Minor Project Submission

“College Management”

Department of “Information Technology” B.E. 2nd Year ( 4th Sem) Session 2009

Guided By: Miss Versha Sharda (Dept. of IT)

Submitted By: Manoj Jain (0817IT071034) Sanjoli Kandya (0817IT071067) Dinesh Yadav (0817IT071022)

Department of Information Technology & engineering “Rishiraj Institute of Technology” Indore (M.P.)

1. Introduction :This is a project intended to provide the computerization departments of the college and maintaining the entire information flow controlling. The project is divided into subsystem according to the particular requirement of each department of college. The project would be able to computerize department of college like student details, library management etc. Each subsystem is capable of controlling their respective departments and providing the information for the central storage.

2. About The Problem: Previously whole work is managed manually, which is very inconvenient and inefficient way. Manual system leads to some problem such as inefficiency in controlling project, problems in project scheduling, problems in data handling and generating reports. 2.1 Student Details: In the manual system which was existing previously the each information about the student was handled manually, there are their name, address, phone no. etc. lot of time and stationary were required. We could not access whole information about student at a single time. 2.2 Library Department: In library management system the information about the book submission, book type, number of copies available in library. So maintain these all information was difficult by manually. There was the problem that we could not access the record of particular information at a single time. 2.3 Book Issue 2.4 Book Maintenance 2.5 Bus Maintenance

3. Aim of project: To computerize each department of college currently which are existing manually so by this project we are trying to fulfill the client’s requirements and also trying to remove the above existing problems . Also providing better search utility.





Conclusion: By implementing this project we learn most of the aspect of DBMS and c# window app. After completion this project we learn create table and how to insert value in the table. The software is compact, well designed, user friendly and intuitive. Simply we can conclude here that by DBMS we have overcome various manually problem.

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