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Friday Jan 02, 2015

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January 02, 2015

Friday Jan 02, 2015

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Fiji News

Friday Jan 02, 2015

Infrastructure To Be
Jai Narayan Student
Improved This Year PM Scores The Highest In Year
13 Examination

The Prime Minister Rear Admiral

retired Voreqe Bainimarama said
governments immediate goal for
2015 is to improve infrastructure for
ordinary Fijians.
Bainimarama made the assurance in
his New Year message, saying its time
to put the countrys interest above our
Reflecting on 2014, Prime Minister
Voreqe Bainimarama hinted whats
expected from government this year.
While much was achieved last year,
Bainimarama said theres still more to
There is still much to be done to catch
up as a nation on the lost years. The
years we squandered arguing about
who deserved more when we should
have been building a better future
for everyone. The years in which
selfish elites put their own interests
above the common good and ordinary
Fijians were deprived of some of the
necessities and opportunities of life.
said Bainimarama
One of Bainimaramas immediate goal

is to improve the lives of every Fijian.

To the many thousands of Fijians
affected by water cuts in recent times, I
want to say this: For 50 years, successive
governments neglected to maintain or
replace our pipes. But on the back of
our growing economy, I am determined
to finally fix the problem once and for
all. The same goes for our roads and
bridges and our transport links with
maritime communities, who didnt see
a new ship for nearly 40 years until we
came along. said Bainimarama
The Prime Minister also highlighted
plans for proper structuring of all
sectors of the economy.
The coming year will be about putting
the proper structures in place to carry
us into the future. The proper structures
in our economy to maintain the growth
we are now experiencing; the proper
infrastructure to keep trade flowing
and improve our export earnings;
the proper restructuring of the Civil
Service to make it more efficient and
improve its ability to serve our needs.
said Bainimarama

Dalo Quality Drops As

Demand Increases
The dalo sold in the market is not as
good as it's supposed to be.
These were the words of Agriculture
Ministry acting permanent secretary
Uraia Waibuta.
He said they were not really surprised
about the shortage in dalo as this was
an issue that had been going for quite
some time now.
After conducting a survey, the ministry
noticed the demands coming from the
people were high while production
was low. "Even our export market is
affected because of this situation," Mr
Waibuta said.

"The problem is because farmers

themselves do not want to plant so
when they do not want to plant, this is
the implication there is an increase
in demand.
"Farmers are harvesting their dalo at an
early size because the demands coming
from the people are high."
Mr Waibuta said farmers had an
important role to play in the market.
"Farmers have a very important role
to play and they need to understand
how the market operates and they
should be consistently producing for
the market."

Company Invests In New


Bumble Bee Seafood, one of North

America's largest canned seafood
companies, will work closely with the
Pacific Fishing Company in Levuka on
the construction of a new cold storage
According to the US-based company,
the new facility would replace the
present cold storage, which was about

25 years old.
"The facility will also increase
throughput as well as lower energy
costs associated with production," said
Bumble Bee executive vice president
and chief operating officer, Jan Tharp.
Ms Tharp told this newspaper several
upgrades were also planned for the
facility between 2015 and 2016.

Nischal Raj with his awardsLate

Late night studies and a number of

sacrifices have finally paid off for
18-year-old student, Nischal Singh of
Jai Narayan College who has scored
the highest mark in the Fiji Seventh
Form Examination in the country.
Singh who had also scored the highest
mark in the Fiji School Leaving
Certificate Examination in the country
last year scored 379 marks in the FSFE
this year.
Singh told the reporter that he was
surprised and shocked when his
Principal informed him that he has
done it once again.
His father Naveen Singh who runs a
rubber stamp company in Suva said he
is very proud of his only child.
Nischal Singh said he wants to become
a chartered accountant and plans to


pursue further studies in Fiji.

Singh scored 100 marks in Mathematics,
88 in English, 94 in Accounting, 97 in
Economics and 92 in Computer.
Meanwhile, Ministry of Education say
the overall percentage pass rate for this
year is 79.7 percent compared to 75.2
percent last year.
Out of the 7,246 students wrote the
examination this year, 5,773 passed.
Education Minister, Dr. Mahendra
Reddy while congratulating the
students said that the door is now open
for students to pursue their career and
this is also an opportune time to secure
financial assistance from the Toppers
and Loan Scheme.
He added that for those who have
failed the exam, there is still room for
further studies.

Friday Jan 02, 2015

Fiji News

Bollywood Choreographer Teaches Locals Dance Moves

PUTTING on the final touches
to what is going to be Fiji's4first
Bollywood show in 2015, professional
choreographer Ganesh Hiwarkar was
in Nadi teaching local dancers moves
that would be part of the entertainment
in the Bula Desi Bollywood Show.
Local dancers were put through a
variety of dance routines that would
complement acts by Bollywood actor
Tusshar Kapoor, actress Zarine Khan
and comedian Ali Asgar.
Mr Hiwarkar said the show was
expected to attract thousands of
people wishing to get a glimpse of the
Bollywood celebrities.
"We've organised a very special show
for Bollywood fans here and we expect
a good turnout during the two shows,"
he said.

Mr Hiwarkar said the Fiji shows were

put together after a successful stint in
Australia earlier last year.
"We wanted to bring it to Fiji because we
know that there are a lot of Bollywood
fans here too and we wanted to bring
actors like Tusshar and Zarine to give
people a taste of Bollywood.
"Like any other Bollywood show, there
will be a lot of music and a variation
of dances from classical to modern, 4
which is seen in most Bollywood films.
"So there's a lot of practice that went
into this and I wanted to personally 4
come down to Fiji to prepare local
dancers for the show."
The Bula Desi Show will be held on
January 9 at the Vodafone Arena in
Suva and at Nadi's Prince Charles Park
on January 10.

Employers will pay 10 per cent as

mandatory contribution towards their
employees retirement savings.
The contribution is an increase of two
per cent from the previous eight per
cent employers contribution.
An employees contribution on the
other hand remain the same at eight per
cent as per according to their wages
and salary.
This was part of FijiFirst Governments

manifesto and will enable employees to

accumulate retirement savings much faster.
FNPF chief executive, Aisake Taito said
FNPF believes this would create more
opportunities for contributing members
to boost their retirement savings.
This means, employers will adhere
to the new contribution rate, starting
with January 2015 wages, due end of
February 2015, Mr Taito said.
Also, compulsory members (those

Employees Given Choice For FNPF Deduction

in employment) can choose to pay
more than the mandatory 8 per cent
contributions from their wages.
Requests will be assessed by the
employer and FNPF to ensure
that members are still within the
financial commitment ratio as per the
Employment Relations Promulgation.
The maximum additional contributions
that a member can opt for, is inclusive
of excess contributions; which is

paid by some employers as part of

employees benefit.
Members who will be deducting additional
contributions towards their FNPF
accounts will need to decide on whether
these deductions are to be directed to their
Preserved or General Account.
The general account can be accessed
for early or pre-retirement withdrawals
whilst the Preserved Account is
reserved for retirement.

Friday Jan 02, 2015



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Fiji News

Friday Jan 02, 2015

Fijians, The World's Happiest People

happiness survey shows Fijians are the world's most content
6 Global
unhappy or very unhappy.

A study surveying people in 65

countries has found happiness is on the
rise globally, with Fiji leading the way.
The research by polling organisation
WIN/Gallup found 70 per cent of the
64,000 respondents were content with
their life, a 10 per cent increase from
last year.
The group's annual global End of
Year survey explores the outlook,
expectations, views and beliefs of
people across the globe.
This year, researchers asked a sample
of people from each country to rate
their happiness, and whether the
coming year would be better or worse
than the last.
Respondents were also asked about
their country's economic prosperity,
and whether they would go to war for
their country.
Fiji was by far the happiest country in
the world: 93 per cent of respondents
said that they were either happy or very
The Pacific nation was followed, at
some distance, by Finland, where 80
per cent said they were content.
Iraq the world's unhappiest nation
The world's unhappiest country was
Iraq, where approximately one in
three people said that they were either

Overall, 70 per cent of survey

respondents said that they were happy,
up 10 per cent from 2013.
Just six per cent declared themselves to
be unhappy, compared to last year's 12
per cent.
And despite Fijians expressing such
happiness, the Oceania region was 6
among the least content, with 14 per
cent responding that they were either
unhappy or very unhappy.
Africa appeared to be the happiest
region in 2014 with 83 per cent of
those surveyed across the continent
being content, followed by Asia with
77 per cent.
Africa and Asia were also the most
Fijian girl Manawanui
optimistic about next year.
centenary of the start of World War I, from Switzerland said they would be
Nigeria proved to be the most positive 60 per cent of global respondents said prepared to go to war for their country.
country about 2015 with 85 per cent of they would be willing to take up arms It was the Italians who proved to be
respondents thinking it will be better, for their country, while 27 per cent least willing to bear arms for their
whereas Lebanon was most pessimistic would not.
country with 68 per cent revealing they
with more than half believing it will be Western Europeans were the most would refuse to do so.
reticent, with one quarter saying they Jean-Marc Leger, the president of
Nigeria also overwhelmingly believed would fight.
WIN/Gallup International Association,
2015 would be a year of economic In contrast, around 77 per cent of people said happiness showed no sign of
prosperity, while western Europeans from the Arab countries of Middle East waning across the globe.
were pessimistic about their economies. and North Africa said they would be "This year's survey also highlights that
Italians least willing to go to war for willing to fight for their countries.
people across the world are increasingly
their country
Despite being widely recognised for optimistic and believe that 2015 is set
In the year that has marked the their neutrality, 39 per cent of people to be a good year," he said.


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Friday Jan 02, 2015

Fiji News

Rent Freeze Order On

Laisenia Qarase Gets Half
Residential Rents Has Been
Million,8Wants More

Former Prime Minister Laisenia

Qarase has received a cheque of more
than $500,000 from the Bainimarama
Mr Qarase confirmed that he
has received a cheque from the
However, he said this amount was only
a portion of what was due to him
Sources within Government confirmed
that Mr Qarase has been paid $584,000.
Mr Qarase refused to confirm the
I confirm that I have received a
cheque which is from the pension that
was owed to me.
But, this is just part of what I am
owed. There were other entitlements

which I believe are still owing.

Mr Qarase, who is currently in
Mavana, Lau, said he wanted to know The rent freeze order on residential
how Government finalised the payout rents has been extended for another
figure for him.
I will have to check the calculations Minister for Industry, Trade and
when I get back.
Tourism, Faiyaz Koya said based
Finance Minister and Attorney-General on the advice received from the Fiji
Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum had earlier 8 Commerce Commission, the freeze
informed Parliament that Mr Qarase has been extended till December 31st
would be paid his pension.
Mr Qarase was the Sosoqosoqo 8 Koya said his ministry has extended the
Duavata ni Lewenivanua (SDL) Commerce (Rent Increase Restriction
Government Prime Minister replaced and Ground Rent) Order for another
in the 2006 takeover.
year to maintain a certain level of
He was subsequently convicted of control which would ensure the fair
abuse of office and sentenced to a treatment of tenants.
year in jail. He was unable to stand He added that Government also has
in this years election because of his an obligation to ensure that both the
landlord and tenant are protected.
But he was a leading and controversial Koya said this year the Ministry for
campaigner for the Social Democratic Industry, Trade and Tourism, the
Liberal Party (SODELPA), the Fiji Commerce Commission and the
successor to the SDL.
Solicitor Generals Office will work
Questions were raised over whether towards developing a Residential
he or party leader Ro Teimumu Kepa Tenancy Law that will provide
led the SODELPA campaign. His appropriate level of protection to
comments about the Muslim holy
book, TheKoran, caused anger.
In the 2015 Budget, there has been an
allocation to increase the pension of all
former Prime Ministers of Fiji.
Now that the Budget has been passed The main US export authority is telling
in Parliament, former prime ministers some oil companies that they should
will see an increase in their pensions.
consider exporting a lightly processed
None of the former prime ministers form of crude oil called condensate
chose to comment on this increase in without formal permission, according
their pension entitlements.
to people familiar with the discussions.
In conversations that may help clear
the way for more overseas sales of US
shale oil, the Commerce Department's
Bureau of Industry and Security
(BIS) has told companies seeking
clarification on the legal status of
so-called "processed condensate"
that self-classification whereby
companies export their product without
any formal authorisation could be a
way forward, the people told reporters.
An official familiar with the law said the
agency's discussions did not represent a
change in policy since self-classification
is allowed under US export controls and
is a routine, common practice for the
majority of exports.
Yet the message, though carefully

Minister for Industry, Trade and

Tourism, Faiyaz Koya
tenants and also ensure that the interest
of landlords are protected.

Way Forward For Export

couched as an informal suggestion,
marks the first sign that the
administration is becoming comfortable
about allowing companies to work
around the nation's four-decades-old
ban on exporting untreated crude oil.
Last month, BHP Billiton Ltd (BHP.AX)
became the first company to announce
it would export lightly processed ultralight US oil without explicit permission
from the Government. It said it was on
firm legal footing because its product
was similar to what the agency had
already blessed for other companies in
a landmark ruling earlier this year.
But until recently, the Government's
attitude toward the self-classification
for crude has been unclear. Officials
have repeatedly declined to comment
on what has become one of the year's
most contentious and controversial
energy policy topics, beyond saying
that it is under review because of the
surprising surge in US oil production.

2015 Records Its First


Its only day one of 2015 and already

as we recorded the first accident of the
It involved a Dee Cees bus and a tax in
Nadera, Nasinu.
As seen the picture of collision between
the bus and a taxi at the Ratu Dovi
Pictures indicate the severity of the
collision, the taxi suffering the full
brunt of the impact.
The bus also veered into a neighboring

According to preliminary reports from
Police, it is alleged the Dee Cees bus
failed to stop at the intersection.
Police says that some people have been
rushed to the hospital.
Meanwhile, the General Manager for
Dee Cees Bus Company Temo Chand
says, the driver of the bus has informed
him that the vehicle was difficult to stop
when coming down Yasiyasi Road.
Investigations are continuing.

Friday Jan 02, 2015

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Fiji News

Friday Jan 02, 2015

Over 77,000 People Benefited From Poverty Alleviation


More than 77,000 benefited from

the various social welfare schemes
offered by Fiji's Ministry of Poverty

Alleviation in 2014.
A further 200 families were skilled
trained and encouraged to venture

Businessman Dies

Sundip Patel
THE Fijian business community will
be the lesser for the loss of the great
young, bold and visionary business
leader, Sundip Patel, says Suva
Chamber of Commerce and Women in
Business president Dr Nur Bano Ali.
Mr Patel, who died from a heart attack
on Sunday morning in Suva, was the
managing director of CJ Patel Group.
Dr Ali said Mr Patel was the role model
of a focused business person with an
inclusive leadership style.
"Our most sincere condolences to his
family for their loss. It is indeed a very
sad loss of a young business leader.
"I am sure I join many people to grieve
this very sad and untimely loss of a good
person and a smart businessperson."
Motibhai Group resident director
Rajesh Patel said they were shocked by
the news of Mr Patel's death.
"We extend our deepest sympathies to
the late Mr Sundip Patel's family. We
realise this is a difficult time for them.
Our thoughts and prayers are with
Nadi Chamber of Commerce and
Industry president Dr Ram Raju said
Mr Patel's death was a huge loss to the
company and community.

"It is shocking and tragic loss at a

young age. I'm sure the company as
well as the family will be able to pull
through at this difficult time.
"The Nadi Chamber of Commerce
and Industry wishes to convey its
condolences to the entire family at this
hour of grief."
Fijian Holdings Ltd CEO Nouzab
Fareed said Mr Patel's death was a
great loss.
"He was a versatile businessman and
a true business visionary. His business
acumen was par excellence."
Fiji Commerce Commission CEO
Bobby Maharaj also expressed
sympathy for the family and said Fiji
had lost a great business entrepreneur.
Mr Patel was instrumental in the
CJ Patel Group's progress over the
years, investing in Fiji Dairy Ltd and
developing CJ Farms to boost the dairy
The company has a diverse business
network and trading arm with rights
to distribute international brands in
Fiji Viti Foods, Fiji Sun, SC Foods,
Pacific Batteries Ltd.
He was also recently appointed to the
Fiji Airways board of directors.

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into small business as a means to earn

income under the Welfare to Workfare
In 2014, more than 18,000 people were
assisted under the Poverty Benefit
Scheme, 11,615 senior citizens assisted
through its Social Pension Scheme,
42,475 individuals catered for under
the Bus Fare Subsidies, and more
than 5000 children provided for under
the ministry's Care and Protection
Minister for Poverty Alleviation, Rosy
Akbar says all these welfare programs
continues in 2015, with it changes
in payment of some of the welfare
The changes include the monthly
Food Voucher payment increased to
$50, Poverty Benefit Scheme (PBS)
allowances reduced by $10 and the
monthly Social Pension Scheme
payment increased to $50.
Another change sees the age eligibility
for the Social Pension Scheme further
reduced from 70 to 68 in July.
"The disabled and elderly aged 60
years and above will also continue to be
assisted with an allocation of $150,000
for the Bus Fare Subsidies to ease the
costs of travel," Akbar said.
"The Care and Protection Program has

budgetary allocation of $2 million. This

allowance provides for the care and
support of children of single mothers,
prisoners, those cared for by family
members or guardians and children in
Residential Homes such as Dilkusha
Girls Home, Homes of Hope, Lomani
Au Childrens Home and St. Meenas
Home - to name a few.
"It also caters for children living with
Disabilities. Currently, there are more
than 5000 children benefiting from
this program and the Ministry expects
the number to increase as awareness
spreads about the assistance that is
Also in 2015, the ministry is resuming
the Welfare to Workfare Program with
an allocation of $500,000 provided in
the 2015 Budget.
"The programme provides skills
training opportunities and startup capital to able-bodied social
welfare recipients to venture into
income generating projects and small
"The 2015 budget aims to expand those
opportunities to many more families."
Meanwhile, recipients are advised the
next collection of food vouchers will
be available at all the social welfare
offices starting January 6, 2015.

Friday Jan 02, 2015


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Mahendra Reddy And

Basundra Kumar Trade
Words As Row Deepens
Minister for Education Mahendra
Reddy and former acting permanent
secretary Basundra Kumar traded
accusations as an internal row broke
out into the open.
Mr Reddy said Mrs Kumar resigned
because of an investigation against her
being carried out by Public Service
Commission. He said that it was in
relation to a case at the College.
She was investigated by the ministry
and then the preliminary report was
sent to the Public Service Commission
who then set up another committee to
investigate her, Dr Reddy said.
She was then presented with a report and
a suspension letter outlining evidences
against her on Monday afternoon.
Instead of facing the committee and
defending herself, she tendered in her
The suspension letter read that she was
being indefinitely suspended without
However, Mrs Kumar said the issue was
dated back to October and questioned
why she was not investigated then.
She said this was a clear indication of
personal vendetta against her.
The suspension is issued regarding
a case at .. College where

the particular school principal

was exercising lethargy and the
Mathematics teacher did not know her
work, she said.
I could be sent on leave because I
have some pending leave and I never
took my leave.
Normally, the procedure is that you
send the person on leave if there is a
serious problem but this is not a serious
Dr Reddy said had Mrs Kumar been
innocent then she would have attended
the meeting and defended herself since
the PSC provided her a chance to
respond to the allegations against her.
Mrs Kumar said: This is a lie, I was
never investigated, the report given to
me was not from PSC but from Deputy
Secretary for Education.
I am not scared of investigation; I
am willing to go for an investigation
provided that the minister vacates his
office because he is likely to influence
the investigation. He has agenda.
Mrs Kumar said she would write to the
PSC and withdraw her resignation for a
full and fair investigation to take place.
She said if it was a fight of who was
innocent and who was guilty, then she
was ready to prove her innocence.

Fijians To Apply For Free

Water: WAF

Fijian households will have to apply

for the free water provision offered
in 2015, Fiji's Water Authority chief
executive (CEO) Opetaia Ravai
Responding to queries, Ravai says the
application has to be accompanied by
documental proof about their earnings
which will be assessed to determine
whether they qualify to receive free
Under the free water scheme, Fijians
who earn $30,000 per household
income or less will be entitled to 50
litres of water per person per day free
of charge.
"An advertisement will be put out to
advise the public when they can start

sending in their applications," Ravai

"We have not decided on a date when
applications will be open, but it will be
done when we are ready."
The free water component will be
administered via the household billing
which is sent to customers every three
The free water scheme is among new
initiatives promised by the Fijian
Government to roll out in 2015, including
a 10 per cent increased contribution from
employers towards worker's pension
funds, free education extended to
qualified kindergarten schools, provision
of milk to Year 1 students, free medicine
and quality education.

Passengers Injured

A few passengers are in serious condition

at the Labasa Hospital after the van
they were travelling in veered off the
road and tumbled along the infamous
Lomaloma-bend at the CakaudroveMacuata border on Wednesday.
Divisional police commander Northern
SSP Shiri Bhawan Singh confirmed the
incident, saying the victims were rushed to
the Labasa Hospital for medical treatment.
"The incident happened about midday.
The victims were among other
passengers who were rushed to the

hospital," he said.
"They were making their way to
Labasa when the driver of the van lost
control of the brakes while descending
from the bend.
"Some of them have been treated and
sent home while a few of them need
further special medical attention."
SSP Singh said police officers were
conducting preliminary investigations.
"Right now, we are conducting our
initial investigations before pursuing
further actions."


Fiji News

Australian Man Denied Bail

Over $30M Heroin Haul
An Australian national charged over
his involvement in a recent drug raid
which netted $F30 million of heroin,
has had his request for bail refused.
Appearing before a magistrate court in
Lautoka, Ethan Kai's bail application
was rejected on grounds he may
abscond if granted bail given that he is
a foreign national.
His case has also been transferred to
the High Court in Lautoka where he

will reappear on January 14 next year

before Justice De Silva.
Also in court on the day will be Nadi
businessman Mohammed Shaheed Khan,
a joint Australian and Fijian citizen, on a
similar charge of importing the drugs.
Fijian authorities found the drugs
tightly packed in about 80 packets
found in the tires of a quad bike hidden
in a container from Thailand at the
Lautoka Wharf two weeks ago.

The InterContinental Fiji Golf Resort

and Spa at Natadola has called 2014 a
successful year. And to celebrate this it
is throwing a massive New Years Eve
party at its property.
It will be hosting an exclusive White
Ice Affair, by special edition Mot &
Chandons Ice Imperial Champagne.
Mot & Chandon is described as the
worlds leading champagne of success
and glamour since 1743.
InterContinental Fiji area general
manager, Erik Stuebe said: We would
like to thank our owners, the Fiji
National Provident Fund, our tourism
stakeholders, our colleagues and our
guests for their support,
We welcome 2015 and look forward
to the challenges that come with the
New Year.

The event will be featuring

entertainment by local dance groups
and local live band, said Denny
Akira Tanaka, director of Dining &
Entertainment at the InterContinental
It would be the most unforgettable
New Years Eve party in Fiji, weve
planned some surprises and look
forward to seeing the delight on our
guests faces Wednesday night.
This year was a breakthrough not only
for the resort but also for Fiji.
InterContinental Fiji Golf Resort &
Spa was the Gold Sponsor and Official
Resort of the Fiji International that was
held in August.
The goal tournament was broadcast
to over 400 million homes worldwide
which was a major boost for the resort.

InterContinental Fiji
Celebrates Success

Suva Muslim College

Celebrates 100 % Pass

Suva Muslim College students and

teachers jumped with joy when
they received the Fiji Seventh Form
Examination results.
After a lapse of 10 years, the college, in
Nabua, Suva, achieved a 100 per cent
pass rate.
The principal, Bharti Singh, said the
school was proud that all the 55 students
who sat for the examination passed.
Ms Singh has been the school principal
for the past two years.
This is a very proud moment for the
whole school and the credit goes to our
hard working teachers and students for
making this possible.
She said they had a very good team of
I strongly believe that students need
to work hard and make education
a priority in order to pursue further
studies, she said.
Last year, Ms Singh said they recorded
a 97 per cent pass rate.
Student Shaazreen Saista Bi scored the
highest marks in the school, 359 out of

She said: I had set a goal to do my best

and get the high marks. I have achieved
that and I am so happy and proud of
She said her parents were in Labasa
and she was living in a hostel.
It was very challenging for me to
live in the hostel and away from my
parents, but I was determined to work
She said education was very important
in everyones life and students should
work and study hard.
I want to become a software engineer
later in life.
Her aunt, Sherina Nisha, said Shaazreen
was like her own daughter and she was
very proud of her.
She has always been a determined
student and she is always eager to
study hard and get good marks.
Shaazreen Saista Bis top marks:
English: 90
Mathematics: 87
Accounting: 87
Economics: 91
Computer Studies: 91

Friday Jan 02, 2015

FNU Replaces Ganesh

Chand As Head

Fiji's Minister for Education and

FNU council chairman Dr Mahendra
Reddy has confirmed the appointment
of Professor Ian Rouse as Acting
Vice Chancellor of the Fiji National
University in place of Dr Ganesh
Chand whose contract was "brought to
an end before the expiry."
Fiji's Ministry of Education says the
changes were mutual and amicable to
all parties and done "for a re-direction
and consolidation of the universitys
strategic focus."
The changes he says was agreed to at a
meeting of the FNU Council last week.
"Following discussions in the
Council meeting for a re-direction
and consolidation of the Universitys
strategic focus, the Chairperson of the
University Council, the University
Council and the Vice Chancellor
have mutually agreed that the Vice
Chancellor's employment contract be
brought to an end before the expiry of
the same," Dr Reddy said.
"The Council has appointed Prof.

Ian Rouse, the Dean of the College

of Medicine, Nursing and Health
Science as Acting Vice Chancellor
of the University. Professor Rouse
brings with him vast international
experience and has to date provided
excellent leadership of FNUs College
of Medicine, Nursing and Health
Sciences, said the Minister.
Dr Reddy further acknowledged Dr
Chand's contribution over the past five
"The University Council is full of
praise for Dr. Ganesh Chand. Having
worked with the Vice Chancellor over
the past 5 years, and having seen his
leadership first hand, I echo these
sentiments as well. Dr. Chand was
always on his toes. He was full of
energy and determination to make the
University a credible and a leading
"It was his strategic thinking, and his
drive, enthusiasm and passion that
saw the rapid development of the







25 years old
Professional Chef
From Fiji Islands
Well settled Fijian family seeking a suitable
match for their son. He is 25 years old, 5 8 tall,
medium complexion. He is professionally
employed as a chef in Fiji.
Looking for a Indo Fijian girl in Canada between
the age of 20 - 25 years old.
Religion has no barrier as long as can be
For Further information Contact Ragani at:

Fiji News

Attracting and retaining the best

international talent to fill skills
shortages in key occupations is critical
to Canadas economic success.

- Hon. Jason Kenney, P.C., M.P.

Minister of Employment and Social Development

Respond to
Canadas need
for immigrants.
Become a Regulated
Immigration Consultant

Apply online at or
contact a program adviser at 604.899.0803.

604.899.0803 | 1.866.759.6006
Ashton College

we build careers

Friday Jan 02, 2015


Free Medicine Registration


The nationwide registration for the free

medicine programme has started.
Pharmacy intern at Colonial War
Memorial Hospital (CWM), Zafiya
Shagufta, said: People are now
collecting the forms from the
receptionist but the number of response
is less just because of less awareness
by the ministry.
Josefa Kolinibaravii, 29, a patient at
the hospital said the free medicine
programme was gift from Government
and it would help poor and needy

I thank Government for such a great

start, Mr Kolinibaravi said.
Free registration forms are available
at all health centres. Those eligible
will need to present several official
documents including:
- an original certified birth certificate,
- evidence of annual salary less than
$20,000 or statutory declaration
- certified marriage certificate,
- Fiji National Provident Fund or
electronic voter registration card for

Immigration Department
Looks At Passport Options

Fiji's Department of Immigration is

exploring the possibility of printing
passport books at its divisional offices
in Lautoka and Labasa-Savusavu.
Director Immigration Nemani Vuniwaqa
said doing so would reduce a backlog of
passport applications received in Suva
through its divisional offices.
We are looking into this however,
that would mean an extensive research
on our part which we are currently
undertaking in Labasa and Suva, he
However, we have been working
very hard in ensuring that our passport
services are more streamlined and this

has meant a faster clearance of backlogs

that we used to have in the past.
Vuniwaqa highlighted that despite the
challenges encountered in 2014, the
department will strengthen its services
to the public.
We have enough (35, 000) passport
books with us on standby and we have
received positive reviews about our
services which we are aiming to even
better in the New Year.
We have been inundated with
applications and requests from former
Fiji residents and many of them have
started working towards coming back

16 Years Jail Term For

Rape Of Sisters

A single 44-year-old man of Tunuloa

in Vanua Levu who raped two
underaged sisters on four different
occasions between April 2012 and
August 2013 has been sentenced to 16
years imprisonment by a high court in
Justice Daniel Goundar also ordered
that Jale Mario is not eligible for parole
until he has served 12 years.
Mario was convicted of four counts of
rape and one count of sexual assault.
The first victim, the younger sibling,
was 10 years old and in Year 5 when
she was raped twice - the first time
during the first term school holidays in
2012 and the second during the second
term of the school holidays.
The third time Mario raped her was on
September 22, 2013 when she was 11
years old.
The second victim was 11 years old
when Mario indecently assaulted her
on the second school term of 2012. The

victim's brother, aged nine, witnessed

the assault.
She was 12 when Mario raped her on
August 16, 2013.
The rape incidents happened at Mario's
home, at times when the children were
sent on errands and at other times at
Mario's invitation.
In sentencing Mario, Justice Gounder
said the rape of a child is a very serious
crime and that sentences imposed
by courts must signify that society
denounces any form of sexual abuse of
"For the offence of rape, I use the same
starting point (12 years). I increase the
sentence to 20 to reflect the serious
aggravating factors. I make a reduction
of 2 1/2 years to reflect your mitigating
factors and 1 1/2 years to reflect your
remand period.
"On each count of rape, I sentence you to
16 years' imprisonment. All sentences
are to be served concurrently."

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the Paper

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Friday Jan 02, 2015

Police Warn Suva Citizens

To Stay Out Of Water

Meanwhile the Fiji Police Force is

concerned that people continue to fish
and swim along the Nasese foreshore.
Police officers were briefed to keep
people out of Suvas picnic areas.
One area of concern is the sea side
in Nasese, My Suva Park which is an
area of concern to all of us because
of the spillage down the Cunnigham
River and despite the warning people
are still going to fish in the area and I
hope that for the time being there just
adhere to the warning that is given,
said Fiji Police, Chief of Operations,
ACP Rusiate Tudravu.
Police will penalise people who

continue to ignore warnings.

We have been brief this morning that
there are some dead fish been found in
there shoreline. I hope that people can
take this in to consideration that this
place is not safe to go. We dont want
to go to the extent of arresting people
but there security is paramount to us,
If we have to go down that line for the
security of the community then we will
do it, Tudravu said.
Swimming and fishing in waters
around Suva have been banned due to
the sewerage spillage from the waste
water pipes that burst following heavy
rains two weeks ago.

The Ports Authority will be making

changes in February or March
2015 to increase productivity at our
international ports.
Thats the phrase of confidence from
Ports Terminal Limited when they
introduce a worldwide automated
system it said would streamline Ports
Terminals rather obsolete process, this
time next week.
The Terminal Operating System helps
container, intermodal rail and shipping
line terminal operators increase
capacity and optimise operations to
increase efficiency, lower costs and
improve productivity.
With the system, it also means
a transition from a paper-based
organisation to the paperless and
electronic/automated one.
Ports Terminal operations manager,
Nabeel Ali said, the system would focus
on ship planning and yard planning as
these were at the top of their concerns.
Coordinating a handful of containers
given the current container yard space
was difficult as there was a lot of traffic
at port.
He said with the new system and right
people they were already equipped with,
efficiency could be taken a step further.
We have put a foundation currently
by taking the ship particulars with all
required information to be fed into the
system, Mr Ali said.
And once the ship planning is up
and running, everything will be pretty
straightforward-everything will be
documented in the system.
At the click of a button, exchange of
emails and everything from organising
of ship berths to placing containers
in the ship yards would have been

The Ports Terminal with stakeholders

would have access to the information
through the Electronic Data Interchange.
This system transfers data from
one computer system to another by
standardized message formatting,
without the need for human intervention.
For Lautoka Ports Terminal manager
Sanath Kumara, he said the port had
undergone many changes.
And Just like Suva Ports Terminal,
Lautoka Ports will not compromise
productivity and efficiency for the
current challenges they face.
Our biggest challenge is the quay
length and the yard space. Sometimes
the yard gets congested due to increase
of volumes, Mr Kumara said.
Also we hope to have another
container handler.
In order to resolves the issues, Mr
Kumara said they have been discussing
the arising matter with Fiji Ports
Corporation Limited on a regular basis
with development has started.
The development is also handled
by FPCL. We have submitted our
recommendations to them and what we
know is that they have a master plan
for all ports, Mr Kumara said.
The only way to control is to expedite
deliveries and control receiving. We
are not permitted to store containers
outside our premises.
He said overall the 2014 year was
good, and the improvements were
quite visible.
Our main stakeholders such as Punjas
and Fiji Water are satisfied, but there is
a long way to go.
He said keeping up with the global
environment is another challenge in
terms of ensuring safety and providing
services is their top priority.

Ports To Introduce
Automated System




Friday Jan 02, 2015



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Canada News

Friday Jan 02, 2015

Edmonton Mass Murder: Victims Identified, All Died

Of Gunshot Wounds
Court documents show gunman threatened to kill wife and family in 2012

Edmonton police have identified the

victims in this weeks mass murder,
saying Phu Lams shooting rampage
claimed the life of his common-law
partner, several of her family members
including her eight-year-old son and
three-year old niece and a family
Lam, who took his own life after the
killings, appears to have spared the
lives of a one-year-old and an eightmonth-old baby who may have been in
the north Edmonton home at the time
of the deadly attack.
Lam's common-law partner, Thuy Tien
Truong, 35, was slain along with her
son, her sister, her parents, her niece
and a friend at a north Edmonton
home between 3:45 a.m. and 8 a.m. on
Sunday, police said.
Police identified the victims after
Thursdays autopsies, but noted they were
still struggling to figure out the motive
behind the shocking slayings. Truong
and Lam may have been estranged,
Acting Deputy Chief Mark Neufeld said
at a news conference Friday.
"We will chase down everything we
can to try and find out the reasons why,
because I think it's important but
at the end of the day you try to import
rational thought sometimes into an
irrational act, and a lot of times it just
never comes," he said.
Cyndi Duong, 37, was killed at her
southwest Edmonton home around
6:50 p.m. Monday. She was not the
intended target of the shooter.
Lam was found dead of an apparent
suicide in a restaurant in Fort
Saskatchewan on Tuesday morning.
Police didn't find the bodies of people

in the north-end home until 12:23 a.m.

Neufeld said that on Monday, around
10 a.m., Lam dropped off two children
his one-year-old daughter and eightmonth-old nephew at the home of a
relative, the person who later contacted
"The homicides, we believe, did take
place prior to Mr. Lam dropping off
those two children," Neufeld said.
"So theres a very good possibility
that those two young children were in
the house, in the north end, when the
homicides took place. And yes, for
whatever reason, the two children were
The victims are:
Thuy Tien Truong, 35, partner of
Phu Lam (known as Tien Truong).
Elvis Lam, 8, son of Thuy-Tien
Thanh Ha Thi Truong, 33, sister of
Thuy Tien Truong (known as Ha
Valentina Nguyen, 3, daughter
of Ha Thi Truong, niece of Tien
Thi Dau Le, 55, mother of Thuy
Tien and Thanh Ha Thi Truong.
Van Dang Truong, 55, estranged
husband of Thi Dau Le and father
of Thuy Tien and Thanh Ha Thi
Viet Nguyen, 41, friend of Thuy
Tien Truong.
Cyndi Duong, 37. Police believe
she was not the intended victim of
the shooter.
Neufeld also outlined the timeline of
the case. Tien Truong finished her last
shift at work at 2 a.m. Sunday. Her

sister Ha Truong sent a text message

from the north-end home at 3:45.
Tien Truong and her mother failed
to show up at work at 8 a.m. Sunday.
When Ha Truong's estranged husband
knocked on the door at that time, no
one answered. He also noticed a black
SUV parked outside.
The black SUV was seen briefly
outside the home around 9:45 a.m.
Monday. Lam dropped off the two
younger children at a relative's home
15 minutes later.
Later that afternoon, Lam went to a
home in southwest Edmonton. He left
around 6 p.m. and went to the home
of Cyndi Duong. Duong was shot
and killed around 6:50 p.m. Police
found her shortly afterwards while
responding to a weapons complaint.
Neufeld said the manhunt started
around 11 p.m. Monday. The SUV led
police to the VN Express Restaurant in
Fort Saskatchewan, he said.
The gun used in the slayings was
registered in British Columbia in 1997
and stolen from Surrey in 2006. Police
are investigating how Lam was able to
obtain it.
Abuse, threats
Earlier on Friday, court documents
showed that Lam threatened to kill
Tien Truong and her whole family in
Truong gave the testimony in an
emergency protection hearing in
November 2012.
The documents say that Lam learned
through genetic tests that he was not
the biological father of his son, who
was born in 2006.
Truong said that Lam physically

abused and choked her on Nov. 2,

2012, after presenting the DNA results
to her parents.
Following a hearing four days later, she
was granted an emergency protection
order that prevented Lam from going
within 200 metres of her parents' home
and not to have direct contact with her,
her son, her sister and her parents.
In her video testimony, Truong said
Lam planned to kill her whole family
two weeks earlier and kept making the
threats. He was going to look for a gun,
but no one would sell one to him, she
She testified through a interpreter that
he had abused and choked her several
times throughout their marriage; at one
point she said she nearly died. He also
terrorized her with threats.
"He would threaten her to say that he
would give her the phone, tell her to
call the cops and then kill her on the
spot so when the cops come that they
would be there to pick up her body,"
the interpreter said.
She testified that she wanted to move
back with her parents.
The protection order was granted until
Nov. 26, but extended into January
2013. The order was revoked when
neither Lam nor his wife appeared in
court for a review on Jan. 18, 2013, the
expiry date on the order.
Lam was charged with assault, sexual
assault and seven counts of uttering
death threats in November 2012 but
the charges were stayed on Dec. 21,
Neufeld confirmed that some of the
people targeted in those threats were
slain in the north end home.

Recruiting In-Demand, Skilled Immigrants To Canada

Express Entry will contribute to Canadas economic growth and international competitiveness

Canadas Citizenship and Immigration

Minister Chris Alexander celebrated
the successful launch of Express Entry
a highly anticipated new application
management system designed to get
people with the skills to succeed in
Canadas economy here faster than
Starting January 1, skilled workers
who want to apply to Canadas key
economic immigration programs are
able to create an online profile and
express their interest in coming to
Canada permanently.
Candidates who meet the minimum
criteria will be accepted into the pool
and will be ranked according to various
factors. These include language
proficiency, education and work
experience. Each is a leading indicator

of ones likelihood of integrating fully

and quickly into Canadas economy
and Canadian society.
The highest ranking skilled workers
will be invited to apply for permanent
residence and most will see their
application processed in six months
or less. The first invitations to apply
will be issued during the last week of
Express Entry marks major progress
for skilled foreign nationals and
employers alike. Express Entry will
allow Citizenship and Immigration
Canada to identify those who are most
likely to succeed economically in
Canada, instead of simply processing
applications on a first-come, firstserved basis. This will result in
faster processing and will allow the

Government of Canada to be more

flexible and respond better to Canadas
changing labour market needs.
Quick facts
Express Entry will manage
applications for three federal
economic immigration programs:
the Federal Skilled Worker
Program, Federal Skilled Trades
Program and the Canadian
Experience Class.
Provinces and Territories will
be able to use the Express Entry
system to select a portion of
candidates for their Provincial

Nominee Programs.
Once candidates have been invited
to apply for permanent residence
they will need to complete the
includes health and security
checks. Complete applications will
be processed in six months or less.
Canada has admitted more than 1.6
million new permanent residents
since 2006, and will admit between
260,000 and 285,000 in 2015
alone. There are many reasons the
worlds best and brightest Choose



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Canada News

Cost Of Becoming
Canadian Has Gone Up

Resolving to become a Canadian

citizen in 2015? Its going to be more
For the second time in a year, the
Conservative government has hiked
the fee it charges to make someone a
The new price for processing
citizenship documents has been set at
$530 as of Jan. 1, up from the formerly
new price set last February of $300.
The government has been angling
to increase citizenship fees for some
time, arguing would-be citizens should
cover more of the cost of processing
their applications.
In an analysis of the new fees,
the Citizenship and Immigration
Department says the higher price will
allow it to recoup almost all of the
$555 in costs.
Put another way, the government says
thats an estimated $41 million it wont
have to spend.
In its analysis, the department said
the fee jump may impose additional
financial pressures on some people or
While the analysis assumes that
there will not be a reduction in overall
demand for citizenship as a result of
the fee increase, it is acknowledged
that some may be required to delay
their application as they will need
more time to save for the new fee, the
analysis says.
Overall, in the long term, this will
likely not have a significant impact on

the uptake for citizenship.

When citizenship processing fees were
first increased from $100 to $300 in
February, it was the first time since
1995 there had been a raise.
Then, opposition politicians slammed
the jump for appearing haphazard,
arguing no specific justification was
given for setting the new price.
At the time, the government argued
raising the fee to cover the full cost of
processing would be going too far.
Increasing the service fees for grant
and resumption applications to reflect
100 per cent cost recovery would have
imposed too large a fee increase and
too much hardship on applicants, the
department said in its analysis for that
fee change.
The new fee structure is in addition
to the $100 right-of-citizenship fee
which gets returned if a citizenship
application is not accepted.
Anyone who applied for citizenship
prior to Jan. 1 2015 will still pay the
old fee.
The opposition also said that it was
unfair to hike fees when people
were waiting years to receive their
citizenship; at the end of 2013, the
backlog of cases was close to 400,000
But with the new fees comes a promise
by the government that theyre making
headway on cutting through the pile.
The department says wait times for new
citizens will fall to under 12 months at
some point in the next fiscal year.

Vancouver Meter Collector

Ordered To Repay More
Than $200K
Dan Wong allegedly stole cash over a four-year period

A parking meter collector has been

ordered to repay more than $200,000
he allegedly stole from the City of
Vancouver's parking lots.
According to B.C. Supreme Court
documents, Dan Wong regularly took
funds from EasyPark cashboxes over a
period of four years.
EasyPark runs the City of Vancouver's
lots and revenue from the corporation
is supposed to go back to the city.
In his examination for discovery, Wong
told EasyPark lawyers he used a paper clip
to jimmy the EasyPark collection boxes.
According to documents filed in B.C.
Supreme Court, Wong managed to
literally nickel and dime EasyPark

out of $200,000 during the years he

worked as a meter collection man.
The missing funds came to light in
July 2012 when an EasyPark employee
noticed a revenue shortfall from the
parking lot at the Maritime Museum.
Easypark launched an investigation
involving surveillance video and Wong
was fired last August.
In discovery, Wong admitted to having
a gambling problem.
Earlier this week, EasyPark received
a judgment against him for more than
The company now wants overturn his
attempt to transfer his half of his home
to his wife for $1.

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Friday Jan 02, 2015


Metro Vancouver Property

Values Continue To Rise

Property values in Metro Vancouver

continue to climb, according to the
latest assessment.
The value of the average single-family
home in Vancouver is up by nearly 10
per cent this year.
The jump in value of your property
neighbourhood you live in. On the west
side, the average house in now worth
$1.6 million, but an east side home is
worth just under $1 million.
Deputy Assessor Dharmesh Sisodraker
says they look at the same things
buyers do. Market value encompasses
everything that a property purchaser
would look at when theyre in the
marketplace anything from views

to location to proximity on a street, the

type of home, [abd] the size of the lot.
But the same increase isnt being
noticed on the condo side. The value of
the average two-bedroom condo on the
east side rose by only about $15,000
this year.
Sisodraker says that mostly flat trend is
seen across the region.
We reflect what happens in the
marketplace, in terms of price levels.
Some of the factors in behind why a
single-family market would increase
and a condo market would remain
stable, you know, I really cant say, he
Homes around the Lower Mainland
have mostly all gained in value.

Canada-Wide Winter
Weather Warnings

Less than two weeks into winter,

Canadians from coast to coast have
been warned to prepare for true-toform seasonal weather conditions this
Environment Canada is warning that
a large winter storm system is moving
from the U.S. into Ontario, Quebec, and
Atlantic Canada this weekend. The storm
will bring a roller coaster of temperatures
to Ontario and Quebec that will include
snow, ice pellets and rain.
The weather office has issued a
special weather statement to say that
a "significant winter storm" will hit
southern Ontario Saturday.
The timing and amount of precipitation
is uncertain, and conditions could
change quickly, so those with weekend
travel plans across Ontario and Quebec
are being advised to prepare for
"dangerous road conditions."
Environment Canada says the storm
will begin sometime Saturday
afternoon as snow, with between five
and 10 centimeters falling on central
and eastern Ontario and "heavy
snowfall" hitting most of Quebec.
Then, as temperatures rise to as high as
double digits in some areas, the snow
will transition to rain by Saturday night
or Sunday.
Freezing rain and ice pellets are likely
during the transition, and may be
especially bad in areas northwest of the
Golden Horseshoe (between Niagara
Falls and Oshawa). The Ottawa Valley
is also expected to be hit hard by the
snow and rain.
By Sunday night, temperatures will
plummet again and then stay low for
the rest of the week.
As the temperature drops Sunday
night, residents across most of southern
and eastern Ontario can expect strong
winds and flurries.
In northern Ontario, the same storm
system is expected to bring a steady
snowstorm that will extend from the

Manitoba border to Quebec.

Storm headed east
Further east, the storm system should
hit Atlantic Canada by Sunday,
bringing 10 to 15 centimeters of snow
in the morning and then changing to ice
pellets or freezing rain later in the day.
A similar pattern will begin in
Newfoundland later Sunday, with heavy
snowfall expected in the afternoon,
changing to ice pellets, drizzle and
strong winds by Monday morning.
Environment Canada is advising
Atlantic residents to monitor future
forecasts for further warnings about
this storm.
Alberta snow
Meanwhile, parts of western and
central Alberta are still under a snowfall
warning from a separate Alberta
Clipper weather system that is now
beginning to move into Saskatchewan.
Environment Canada says those areas
can expect snowfall totals of 15 to 20
centimeters Friday, while the cities of
Edmonton and Calgary will see closer
to 5 to 10 centimeters.
It's warning drivers that visibility
may be reduced at times, while roads,
walkways and parking lots may
become difficult to navigate because of
the snow.
Pacific Coast
And in British Columbia, a high
pressure system over Yukon will send a
dose of frigid air south and west through
the B.C. Interior. That cold front should
run into a moisture-packing Pacific
warm front, creating a messy "montage
of rapidly changing winter conditions,"
Environment Canada says.
Vancouver will see a few flakes of
snow before 40 to 50 mm of rain falls
Sunday, followed by another 30 to 40
mm on Monday.
In the mountains of Whistler, that
precipitation will come in the form of
20 cm of snow on Sunday, followed by
10 to 15 of rain on Monday.


Friday Jan 02, 2015






GML Fraser Foods Ltd 604. 277. 0988

World News

Friday Jan 02, 2015


Virgin Atlantic Jet Lands Safely With Landing Gear


A Virgin Atlantic passenger plane

landed safely at London's Gatwick
Airport after discovering a problem
with part of its main landing gear.
Virgin flight VS43 with 447 passengers
and 15 crew was travelling from
Gatwick to Las Vegas when it had to
The Boeing 747 circled over southern
England for several hours dumping
fuel before making a bumpy but safe
landing just before 16:00 GMT.
Gatwick's runway reopened at 19:03
GMT after being closed by the
Arriving flights were diverted to other
London airports, while departing aircraft
were severely delayed while the Virgin
jet was being assessed on the runway.
In a statement, Gatwick Airport said:
"The airport is now facilitating inbound
and outbound flights but it will take
some time for normal service to resume.
"We advise passengers to check with
their airlines on the status of their
flight. Updates will also be posted on
the Gatwick website and on Twitter."
They said the airport was working
with its airline partners to provide
food, drink and welfare facilities
to those affected by the delays and
cancellations and that volunteers were
helping provide advice.
Circled airport
The 13-year-old aircraft had left
Gatwick for the US at 11:30 GMT on
After detecting the problem, the
aircraft needed to fly holding patterns
over Devon and then Sussex to dump
fuel in order to be light enough to land.
Before the successful conclusion to the
incident, Virgin announced the plane
would be carrying out a "non-standard
landing procedure" at Gatwick airport.
Pictures posted on Twitter of the aircraft
circling over East and West Sussex
showed part of the main landing gear
had not fully extended.
Eyewitnesses reported the jet was
flying at relatively low altitude and the
pilot appeared to be trying to "shake"
the landing gear down.

Nick Hughes, who was on board, said

the crew made several attempts to try
to free the landing gear.
"They put the thrust on quite heavily
and then dipped down, I think, to try
and loosen the gears but obviously
nothing kind of worked.
'Some crying'
"They gave it every opportunity before
they tried the emergency landing. All
credit due to the crew and the staff
and of course the pilots because the
landing was probably one of the softest
landings I've ever had."
Another passenger, Hardeek Desai, said:
"The staff was trying to keep everyone
calm but a few passengers were a bit
panicky. One of the crew came out to
the seating area to reassure everyone
everything was going to be OK.
"The staff was giving out things like
drinks and water to everyone to make
sure everyone's OK. Generally, the
mood was pretty good at this point
until we hit the brace position."
Describing the mood on the plane as
it was circling, passenger Dan Crane,
24, from Bromsgrove, Worcestershire,
said it was "anxious, a lot were
worried, some crying. The mood was
quiet, just waiting for the captain's next
Mr Crane, who was with family and
friends, said the crew kept everyone

A 2-year-old boy accidentally shot and

killed a woman after he reached into
her purse at a northern Idaho Wal-Mart
and her concealed gun fired, authorities
said Tuesday.
The woman was shopping with several
children, and it is unclear how they
are related, Kootenai County sheriff's
spokesman Stu Miller said. Authorities
originally said the boy was the woman's
The woman, whose identity was not
released, had a concealed weapons
Miller said the shooting was accidental
and occurred in the Wal-Mart in

Hayden, Idaho, a town about 40 miles

northeast of Spokane, Washington.
The woman and the children were in
the back of the store near the electronics
area when the shooting occurred,
authorities said.
KREM-TV reported that witnesses
and video surveillance from the store
helped deputies determine the shooting
was accidental.
The store closed after the shooting
and was not expected to reopen until
Wednesday morning.
Hayden is a politically conservative town
of about 9,000 people just north of Coeur
d'Alene in Idaho's northern panhandle.

Boy, 2, Accidentally Kills

Woman In Store

informed, adding: "They said it was

an emergency landing and we had to
brace on impact."
Sunjay Patel told the BBC: "It's been
a rollercoaster. Yesterday I found out
that I was going to Vegas for my 30th
birthday, and not going to Vegas today
it's been quite a crazy 24 hours. I can't
wait to get to Vegas to enjoy it now."
He said the passengers had been taken
to a hotel but they did not know when
there would be a replacement flight.
'Upsetting situation'
Another passenger, Mike Kaufman,
said: "This was one of the greatest

emergency landings in history. It was

very smooth."
He praised the pilots and the cabin
crew, saying the landing had been
Virgin Atlantic chief executive Craig
Kreeger said: "I am very pleased to
confirm that all customers and crew
have now disembarked the VS43
flight to Las Vegas, which returned to
Gatwick airport following a problem
with one of the landing gear.
"I understand that this will have
been a very upsetting situation for
the customers involved, and for their
friends and family, and will have
significantly disrupted people's holiday
"We will make sure they are well
looked after this evening, and will be
operating a special flight tomorrow for
everyone who would like to continue
their journey."
Virgin Atlantic president Sir Richard
Branson tweeted: "Well done @
VirginAtlantic pilots & team for safe
& skilful landing of #VS43. Thoughts
with passengers & crew, thanks for
support & patience."
A spokesman for British pilots'
organisation Balpa said: "Pilots train
hard for exactly this kind of situation.
It goes to show that well-trained pilots
are vital."

An Indonesian family of 10 say they

had a miraculous escape when they
arrived too late to catch AirAsia flight
QZ8501, which went missing shortly
after take-off on the way to Singapore.
Christianawati, 36, said the group,
including her family, her mother and her
younger brother's family, were heading
to Singapore to celebrate New Year.
The six adults and four children were
originally booked on the 7:30am flight
but AirAsia moved them to flight
QZ8501 scheduled for two hours earlier.
"They emailed and called us on
December 15 and 16 to inform us but
we missed those calls," she said.
"So we arrived at the airport to check in
for the 7:30am flight but were told our
flights had been rescheduled to 5:30am

and we were late. Of course we were

angry," she said.
"While the new tickets were being
reissued, we heard that the earlier plane
had crashed so we cancelled our flights
immediately," she said.
"I was shocked to hear about it and
cried. Maybe it is all God's plan that
my family and I were not on the flight.
It was a blessing in disguise," she said.
"I hope that the plane is found and
everyone is safe."
Christianawati said she would be
switching airlines.
"We travel to Singapore twice a year
and always by AirAsia. We consider it
a safe airline ... but now our confidence
in AirAsia is somewhat shaken and we
shall just stick to Garuda Indonesia."

A man has been charged with using a

five-year-old boy to sell drugs on the
streets of Sydney.
Video taken by New South Wales police
allegedly shows the boy handing over
a small package and collecting money
in return.
Police allege the man used the child
in at least three drug deals in Sydney's

east earlier this month.

The 34-year-old man was arrested at
home in Woolloomooloo on Tuesday.
He was charged with supplying prohibited
drugs and procuring a child under 16 to
take part in the supplying of drugs.
The man faced Parramatta Local Court
where he was refused bail.
He will face court again in February.

The Family Of 10 Who

Missed The Flight

Sydney Man Accused Of

Using Boy, 5, To Sell Drugs


World News

Friday Jan 02, 2015

Airasia QZ8501: Multiple Bodies, Wreckage Recovered

In Search For Missing Plane

An Indonesian warship has recovered

three bodies from the sea in the search
for the AirAsia jet, Indonesia's National
Search and Rescue Agency says.
Earlier in the day, a navy spokesman
told the media a warship had retrieved
more than 40 bodies but later
retracted the statement saying it was a
miscommunication by staff.
Indonesia's National Search and
Rescue Agency chief Bambang
Soelistyon said: "Today we evacuated
three bodies and they are now in the
warship Bung Tomo".
An Indonesian air force plane spotted
items resembling an emergency slide,
plane door and other objects in the
search for missing AirAsia flight
QZ8501 earlier in the day.
AirAsia has released a statement
confirming the debris found is from
flight QZ8501.
Indonesian president Joko Widodo
said all available ships and helicopters
would be deployed to the area where
the debris was found.
He urged the families of the passengers
and crew to "be strong as they faced
this difficult moment".
Red and white debris spotted
Earlier, authorities gave media an
update in which they showed a video
of a body floating in the Java Sea.
"Based on the observation by search
and rescue personnel, significant
things have been found such as a
passenger door and cargo door," Djoko
Murjatmodjo, director general of air
transportation at the transportation
ministry, said.
"It's in the sea, 160 kilometres southwest of Pangkalan Bun," he said,
referring to the town in Central
Kalimantan on the island of Borneo.
He said aircraft searching for the
missing aircraft had sighted "red and

white-coloured" debris off the coast of

Eleven divers were sent to the site and
will search in an area of water about
25-30 metres deep.
There was no word on the possibility
of any survivors and the plane has
not been found, although Indonesian
authorities have spotted a shadow
under the water they believed was the
Pictures of floating bodies were
broadcast on television and relatives of
the missing gathered at a crisis centre
in Surabaya.
Several people collapsed in grief and
were helped away, a Reuters reporter
"You have to be strong," the mayor of
Surabaya, Tri Rismaharini, said as she
comforted relatives.
"They are not ours, they belong to
A navy spokesman said a plane door,
oxygen tanks and one body had been

US president Barack Obama has

surprised a newlywed couple by calling
to apologise after his golfing schedule
forced them to change their wedding
Two US army officers, captains
Natalie Heimel and Edward Mallue,
had planned to get married on Sunday
at the Kaneohe Klipper Golf Course
located on a US Marine Corps base in
But they were forced to relocate the
ceremony when they found out Mr
Obama was scheduled to play a round
of golf at the same time.
At the new location, on the lawn of
the base commander's residence, the
couple took a phone call from Mr

Obama who congratulated them and

apologised for disrupting their special
"Obama just personally called my sister
and her new husband to apologise for
foiling their wedding venue golfing.
Amazing!" said Ms Heimel's sister on
The phone call "totally made their
day," Becca Dryer, a friend of the bride
who attended the wedding, told the
New York Daily News.
Mr Obama has been on holiday in
Hawaii for nine days, during which he
has reportedly played golf six times.
On Christmas Eve, he played a round
with Malaysian Prime Minister Najib

recovered and taken away by helicopter

for tests.
Families offered 'care' in Surabaya
executive Tony
Fernandes said on Twitter he was
rushing to Surabaya, the city from
which the plane departed, to help.
"On behalf of AirAsia my condolences
to all. Words cannot express how sorry
I am."
Mr Fernandes said he was experiencing
an airline chief executive's "worst
"The passengers were on my aircraft
and I have to take responsibility for
that," he said, adding that he was
focusing on supporting the families.
"It's an experience I never dreamt of
happening and it's probably an airline
CEO's worst nightmare."
The company has released a statement
saying families of the passengers
would be offered support.
"At the present time, search and
rescue operations are still in progress

and further investigation of the debris

found at the location is still underway,"
the statement said.
"AirAsia Indonesia will be inviting
family members to Surabaya, where a
dedicated team of care providers will
be assigned to each family to ensure
that all of their needs are met.
"Counsellors, religious and spiritual
personnel have also been invited to the
family centre to provide any necessary
Debris spotted 10km from plane's final
known location
Earlier in the day, an AFP photographer
on the search flight that spotted
the debris said he had seen objects
resembling a life raft, life jackets and
long orange tubes.
Air force official Agus Dwi Putranto
told reporters: "We spotted about 10
big objects and many more small
white-coloured objects which we could
not photograph."
"The position is 10 kilometres from the
location the plane was last captured by
radar," he added.
Mr Putranto displayed 10 photos
of objects resembling a plane door,
emergency slide and a square box-like
"It is not really clear ... it could be the
wall of the plane or the door of the
plane," he said.
AirAsia flight QZ8501 disappeared
on Sunday morning over the Java Sea
with 162 people on board.
Australia, Malaysia and Singapore
were part of the Indonesia-led search
- comprising 15 ships and 32 aircraft
- and on Tuesday the US military sent
the USS Sampson, a guided missile
destroyer, to the area.
The search focused on waters around
the islands of Bangka and Belitung in
the Java Sea, across from Kalimantan.

US President Barack Obama Calls Newlywed Couple To

Apologise For Wedding Day Disruption

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US President Barack Obama during a round of golf in Hawaii


Friday Jan 02, 2015


Some Ways To Control High Blood Pressure Without

By making these 10 lifestyle changes, you can lower your blood pressure and reduce your risk of heart disease.

If you've been diagnosed with high

blood pressure (a systolic pressure
the top number of 140 or above
or a diastolic pressure the bottom
number of 90 or above), you might
be worried about taking medication to
bring your numbers down.
Lifestyle plays an important role in
treating your high blood pressure. If
you successfully control your blood
pressure with a healthy lifestyle, you
may avoid, delay or reduce the need
for medication.
Here are some lifestyle changes you
can make to lower your blood pressure
and keep it down.
1. Lose extra pounds and watch your
Blood pressure often increases as
weight increases. Losing just 10
pounds (4.5 kilograms) can help
reduce your blood pressure. In
general, the more weight you lose,
the lower your blood pressure.
Losing weight also makes any blood
pressure medications you're taking
more effective. You and your doctor
can determine your target weight and
the best way to achieve it.
Besides shedding pounds, you should
also keep an eye on your waistline.
Carrying too much weight around your
waist can put you at greater risk of high
blood pressure. In general:
Men are at risk if their waist
measurement is greater than 40
inches (102 centimeters, or cm).
Women are at risk if their waist
measurement is greater than 35
inches (89 cm).
Asian men are at risk if their waist
measurement is greater than 36
inches (91 cm).
Asian women are at risk if their
waist measurement is greater than
32 inches (81 cm).
2. Exercise regularly
Regular physical activity at least 30
to 60 minutes most days of the week
can lower your blood pressure by
4 to 9 millimeters of mercury (mm
Hg). And it doesn't take long to see a
difference. If you haven't been active,
increasing your exercise level can
lower your blood pressure within just
a few weeks.
If you have pre-hypertension
systolic pressure between 120 and
139 or diastolic pressure between 80
and 89 exercise can help you avoid
developing full-blown hypertension. If
you already have hypertension, regular
physical activity can bring your blood
pressure down to safer levels.
Talk to your doctor about developing
an exercise program. Your doctor can
help determine whether you need any
exercise restrictions. Even moderate
activity for 10 minutes at a time, such
as walking and light strength training,
can help.
But avoid being a "weekend warrior."

Trying to squeeze all your exercise in on

the weekends to make up for weekday
inactivity isn't a good strategy. Those
sudden bursts of activity could actually
be risky.
3. Eat a healthy diet
Eating a diet that is rich in whole grains,
fruits, vegetables and low-fat dairy
products and skimps on saturated fat
and cholesterol can lower your blood
pressure by up to 14 mm Hg. This
eating plan is known as the Dietary
Approaches to Stop Hypertension
(DASH) diet.
It isn't easy to change your eating
habits, but with these tips, you can
adopt a healthy diet:
Keep a food diary. Writing down
what you eat, even for just a week,
can shed surprising light on your
true eating habits. Monitor what
you eat, how much, when and why.
Consider boosting potassium.
Potassium can lessen the effects
of sodium on blood pressure. The
best source of potassium is food,
such as fruits and vegetables,
rather than supplements. Talk to
your doctor about the potassium
level that's best for you.
Be a smart shopper. Make a
shopping list before heading to the
supermarket to avoid picking up
junk food. Read food labels when
you shop and stick to your healthyeating plan when you're dining out,
Cut yourself some slack.
Although the DASH diet is a
lifelong eating guide, it doesn't
mean you have to cut out all of
the foods you love. It's OK to treat
yourself occasionally to foods
you wouldn't find on a DASH
diet menu, such as a candy bar or
mashed potatoes with gravy.
4. Reduce sodium in your diet
Even a small reduction in the sodium in
your diet can reduce blood pressure by
2 to 8 mm Hg. The recommendations
for reducing sodium are:
Limit sodium to 2,300 milligrams (mg)
a day or less.
A lower sodium level 1,500 mg a day
or less is appropriate for people 51
years of age or older, and individuals of
any age who are African-American or
who have high blood pressure, diabetes
or chronic kidney disease.
To decrease sodium in your diet,
consider these tips:
Track how much salt is in your diet.
Keep a food diary to estimate how
much sodium is in what you eat and
drink each day.
Read food labels. If possible, choose
low-sodium alternatives of the foods
and beverages you normally buy.
Eat fewer processed foods. Potato
chips, frozen dinners, bacon and
processed lunch meats are high in

Don't add salt. Just 1 level teaspoon of

salt has 2,300 mg of sodium. Use herbs
or spices, rather than salt, to add more
flavor to your foods.
Ease into it. If you don't feel like you
can drastically reduce the sodium in
your diet suddenly, cut back gradually.
Your palate will adjust over time.
5. Limit the amount of alcohol you
Alcohol can be both good and bad for
your health. In small amounts, it can
potentially lower your blood pressure
by 2 to 4 mm Hg. But that protective
effect is lost if you drink too much
alcohol generally more than one
drink a day for women and men older
than age 65, or more than two a day
for men age 65 and younger. Also,
if you don't normally drink alcohol,
you shouldn't start drinking as a way
to lower your blood pressure. There's
more potential harm than benefit to
drinking alcohol.
If you drink more than moderate
amounts of it, alcohol can actually
raise blood pressure by several points.
It can also reduce the effectiveness of
high blood pressure medications.
Track your drinking patterns.
Along with your food diary, keep
an alcohol diary to track your true
drinking patterns. One drink equals
12 ounces (355 milliliters, or mL)
of beer, 5 ounces of wine (148 mL)
or 1.5 ounces of 80-proof liquor
(45 mL). If you're drinking more
than the suggested amounts, cut
Consider tapering off. If
you're a heavy drinker, suddenly
eliminating all alcohol can actually
trigger severe high blood pressure
for several days. So when you stop
drinking, do it with the supervision
of your doctor or taper off slowly,
over one to two weeks.
Don't binge. Binge drinking
having four or more drinks in a
row can cause large and sudden
increases in blood pressure, in
addition to other health problems.
6. Avoid tobacco products and
secondhand smoke
On top of all the other dangers of
smoking, the nicotine in tobacco
products can raise your blood pressure
by 10 mm Hg or more for up to an hour
after you smoke. Smoking throughout
the day means your blood pressure
may remain constantly high.
You should also avoid secondhand
smoke. Inhaling smoke from others
also puts you at risk of health problems,
including high blood pressure and heart
7. Cut back on caffeine
The role caffeine plays in blood
pressure is still debatable. Drinking
caffeinated beverages can temporarily
cause a spike in your blood pressure,
but it's unclear whether the effect is

temporary or long lasting.

To see if caffeine raises your blood
pressure, check your pressure within
30 minutes of drinking a cup of coffee
or another caffeinated beverage you
regularly drink. If your blood pressure
increases by five to 10 points, you
may be sensitive to the blood pressure
raising effects of caffeine.
8. Reduce your stress
Stress or anxiety can temporarily
increase blood pressure. Take some
time to think about what causes you
to feel stressed, such as work, family,
finances or illness. Once you know
what's causing your stress, consider
how you can eliminate or reduce stress.
If you can't eliminate all of your
stressors, you can at least cope with
them in a healthier way. Take breaks
for deep-breathing exercises. Get a
massage or take up yoga or meditation.
If self-help doesn't work, seek out a
professional for counseling.
9. Monitor your blood pressure at
home and make regular doctor's
If you have high blood pressure,
you may need to monitor your blood
pressure at home. Learning to selfmonitor your blood pressure with an
upper arm monitor can help motivate
you. Talk to your doctor about home
monitoring before getting started.
Regular visits to your doctor are also
likely to become a part of your normal
routine. These visits will help keep tabs
on your blood pressure.
Have a primary care doctor. People
who don't have a primary care doctor
find it harder to control their blood
pressure. If you can, visit the same
health care facility or professional for
all of your health care needs.
Visit your doctor regularly. If your
blood pressure isn't well controlled, or
if you have other medical problems,
you might need to visit your doctor
every month to review your treatment
and make adjustments. If your blood
pressure is under control, you might
need to visit your doctor only every
six to 12 months, depending on other
conditions you might have.
10. Get support from family and
Supportive family and friends can
help improve your health. They
may encourage you to take care of
yourself, drive you to the doctor's
office or embark on an exercise
program with you to keep your blood
pressure low. Talk to your family and
friends about the dangers of high
blood pressure.
If you find you need support beyond
your family and friends, consider
joining a support group. This may put
you in touch with people who can give
you an emotional or morale boost and
who can offer practical tips to cope
with your condition.


Friday Jan 02, 2015



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We all know someone who has been affected by critical illness.

The good news is that survival rate from heart attack or cancer has
increased considerably in the last few years.
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Friday Jan 02, 2015

Continued From Last Week

A word of caution: some children
may find toilet training discouraging
or humiliating if they have too many
accidents in underwear. So it is a
good idea for the child to have some
"successes" either in diapers or pullups before you put underwear on.
With these thoughts in mind, we are
getting closer and closer to independent
toileting. Making sure your child is both
physically and psychologically ready,
and setting the stage are two of the most
important steps in toileting success!
OK! We're ready to start toilet training!
By the time you've finished with the
books), purchasing the potty chair and
underwear/pull-ups, most children will
have started making some associations
between peeing/pooping and the potty.
For some it may be peeing in his/her
diaper, announcing that she needs to pee
and running to the potty after the fact.
For others, it may be actual successes on
the potty. And yet, for others it may be
the mere recognition of peeing in his/her
diaper. This is the time to start watching
your child's body signals closely.
Most children will have a tell tale stance,
facial expression ("the look"), or routine
(running to another room) when having
a bowel movement. When you notice
that your child is about to have a bowel
movement (especially helpful if there is
a particular time of day your child does
it) this is the time to say "Shall we go
sit on the potty?" If willing, take your
child to the potty. Sometimes reading
books will help your child relax while
sitting on the potty. However, this may
also end up being a "reading fest" so I
would try to limit the book reading to
only what's necessary. Additionally,
some children may want "privacy" and
helping them sit on the potty and then
leaving (letting them know that when
they are done they should let you know)
may prove the most successful.
Recognizing when your child is urinating
is a bit harder. Some children, especially
as they get older and are voiding less
frequently, will stop momentarily to
pee. Some will even squat. Frequently
watching their fluid intake is more
helpful. If your child has had a large
amount of fluid, taking him/her to the
potty 30 minutes to an hour after drinking
will maximize success, and help your
child recognize the connection between
bladder fullness and peeing.
Every child is different, and some
children will be "bowel" trained before
being "bladder" trained and vice versa.
Whichever may be first, keep in mind
that it is usually one before the other and
not both simultaneously. Additionally,
day-time dryness almost always comes
before night-time dryness and may
precede it by several months.
Now that the process has started, here are
some additional things to keep in mind:
Patience! Patience! Patience!

Toilet training is a big process. Some

experts feel that it is the first and biggest
developmental step your child will take.
The process generally takes several
weeks to several months to complete.
Two steps forward, one step back.
Don't be discouraged if you have a few
good days followed by a few bad. Again,
it's a process that's going to take time.
Also keep in mind that when your child
is tired or upset this is the most common
time for accidents or setbacks to occur.
Know when to back off
If you are pushing too hard, your child
may "push" back with more accidents
and/or resistance. Take the control out of
the issue and step back. It is ok to take a
few days or even few weeks "off" . Your
child will recognize the power struggle is
gone and relax and respond to it.
A final word: As hard as it may be to
admit or realize, toilet training is truly
in the control of your child. All you can
do is be supportive and encouraging
and set the stage for success. Keep in
mind that your child will probably be
toilet trained when she is ready, NOT
necessarily when you are ready. If you
are experiencing major difficulties, it
may be time to sit back, re-examine the
situation and ask yourself if your child
is truly ready (see article on readiness).
If you are meeting up with a lot of
resistance in a child that is ready, it is
time to examine those issues.
While most children show signs of
physical readiness to begin using the toilet
as toddlers, usually between 18 months
and 3 years of age, not all children have
the intellectual and/or psychological
readiness to be potty trained at this age.
Signs of physical readiness can include
your being able to tell when your child
is about to urinate or have a bowel
movement by his facial expressions,
posture or by what he says, staying
dry for at least 2 hours at a time, and
having regular bowel movements.
Signs of intellectual and psychological
readiness include being able to
follow simple instructions and being
cooperative, being uncomfortable with
dirty diapers and wanting them to be
changed, recognizing when he has a
full bladder or needs to have a bowel
movement, being able to tell you when
he needs to urinate or have a bowel
movement, asking to use the potty chair,
or asking to wear regular underwear.
Things to avoid when toilet training your
child, and help prevent resistance, are
beginning during a stressful time or period
of change in the family (moving, new
baby, etc.), pushing your child too fast,
and punishing mistakes (treat accidents
and mistakes lightly). Be sure to go at your
child's pace and show strong encouragement
and praise when he is successful.
Even after he begins to use the potty,
it is normal to have accidents and for
him to regress or relapse at times and
refuse to use the potty. The process of
being fully potty trained, with your
child recognizing when he has to go

to the potty, physically goes to the

bathroom and pulls down his pants,
urinates or has a bowel movement in
the potty, and dresses himself, can take
time, often up to three to six months
for most children. Having accidents or
occasionally refusing to use the potty is
normal and not considered resistance.
While it is recommended that you don't
insist that he sits on the potty and you should
be prepared to delay training if he shows
resistance, at some point if his resistance
to using the potty persists, especially after
he is 3 -3 1/2 years old, then you should
consider him resistant to potty training and
you will need to change your methods.
Early on in the training, especially if your
child is less than 3 - 3 1/2 years old, resistance
should be treated by just discontinuing
training for a few weeks or a month and
then trying again. At this age (18 months to
3 years), resistance is usually because your
child just isn't ready to begin training.
Potty training resistance usually
occurs because your child has had a
bad experience at some point during
potty training, especially if he was
started before he was intellectually or
psychologically ready. Other times,
especially with strong willed or
stubborn children, it may have nothing
to do with your technique or timing,
and you may have done nothing wrong.
Reasons for developing a resistance to
potty training can include:
being scared to sit on the potty
flushing the toilet may have scared
him from wanting to sit on the
being pushed too early or fast
before he was ready severe
punishment for not using the potty
or being forced to sit on the potty
inconsistent training, especially
among different caregivers
he may have had a painful bowel
movement from being constipated. If
this is the case, treat his constipation
and wait until he is having regular,
soft bowel movements before you
begin training again.
or he may just be stubborn and
is involved in a power struggle
with his parents and is using his
control over where he has a bowel
he may enjoy the negative attention
he gets from not using the potty or
from having accidents
although rare, there are medical
conditions that can make it difficult
for your child to hold in or delay
urinating or having a bowel
movement. Discuss with your
Pediatrician if there are any medical
reasons why you may be having a
hard time teaching your child to use
potty, especially if he seems to have
other delays in his development.
At this point, if your child is totally
resistant to being potty trained, then
it is best to just make him responsible
for when he wants to use the toilet.


This includes not punishing him for

mistakes and not reminding him to use
the potty. If he seems fearful, you can
try and discuss calmly what it is about
using the potty that scares him.
While you may get a lot of negative
feedback from friends or family
members about not being more
aggressive with getting your child
potty trained, you should be firm and
let them know that you are working on
it and remind them that not all children
potty train at the same time.
In addition, it can be helpful if you:
establish a reward or incentive for
using the potty. This should include
lots of praise and attention when he
uses the potty. It can also include a
star or reward chart on which you
child can place stickers whenever he
uses the potty. After a certain number
of days that he has stickers, then he
can get a reward, such as toy, etc.
have your child be involved in
changing himself when he wets
or soils himself. This can include
getting a new diaper, taking the
dirty diaper off, cleaning himself
(although he will probably need
help after bowel movements), and
throwing the dirty diaper away.
At some point you can change him
into regular under ware. You can talk
about it beforehand and maybe have
a ceremony where he throws away
the left over diapers or you may just
decide not to buy any new ones. Now,
when he does wet or soil himself, you
can have him help to clean out his
under ware in the sink or bathtub. You
may even have him put them in the
washing machine and wait with you
while they are getting washed and
dried. He should then dress himself.
This method is not for everyone, but
is usually very effective. You can also
have him clean up after himself if he
wet or soiled the floor.
Limit him to having BMs in
the bathroom. This isn't always
possible, but is easy if he always
asks for a diaper just to have a
bowel movement. Next, have him
sit on the potty to have a bowel
movement, even if he continues
to wear his diaper. Then work on
getting his diaper off by opening it
and eventually taking it off. During
this process, you should give lots of
praise and rewards during each step.
If he is having a hard time
learning to use the potty, but isn't
necessarily resistant to the idea,
then developing a regular daily
routine of sitting on the potty for
five or ten minutes every few hours
may be helpful.
Most importantly, avoid physical
punishment for not using the potty,
even in an older child. It can be
appropriate to verbally let him know
that you disapprove of his not using
the potty, but this should not get to the
point of yelling, shaming or nagging.



The 7-Day Detox Plan

De-toxing can do more than make your
eyes sparkle and your skin glow it can
boost energy levels, improve digestion
and help shift a few unwanted kilos
While it may look like a fad diet no
grains, no alcohol, no milk, no sugar
(and no fun) a detox is far from a
quick fix for weight loss. The purpose
of any detox plan is to take the load off
the organs that detoxify the body the
liver, kidneys and bowel while at the
same time supporting and improving
their performance. If you want to fast
track your health, give your body a
break, or just want to detox diet for a
short time, follow this safe and do-able
seven-day program.
Join the body+soul revolution to
take advantage of our special 14day detox. You can then choose from
one of 3 10-week programs - Weight
Loss, Strength or Vitality Boost - and
start your journey to a new you in
What to do
Check your diary and mark a week
where you have a clean break from
functions or events that might derail
your detox, such as weddings, birthdays
or special occasion meals. Some people
may experience a 'cleansing' reaction
in the first few days of detox, including
headaches or loose bowel movements.
This is due to the sudden withdrawal of
certain foods, in addition to stimulation
of detoxifying organs. These symptoms
should subside in 24 to 48 hours.
Foods to avoid
Milk products (except cup
acidophilus each day)
Sugar, honey, maple syrup,
artificial sweeteners
Grains: wheat (bread, biscuits,
cakes, pasta), rye, barley, oats,
spelt and rice
Dried fruit
Foods to enjoy
Fruit: any and all fresh fruit
Vegetables: any and all fresh
Fish: fresh, canned in water or
olive oil
Lean red meat, chicken (without
the skin). Limit to two serves per
Legumes: dried or canned, such as
kidney beans, chickpeas, lentils
Eggs: preferably organic
Olive oil (preferably extra virgin),
Coconut oil (unprocessed)
Nuts: raw unsalted almonds,
walnuts, macadamias and cashews
Seeds: raw unsalted sesame,
pumpkin and sunflower seeds
Green tea, white tea, weak black
tea (decaffeinated)

Water: from one to three litres of

water per day
Detox plan for the next seven days
1. Morning lemon juice: This is an
oldie but a goodie to kick start the
digestion and cleanse the system.
Squeeze the juice of half a lemon in a
cup of hot water. Drink first thing in the
morning before breakfast.
2. Exercise: During detox aim to
exercise for one hour daily. And not
just any exercise something that
makes you pant and puff and raise a
sweat like a spin class, jog along the
beach, walking uphill, hot yoga or
boxing. Vigorous exercise increases
lymph flow and circulation to help
sweat out toxins.
3. Raw foods: Aim to cut out the
cooking process and eat mainly
raw foods. Raw foods contain more
nutrients and enzymes. Try adding
fresh sprouts to a salad daily.
4. Detox the mind: While you're
detoxing the body, it is good to clear the
clutter from the mind too. Aim for 15
minutes of meditation per day. If you
don't know how to meditate, try belly
breathing. Start by placing hands palm
down on your lower belly. Breathe in
through your nose, counting slowly to
3 or 4 counts. Feel your tummy rise
with the breath. Breathe out just as
slowly, allowing the belly to drop. Do
this for 15 minutes daily.
5. Drink: Aim to drink three litres
of fluid daily. This will help move
the lymph and support kidney
detoxification. Choose from pure
spring water, fresh vegetable juice and
herbal detox teas. Or make your own
brew by mixing one or a combination
of Dandelion root and nettle, cleavers,
calendula, burdock and red clover. Add
one teaspoon of the dried herbs to a cup
of boiling water. Leave to steep for five
minutes, strain and drink.
6. Body brushing: Doing this daily
will support circulation and increase
skin detoxification. Using a natural
fibre body brush, brush the skin with
firm circular strokes before you step
into the shower. Start from the feet and
hands, moving up the legs and towards
the arms, avoiding the delicate area of
throat and face, and any rash or sore
spots. Then jump in the shower. Finish
your shower with a one-minute burst
cold water which brings the blood
circulation to the skin.
7. Chew: Aim to chew each mouthful of
food 10 to 12 times before swallowing.
Bringing mindfulness to mealtimes
improves digestion, allowing you to
feel a sense of fullness without a need
to overeat.
Note: Don't detox if you are pregnant,
breastfeeding, elderly, have high
blood pressure, are underweight or
against your health practitioner's

Friday Jan 02, 2015

Lose Fat In Seven Steps

Slim down fast with these tried and
true fat burning tips.
With diet and exercise in mind, these
fit tips are designed specifically to shed
those pesky kilos.
1. Buy a skipping rope
Skipping is a high-intensity exercise
that you can do anytime, anywhere.
You only need a few minutes to give
your metabolic rate a serious jump start
that will help you burn more calories
for hours afterwards.
2. Replace all drinks with water
This includes alcohol! Hydration is an
important factor in optimal health and
weight loss. Liquid calories are also the
easiest to over-consume as they don't
fill you up. Water has zero calories and
no additives.
3. Two minute workouts
When you wake up, and when you get
home from work, do one to two minutes
of plyometric exercises such as star
jumps or burpees. Like skipping, they
max out your heart rate and boost your
metabolism in minimal time.
4. Cut the calories
Reduce calorie-dense complex carbs

and protein by replacing half your meal

with more salad and vegetables. They
are naturally low in calories and high
in fibre, so you will seriously reduce
the total number of calories you are
5. Count your steps
Get yourself a pedometer and make
sure you take at least 10,000 steps a
day. You have to be active every day
as well as exercising - not one or the
other, both! Get up more often in the
office and go for a walk during breaks.
6. Non stop for fat loss
Turn your weights session into a fatloss super-circuit. Don't rest between
sets. Do your exercises back to back
with no rest, too, then jump on a bike
for a two-minute cardio burn. Rest
briefly, then repeat your circuit three
7. Stretch out your workout
It's the end of the week so get out for
a slower but longer workout, such as a
long power walk, gentle swim or bike
ride. While intense exercise is great for
incinerating fat, long slow workouts
also have their place.

Foods Men Need To Eat

Here is a list of essential foods for good health

While many men are less conscious

about what they eat, experts say that
at times, eating healthy can mean
different things for men and women
because both sexes have their own set
of dietary requirements.
Tomatoes are also known as superfoods
because of their numerous benefits.
Tomatoes contain lycopene, which,
studies say help reduce the risk of
colorectal cancer, prostate cancer, heart
disease and lower cholesterol all
common ailments in men.
Oysters have high levels of zinc
essential for men's fertility and
sexual health. Zinc maintains healthy
testosterone levels and is excellent for
healthy sperm production. It is also
great for the hair.
Whole grains
Whole grains contain healthy levels
of vitamins, minerals and fibre. Whole
grains like oats and brown rice have
healthy amounts of B vitamins, good
for over-all well-being and they also
help alleviate depression. Studies also
say that folate can keep sperm healthy,
while biotin helps curb hair loss.
While garlic is known for the role it
plays in protecting the heart, it is said
that men who consume garlic regularly
have lower cholesterol levels.

Not only is salmon a great source

of protein, it is also a good source
of omega-3 fatty acids, which have
been linked to lowered levels of bad
cholesterol. They also reduce the risk
of heart disease, colorectal cancer,
prostate cancer and depression.
Experts say that blueberries have high
levels of proanthocyanidins, which
are linked to a reduced risk of prostate
cancer. Blueberries are also said to be
effective in reducing the risk of heart
disease, Type 2 Diabetes and agerelated memory loss.
Broccoli, as well as cabbage and
sprouts, contains a strong cancerfighting chemical called sulphoraphane,
which is said to reduce men's risk of
developing bladder cancer, prostate
cancer and colorectal cancer.
Suffering from hair loss? Make sure
you include eggs in your diet. Eggs
have high sources of protein, important
for hair growth. The yolk is also a good
source of iron.
Pomegranate juice
Pomegranate juice helps lower cholesterol
levels and prevent hypertension because
it is packed with vitamins, antioxidants
and minerals. Some studies have also
suggested that having pomegranate juice
daily can slow down the progress of
prostate cancer.

For Women/ Relationship

Get Rid Of That Double

Chin, At Home!

Is that double chin spoiling all your pretty pictures? Though surgery is an
easy way out to cut that ugly flab out, there are homemade remedies also
which can rescue you.
Chew any sugar free gum
a tablespoon of milk, small amount of
This is a kind of face exercise which peppermint essential oil, one tablespoon
helps you to tone your face muscles. of honey, and one tablespoon of lemon
Chewing a sugar free gum will give juice. Put all the ingredients in a bowl
your jaw line a workout that will yield and whisk it. Now apply this mask to
quick results. It also results in healthier the skin around your chin and neck
teeth and gums. Do this several times a area and allow it to dry for about forty
day to get best results.
five minutes. Once dry, rinse it off with
Cocoa butter
lukewarm water. Do this once daily to
Rub a few tablespoons of cocoa butter enjoy quick results.
on your throat and chin to get rid of Drink a lot of water
your double chin. Massage it gently This might sound a far-fetched plan
before going to bed or before going for but water plays an important role in
a shower. Cocoa butter improves the helping to lose weight and reduce the
elasticity of the skin.
appearance of double chin. Studies
Massage with wheat germ oil
have shown that lack of water can add
Wheat germ oil is great to get your chin weight to the face. Drinking at least 10in shape. Regular massages with the oil 12 glasses of water daily is necessary.
help tighten the skin and also provide Keeping the body hydrated is important
ample nourishment. Before going to and so is flushing out all the unwanted
bed, rub some oil gently on your neck toxins.
and throat. Massage for 20 minutes Glycerin mask
upwards from the bottom of the neck Make a natural mask with glycerin to get
to the chin. Leave the oil overnight for rid of double chin. Mix one tablespoon
best results.
of glycerin, half tablespoon of bath salts
Egg white facial mask
and a few drops of rose water. Apply the
You can make a homemade facial mixture directly to the neck and chin
mask to eliminate double chin fast area. Leave it for fifteen minutes. Wash
with the help of egg whites. To make the area thoroughly with tap water. Do
this, you need egg whites of two eggs, this three times a week.

Winter Beauty Tips For Women

With winter season here below are some tips for you to remain beautiful
With the onset of winters, it is time to fish and eggs are good supplements of
bring out your cold creams and warm lysine.
clothes. But there is a lot more to 3. For healthy locks: Nourish your
winters than just the woolen sweaters hair with hot oil on a regular basis
and hot soups. Taking care of one's to prevent them from getting dry.
beauty is equally important, especially Coconut oil is the best for the weather
in winters. Here's how conditions here.
1. For soft skin: Keep some shea 4. Shower friendly: Take warm
butter or jojoba oil handy to keep your showers. Hot showers might feel very
hands soft and smooth, especially after good on a cold day but they leave the
you have worked with water.
skin dry and flaky.
2. For beautiful lips: Lips need a lot 5. Moisturize: Moisturize your skin
of care in the cold weather. Lysine is with a good moisturizer without
important to maintain soft lips. Look fail. Apply moisturizer on your skin
for lip balms that contain caster oil, at least 30 minutes before you step
olive oil and cocoa butter. Food like out.

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Reasons Relationships Are

Not For You

There is this old saying that god has

created us all in pairs. So basically,
someone somewhere is waiting for
you. Actually, it doesn't work out
that easily if you go by statistics. The
current sex ratio is that there are 940
women for every 1000 men. That
means we are about 60 women short
technically. So, the 'pairs' philosophy
does not necessarily work. Don't worry,
relationships are not for everyone. May
be relationships are not for you.
It is not that you are not ready for
relationships. It is just that you are not
'made' for relationships. You cannot
understand why two people fall in love
and just decide to settle down. The
concept of marriage chokes you and
you think relationships are not worth it.
Relationships are so much hard work
that you just don't feel up to it.
The fabled 'void' that single people
are supposed to feel after a certain age
has never bothered you and you would
much rather say that you are not ready
for a relationship as of now. Every time
one of your friends gets hooked, you
think to yourself 'another one bites the
dust'. If these are your thoughts, then
relationships are not for you.
These are signs that you are simply not
meant to be in relationships.
All your friends are either married
or have babies
That means you are already above the
marriageable age by now. If love did
not happen to you when you were
young, then it will not be able to fool
you when you are old and wise.
You prefer chocolate to sex
They say that chocolate heals
everything including a broken heart.
Some say that chocolate can even stifle
your natural libido. Who would bother
getting into a relationship when you
can just hog on chocolates.
You hate sharing food
You are already in love; but it is with
food. You are big eater and prefer
eating by yourself. So, it gets really

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Friday Jan 02, 2015

awkward when someone is there to

share food from your table.
You enjoy your alone time
Everybody needs their space. But you
love your 'me' time a little more than
the others. You cannot swallow the
idea of sharing your entire life with
You love dating different people
You love dating people casually. In this
way, you get to meet so many different
people and learn so many different
things. Being in a relationship with one
person is just so boring.
You love 'being' in the friend zone
It is so easy and happy to be 'friends'
with someone from the opposite sex.
Needless to say that it is so difficult and
exhausting to be in a relationship with
a person from any sex. If those are your
thoughts, then relationships are not for
You have never experienced a broken
You could never understand why your
friends got so tearful after a breakup
because you personally never felt
a thing other than relief after your
You can't remember your last break
You were in a serious relationship some
time back but you guys broke up. Was
it 5 years back or did that happen in
college? Still thinking? You are clearly
not relationship material.
You can't recall you ex's names
People can slip up on their spouse's
name but they always remember the
name of that significant ex. It's called
the one that got away. But now that you
think about it, you cannot remember
the name of single guy or girl you
dated in the past.
You like the freedom to be dirty and
Personal hygiene is not one of your
high points. You hate the idea of
waxing your legs every month or
shaving every week. It is much
cooler to stay single and lie in your
own filth.

What Shouldn't Be Said To

Curvy Women
Size zero is trendy, but women who don't come under the category are

subjected to harsh comments. It's high time people should stop calling them
big or unattractive.
We share some of the comments which - Don't worry, I like thick girls.
shouldnt' be used for plus size women: - Did you gain weight because you're
- You should wear black.
afraid of attracting men?
- Have you ever thought about lap band - You'd be so pretty if you lost weight.
- When are you due?
- You're big-boned, that's all.
- My friend lost so much weight on this
- If you ate less, you'd lose the weight. great diet.
- What happened?
- You shouldn't wear stripes or polka
- I wish I enjoyed food like you.


Friday Jan 02, 2015

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Glazed Pineapple Pie

Friday Jan 02, 2015

Butterfly Prawns
12 Large prawns
1 tbsp Chinese wine or dry sherry
1 Clove garlic, crushed
2 tbsp Light soy sauce
1 Egg, beaten
Breadcrumbs for coating
Peanut oil for deep frying
1/2 tsp Finely grated fresh ginger
1/2 Cup corn flour
Salt to taste
How to make Butterfly Prawns:

1 can (20 ounces) crushed pineapple
Pastry for double-crust pie (9 inches)
3/4 cup flaked coconut
1 cup sugar
1/4 cup all-purpose flour
1/4 teaspoon salt
1 tablespoon lemon juice
1 tablespoon butter, melted
tablespoons juice (discard remaining
juice or refrigerate for another use);
set pineapple aside. Line a 9-in. pie
plate with bottom pastry; trim pastry
even with edge of plate. Sprinkle with

In a small bowl, combine the sugar,

flour, salt, lemon juice, butter and
pineapple. Spread over coconut. Roll
out remaining pastry to fit top of pie;
place over filling. Trim, seal and flute
edges. Cut sits in pastry. Add decorative
cutouts if desired.
Cover edges loosely with foil. Bake
at 400 for 30 minutes. Remove foil;
bake 5-10 minutes longer or until crust
is golden brown and filling is bubbly.
In a small bowl, combine the
confectioners' sugar, extract and
enough of the reserved pineapple juice
to achieve glaze consistency. Drizzle
over warm pie. Cool on a wire rack.
Store in the refrigerator.

Cucumber Mango Salsa ingredients

1 ripe mango, diced.
1 small cucumber, diced.
1 tablespoon of red onion, minced.
teaspoon of chili powder.
teaspoon of cumin.
1 tablespoon of seasoned rice vinegar.

Juice of 1 lime.
Instructions for Cucumber Mango
Mix together all of the ingredients and
allow to sit in your refrigerator for
around 30 minutes.
Serve over grilled fish, or as a side dish
to poultry.

Cucumber Mango Salsa


Shell the prawns don't remove the tails

Remove black veins
From the interior curve, cut the meat
leaving the thin layer on the back
Mix prawn, soy sauce, garlic, wine,
salt & ginger
Dip prawns into corn flour
Now dip the prawns into the beaten
Use breadcrumbs for coating
Fry the prawns properly until they
become crispy.

Caribbean Lamb Chops

3/4 cup water
1/3 cup lemon juice
1/3 cup chopped onion
1 tablespoon packed brown sugar
1 tablespoon chopped green onion
1 tablespoon canola oil
3/4 teaspoon salt
3/4 teaspoon ground allspice
3/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon
3/4 teaspoon ground black pepper
1/2 teaspoon dried thyme, crushed
1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper, or to
6 pieces lamb chops, 1/2 inch thick

Combine water, lemon juice, onion,

brown sugar, green onions, oil, salt,
allspice, cinnamon, black pepper,
thyme, and cayenne pepper in a blender
or food processor. Blend until smooth.
Reserve 1/2 cup for basting.
Place lamb chops in shallow glass dish.
Pour remaining marinade over the
meat. Cover, and refrigerate at least 12
hours, but no longer than 24 hours.
Preheat grill for medium heat. Place
grate 4 to 5 inches above heat source.
Oil the grill grate. Arrange chops on
grate, and discard marinade. Cover
grill, and cook chops for 10 minutes,
turning once, or to desired doneness.


Aries Predictions 2015

This year, Aries would participate in

many auspicious functions and place
themselves in a much better position,
both socially and financially. They
would radiate positive energy to
everyone around them.
As Aries zodiac people are often the
leader who lead the way and are never
skeptic of trying out new things, this
year would be no different for them.
This year they would be seen as good
researchers. They would do all tasks
willingly and with a lot of geniuses in it.
Their property related disputes or any
pending matters would be decided
amicably towards the end of the year
2015. On the home front, they would
be passionate about their partner and
would avoid hurting them intentionally.
Love & Relationships
A change in private life is predicted
for Aries born during the year 2015.
Single people are likely to have new
acquaintances, which might result in
new love affairs. Romance and love
life would be filled with harmony
and passion. Those involved in a
relationship would find themselves
growing closer to their partner during
the year 2015. Aries people who are
single and looking for a partner, would
sure come across one this year. If you
are already in a relationship, you might
decide to finalize this relationship.
For those who are married, children
would be a source of great happiness.
Aries born believe in loyal and faithful
relationship. However, the relationship
needs to be stimulating and should
keep them occupied and interested.
Hence, partners of Aries folks need to
keep this in mind.
This year, people born under Aries
would get rid of all past relationships,
and complications would be resolved
easily. A fresh start is very much likely
to happen where the Aries would feel
loved and caressed by someone special.
Those who had been separated by fate
would catch up.
Profession and Finances
For Aries natives, astrologers foresee
that the year 2015 would begin on
an excellent note for their finances.
It is also a period of rapid growth
and fulfillment. Those born under
Aries would observe fruition of their
personal desires and witness a boost in
their career as planets quietly arrange
into a perfect position to help them get
Students would show increased interest
and enthusiasm on their academic
front and would be able to overcome
competition easily. It appears that they
would be moving into a completely
new realm, where they would need to
learn new things and stretch to meet
new standards of excellence.
Things would change for the better
in the period between might 2015
and August 2015. Aries folks would
experience an increase in their

Friday Jan 02, 2015

confidence and would tackle all their

tasks with renewed energy.
Financial horoscope for the year 2015
reveals that there would be positive
developments. Creativity can be
effectively used in work which could
translate into success. Rivals would
be quite active but Aries individuals
would be able to counter their moves.
If you wish to invest your surplus
money, do so after August 2015 as the
period is good for buying or selling
of precious possessions, accumulate
wealth and to make long term assets.
You are advised to avoid depending on
others for your work and channelize
your energies properly by staying calm
Family & Social Life
2015 is predicted to be a year of new
friendships and getting together. The
year would bring pleasant atmosphere
in home and family with lots of parental
support and blessings from elders.
There might be addition of some new
members in the family. A joyful news
is foreseen too.
It is expected that spouses and friends
of Aries men and women would prove
to be a great support and help at the time
of need. Elderly couples would enjoy
harmonious and peaceful relationship
in the serene environs of home.
You need to think from every angle
before taking any decision for the
family life during the months of
January, April, September and October
of 2015. Aggressiveness in your
attitude would not yield any results in
family matters
Most of the overseas travels planned
by Aries people to acquire education
or pursue a career would most likely
mature this year. Those who are
looking for the jobs offers from a
large organization are most likely to
get through. Newly married couples
would travel overseas soon after their
marriage and have a good time.
Aries would feel more energetic in the
beginning of 2015. This is a good year
for them to sit and relax although,
body ache can trouble in February
and December. Failure, hesitation,
and procrastination in career could
affect physical health as well as selfconfidence in the month of might.
For those who have been suffering
from mental stress and depression,
things are likely to get better. Stress
and strain could take a toll on them if
they move away from their birth place.
Negligence towards health can't be
afforded during the year 2015. Positive
attitude would bring good vibes in life
and would stabilize physical status.

Taurus Predictions 2015

Taurus people are very friendly in

nature, caring and they would never
turn you back empty hand when you
approach them for help. Taurus zodiac
people can be a great example and role
model for other and are always guiding

people on the right path. Taurians

hate monotony and boredom and do
everything to make their work exciting
and interesting.
Their priority, in the year 2015, should
be to ensure security and stability in
every aspect of life. This year successes
would come from active support of
their partner both in the professional
as well as in their personal lives. Their
stars are offering Taurus individuals
a chance to apply their skills and
professional knowledge. Frequent
trips, new ideas and new contacts are
possible to occur. They might need to
challenge their routine to keep their
mind open to all that is new
Love & Relationships
Taurus horoscope for 2015 points out
that if they are already in a committed
relationship, then the year would be
smooth as there would be no obstacles
in their way. Married would fall in
love with their mate again bringing
the charm and excitement back in their
routine live. Singles would be able to
find their partner, and couples who
were in a relationship for long period
of time would get married.
This year all Taurus people should
try to be happy with their partners
and cherish the moments. Tour and
get-togethers would bring their loved
ones close and mutual understanding
would grow stronger. Chances are
that someone they secretly love might
break their heart. Hence, Taurus folks
need to strengthen their relationships
and persuade their life partner carefully
in matter of difference in thoughts.
Also, if they have genuine feelings for
someone, then it is the year 2015 is the
best time to communicate.
It is anticipated that this year, Taurus
people in partnership would find their
lovers in a giving and sympathetic
mood. There would be lot of passion
and harmony in their love life. If they
are married and have children, they
would be source of happiness and
great satisfaction. Those who have
just started off with a new relationship
would find a strong desire in
themselves as well as in their partner to
remain together. Astrologers envisage
that the enormous appeal, uniqueness
and natural charm of a Taurus person
would help them become the centre of
the attraction for members from the
opposite sex.
You would have to use all your
persuasive skill to make the other see
reason in matters of love and marriage.
People who have already chosen their
life partner would find a place to settle
down with him/her after marriage
Profession and Finances
Taurus people must focus and pursue
their career and profession with single
minded determination this year. It is
predicted that legacy and ancestral
property matters might get solved in
their favour though they might have to
spend some money for it.

Some of them could feel, this year

2015 in the month of March, that your
desired field has dried up and this
might force Taurus folks to formulate
new schemes. Lift in role and increase
in responsibility is also foreseen for
Taurus during the mid of the year.
Financially the matters would improve
and they would make rapid success in
their career. Although, career planning
needs to be revised under the guidance
of experts to get better result. Taurus
people should go ahead and let an
increasing executive take them under
the wings. Business trips would be
refreshing and fruitful.
organizations would receive offers
from multinational firms. Students
would make up mind to study for the
competitive exam and get success there.
Taurus people dwelling in the field of
creativity would get recognition. Those
keen to take part in competitive exam
or sports would emerge successful.
The employed working on middle
level would now get challenging jobs
as the head of their department.
Do not make any commitment in haste
for there are many changes foreseen
this year in terms of your studies, jobs,
or location. Any kind of investment
in gambling should be avoided. Stay
positive and use your time off to
develop your creative talents
Family & Social Life
Peace and tranquility would prevail
on family front during 2015. An
outing with friends would prove most
rejuvenating. Taurus individuals would
benefit with the support received from
their friends and well-wishers from
time to time. Domestic bliss would
be enhanced and an auspicious event
would call for a celebration.
Astrologers expect Taurus folks
family scenario showing different hues
in the year 2015. Some of them might
move into a new home that had been
their dream for long. Those looking to
get married would find the right partner
by the middle of the year and married
people would be blessed with a child.
This is a good time to rekindle bonds
and strengthen old ties. Children in the
family would bring joy and happiness.
Married couple would be blessed with
harmony and love that would fill their
life with contentment.
This year brings a lot of short travels
related to creative ventures for Taurus
leading to huge expenses. Some of the
natives might have to move away from
their own places due to unavoidable
circumstances. Student might also
prosper in higher education away from
home. Foreign travel and residence
abroad might not result in happiness.
Those who are in abroad might get a
chance to reunite with the family.
Try not to get involved in any kind of
controversy and avoid travelling as
much as possible as your stars show

Friday Jan 02, 2015

chances of an accident
Health horoscope of 2015 for Taurus
reveals that their health would generally
be fine but they might need to exercise
hard. Negligence might cause certain
serious issues like increase in sugar
level, blood pressure and cholesterol.
Proper exercise and diet needs to
be followed on time. Seniors might
complain of joint pain, especially
backache or pain in shoulder.
This year Taurus people must
understand the importance of health
and manage time from their hectic
schedule to follow a strict routine.
Some of you are likely to make the
gym a part of your life and get reap
benefit on the health front. Meditation
would help you fight with stress.

Gemini Predictions 2015

According to astrology prediction,

Geminis leadership qualities would
shine this year in 2015. Gemini
people are never afraid to try out
new experiences and getting into the
unknown. This year their concentration
and work efficiency levels would show
an improvement and communicating
with people would be another key
factor in broadening the horizons of
their mind. Those who have been
troubling them would be penalized
by legal authorities and Gemini folks
would be relieved of all the stress.
Those were unsatisfied with their
present job can look forward to some
major changes in their career. Those
in the field of academics are likely to
do well. There would be substantial
increase in their inclination towards
religious and spiritual pursuit during
the year 2015. Change in personal and
professional life would play a vital
role in their progress. There would be
a lot of activities centering family and
Love & Relationships
Astrologers foresee great harmony
and passion in Gemini love life which
would please them during a major
part of the year 2015. Newlyweds can
experience a little turbulence in their
married life initially but the things
would settle down quickly.
This is very stable year 2015 for you on
emotional fronts for Gemini men and
women. Their bonds with their partner
would strengthen and they would
spend some quality time with them.
There would be love and contentment
in their relationships. However,
September may bring some discontent
or misunderstanding. Gemini people
should try to be optimistic about
situation and deal with it in a friendly
manner. They might come across
certain information which would help
them understand their partner and the
direction of their relationship better.
For those who are already engaged or
are in a relationship with someone,
then this year would help them turn
this into a long lasting bond. If they are

planning to get married this is the good

year 2015
Profession and Finances
2015 is the year of healing and putting
things back together for people of
Gemini zodiac. The atmosphere of
work would be cordial. Those who had
been working with foreign delegates
would receive new contact which
would boost their career. The year
2015s Finance horoscope for Gemini
reveals that those who are looking for a
job would not be disappointed as there
are many opportunities heading their
way. New business opportunity for
businessmen and promotion for those
working in any organization.
It is anticipated by astrologers that
someone with whom Gemini might
have worked previously would come
up with a business or job offering
remarkable pay packet or partnership.
Individual who are seeking to move
to a particularly preferred place could
have their wish fulfilled this year.
The year 2015 is going to be a lucky
year for studies and education for
Gemini students. They would enroll
themselves for higher education or
specialized studies and would do well.
It is expected that many of Gemini
folks shall be blessed with a surplus
of assets. There is also high possibility
that they shall make some money out of
gift or inheritance. A shift in planetary
positions suggests property related
matters turning favorable for them this
Good preparation would keep you in
contention in a competitive situation.
Your fight to claim financial rights can
now come to an end as the judiciary
would decide in your favor. Rising
expenses could be effectively tackled
by cutting inessential costs
Family & Social Life
The home and social life horoscope for
Gemini shows their family staying as
their backbone in all ups and downs,
and hence, they should enjoy every
moment with their loved ones. 2015 is
the year when Gemini would identify
their real friends and strengthen their
bonds with them. chances of receiving
benefits from maternal side are high.
Those Gemini born who are married
would share perfect rapport with their
partner and with other members of the
family. Their families would be the
reason of their happiness and Geminis
new appealing ideas would impress
everyone around. Youngsters would
find comfort in the company of a new
Try to bring peace and understanding
among everyone in your family and do
not let things affect you mentally
It is foreseen for people born under
Gemini zodiac sign that chances of
travelling for professional reasons,
educational tours, family outing,
religious reasons are quite high.
Astrologers predict that if Gemini

people are planning to study abroad,

they might not get satisfactory results.
It is best for them to stick to their
original plan rather than take risk.
They might face a lot of inconvenience
while travelling which would lead to
If you are undertaking long distance
travelling you might come across
some problem or disturbance, such as
misplacing or lose of your luggage, so
you need to be careful
A good health overall is predicted for
people born under Gemini zodiac.
They would feel strong and would be
able to cope with most challenges.
They might even enroll themselves for
a regular fitness program. However,
little chances of certain disorder such as
cold and headaches due to irregularity
in health regime are also foreseen this
Hard-work would fetch rewards and
a happy atmosphere at home would
help Geminis remain cheerful and
optimistic in 2015 resulting in good
health and vitality. Carelessness could
however, lead to problems related to the
liver and gastric system. Maintaining
a regular routine is essential. Being
burdened by a physical task is also
anticipated but they would have the
energy to complete it. A healthier and
disciplined lifestyle would be a good
way to end the year 2015

Cancer Predictions 2015

Cancer zodiac people always like

being occupied with something rather
than sitting idle and wasting their time.
Cancers are very honest and sincere
about their work and have a competitive
attitude as well. 2015 is an year about
growth, both in their personal as well
as professional sphere. Their warm and
affable nature would help them win
people over which in turn, would make
things smooth for them.
A rise in support from seniors and people
in government position is possible. The
year 2015 would be a great period to
propel Cancer individuals to a much
higher position in the corporate ladder.
They shall be very confident and
optimistic in changing their life that are
pretty bold and courageous. Their 2015
horoscope reflects honest and timely
efforts turning out to be advantageous
to brighten up their career and family
life. The year 2015 has something
exceptional for them
Love & Relationships
The year would give Cancer-born
positive vibes for love and relationship.
They would get rid of all past
relationship and all the complication
would come to an end easily. Married
people would be very content with
their partner and singles would enjoy
meeting new, attractive, and highly
compatible people who would touch
their sentimentality.
However, they might face certain
difficulties in managing time between


love life and family. Their improving

financial status would help them enjoy
their love life to be fullest. At the end
of the year 2015, Cancer people would
be able to tie the knot with the support
of family. Those who are not involved
in any love relationship would also get
their prospective life partner. Romance
is one thing that would be available in
plenty to the Cancer born. Someone
they secretly admire is likely to set their
heart aflutter on the romantic front.
Astrologers predict that there is high
possibility to major changes in Cancer
people's lives this year. However, these
changes would be good for their future.
It is possible that they might recognize
the quality of their all their relationships
and work towards improving them.
If you think about and try to expect
a bit less from your partner then you
would be able to bring new romance in
your relationship. The year 2015 you
would have a much more serious tone
towards love matters
Profession and Finances
It is estimated that this year someone
would surely make Cancer folks rethink
the entire career path. Those who are
in business would be lucky enough to
crack good deals in matters of property,
machinery and equipments. There
would be pressures from youngsters
who may desire the freedom to choose
their course of career or even their
association. Unemployed Cancer
people may find a suitable job and
a new venture could be kick started.
Employed would be able to perform up
to the expectation of their boss.
investments is predicted. As for new
investment it would be best if they are
made them after consulting financial
experts. Business people would restructure their organization. The
employed would get to work on a
challenging project that would test their
skill and give them on hand experience
to prove their merits. Initial setback in
education would make students to get
down to serious hard-work in order
to complete their educational course
Astrologers foresee Cancer individuals
reputation as a person growing and
their work gaining recognition. 2015
Cancer astrology reflects that these
people shall gain knowledge that
would enhance their skills, thereby
strengthening their position at work.
A major part of their profit would get
diverted to operational activities and
perhaps in expansion work. This is a
good year 2015 for those planning to
start a new venture. Business person
would manage to raise capital to start
something new.
Don't be afraid of taking risky decision
for your professional career as it would
yield good result gradually. There is
no need to drastically cut down on
spending as your financial condition is
set for improvement. Sharpening your


Friday Jan 02, 2015

observation and listening skills would

be of much help as you scale up
Family & Social Life
There would be many good occasions
this year and, peace and happiness
would prevail in family. There would
be celebrations and new purchases.
Cancers would get all the support and
motivation that they want from their
loved one. The only issue that may
require a little attention is the health
of a member in their extended family.
Fortunately, this doesn't seem to take
a serious turn. Cancer born may feel
spiritually inclined in this 2015 and
may organize many such observances
at home. Their lovely nature and
intelligence would bind their family
happily and peacefully.
The Cancerians should remain cautious
while getting involved into a new
relationship. Some of you may have to
move residence due to some legal issue
within the family. A family elder may
give an invaluable advice and show
you the way. An invitation is likely to
expand your social circle during the
start of the year
Chances of travelling, domestic or
abroad, for higher studies or creative
ventures are high during 2015. Being
in a new place, the Cancer zodiac
people may want to expand their
horizon and taking a trip for that would
be a wonderfully enriching experience
Health wise, the beginning of 2015
doesnt seem so favorable for Cancer
men and women. So a superior care is
needed. It is predicted by astrologers
that those who are already suffering
from a disease might need extra care
for recovery. Students and working
people should focus on their goal as
extra responsibility might distract
their mind. Plenty of rest and plenty
of fresh air and exercise should be
enough to keep them functioning. The
elderly may need to take precaution in
their diet and activities to stay healthy
and fit. They might have to undergo a
minor surgery too.
Neglecting your health can be a reason
for your wealth loss. Maintain regular
exercise to keep your weight under
control. Maintain decent level of
activity and stay away from negative
thoughts. The things are sure to
improve from April 2015.

Leo Predictions 2015

The year, 2015, would bring new hopes

and positive change in life for Leo
zodiac people. They might visit many
places of religious prominence and
also enroll in some kind of spiritual
service. This year, they would place
themselves in a much better position
both socially and financially. There is
a hint of obstacle in their way but they
need not worry as they would overcome
the entire barrier with positive attitude.
Leos are sharp at analyzing things and
careful evaluation of pros and cons
would reap many benefits for them.

Their family might encourage them

to put their hands into something
risky. They would also receive strong
support from their near and dear ones.
This year for Leo, a new project would
place them in the limelight and with
a little patience they would be able
to reach success too. Some of them
might be attracted towards religion
too. If any of the Leo-born are aspiring
for professional sports, the time is
right to get trained under an expert.
Accompanying someone to a friends
place is possible this year 2015
Love & Relationships
It is foreseen by astrologers that
married couples would have to balance
time and importance between their
life-partner and friends. Loyalty
towards relationship is very important.
Leo horoscope reveals that if Leos are
already in a committed relationship,
then it could get unstable as the year
brings some ups and downs with it.
There is a strong possibility of a serious
relationship with marriage as the end
goal near the mid of 2015.
Prediction for Leo says that their
true love would find them and their
relationship would turn to a concrete
bond with family support. They might
also fall in love with someone by
networking or through social sites.
There would be chance of developing
external affair which could have
adverse effect on their marital life
this year. A proper cooperation from
both sides of the relationship would
be necessary to make it stable and
Leo individuals would need to keep
themselves cool and hold onto their
patience in times of arguments.
Overall the year 2015 for Leo natives
would be very close to their heart as
they would have a gala time with their
loved ones. Love is in the air so a good
time on the romantic front is expected
in the month of February. Some of
them might decide to accept things
as they are and make compromises
in their married life especially if they
have been married for long. Those who
have been awaiting divorce would now
receive it easily
Profession and Finances
Performance of Leo natives on the
academic and professional front might
prove to be a mixed bag in this year.
Working on weaknesses without
ignoring strengths would be the right
step. Their business would expand
and reach newer heights. Finance
horoscope reveals high probability of
purchasing a house this year.
The year 2015 would also bring better
opportunity and extra responsibilities
so it is necessary to choose task
according to ability. Those who have
suffered financial setback last year
would recover their money with huge
profit margin. Hence, financially, 2015
would be a strong year and Leos would
make a great deal of money. Money
flow is unabated as there could be an

additional income from a different

source in the middle of the year. Leo
would do best in their career and might
receive a handsome remuneration.
However, they need to remain very
cautious with every step. Those looking
for raising funds for a new venture
would be successful. Repayment of
loans taken for property would be easy.
Students would have a successful year
and would do exceptionally well in
their forthcoming exams. Astrologers
predict that participating in individual
sports and games would win them
medals in national and state level
sports event.
You should be careful about being
egoistic and over-aggressive. Keep
your ideas secret and stay positive.
Be loyal to yourself and committed to
hard-work to see positive changes. You
are advised to be patient and not overreact to tricky situations and make
further mistakes
Family & Social Life
2015 horoscope for Leo reveals that
busy schedule and paucity of time
might make these people skip a family
function. Patience is the key to a
harmonious household. Their patience
and compassion would ensure that their
family loves and supports them. Health
of an elderly family member might
become a cause of major concern and
require time and attention. Leo social
life would be full of enjoyment. Theyd
get appreciation from family and
relatives for success. It is foreseen by
astrologers that organizing a function
or events can drain Leo people and
keep them on the edge during this
year. Also, their sincerity and sense of
responsibility would help them retain
their marriage
Probability of travelling to domestic
place is high for Leo zodiac people
this year 2015. They might also have
to travel to a new city for a family
festival or celebration. Travel by road
would be safer than go by air or train.
A trip to some religious place during
the month of September and October
is also foreseen and so is staying away
from home for work related tours. In
fact travelling would take up a lot of
time this year. A possibility of falling
in love with someone from a foreign
country or while visiting foreign lands
is also expressed
Leo mental and physical status would
be stable throughout the year. However,
this is the time when a proper care of
health would give them good results.
Their biggest challenge in 2015 would
be finding time to relax and take life
at a steadier pace. Some of the Leo
individuals might be prone to asthma
and hence must not neglect even a
minor infection.
Health horoscope says that following
medical advice as far as drinking and
eating habits are concerned is a must or

the Leo might be inviting a trouble for

themselves. Also, if they are not being
regular in their exercise routine, it is
likely to affect their health adversely.
However, most of them would stay fit
and fine during the year 2015.
You would need to be careful while
driving as injury is likely. Also watch
against any contagious disease taking
a toll on you. Keeping a positive frame
of mind would help you stay fit and

Virgo Predictions 2015

This year, it is predicted for the Virgoborn that they would work in a much
more organized manner to accomplish
their desired goals. Their selfconfidence and decision making ability
would fetch them laurels. They would
believe more in their abilities and their
faith in the almighty shall be revived.
There would be some challenging
time interspersed with encouraging
breathers. Virgo horoscope reflects
that they would be attracting everyone
around them through their confidence
and charming behavior. Their mind
would be flooded with new creative
ideas for the benefit of organization as
well as the humanity.
Always keep an open mind to be able
to receive ideas that would give a
proper shape to your learning curve.
Your words would reflect your attitude,
so tactful use of language would help
in handling situations better this year
Love & Relationships
Overall, the year 2015 is going to be a
good year for romance but with some
minor hurdles. Bestowing life partner
with love and care would enrich love
and relationships. Practical thinking
and tactful use of time and works
would help in retaining peace in love
life. It is predicted for Virgos that
couples in a committed relationship
might face obstacle in their path to
next level. Hence, avoiding any kind
of minor differences is recommended.
They need to swipe away negative
thoughts and retain their faith in their
partner as this would nurture their
relationship. Compromise is the key in
keeping the channel of communication
open at all times. Getting aggressive
might affect relationship badly.
Married couples might face some
trouble but they would get sorted by
the second half year and understanding
and harmony would prevail in their
Virgo horoscope for 2015 created by
Astrologers reveals that time is an
important factor for every relationship,
and so Virgo people should not let
their work pressure ruin their personal
life. If there is an existing committed
relationship, their partner is going to
be a valuable source of grounding for
them. Those Virgo people waiting to
meet their life partner would find their
true match and would be successful
in trying the knot this year in 2015.
Also, those who have been awaiting


Friday Jan 02, 2015

response for someone special, good

news is coming their way
Profession and Finances
During the year 2015, Virgo would
begin to notice more income coming
their way, helping them have a more
substantial bank account. It is advised
that Virgos this year must continue
with their present job and avoid falling
for any attractive offers to switch over.
Those who are close to retirement
would receive a large chunk of money
as a reward for their service. Virgoborn should strive to move towards
their goals as sincere efforts and hardwork would get them desired results.
Their dream to reach the top position
in their career would see the limelight
during the year 2015. Those in creative
field can have a tough time roping in
clients. However, this is also the year
to pull out unseen talents to get nearer
to success.
It is expected that Virgo natives might
also renovate their old home or buy
a new property, but they should clear
all debts before making any such
investments. Previous arrears could
strengthen them financially and enable
them realize their dreams. It is a good
year for young entrepreneurs to begin
and they would succeed in the new
initiatives they take during the year
2015. A sense of achievement would
prevail for those doing business from
home. 2015 is also a good year for
Virgos if they have been thinking
about going back and achieving higher
It is better to switch from those
projects not yielding any result rather
than wasting time and money on them.
There might even be a chance you
would receive an inheritance or some
sort of financial windfall. You need to
manage to stabilize expense and bring
yourself into the saving mode
Family & Social Life
A bit of arguments and disagreements
between parents, children and married
couples are likely during the first
quarter of the year. Some of the
Virgos might move out of joint family
residence if the matter is not resolved.
However, the things would not be out
of control forever and they are sure to
get better by the mid of 2015. Those
wanting to study abroad or out of town
would find their families supportive.
Family responsibilities might not leave
them much time for enjoyment so it
is on them to find time. During the
middle phase of 2015, situation would
improve socially as Virgo folks would
establish very strong contact which
would prove beneficial in the long run.
Some individuals might be worried due
to childrens problem. They might also
feel that they are not getting enough
attention from their loved one or kids.
However, keeping patience would
solve much of the issues
The year 2015 would bring opportunity

for Virgo to see the world. Students

planning to study abroad would
receive their student Visa and get other
good things going on for them in the
months of May, June, September and
November. Chances of Virgo people
facing a location change during the
year are highly likely. 3rd quarter of the
year would be best for this. Travelling
abroad and getting an advanced degree
are among other possibilities in the
Some of the Virgo native would start
a new work or open a branch office
in another city. Virgo horoscope for
2015 shows ample opportunities for
travel including overseas travel that
would bring gain. They might plan of
a world trip thinking of it as a learning
Astrologers foresee that in 2015
there is no indication of severe health
problem for Virgo. Although there is
no indication of major illness, minor
ones on and off and especially chronic
recurrences might make them feel
anxious and irritated. A sound sleep
and regular exercise would protect
them from any nerve or blood pressure
issue which might crop up here and
there during the year. A sincere health
check up due to some reasons is also
expected, and this might alert them to a
possible danger. Hence, it is necessary
to modify dietary pattern drastically
for continued good health.

Libra Predictions 2015

This year planning and prioritizing

would be a Libras strength. This is a
going to be a good period for them to
enhance and build contacts. This is also
an auspicious year to fetch brownie
points and demonstrate an impact. As
all the nagging issues would get settled
in their favor and they would overcome
obstacles that have been blocking their
path to success. For some Librans,
2015 may be a bit struggling but with
the help and support of close friends
they would be able to honour their
commitments. Influential people may
also come to their rescue bringing
in financial aid. Work that combines
humility and high thinking would do
wonders for them during this year.
Libra native thinking to buy a new
vehicle would most likely buy it.
Don't shy away from asking help when
you don't understand something or
don't get a process right. A professional
venture is also set to give you your first
taste of success
Love & Relationships
The year 2015 is lucky for the Libra
natives as they are going to shine
brightly with a good luck in love and
family life. Gradually, they would make
more money and spend them on their
loved ones. For those who are already
in a relationship, it would be best to
try to imbibe some fresh passion to
renew the sparks. Chances are also that
Libra people may get so busy trying

to have good time by themselves that

loved ones feel neglected and ignored.
The key to solving any disagreements
is to keep a balanced head and to
communicate calmly.
Libra Horoscope for 2015 reflects that
their efforts to rev up their love life
would be rewarded. Their patience
and dedication would help them settle
peacefully. Those looking for suitable
accommodation are likely to find one.
A change of strategy is certainly going
to help those looking for romance.
However, they need to be cautious
before getting involved into a new love
relationship. In this year, they would
have to be prepared to shoulder all their
responsibility towards their life partner
with love and care. Their helpful nature
is set to boost their name on the social
Libra natives should not haste or get
into any commitment in a hurried
fashion. If you are still single, chances
are that you shall find your soul mate
during the first quarter of the year.
Don't let any third person interfere in
your love and relationship, especially
in the month of June and July. Do
not ignore your personal life and do
spend time with loved ones and family
Profession and Finances
Efforts would be successful if looking
for a job through competitions or
exams. Libra people this year should
tread with care and avoid all kind of
risks. It is predicted by astrologers that
those Libra students who are aiming
for higher studies would not only find
the right opportunity but would also do
well in their chosen fields.
An important financial arrangement is
on its way which may prove windfall
gain for Libra this year. Their 2015
horoscope shows that they would meet
interesting colleagues and suppliers
who may also be fun to be around.
They may also be dealing with a long
term legal issue to trying to complete a
degree. However, with proper planning
they would make the right financial
decision. Their association with some
gifted people of learning and wisdom
would benefit them greatly, both in
terms of spiritual satisfaction and
material gains. It is expected that a
passion for making more money would
rise as Librans would involve in money
making schemes and new ventures.
Their ability of practical application
and quick thinking is going to attract
the attention of their superiors and
new and exciting career prospects
would open up. They would be able to
handle their subordinates and juniors
in a manner that would enable them to
derive optimum benefit.
Work a little on your body language
while you are going for the interview.
Take time to gain new skills and
promote what you are doing within
your company. Budget your needs and
spend accordingly, otherwise nothing

would ever be enough. Always keep

your morale high and be honest to
yourself to achieve goals and plans.
Family & Social Life, Libra 2015
Home and family life is going smooth
with nothing much to complain in
2015. The married would get settled
into routine enjoy comfortable rapport
with their mate and their families.
Frequent travel might keep Libra
individuals away from family in the
alternate months which might lead to
little misunderstandings, but things
would start to look better after August
2015. The planetary position in their
favour would help them maintain their
impression on their near and dear ones.
Astrologers predict that welcoming
new people into their family is likely
and this would bring joy and happiness
among all. Cravings for a change
of scenery may make them plan a
Don't let your ego come in between
you and your loved ones. There is
possibility of a marriage of a grown up
son or daughter keeping some of the
Libra folks busy during most part of
year 2015
Astrologers predict that the year 2015
would bring a good deal of travel
for Libra people which boost their
careers significantly. There would be
a plethora of new opportunity out of
town. Short or long trips would give
them more pleasure and would seem
more attractive. Some of the Libra
people might move out of their home
due to professional purpose. For the
job holder Libra, the year would bring
a new job, and for the business owner,
a chance of expansion. Those who are
looking to go abroad for higher studies
this year would be successful in doing
so. The travel horoscope, 2015 suggests
a huge scope to reach out of bounds for
most of the Libras.
Astrologers predict that Libra need to
consult a professional dietitian about
their diet. The advice would prove
immensely helpful in altering their
lifestyle and a reduction in moodiness.
Stress caused due to others can have
a worrying effect on their health. It
is expected that those who have been
constantly complaining about digestive
system would now overcome their
malady with medicine and dietary
restrictions. They should tread with
care and avoid all kind of risk during
the year 2015.
Sticking to a healthy diet, routine
life schedule and moderate lifestyle
changes would keep you healthy. Take
good care of your familys health as
it may concern you sometime, but
nothing major to worry.

Scorpio Predictions 2015

The year 2015 would help Scorpio

become popular among friends and
relatives due to their consistency in
words and actions. The year would


Friday Jan 02, 2015

help them maintain a balance on home

and work front. They would have
power of their virtues which can turn
any situation in a favorable one. The
Scorpio horoscope for 2015 reflects
that they would be placed in a much
better position both financially and
socially. There would be an increase
in their network and span of influence.
They would have to be quick and sure
footed as far as professional work is
concerned. Astrologers predict that
changes are bound to happen and the
only way to deal with them is to adapt
to them as early as possible. Scorpios
intellect and diligence would help them
achieve all that they want. Students
also have a bright academic prospect.
A wedding or birth of a child in family
would bring them much happiness
Love & Relationships
Love would prosper well in the year
2015 which would turn into marriage
both for those already in a relationship
as well as for single. It is also anticipated
that some of the Scorpio folks might
face a break up while others would be
right at the centre of the relationship in
search of true meaning.
The change in planetary position in
Scorpio horoscope during 2015 would
help these people manage time for their
spouses whatever be the work schedule
this year. The married must try to sort
out their differences that are more
to do with others interfering in their
affairs. They may also find their love
life getting increasingly satisfying in
the months of September and October.
Their loved ones would be more than
accommodating to see Scorpio people
happy throughout. Their heart would
have a voice of its own and give them a
signal every time something important
happens. Personally, Scorpio would
find the family front most peaceful and
tranquil, allowing them to do their own
things. Singles would discover the joys
of love thoroughly. They might also get
an opportunity to date their favourite
person. Astrologers predict that a
positive word about a suitable match
may double their efforts for a marital
tie-up for those eligible.
To enjoy a peaceful relationship with
your life partner, understand and fulfill
your responsibilities honestly. Sort
out conflict with loved ones through
patience and understanding. Keep you
hot head and tongue under control
especially where you don't want the
relation to sink
Profession and Finances
Excellence in a favourite subject is
foreseen on the academic front for
Scorpio students. Their broad mind and
courage would help them overcome
most situations this year. Path of career
development and achieving targets
would be smooth and would keep
Scorpio people motivated for the next
target. There would be changes in joint
ventures and partnership that would
prove beneficial. A project could be

delayed due to the non-availability of

There could be expansion in an existing
business activity and chances are that
Scorpio individuals might engage in
a new project or a new line of work.
However, opportunities should be
explored with a detailed and systematic
approach to receive maximum benefits.
If there is any ongoing legal matter in
court then the decision would turn in
favour near the mid of 2015. Their
confidence level would increase and
stalled projects and work would also
pick up speed.
There might be a little difficulty with
a superior and Scorpions might be
feeling that its about time they stood
up for themselves. Astrologers predict
that those Scorpio native who are
employed would feel secure in their
jobs and can expect a major promotion.
Their ability to take risk would impress
even the hardest of their critics. A time
consuming task they might have taken
would be completed in record time. It
is also possible that they would be so
enthusiastic this year that they might
consider professional training for
further education which would prove
to be an excellent move this year.
You need to be cautious and not to make
large financial commitments that could
block your money for long without
giving any returns. Pay attention to
your long term goal and work keeping
them in mind
Family & Social Life
Scorpio horoscope for 2015 suggests
that as far as family matters are
concerned, their life might grow up
this year. A perfect new home might
come in their way and a new joy in
life would influence them positively.
This year, Scorpios focus would
be on the social front and they shall
enjoy a nice time bonding with their
friends and family. Disharmony at
home front might lead to ill health of
an elder causing upheaval in mutual
relationship. Family members would
provide comfort, love and support
whenever needed. Spending quality
time with family and frank discussion
would make relationship firm.
This is a good time to stand back and
give your children more independence
and freedom
Astrologers predict that Scorpios, this
year, should be prepared to travel a lot,
mostly due to professional reasons.
They would have to modify their
plans with many minor changes here
and there in the months of January,
February, June, October and December.
Students shall get the opportunity to
showcase their work in the form of a
presentation or a discussion program.
Those who are employed may find a
new project in a distant land.
Try to make up for lost time by
organizing a family vacation. You are
advised to make your travel plans way

in advance so there is no last minutes

Scorpios, this year, would need to work
harder on their minds in order to keep
negative emotions outside. Some of
them might have a reason to worry on
the health front and should not neglect
any kind of health issue this year, be
it major or minor. Elderly may suffer
from a minor digestive issue requiring
medical attention. Those in the middle
age must take care of their eating and
drinking habits. Overindulgence in
alcohol is likely to be harmful. Stress
related health aliments might affect
Scorpio individuals during the end of
the year. Sleeping is an essential tool
for healing inner self. They might
also experience stiffness in muscles
especially around the neck and
shoulders. Get rid of sluggish habits
and get into a proper fitness regime
to put a stop to all these. There is an
indication of being accident-prone due
to reckless driving in the month of
March. They might also suffer from
stomach ache, and so should be careful
about their food habits

Sagittarius Predictions 2015

The year 2015 would teach Sagittarius

a vital lesson. It would make them
understand the value of past experience
and why to never repeat past mistakes.
The horoscope shows that Sagittarius,
in this year, should be prepared
to take up more responsibilities.
Astrologers predict that professionals
and businessperson would win some
good deals, but delay in execution
couldn't be ruled out. Information
would play a vital role in progress.
Thinking before speaking is suggested
every time sharing an opinion on
controversial issues. It is advised not to
let conversations spiral into arguments
and play into the desire to win the
arguments. Their life is going to be set
on the right track along with a strong
balance between work and play. The
year 2015 would bring Sagittarius
much opportunity to display their
talents. They would feel ambitious and
full of strength.
Love & Relationships
The Sagittarius horoscope reflects that
they would realize the importance of
love in their lives, both single or in a
relationship. Togetherness in times of
sorrow and happiness would make their
relationships stronger this year. Some
of the Sagittarians might have to stoke
the embers of passion to make romance
rock and turn their lives happier and
meaningful. 2015 would also be
fruitful for those who are in search
of a suitable life partner. Sagittarius
teenagers might get involved in love
relationships while those already in
relationship would have to reassess
their relationship and give it a bolder
turn. A much anticipated outing with
lover would prove pleasurable.
Mutual respect and understanding

would take your love to a new level.

Trying some new ways would definitely
bring excitement in your relationship.
In conflicts, stick to truth and maintain
honesty at all costs. Be patience while
taking any decision for your love life
as presumption and haste might cause
Profession and Finances
Astrologers predict that with careful
planning and sincerity of execution
Sagittarius folks would be able to reach
their target and that too without wasting
much time. Some of them are likely to
hear of new job prospects. Those who
have just graduated might find the
opportunity of their preference. It could
be seen that intelligence of Sagittarius
would help them make utmost use
of opportunity and bring substantial
change in their lives. Their equity as
a professional as well as popularity
would increase this year. Their selfconfidence would also be built and
is likely to help them professionally
and academically. There is a good
chance of gaining from someone
elses efforts. The work and career
horoscope indicates that joint ventures
would bring good returns in 2015. It is
predicted the work completed within
the stipulated time would turn fruitful.
Chances are that Sagittarius individuals
might be engaged in a legal matter.
New means of generating additional
incomes would be explored in 2015.
These people might feel the urge
to learn and capture new skills if
planning a career switch. Professionals
might consider brushing up on their
expertise and pick up niche skills that
are in demand in the industry. Lessons
from past experience and focus on
goal would lead to long-term financial
It would be better to aim at doing high
quality work rather than worrying
about the gains. Little flexibility
would help you to grab every scope to
make profit. It is vital for you to limit
your expenditure and prioritize your
Family & Social Life
Sagittarius, this year, might find a
chance to refresh their personal tie
up which can influence their social
life. Astrologers predict that there
are a lot of surprising events coming
in 2015 for these people. A family
function or a celebration is indicated
for some of them and would provide
them an opportunity to renew old
relationships. Pleasure is indicated
from the transition of husband and wife
relationship to parents. A few ups and
downs are also foreseen that would be
more perceptible in the lives of married
Beware of extra marital affair and
always stand with your family in hard
Travelling would play a vital role
in the path of learning for it would

Friday Jan 02, 2015

make Sagittarius meet experts and

influential people in their field of
education. Those who are considering
pursuing education abroad would be
blessed with success in 2015. Working
people might have opportunity for a
venture overseas. Some of them might
consider transforming a vocation
into profession, but this would take
sincerity and diligence. If travelling,
Sagittarius natives would need a take
care of their documents and food as
related issues might appear. Picking up
a business associate while travelling is
also possible. In fact they might even
meet the love of their life in one of
such trips. Astrologers say that those
Sagittarius who wanted to study abroad
or out of town would find their family
Health would need special attention and
those born under Sagittarius sun sign
would need to guard against aliments of
stomach. Precautions would help them
stay away from diseases. An expert's
advice regarding health front would
be beneficial. Sagittarius natives who
are in the profession of health training,
would get wonderful opportunity on
the career front. They would have
good health and stamina which would
aid them in chasing their dream. Their
health horoscope reveals that working
overtime or being overanxious might
affect health during the mid of the
year. Also, stress might cause sleepless
nights which in turn would hamper
overall health and fitness.
You need to exercise in moderation in
all things including diet and physical
exercise. It is also imperative to stay
away from addictive substances like
tobacco, alcohol and drugs as they
pose serious health risks during the
year 2015.
Capricorn Predictions 2015
The year, 2015, would be highly
dynamic for Capricorn-born as they
would feel intuitive and would be good
at choosing the right moves aimed at
the long term objective. Astrologers
predict that all would eventually work
in their favour but would require
much concentration, respect and
dedication initially. Capricorn native
those are in authority might stick to
the conventional route so they should
try to keep their plans and ideas within
that ambit. There could be a transfer or
change in job profile. The year would
begin on a positive note and bring in its
wake some distinctively brilliant ideas
about furtherance of Capricorn career.
This year their creative abilities would
receive great boost and these people
would gain prestigious status in family
and community
Love, Romance and Relationships
Astrologers predict that this is a
puzzling year for Capricorn native as
far as relationships are concerned. They
would fail to understand the actions and
motivations of their partner. A vague

sense of dissatisfaction and disquiet is

also likely to rise in them. They might
become aware of new information or
get a new insight in the character and
wishes of your partner. Capricorns,
both single and committed, would find
moments which would enable them to
reinforce their existing bonds or create
new favorable ones, provided they
are patient for the evolution of their
partner. It is predicted that romantic
opportunities might come through
work or vocation. The disturbances in
relationships would be resolved this
year. Capricorn horoscope shows that
those who are engaged with someone
must disclose all their feelings soon.
Those who broke up with their partner
due to confusions or misunderstandings
might be able to make up again with
them during the third quarter of the
year. Chances are that they would strike
a great chemistry with their loved ones.
Bachelors can look forward to trying
the knot in 2015.
You must learn to keep your ego aside
and let relationships flourish smoothly.
Your tendency about to get jealous
might affect your relationship, so avoid
this tendency of yours
Work, Profession, Job and Business
In 2015, Capricorns have a good chance
for professional growth and promotion
but it comes with a rider of consistent
hard-work. If they have been struggling
economically then the situation is
about to change soon. Bringing a bit
of discipline and planning into routine
to weed out possibilities of frustration
would help. Money spinning new ideas
would be whirring in a Capricorns
head and would make them want to
explore them further.
This year, they would be motivated
to contribute greater values to the
society and even look for a change of
job that provides them opportunity and
satisfaction. They would be tempted to
make major changes in career during
the year 2015. It would, however, be
useful to avoid making any significant
change now.
An assignment submitted by Capricorn
may come up for praise. Those in
the media and communication field
would be able to establish themselves.
Teamwork is a must this month if they
want to meet their targets ahead of
time. The present job would help them
realize their career goals much sooner
than expected. Their star promise great
strides in all ventures they undertake
this year. These people might have
to figure out a way of boosting their
earnings or increasing their savings
as expenses may rise suddenly. They
need to be careful regarding their
budgets. Probability of some fast
paced period is high which would
make them adjust their finances as well
as their mental state in a completely
new fashion. Switching jobs might
lead to development in their financial
condition. A good year is foreseen

at work as Capricorns are likely to

enjoy the task allotted to them. A new
plot, house or apartment could also be
acquired. The area of education would
emphasize so they should be prepared
to update their skills and be open to
opportunities that require training and
teaching others
Family and social Life
Friends and relatives might assist
Capricorns with some special projects
this year. Excitement prevails on the
home front as someone close comes
to visit them. High social status and
sweeter relationships with friends
and family are expected. Astrologers
predict that an event that they may have
organized might turn out to be a hit.
They would be able to connect better
with people if they want to meet them
with sincerity rather than affect warmth
or force enthusiasm. Someone in a bad
mood at home can be a threat to spoil the
domestic environment. Capricorn born
might be able to outline some spiritual
goals clearly too. It is predicted that
fraternizing and socializing would lead
them to get contacts and contracts and
hence extra sources of income. This
year, they would be able to experience
a wonderful romantic phase of their life
Those Capricorn native who are out
on a business tour are likely to return
with some good news. Astrologers
predict that Capricorns are likely to
travel on invitation to a conference or
seminar which could also be overseas.
Long distance travel for recreation is
especially during travels. Those who
are committed in a relationship might
take a romantic vacation. Religious
tours might be conducted this year
to a far of place. Journeys would
bring pleasure, success and money,
particularly the longer ones.
Take care of your expenses during
travel this year. It would be better if
you fulfill all your responsibility and
complete all pending works before
taking off on a vacation
There could be problem related to liver
and gastric this year for Capricorns if
they remain careless. Bad temper and
irritation might also cause them harm.
To prevent all the above they should
engage themselves in regular exercise
and have a control over diet. This
year, they might examine thoroughly
the changes they need to incorporate
in their lifestyle for achieving better
You should not take risks on the
health front especially in the changing
weather. Disciplining your routine
would get you additional benefit. Be
careful while driving. Go for walks
in the morning and in the evening to
breathe in some fresh air. This would
boost blood circulation in your body,
thus minimizing the chances of heart

Aquarius Predictions 2015


The coming year 2015 would be

prosperous and successful for
Aquarius people. New connections
with influential people which would
be beneficial for them. They would be
more focused and determined for their
work and this would help them achieve
goal after goal. Hence, they should
plan their future goals, both for their
positive and negative points.
Those travelling can expect to have
a comfortable journey. Astrologers
foresee that blessings and valuable
advice of a holy man would help them
steer their life in the right direction.
Aquarius natives are advised to leave
the past behind and create positive
influence of themselves for future
success. Children would excel in
whatever they undertake. A lot of
options are coming their way and they
would like to grab majority of those
Astrologers predict that adopting a
different outlook towards life would
make Aquarius natives popular
Love and Relationship
Astrologers foresee pressure in
Aquarian relationships fading away,
with surprising beginning of an exciting
phase in love and relationships.
Minor complications in love life, like
arguments with their loved ones are
a possibility which could become the
reason of their weakening relations in
first half of 2015. Astrologers envisage
that Aquarius persons would be able
to see 'eye to eye' with their partner in
most matters, and thus, would be able
to take decisions easily.
There are possibilities that their spouse
or lover might be extra demanding but
they would be able to manage through
it. Huge amount of work might also
keep them away from family and love
which could cause misunderstandings
and quarrels.
If Aquarius people are planning to
get married, they should go ahead
without any hesitation as the stars
are fully favorable. Bachelors would
be successful in finding the right
soul mate. If single, they might find
a love match this year, but it might
not be permanent because of poor
communication. A great deal of
adjustment and compromise is his year
2015 to re-establish rapport.
Celebrations and family gatherings
would give Aquarius men and women
enough chances for enjoying the
loving and romantic life and to take
it forward with the support of family
members. Those feel that their married
life has lost the charm and excitement,
shouldn't worry as the 2nd quarter of
year 2015 would bring them enough
opportunities to kindle it once again.
Be careful in new relationships and
friendship as these might hurt you in
the long run. Some of you might suffer
emotional hurt on the romantic front.
Work/Profession, Career/Business
The year, 2015 would have an excellent

start for Aquarius folks as their finances

would be getting a huge increase and
some of the past investments would
pay off.
For Aquarius native prediction ensures
prosperity, so they can indulge into new
business deal as well. Their rapport
with their colleagues and subordinates
would yield good results. Those
aspiring for a particular profession
would need to remain focused.
These people might purchase a new
vehicle since planetary positions are
in favor. Business partner would be
enthusiastic about new plans and
venture. Those who are employed can
expect promotion and good increments.
Expenses of those born under Aquarius
might rise and they might have to
struggle to meet the demands. There
might be some friction with a colleague
or subordinates. Ego would remain
high and there could be issues about
competition with people generally
close to Aquarius individuals.
New doors are likely to open on the
career front during the mid of the year.
The year 2015 is a progressive period of
studies and Aquarius men and women
would discover their hidden talents.
Gut feeling and guesswork might likely
to do wonder in money matters for
some. Jobs prospects can be excellent,
if they are willing to experiment and
take a chance at something new. This
year they would understand the value
of money in their life by the way of
addition of security.
You need to control your aggression
well and stay focused on your work
to ensure optimum career growth. You
also need to trust and delegate work
if you want to get fast results. Stay
away from all kinds of speculation
and gambling during this year 2015.
You are advised not accept any new
commitments as you might not able
to complete them successfully. Even
the existing jobs would require a lot of
creativity for completion.
Family and social Life
Astrologers forecast that those
Aquarius born who had been facing
problems in relations or the ones who
faced a break up would find things
improve. Their relations would see a
brighter phase with the beginning of
year 2015.
Socially, it would be a rewarding period
for Aquarius people as they would have
a great time with new acquaintances as
well as with friends. They might have
chance to refresh their personal tie ups
which could positively influence their
social lives. Visiting place of religious
significance or getting involved in
spiritual activities would be beneficial
for their family.
If you follow the right course, you
would be able to bring harmony to your
life, gain new allies and conquer new
heights. Gradually all your connections
would improve at the home front and at
your work-place. The year 2015 is good

Friday Jan 02, 2015

for expanding your social network

This year 2015 long distance travels
are a possibility and those born under
Aquarius sun sign might get a chance
to travel abroad for higher education
or work. Those already residing in
foreign nations can expect a good
amount of lift in their careers in the
form of rise in role and responsibility
with increase in income. Overseas
projects might get fruitful. An
overseas travel with family to attend
a wedding or for vacation purposes is
also present on cards.
Astrologers anticipate blood circulation
problems for Aquarius born and hence,
they need to keep that pressure meter
under control and reschedule their
lifestyle to enjoy a healthier life. An
excessive work load near the 3rd quarter
of the year 2015 might also impact their
health. Minor ailments like knee pain,
bile disorder and stomach disorder
might disturb occasionally.
An elderly person might take extra
time for full recovery. Some of them
might need minor surgery to get rid of
an old problem this year 2015.
Those suffering from diabetes, high
acidity or migraines need to be extra
careful with food and diet. You should
avoid unnecessary travel otherwise their
health might get upset. You are advised
to manage your emotional and mental
state with sensibility and calmness.

Pisces Predictions 2015

The year 2015 brings many changes in

the lives of those born under the Pisces
zodiac sign. Decisions taken without
proper understanding and in haste
could hurt their finance and personal
life. Social image in society would
improve and they might win big favors
from a government agency. Their
enthusiastic and lovely nature would
boost up their confidence and would
attract the affection of their near and
dear ones.
If Pisces people come up with bright
ideas this year, they should not hesitate
to implement them. Following their
ambitions in 2015 would be good for
them. Their power of diplomacy and
goodwill would help them to climb up
the ladder of success. Communicating
with people would also be a key factor
in broadening the horizons of their
mind. All achievements, both at work
and home, would be possible only in
cooperation. Pisces born would get
ample chances to enjoy the holiday
parties and family gatherings this year
Love and Relationships
misunderstanding and foul mouthing
might cause disharmony for married
couple, therefore, they need to live
with great understanding. It is a
better year for bachelors as marriage
is definitely in the air. The physical
appeal and uniqueness would help
Pisces individuals become the centre of

attraction for members of the opposite

sex. There might be change for some of
them as they would fall in love which
could turn out to be a happy wedding.
Those Pisces native who are in a state
of dilemma about their bonding, the
year 2015 would be the right time to
clear out all the problems. Someone
they secretly admire is likely to set their
hearts aflutter on the romantic front.
Spending time with spouse would
help the Pisces born in strengthening
their rapport. Causal connections
would become more serious this
year. Friendships would deepen and
so would the romantic relationships.
Misunderstanding and all kind of
suspicions should be cleared so that
all bonds grow stronger. Love alliance
would intensify and turn into marriage
by the end of the year 2015.
Avoid misunderstanding and jealousy
with your partner. In case you are single,
then you would have some fruitful
meetings resulting into pleasant bond
Profession and Finances
In business, there would be a change of
partnership and addition of new partners
in the form of venture for those born
under Pisces sun sign. Their contact
and network would help them see new
opportunities which would justify
their caliber this year. With effort and
attention, they would be able to learn
new skills and gain more knowledge
in 2015. However, before entering any
new partnerships or placing money on
stock exchange transaction they should
discuss with experts or elders. Sudden
decisions should be avoided.
Pisces men and women would be like
an unbeatable force in this year 2015
and though there would be oppositions,
they would easily be able to annihilate
them. Astrologers predict that working
Pisces people might receive salary
increments and their financial status
would improve tremendously. To
maintain a peaceful 2015, they should
take time out to balance their life.
Success seems to come effortlessly to
the Pisces natives now, but it is vital
to avoid a feeling of overconfidence.
Some additional perks at work are
likely to be granted. People taking
advantage would move away and Pisces
individuals would regain their rightful
place in a career or organization. Those
who have been planning since long to
buy a new house would get a chance to
own one this time.
You are advised to remain cautious
before taking up any project and
properly plan and prioritize the
requirements accordingly in order to
keep a check on expenses. You should
limit your expense and avoid taking
loans as much as possible. You are
advised to try and do your work well

and deal with different issues with

intelligence. Any new investment and
risky deal should be avoided as there
could be chances of loss
Family and social Life
This year, the Pisces born could
consider joining a club, social or
professional, as it would benefit them.
They can expect a highly engrossing
work life with the year 2015 bringing
in ample golden opportunities. A
simple friendship developing into a
more intimate connection and reunion
with old friends are foreseen. Pisces
folks would also gain appreciation
from their family and relatives for their
Don't take your anger out on your
family members. Your words reflect
your attitude so tactful use of word
would help you in handling the
situation better. Also, if you find it
difficult to give your family a lot of
time, just try to spend quality time with
them as compensation
There are many travels that Pisces men
and women may have to make this year.
Overseas journeys, predicted for some,
would bring in cheers and financial gains.
Students would get a chance to pursue
higher education away from home.
Astrologers foresee that planning for a
family trip would be a source of thrashing
away of worries. The heightened
awareness that these folks would bring
with them from their journeys would
serve them well. Pisces natives would
enjoy outdoor activities along with their
loving family members or friends.
A religious trip would help you to
devote time in spiritual tasks. Since
life seems so lovely, you should plan
a vacation to enjoy all of its spoils,
preferably with loved ones
Energy levels and self-confidence
would remain high but small health
issue might affect Pisces born this year.
They would realize the effectiveness
of a balanced diet and would take the
first step towards adopting it. This
would improve the general health of
their family members too. 2015 is the
right time for Pisces to indulge in some
kind of sporting activity to boost their
physical fitness.
There is some cause for concern over the
health of an elderly friend or relative. So,
this is a good time to get in touch with
them. Similarly, precautions need to be
taken regarding the health of children.
You are advised not to indulge in too
much of work which might cause stress
and tension on the professional front.
Perfect health is likely to result if you
resolve to take workouts seriously. A
change in diet would also be helpful in
trimming extra flab.






Friday Jan 02, 2015





Friday Jan 02, 2015

Kassian Ready To Return From Injury, But Future


A primary problem that undermined

the Mike Gillis era in charge of the
Vancouver Canucks was a series of
trades bets that went backwards.
The dubious Gillis acquisitions include
forward David Booth and defenceman
Keith Ballard, both of whom the
Canucks ended up buying out.
Now, new general manager Jim
Benning is taking calls and listening to
offers involving another player Gillis
brought in via trade: Zack Kassian.
Almost three years ago, at the trade
deadline in 2012, Gillis surprised
people when he sent promising young
centre Cody Hodgson to Buffalo. In
return came Kassian, whose prime
attributes were things the Canucks
needed: size and toughness. Kassian,
a year younger than Hodgson, was a
prototype power forward at 6-foot-3
and 214 pounds.
It hasnt worked out for either team.
Hodgson played well at first in Buffalo,
but this year has failed to generate
scoring. Kassian started slowly in
Vancouver, half-shellshocked by the
media glare on his new team. His
second year, the lockout season, he
didnt make much of an impact. Last
season, coach John Tortorella called
Kassian a project and it was mostly a
wipeout, even though he finished with
10 points in his last 10 games, when
the Canucks were already done.
The taciturn Benning dismissed the
promise shown in Kassians seasonending spurt. It doesnt really mean
much, the GM said on Friday, after

With Canucks In Doubt

a Canucks practice, about the value of

scoring when nothing is at stake.
Kassian returns to the Vancouver lineup
on Saturday against the visiting Detroit
Red Wings, after missing 13 games
because of a broken pinky finger, and
one game as a healthy scratch. He has
five points in 17 games this year, and
the Canucks front office has not been
impressed with his inconsistent play.
Kassian has not, Benning said,
embraced the style of a power forward.
The Canucks have taken calls from
GMs interested in a potential trade.
Benning said its a balance between
being patient with a young player

Kassian turns 24 later this month and

a deal that could help the Canucks.
With any young player, you have to
be patient with them. But having said
that, if somebody calls us and we think
we can make our team better, were
going to look at that, Benning said.
There is, he added, a fair bit of
talking going on among GMs as
teams assess where they are, and what
they need. Theres also more than just
talk. The Edmonton Oilers shipped
forward David Perron to Pittsburgh on
Friday for a first-round pick and Rod
An X factor in Kassians worth is his

off-ice life. He has often been seen at

Vancouver bars during his time in the
Teammate and mentor Brad Richardson
referred to it in mid-November.
Hes hilarious and you want to be
around him, said Richardson. But
you need to be ready for games, too.
Im not saying that was an issue, but
as you get older you learn better how
to prepare, and for a guy like him, he
needs to learn to pull it in.
Benning has little tolerance for young
men misbehaving. In his time as
assistant general manager in Boston,
he advocated for the 2013 trade of
Tyler Seguin. Benning, in a Bruins
video, said the team would miss
Seguins speed in the regular season,
but added that if they got good players
in return, they wouldnt have to worry
any more about babysitting the then21-year-old Seguin.
Seguin was moved to Dallas in a
blockbuster, seven-player deal, and
this year he leads the NHL in goals and
is second in scoring.
Kassian, meanwhile, offered mostly
clipped answers to questions from the
media scrum after practice on Friday.
Play well. Play well, he said of what
he has to do. On elements of his game
that need work: Everything.
As for trade rumours and talk about
his place and tenure with the Canucks,
Kassian had a few more words: Theres
always the other speculations, which
are pretty funny out there. Theyre
actually mind-boggling, actually.

All Eyes Will Be On Us, Says Suva Boss

Suva football president Mahen Prasad
says all teams will be out to beat
them in the new season and they will
need to maintain their dominance and
The Whites won the National Football
League and Inter District Championship
titles in 2014 and featured strongly in
other tournaments as well.
They were also the lone Fijian district
in the Pacific Cup in Sydney.
"2015 season will surely be a tough one
for us because all other teams will be
out to beat us and end our dominance.
We just need to maintain our discipline
and remain committed. We have a great
set of officials, players and a wonderful
coach and should do well again."
"Of course there will be pressure on

us to perform. We will also be playing

in the OFC Champions League for the
first time and will need to prepare well
for that as well. Everyone knows our
pool and we will need to work hard."
Prasad also stated that they may include
some new players to strengthen their
campaign for the regional competition.
"Yes we may get some players but the
decision will be made by the coach.
He will analyse things and once he
has worked on his plans, then he will
let us know in what position he needs
"Currently we have a very strong and
capable squad and we will only recruit
if there is real need."
The 2015 National Football League is
expected to commence on January 10.

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Friday Jan 02, 2015



Friday Jan 02, 2015

Johnny Lever, A Proud


Johnny Lever
Actor Johnny Lever is a proud father
after he got to know that filmmaker
Abbas-Mustan roped his daughter
Jamie for his next film soon after
watching her perform on stage.
"I feel very proud as a father when my
daughter is being recognised for her

talent and hard work," Johnny, who will

be seen in the film "Hotel Beautifool",
told the reporter.
"My daughter has studied in London
and when she came back, she wanted
to be a stand up comedian. During
one of her stage performances, AbbasMustan were so impressed by her work
that they said they want my daughter in
their next film. She will be seen with
Kapil Sharma in the film," he added.
The film which is titled "Kis Kisko
Pyaar Karu" also features Elli Avram,
Sharat Saxena, Supriya Pathak, Manoj
Joshi among others.
Meanwhile talking about "Hotel
Beautifool", he says it's a clean family
"I never use double meaning dialogues
in my film. I change the script myself.
My work is to bring laughter and I am
capable of bringing the same in my
own manner," he said.
Directed by Sameer Iqbal Patel,
"Hotel Beautifool" also features Imam
Siddiqui, Alisha Farrer, Rohit Khurana,
Shanti, Jia Sharma and Brijendra Kala.

Ranveer Singh Finalised

For Ram Lakhan Remake

This is a great news to start the New Year!

We hear reports that Karan Johar is
seriously considering Ranveer Singh
to cast in his Ram Lakhan remake!
Earlier there were rumours that Karan
is upset with Ranveer for dropping out
of Shuddhi and choosing Sanjay Leela
Bhansalis Bajirao Mastani over it.
But the two seem to have cleared the air
and now the ace filmmaker is willing
to cast the Dil Dhadakne Do actor in
his upcoming project. Details about the
film havent been revealed yet, all we
know is that the movie will be directed
by Rohit Shetty.

A lot of names are being thrown around

the table for the lead roles of Ram and
Lakhan in the film. While the original
Lakhan Anil Kapoor thinks that the
remake is a bad idea, fans and industry
alike have been of the opinion that
Ranveer as Lakhan and Arjun Kapoor
as Ram will job a fantastic job in the
remake of the iconic film.
With news of Ram-Lakhan remakes
makers zeroing in on Ranveers name,
we are getting our hopes up to see the
Bajirao Mastani actor with his best
buddy Arjun Kapoor!

When Bipasha Ignored Her Ex

While on a TV show for the promotions

of her film 'Alone', Bipasha Basu was
asked to rate male actors on their
hotness quotient. She gave Anil Kapoor
7 out of 10 because of his now-famous
hairy body.

Interestingly, when she was asked to rate

her ex-flame John Abraham, the actress
asked, "Kaun?" She then played safe by
saying, "You should have asked Bachchan
Sir, 10 out of 10. That's a hot man." She
gave full marks to Hrithik Roshan, too.

Friday Jan 02, 2015


Ajay Devgan To Romance Nicole Kidman In Shivay

Ajay Devgan has now become fully
involved in his next project titled Shivay,
after the release of Prabhu Devas venture
Action Jackson. Devgan had started the
recce for this film as soon as he finished
Singham 2. He had repeatedly said that
it would be a big budget film.
The budget indeed seems to be large
because now the Bollywood actor
turned director is in talks with the
Hollywood actress Nicole Kidman
who may play an important role in
the film. Though the talks have not
yet been finalized and the Days of
thunder actress has not yet signed on
the dotted lines, excitement is already
mounting because of the rumours.
The name of the film is derived from
the third word of the Sanskrit chant
Om namah Shivay. Ajay has the
word tattooed on his chest. According
to rumours the film is loosely based on
the film Shivam of Upendra in the
south. It is going to be an action film
and Devgan has confirmed that most of
the cast will be foreign and the film will
be shot in a number of international
locales. Reportedly, the action director
of Fast and the furious has been
brought on board for the project.

This is the second directorial venture

of the actor. Ajay had founded his own
production house in 2000 and its first
production was the comedy titled Raju
Chacha where Kajol played the lead
opposite Ajay. This film was followed
by U me aur hum. It was co produced
by Ajay and was his first directorial
venture. Kajol was again in the lead.
After this, Ajay ghost directed Son of
Sardar which was directed by Ashwini
Dheer. During the shooting, he formed
a close relation with Eros international
which is now interested in participating
in this big budget venture.
According to a source, "Ajay and Eros
have a great working equation since the
days of SOS, which despite clashing
with Shah Rukh Khan-starrer Jab Tak
Hai Jaan amassed nearly Rs 140 crore.
Now, they are looking forward to
working together on Shivay."
It was first speculated that Kajol
again will play the lead opposite Ajay.
However, this is not so. Instead, Ajay is
launching Sayesha the grand niece of
Saira Banu as the lead in this film.
If Kidman agrees, it will definitely
be a coup and film lovers are eagerly
waiting for the final results of the talks.





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Arijit Singh And Ankit

Tiwari To Come Together

Gurmeet Chaudhary, Sapna Pabbi and Ali Fazals upcoming psycho thriller
is doing great with the music lovers

Las Vegas Schedule Over

For 'ABCD 2' Team

The cast of "ABCD 2" has wrapped up

its Las Vegas's shooting schedule and
actor Varun Dhawan, who plays one of
the leads in the film, says he never had
so much fun like the way he did in this
"The USA schedule of #abcd2 is done
never has soo much fun on any film

energy, passion, love and DANCE

thank u," Varun posted on microblogging site Twitter,Wednesday.
Directed by Remo D'Souza, "ABCD
2" is a sequel to his directorial debut
"ABCD: Anybody Can Dance" that
released last year. The film also features
Shraddha Kapoor.

Big B Turns Bathroom

Singer In 'Shamitabh'

Arijit Singh And Ankit Tiwari To Come Together To Celebrate The

Success Of Khamoshiyans Music

Vishesh Films to celebrate the success

of Khamoshiyan music with Arijit
Singh Unplugged in Mumbai; they will
also unveil Ankit Tiwaris Bheeg Loon
the third song from Khamoshiyan.
Mahesh Bhatts Khamoshiyan music
has become chart-busters with both
songs released so far Khamoshiyan
and Tu Har Lamha rocking the airwaves.
The makers have planned a celebration
of the music with an unplugged
evening with Arijit Singh for media in
Mumbai. The event will happen this

Monday and the makers will unveil the

entire star-cast of Khamoshiyan TVs
heartthrob Gurmeet Chaudhary, Sapna
Pabbi and Ali Fazal.
Khamoshiyan has been in the news
since the inception of its first look, the
trailer has got rave reviews and has
garnered more than 2.3 million views
on YouTube thus becoming the most
successful trailer for a non-star cast
film. The movie is being presented by
Fox Star Studios and will release on
January 30th.

Amitabh Bachchan has showcased his

singing talent again in his upcoming
film 'Shamitabh', where the megastar is
seen crooning 'Piddly si baatein' inside
a washroom.
Bachchan, 72, donned a white blazer
and blue-faded denims with his grown
beard and hair and sang the two-andhalf minutes song on the toilet seat.
As the first song of the R Balki-directed
film proceeds, the actor is seen using
the hand shower as his microphone.
The foot-tapping song has so far
bagged 173 likes on Youtube within an
hour of its release.
"Aankhon se padhne mein hi hai nasha.
Nashe ke saaye mein.
Sab piddly hai yaar. Piddly si baatein.
Kyun karti ho sharma ke....," the lyrics
Last week, Bachchan released the first
audio poster of the film, which features

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other starcast including Dhanush and

debutante actress Akshara Haasan.
The film is expected to hit theatres on
February 6, 2015.
Bachchan has earlier lent his unique
baritone in 'Bol Bachchan', 'Don',
'Bbuddah Hoga Tera Baap', 'Kahaani'
among others.

Friday Jan 02, 2015

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Fraser Foods Ltd

Green Pigeon Peas

Net Wt 15 Oz 425g
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Distributed by
GML Fraser Foods Ltd

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