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John and Dianna Gross

Update Thank You for supporting us last year!

Every year finds us somewhere. Last year it was the Dominican Republic. We were blessed with a great team Dianna and I, Ronnie Machado, Joyce Johnson and Pam Plattner. We gave out bibles, shared in several churches, gave large amounts of food to three widows who were raising grandchildren. We also started the building of a small house that is now finished for a family in great need. And to top it off we have started a monthly feeding program in the D.R. with Haitian orphans who ended up crossing the border and are being helped by a local church. Thank You
Haitian Kids being fed in the D.R. by Moreno and pastor Hector Acosta

2 Mission Trips This Year ! White Earth, Minnesota and Uganda

In May Dianna and I will join Dale and Jeannie Ritter for a short mission trip to White Earth Reservation, Cass Lake Mn. We will be taking bibles and materials to Willie and Anna Atkinson of First Nations Ministries. I John met them last year when Art Beebe took myself , Joel Snyder, Nick and Emily Swope to minister there. We fell in love with them and want to continue going up routinely. I especially want to take Dale and Jeannie up who head up House Of Friends Native American outreaches. I will be going to Uganda in June with the Hartzler family of Gunn City Mo. The Hartzler Family helped build Abba House. They have also adopted 2 boys from Uganda. They also hosted a young lady to come to the US for school. They are youth leaders and will be taking a small team to work on Abba House. I will then take part of the team with me to northern Uganda to do preparatory work for a large out-reach in 2013. We will also visit Eddy Reber Memorial House in Katogwe. There is a potential farm project well visit too. It would help Abba House become a sustainable community. It is located about 2 hours from Abba House but could provide income and it would give the kids an option when turning 18.

If you like to help out financially, it is tax deductable and would be GREATLY APPRECIATED. Please put us on your prayer list APPRECIATED either way. Make checks out to House Of Friends and indicate Johns mission trip to either White Earth or Uganda on a note. Send to House Of Friends, PO Box 228, Alma, MO 64001 or online at