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Narrative Graduation Career College Readiness Core Elective Service Achievement Personal End of
Requirement Readiness Artifact Artifact Hour s Vision/Co Year
s Artifact llage Letter
9th Service S1 Choose one Evidence 9th
grad Narrati Hour Form Professiona A-G Requirements Graphic Math of Collage grade
e ve l email Organizer Science Achievement Theme Reflecti
Writin with College Readiness 101 Cornell English Reflection Who on/Goal
g Piece attachment Notes Form are Setting
you? Letter
S2 Reflection
Semester 1 Official Transcript Form
10th Service Resume S1 Choose one Choose one Evidence 10th
grad Narrati Hour Form Form 9th Grade Semester 2 Transcript Math Spanish of Collage grade
e ve Template Review Science Achieveme Theme Reflecti
Writin (Simple) English Advanced nt How on/Goal
g Piece History Compositi Reflection can you Setting
S2 on Form be a Letter
10th Grade Semester 1 Transcript Advisory role
Review Reflection model?
Form Academic

11th Service Resume S1 Choose one Choose one Evidence 11th
grad Narrati Hour Form Form 10th Grade Semester 2 Math Spanish of Collag grade
e ve Template Transcript Review Science Art Achieveme e Reflecti
Writin (Detailed) English Advisory nt Theme on/Goal
g Piece S2 History Typed What Setting
Resume 11th Grade Semester 1 Transcript Academic Reflection is your Letter
Cover Review Typed Support role as
Letter Reflection Drama a
Rough Form Other comm
Draft Typed unity
Reflection membe
Form r?
12th Typed Senior Typed S1 Choose one Choose one Service Evidence Typed,
grad Final Commitment Final 11th Grade Semester 2 Math Spanish Hour of Collage profession
e Draft of Form Draft of Transcript Review Science Art Artifact Achieveme Theme al letter
Personal - Attendance Resume 3 College Applications (CSU, English Advisory Evidence nt What addressed
Statement - Student Typed UC, Private, 2-year Community History of Service Typed do you to Exit
Hours Resume College, Trade/Vocational) Academic (Certificate, Reflection envisio Interview
Cover - Minimum one CSU Application Support n for
Letter Confirmation Page REQUIRED Typed Drama Image of your Committe
Typed Reflection Other location) future? e
Final S2 Senior
Draft of EOP Questions Typed Typed Message
Brag FAFSA Confirmation Reflection Service to ARB
Sheet Page/Dream Application Reflection students