Toxic gas attack Deir al-Zour

2014/3/6 -NO. (408)
Washington restricts
movement of Syrian
delegate to the Unit-
ed Nations.
Riad al-Asaad .. It
is not an Assassi-
nation attempt
Mosque explosion
in Aleppo country-
Warplanes targeted Sheikh Najjar
Di s mi s s al I dr i s and
Mus t af a. . . news about
mai nt ai n Bashi r
Page NO.2 The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 (408) 2014/3/6
Mosque explosion in Aleppo countryside
Riad al-Asaad .. It is not an Assassination attempt
ISIL arrests girls in
Dismissal Idris and Mustafa... news about maintain Bashir.
The opposition coalition
said in a statement that its
boss, “Ahmed al-Jarba”
agreed with the Supreme
Military Council on the
In Manbej, ISIL blows up
“Sheikh Aqeel Al Omari
Mosque” in east of Aleppo,
and the Modque consider
as a second largest mosque
in the city after the Great
Mosque, and also there is
a large cemetery near the
mosque which is the larg-
est and oldest one in the
The ISIL organization repre-
sented by ”Khansa” the fe-
male battalion has raided two
schools in Raqqah, and arrest-
ed 10 girls aged between 15
and 17 year-old for violating
the laws that set by the organi-
zation for women’s dress and
take them out of school. The
irregularities varied between
“the appearance of eyebrows
under the veil or put Buckle
hair”, noting that most of peo-
ple of Raqqah are Muslims and
they practicing their religion.
Riad al-Asaad de-
nied that he was
exposed to an
assassination at-
tempt in Turkey,
confrming that
it was just an ac-
cident led to the
death of his son.
resignation of the defense
minister “Asaad Mustafa”
and “Salim Idris” Chief of
Staff in the government of
the Syrian temporary, and
there is a news in the cor-
ridors of meetings to keep
on “Abdul Ilah al-Bashir”,
head of the General Staff of
Page NO.3 The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 (408) 2014/3/6
Warplanes targeted Sheikh Najjar
Yarmouk clashes returns
Syria submits revised
plan for removing
FSA losses in Yabroud
Toxic gas attack Deir al-Zour
Warplanes targeted Sheikh
Najjar industrial city in Alep-
po coinciding with bombard-
ments amid violent clashes.
This comes after twenty sol-
diers with their offcer were
killed in a military operation
at the town, while FSA is try-
ing to prevent the Syrian army
from controlling this strategic
region so as not to blockade
and separate it from Aleppo
Violent clashes took place
between Palestinian popu-
lar committees and Al-Nusra
front militants inside Yar-
mouk refugee camp; it seems
these clashes increase after
militants returning to the area.
Syria has submitted a re-
vised proposal “that aims to
complete the removal of all
chemicals” from the country
before the end of April, the
Organization for the Prohi-
bition of Chemical Weapons
said Tuesday.
Syrian army targeted mili-
tants headquarters in Yabroud
after the controlling the most
strategic hill in the region,
for it is mentioned that the
controlling of Vlita con-
sidered the most important
domination due to its impor-
tant strategic location, thus
the Syrian army could cut off
the splaying route from Ar-
sal to Yabroud and complete
Yabroud’s control which
Al-Nusra front and Islamic
front’s militants holed in, ac-
cording to media sources
Activists reported cases of asohyxia due to gases released by
Syrian army .
Page NO.4 The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 (408) 2014/3/6
Syrian security leaders targeted
Tunnel between Tel Deeb and Zara.
Washington restricts movement of Syrian
delegate to the United Nations.
Iraqi army inters Abu Kamal.
Justice Minister and
terrorism court
Embezzlement from
the central bank
Sham freedom movement
(Islamic front) targeted Syr-
ian army’s vehicle with im-
provised explosive device in
Hama, killing number of se-
curity leaders.
In the town of Tal Deeb and
Zara in countryside of Talka-
lakh, the Syrian Arab army
found tunnels equipped with
electric cables and impro-
vised explosive devices.
U.S. State Department an-
nounced it informed the Syr-
ian delegate to the United
Nations, Bashar Jaafari,
restricting his movements
within the United States
within 25 miles of the head-
quarters of the Syrian mis-
sion in New York.
The Iraqi army opened fre on a number of civilians who
were working in the desert of Abu Kamal, killing one person
and wounding others.
Members of public freedom
and human rights in Syrian
parliament asked to work in
terrorist court in Damascus,
as well as look at the detain-
ees’ conditions and assign-
ing committees to recognize
their conditions.
Syrian Central bank has ex-
posed to a robbery, where an
employer with 20 years of
experience steal 65 thousand
Euros by changing the date
of Air force intelligence or-
der to withdraw money from
03/02/2014 to 23/02/2014.