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Project Plan

Project Plan
For 1017 and 1025 Broadway

Planning Basis

Special Event and Wedding Rooftop

and Conference Venue with possible
With Inhouse Catering and Production
Plus in House Lighting and Quality Sound
System plus A/V HD Projector, Screen and video
conference offered. 2 full bars, BBQ
and Outdoor Kitchen, Beautiful H2O fountain,
Men's and Women's Restroom, over 2500 sqft
of rooftop patio with breathe taking view of
Mountains, and good view of Downtown, and
a Stage with PA and DJ Booth, Covered areas
through out for Rain and Sun Blockage. And
Plenty of folding chairs and tables for any event
or wedding with up to 200 guests

1.1 Scope
The scope of this project is a full commercial remodel of the 2 nd and 3rd floor of
the property located @ 1025 Broadway. As well as the building of a new rooftop
deck. The initial time frame should be approximately 12-18 weeks beginning
January 4th 2014, a majority of the work will be done by Duane Allan Smith and
his crew of professional well respected Sub Contracted Professionals, all of which
are licensed in the state of Colorado, It Includes Electricians, Plumbers, and

1.2 Milestones
Well there are a few milestones in which we aim to have completed by certain timeframes,
the first being the Purchase and Abaitment of the building, as well as the Demo of which the
gutting of all floors and the preparation of the roof top will be done. (We also need to make
sure that we may use the South Facing space of which Diamond Shamrock has to approve
for either our roll off or Our office trailer can be placed for approximate time of project) We
aim to have complete by the 4th week in January 2014, running simultaneusly we will have
the 2nd milestone to complete by around the same time as the 1 st milestone, of which
includes the procurement of all permits and licenses needed for the business. That includes
submitting and paying all fee's and getting them issued. The 3rd milestone is to get the initial
remodel started in Which all Electrical and Plumbing will be done and the Beginning of the
roof's reinforcement and waterproof sealing shall begin and the decks initial construction will
begin around the time the abaitment is completed. 4 th Milestone is to get all insppections
done as soon as each phase below is completed. Once each inspection is passed we will
begin the next phase and get through until the final inspection and we pass.

1.3 Phases
The Project will be completed and organised through the following list of specific
activities in which will be broken up into teams and their specific responsibilities
in which shall follow through the completion of each phase, and allowing for the
next phase to begin with out any lengthy delays and being sure that all priorities
will take precedent and Our ultimate objective is achieved. They are:
Phase 1- Purchase and Abatement of Property
Phase 2- Purchasing and Ordering of all Goods and Services and the delivering
and receiving of all material necessary for this projects production
Phase 3.1 -3.4 include the following aspects to the projects content, they are,
Installation of the outside doors, the windows, and the building of the new fire
escape as well as the finalised demo and the of course installing of all electrical,
plumbing and the mechanical aspects to be completed, plus the building gutting
and proper fixing and reinforcement of the Roof and the floors, and preparing the
Roof with waterproofing sealant and any structural and tuck point issues will be
worked through, with the repairing of all stairs, floors, walls and ceilings and of
course the building of the new access stairwell to the rooftop.
PHASE 4.1 Is the Electricians full installation of all wiring networks beyond the
standard electric for the building ( ie network/ server, electronic door locks, H20
Cooler needs, the proper settings for the power to the Light tape Installations
through out and on the outside of the building, Security system, Hvac, Speciality
Kitchen and whatever appliances and equipment will be needing separate
attention and wiring attention
Phase 4.2 is the Mechanical and Plumbing Installations and Alterations
Phase 4.3 and 4.4 is the crew of carpenters and Insulators, along with tilers, dry
wall and deck installers completing the major building of the 2 nd AND 3RD
FLOORS OFFICES AND STUDIOS , many overlap and need to coordinate with
each of the other teams in order to achieve the completion of all goals and
Phase 5 basically is the final stretch where all equipment/ appliances, amenities,
fixtures and the paint and trim go in to complete the inside and all the rooftop
elements are installed and built and all loose ends are essentially tied up.

1.4 Activities
Phase 1 Abatement begins January 4th 2014 and lasts for about 10 days
Phase 2 begins the 2nd week in January 2014 and that is the ordering and
purchasing of all Materials and equipment needed for this project. We will be
acquiring a outdoor Office trailer and renting a roll off dumpster, phase 2 will be
set to last a few weeks between orders and all deliveries.
Phase 3.1
as Abatement raps up the beginning of Windows and Outside door installations
and the
new Fire Escape building will begin and should take between the
building of the Platforms, Landings, Stairs, Handrails and of course the primary

structured beams in which all will be tied together, approximately 14-21 days will
be the forecast deadline, during Phase 3.1, Phase 3.2, 3.3 and 3.4 will be running
concurrent. 3.2 is comprised of the general gutting and demo in which The old
wiring, and any faulty Plumbing and Mechanical will all be stripped as well as
bringing the internal 2nd and 3rd floor into its skeletal outcome, thus providing all
necessary space to provide the 4th phase to begin right as phase 3.3 which is
focused on structural integrity and rooftop reinforcement and waterproof sealing,
as well as any tuck point or other repair will be done at this time. Phase 3.4 is the
Building of the Internal Stairwell to the rooftop of which the roof will be demoed
out on the ceiling of the 3 rd floor which provides means of access and will
ultimately be tied in with the other phase 3 parts, however it also includes the
general Demoing of walls to be taken out and the repairing of any floors, walls
and ceilings, which at least 1 side of drywall and other materials will be
completed so as to be able to call for the framing inspection, and for us to be
able to move to phase 4, All phase 3 parts should be completed around same
time and will likely be around the 3 rd or 4th of February, of which between 2027days will be the approximate time for completion by 4 teams working in tow.
Phase 4 will begin regardless of if the passing of inspections for phase 3 's stair
and rooftops are completed. Phase 4.1 basically consists of the Electrical team
installing the primary Panels for all floors and their running of the main Electrical
lines through, and their installation of any special power need will be included
( Security system/Security doors/Fire alarm wiring + the Internet
Servers/Computer Room and cat 5/6 LAN installation. and any installations of 220
outlets and wiring of Heating and AC needs as well as the initial outlets and
switches and controller installs through out. This phase should take almost the
entire month of February, along side phase 4.2 is the Plumbing and Mechanical
installations and modifications of which all primary restrooms in and out lines
including Copper and PVC will be done over the course of about 3 weeks, along
side will be phase 4.3 crew of Carpenters whom will be working alongside to
seem up things as the Plumbers and Mechanical/HVAC team works to complete
things, assuming that the wall inspection passes right and the phase 4.4
Insulation crew and team of special installers(tilers/FRP and bathroom fixtures)
will begin around the 3rd week in February, and should rap up in time when all
other phase 4's will be right at the beginning of march. At that time all the final
drywall will be hung and the internal doors will be hung and any restoration of
floors inside railings will be worked on as the floorboard trim is hung along with
all doorway and window trim as well as the first round of paint will be applied.
While the course of Phase 5 begins where all Appliances and Fixtures for the
kitchen and bathrooms will be completed, along with all of the initial equipment
and hardware needed for the internet service and security cams will be installed.
Phase 5.2 is the EVER IMPORTANT ROOFTOP Deck install and all Building of the
bars, Patios, Stage, Bathrooms and storage sheds, along with Gazebo's, Awnings,
Pergola's and Trellises will be built and installed. Plus all Railings and benches will
be all through out March, in which by Spring we should have majority of 2 nd and
3rd floor complete and inspections passed, along with the final inspection to be
close for passing in which the Health department will also have to provide us
with the green light as well as Fire Department. Phase 6 will be concurrent at that
time in which all loose ends are tied up, where all bathrooms stalls are installed,
all amenities are installed, which include the sound and lighting on rooftop as
well as the buildings Exterior FRONT is Face lifted and the LIGHT TAPE IS FULLY
INSTALLED, and all odds and end are covered. essentially

1.5 Tasks
:The electricians, 1st task is to pull the old copper, and install any of the conduit needed for
repairs of old conduit, they will be Installing Primary Dedcated circuit panels on the 2 nd, 3rd
and rooftop. They will then be putting in the new commercial grade copper for all electrical
circuits. Another task later is for them to also install any and all low-voltage wire for all
Electronic locks, IT grid and Networking throughout as well as installing J Boxs, Switches,
Sub panels and Breaker boxes, all electrical for lighting and LIGHTTAPE Install both inside
and outside of Building, and Outlet boxes. Once the Deck is built and all of the Gazebo's,
Staging and Truss is built, they will also be installing all necessary hardware and outlets as
well. They will be there for the course of dealing with inspections and other necessary things
regarding retrofitting and all Xcel and government rebate and credit application processes
and installations.
The Plumbers and HVAC 1st task is to identify all usable rough-In and as built materials
currently in building. Unlike other work, a plumber has to wait on others while completing
installation of plumbing system in the Building, After majority framing done it will take about
three weeks for our crew, and most experienced plumbers to perform all water and drain
piping in the roughly 10,000 sq ft building which has 4 large bathrooms, 2 small single
restrooms, 1 full commercial Kitchen, plus 1 full service Bar, as well as 1 Shower, 2 mop
closets, and a laundry (internal only) facility. And 9 rooms with hand sinks, and 4 water
fountains. All of which will need running water and drainage through out.
At the end of the whole project, approximately 2 weeks will be devoted for installation of all

1.6 Effort
In order for us to have success in achieving our set objectives and primary goals is to follow
our timeline of which the proper management and itinerary must be implemented and proper
lines of communication must be established early on and all sub contractors must be relied
upon to follow through with their tasks and if any problems do arrise it is the Project
Managers Duty to be able to provide a viable backup, if any sytems breakdown, it is to be
remedied as quickly as possible to allow for there to be no major delays in the project as a

1.7 Resources
Well it goes without saying that the main resources can only be available as long as there is
a plenty of capital with easy access in which both the Owner and the project manager, as
well as his immediate assistants will be able to delegate funds quickly and accurately to all
the various distributers and providers of goods and services and payment need not be a
limiting factor to any delays with this project.

1.8 Schedule




Note: Refer to the Appendix for a detailed project schedule.

1.9 Dependencies
List all of the dependencies between key tasks.

1.10 Assumptions
List any planning assumptions made.

1.11 Constraints
List any planning constraints identified.


Attach any documentation you believe is relevant to the Project Plan. For example:

3404 Alterations
3404.1 General
A stairway in an existing building being altered is governed as follows:
It is not required to meet requirements for stairways in new construction in the
following cases:
Where existing conditions do not permit a reduction in the following:
Note: Section 1009, Stairways, is cited as governing stairways in new construction.
Handrails otherwise required to meet construction rules are not required to comply with
the following:
Compliance with the full extention requirement is not required as follows:
Where compliance would be hazardous due to the confi guration of the plan.
Note: 1009.12, Handrails, is cited as governing handrails in new construction.
1012.6, Handrail extensions, is cited as governing handrail extensions in new
In certain cases, this section permits alterations not to comply with new construction
Note: 3401.4, Building materials, is cited as another section permitting alterations not
to comply with
new construction requirements.
Otherwise, alterations to existing buildings require compliance with requirements for
new construction.
After alterations, existing buildings must comply with the code as follows:
At least to the degree that it did before alterations.
Fig. 3404.1. Partial plan at existing stairway. Lake Forest City Hall Renovation and Addition.
Lake Forest, Illinois.
David Woodhouse Architects. Chicago, Illinois.

Case study: Fig. 3404.1.

The stairway is part of
the existing portion of
the renovation project.
The winders, which
would be prohibited
in new construction
by Section 1009,
Stairways, are
permitted to remain in

this stairway alteration.

This is possible since
the stairway space is
restricted by the existing
construction, which does
not permit the additional
steps that would be
necessary to eliminate
the winders.


3411 Accessibility for Existing Buildings

3411.9 Historic buildings
This section applies to historic buildings as follows:
Where subject to either of the following:
Change of occupancy.
Where compliance with standard requirements for the following facilities would
adversely affect
historic value as indicated below:
Accessible routes.
Accessible ramps.
Accessible entrances.
e toilet facilities.
Historic value:
Where approved by the authority having jurisdiction.
Where alternative access requirements are technically feasible.
Note: The following are cited as providing alternative requirements:
3411.9.1, Site arrival points.
3411.9.2, Multilevel buildings and facilities.
3411.9.3, Entrances.
3411.9.4, Toilet and bathing facilities.
3411.9.1 Site arrival points
The following is an alternative access requirement for historic buildings:
1 accessible route between the following locations is required:
An accessible site arrival point.
An accessible building entrance.
3411.9.2 Multilevel buildings and facilities
The following is an alternative access requirement for historic buildings:
1 accessible route between the following locations is required:
An accessible building entrance.
An accessible entrance to public spaces as follows:
On the same level as the accessible building entrance.

3411 Accessibility for Existing Buildings

3411.9.3 Entrances
The following is an alternative access requirement for historic buildings:
1 main entrance must be accessible as follows:
Where an accessible main entrance is not possible, one of the following applies:
A nonpublic entrance must be accessible as follows:
Entrance may not be locked while the building is occupied.
Another entrance must be accessible as follows:
Where the entrance is locked, one of the following is required:
A notifi cation system.
A remote monitoring system.
Signs are required at the following entrances addressing accessibility.
Note: Section 1110, Signage, is cited as governing the signs.
3411.9.4 Toilet and bathing facilities
Where toilets are provided, the following is required:
1 family or assisted-use toilet room must be accessible.
Note: 1109.2.1, Family or assisted-use toilet and bathing rooms, is cited as governing
this toilet room.