 men and women who have awakened after a night outside or in an abandoned building in Whiteclay. It is one way the BonFleurs and other staff and volunteers let the homeless and hurting know someone notices and cares, as well as witness and encourage the spark of life God has put in each person. Lakota Hope staff say, We guarantee anyone who comes to one of these breakfasts wont leave the same. Its healing and hope coming together.

Christmas in Dominican Republic

The Haitian orphans, and the families who are sheltering and caring for them, were filled with joy at the goodness of God when they received a special Christmas dinner and gifts on December 14, thanks to House of Friends donors and our Dominican Republic Christian friends, led by Bolivar Reineso, who gave of their time to make it happen.

Dear Friends, All of your gifts have brought much joy to Father God. If you desire to make a special gift before the close of the year, to say Happy Birthday to Jesus, to bless another because you have been blessed, or just because it is in you heart to give, we welcome you considering House of Friends to receive the Fathers blessing through you. You have been a wonderful friend! We, and those we serve, have been blessed by your friendship! God bless you and your loved ones with a glorious Merry Christmas celebrating the love of our Father, our Savior and RedeemerJesus Christ, and Holy Spirit! We pray you and your family will experience a New Year overflowing with Gods goodness. In the Love of Christ Jesus, House of Friends Board, Missionaries, and Staff

Extending a hand of friendship with a special year-end gift.

__ Enclosed is $_______ Dominican Republic Outreach __ Enclosed is $_______ Lakota Sioux projects __ Enclosed is $_______ Abba House Entebbe, Uganda __ Enclosed is $_______ Abba House Katogwe, Uganda __ Enclosed is $_______ Kitchen/Dining Hall Project Uganda __ Enclosed is $_______ Missionary Quarters Project Uganda __ Enclosed is $_______ Farm Project Uganda __ Enclosed is $_______ for Greatest Need

__Please send me information about sponsoring a child.

Please complete and return this response device if you would like to join with us in any of the above mentioned ways. All donations are tax deductible. Please write checks payable to: House of Friends and send to P O Box 228, Alma, MO 64001. Tax deductible gifts for 2012 must be postmarked on or before December 31, 2012. Thank you for caring!