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Season’s Greetings Vo l u m e 1 , I s s u e 2 1 0 o f No v 2 0 0 9

We are pleased to Minimal Cytoplasmic Panel– A Robust Test Design For Leukemia Immunophenotyping
inform that our
Leukemias can be categorized as a gen expression information. Pres- The tube allows for
Dry Tri T-
disease that involves an unusual and ently, a panel of ~13-15 antibodies
STAT– CD4 Single step staining of surface and
massive build up in the number of the is used for the flow cytometric
cytoplasmic markers;
Detection Kit white blood cells in the blood or the immunophenotyping of acute leuke-
bone marrow. The decision for treat- mias. Along with the other tests, Single step lysis and permeabilization
is chosen as
ment is made by looking at the age of the associated cost burden to the Minimal number of washes/steps and
BioSpectrum the patient is high. a quick time to result (<1hr);
Biotech Product At ReaMetrix, we asked, lesser variabity due to standardiza-
of the Year symp- “1. How do we create standardized tion of protocol across labs;
2009* toms easy-to-use solutions for intracel- dried down format to reduce reagent
*The details will be and lular markers that are highly line- losses
available in December issue results age specific?
of BioSpectrum
from No additional antibody pipetting and
2. How do we design affordable titration steps.
specific Figure showing Immunopheno- screening of acute leukemic
diagnos- typing decision tree It is hypothesized that by using the
tic tests MPO: Myeloperoxidase; NSE: Non- cytoplasmic minimal screening tube,
on pa- specific esterase; ALL: Acute lym- As a solution, we developed a ro- alternate algorithms can evolve for
phoblastic leukemia; AML: Acute
To know more about us tient myeloid leukemia bust single tube assay for screen- acute leukemic blast lineage identifi-
please visit blood or ing blast lineage in less than 1 hour cation, thereby providing affordable
bone marrow samples. Two important using cytoplasmic markers. The patient diagnostic options.
questions that have to be answered to tube contains dried antibodies
Contact us The points below summarize some
choose the treatment and provide against cytoplasmic MPO (Myeloid
ReaMetrix India Pvt. lineage), cytoplasmic CD22 or cyto- novel features of this tube:
prognostic information for acute leuke-
Ltd, 50 B, 2nd Phase, plasmic CD79a (B-Lymphoid), sur-
mic patients are: What is the lineage 1. Allows simultaneous staining of
TVS Cross, Peenya face CD45 (Blast Gating) and cyto-
of the leukemic blasts? And what spe- cytoplasmic and surface antigens
Industrial Area, Peenya
cific antigens do they express? plasmic CD3 (T-Lymphoid). Through
Bangalore- 560 058 2. Takes less than one hour and re-
a rational selection of antibody
India. Currently, answers to these questions clones, concentrations, fluoro- quires no antibody titrations or pi-
Phone: +91 80 2837 are obtained using information from chromes, fixation and permeabili- petting steps.
morphology, flow cytometry, cytochem- zation agents, both surface and
Fax : +91 80 4117 2451
3. Minimizes variability by reducing
istry and cytogenetics of patient blood cytoplasmic markers can be stained the number of steps and allows for
or bone marrow samples (Figure). Flow in a single tube with minimal proc- inter-laboratory standardization.
cytometric immunophenotyping pro-
essing steps.
vides key lineage and prognostic anti-

to find Do you know?
Doctor Gyaan Curcumin found in turmeric has potential anticancer effects. This stems from its ability to induce apoptosis
(programed cell death) without cytotoxic effects on healthy cells. Curcumin can interfere with activity of
the transcription factor NF-κB, that is linked to a number of inflammatory diseases including cancer. For
Brain gym
further details refer to the following publication:
Aggarwal BB, Shishodia S. Suppression of the nuclear factor-kappaB activation pathway by spice-derived phytochemicals:
reasoning for seasoning. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences. Dec 2004; 1030:434-41.

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Doctor Gyaan
A discussion with Dr. Sharat Damodar regarding transplantation and cancer in India

Q: When is Transplantation carried The need of the hour would be better rently, but would be very helpful if
out? HLA typing technology and a good mar- with blood sample alone, a GvH can be
row donor registry. confirmed. Diagnostic test looking at
Transplantation is carried out during
the antibodies or inflammatory mark-
malignant and non malignant condi- Q: What are different sources of donor
ers would help.
tions as curative option. The likes of stem cells?
the former are Leukemia, lymphoma Q: Can cord stem cells from a single
In addition to cells from prospective
and myeloma and the latter are donor multiply in-vitro, to meet the
donors, the other source of hemato-
Thalessemia and Aplastic Anemia. ‘adequate cell dose’?
poeitic stem cells is cord blood. The
Transplantation is also carried out as
nature of cells allows 4 out of 6 antigen Can do that- but not enough data to
treatment modality for certain im-
match transplant with a 1 or 2 antigen support the hypothesis. But, this will
muno deficiency diseases also.
mismatch. be an interesting area to work.
Q: Who can be eligible as donors for
Typical challenges associated with cord Q: Your take on the importance of
blood samples are obtaining adequate insurance in India?
Siblings are the usual donors for cell doses i.e. CD34 positive cells -
Numbers are showing an upward trend
transplantation. The matches happen 3x106 cells/kg in a matched sibling
and more people are aware that health
at about 25% or one in every four. transplant, 3x105 for cord donor and
is a need and cover for their family on
Small nuclear families mean lesser 2x106 cells/kg for an engraftment. The
their own. This results in earlier access
siblings and lesser chances of match. numbers would be easier to obtain for a
to health care as they don’t ignore
So, alternative donors would be child with weight of 20- 30kg but for an
small symptoms. If there is a malig-
sought at marrow donor registry to adult weighing 50-60kg it becomes dif-
nancy it is picked up early. The tests
find an unrelated donor. For example, ficult to obtain enough cells from cord
done on insured patients tends to be
through the National Marrow Donor blood.
little more rigorous and helps in taking
Program (NMDP) registry in the US, a
This is the reason why establishing cord action at the right time.
suitable donor can be selected. Such
blood registry and cord blood banks in
a registry in India is just starting and
India becomes very important.
is very critical for people with a “no
sibling match”. Q: About Graft vs. Host disease, how is
Dr. Sharat Damodar, M.B.B.S, M.D, MCH, is a
it detected? And is there any diagnostic
Q: What do you think is of prime professor of hematooncology in Kiran Ma-
test for the same? zumdar Shaw’s Cancer Center and Narayana
importance with regards to transplan-
Basically done after clinical observation. Hrudayalaya Multispeciality Hospital.
There is no diagnostic test done cur-

Make oncology related words using the missing alphabets. The cartoons are a clue to complete the words

——edle D—t —————a ——eting ——nk ———irs ———ter

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———rot ———ema —wl Di———e —aize r—— Hap————

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