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Each day, TSA finds thousands of items inadvertently left at security checkpoints travelers.
While every effort is made to reunite a passenger with their lost item, TSA stores these items for
only 30 days. tems valued at more than !"00, are stored for two years.
• #pon finding an item, TSA logs and inventories each item and enters critical data,
including time, date, checkpoint, and item information.
• TSA makes all reasona$le attempts to identify and return lost and unclaimed items to the
owner. All lost and unclaimed personal property must $e held $y TSA for 30 days prior to
disposition processing.
• All lost and unclaimed personal identification items are processed immediately upon
discovery, with the primary intent to reunite item with original owner.
• %ost and unclaimed drivers& licenses and passports are handled with particular care to
respect and protect the privacy of the owner. All items with personal information are
stored in a secure location.
• %ost items of significant value, e'ual to or greater than !"00, are stored locally for 30
days. After 30 days, the items are shipped to a TSA wherehouse for storage up to two
• %ost items having minimal value, items with a value of less than !"00, where the care and
cost of handling is greater than the estimated value may $e disposed of after 30 days via
donation to a pu$lic $ody (State Agency for Surplus )roperty* in accordance with
+eneral Services Administration regulations.
• ,y simply taping a $usiness card to a laptop or cell phone, TSA would $e a$le to directly
contact a passenger.
• -ost pieces of .ewelry don&t need to $e removed. f passengers place their smaller items
like cell phones or car keys in their purse or coat pocket as the go through security, fewer
items will $e lost.
• TSA %ost and /ound at Sacramento can $e reached at 012343030556. f an item is lost at
somewhere other than the TSA security checkpoint, you may call the airport lost and
found at (012* 467.0601 (Leave a detailed message about your item)or Email8 Air3
TSA %ost and /ound
/act Sheet
Press Office
U.S. Department of Homeland Security
The following items re'uire specific disposition8
(a* Airline Tickets : return to issuing airline
($* ,irth ;ertificates : contact issuing State&s <epartment of =ital Statistics
(c* ;redit ;ards : contact credit card company to notify of destruction
(d* <rivers& %icenses : State <-=s
(e* -ilitary ;redentials (< cards>tags* : return to nearest military installation
(f* )assports : local issuing em$assy
The following items are e?amples of the items TSA recovers at %ost and /ound8
,each mats
Eyeglasses @ cases
-edications, )rescription drugs (e.g. Tylenol, Tums, -ylanta*
)ersonal care items (e.g. $rush, com$, perfume, makeup*
;lothing items (e.g. shoes, hats, purse, coats, ties*
To$acco products
Athletic e'uipment
,ackpacks @ $ook $ags
,a$y items (e.g. stroller, car seat*
Electronic games
+ift certificates, cards, or coupons
;oats, %eather or /ur
Electronic games
Airline tickets
,irth ;ertificates
;ameras (disposa$le, 3"mm, digital*
;ellular phones
;redit cards, <river&s license, Employee < $adges, -ilitary <>tags
i)ods, -)3 players
%aptops, -emory sticks
)ersonal data assistants
TSA %ost and /ound ;ontact information for every airport in the country can $e found at8