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New Facilities for Nadi Centre 200 New Vehicles Donated by

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South African Diplomat Meets Tu’s Place Attracts

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Weekly Golden Cowrie Sous Chef

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Aviator Iliesa
Tawalo Laid to Rest

There was a sea of white and

black at Fun World Plaza Hotel as
family, friends and loved ones came
to bid farewell to the passing of the
Cessna 172 Pilot Instructor Iliesa
Tawalo Vugakece at Nadi Back Road.
Hundreds of people turned up to
the funeral as they all had one thing
in common and that was they knew
Iliesa and the humble person that he
Eloni Salaga while presenting eu-
logy from the family member’s side
“He was a soft spoken person and
a very humble individual, He was
very respectful and very obedient
child and would never go against his
parents decisions, “Mr Salaga said.
Pacific Flying School Chief In-
structor Lepani Naloma during his Family and friends saying their last goodbyes to Iliesa Tawalo at the Enamanu Cemetary in Nadi. Photo: MARIA LAQETA.
Eulogy said the news had touched “He is always humble, very kind, Nadi Muslim School old schol- of Macuata. It was then taken to Bev- Lutu was described as a humble,
everyone with deep sorrow and hardworking and he would give ev- ars gathered in numbers along with erly Hills, Votualevu to the family. caring, kind and smart person.
touched the hearts of their dear erything to help students and those the Pacific Flying School were pall- The late Mr Tawalo and Merele- She hailed from Nagigi in Savusa-
ones. that were unfortunate around him. bearers, the former students (QVS sita Lutu were on routine Pacific Fly- vu and had maternal links to Ra.
Mr Tawalo was a man of char- Even after school he would go to Ba Old Scholar) of QVS were given the ing School (PFS) training flight when The body of late Mr Tawalo was
acter, generous and with a strong to pray with families and that’s how responsibility to carry out the final it crashed at Delaikoro Mountain in laid to rest at Enamanu cemetery in
sense of faith, a humble, kind, quiet dedicated Iliesa was.” burial rites. Macuata on Monday (26/2/18). Mean- Nadi.
and a very dedicated worker He added that the legacy and Mr Tawalo’s casket was flown in while, the crash site was spotted via
Naloma says Tawalo’s loss would attribute he left behind will inspire from Labasa Airport after a fitting helicopter and the Police and RFMF,
be felt by everyone who knew him. many. Traditional goodbye from the people along with Civil Aviation Authorities.

“Fiji - the way the world should be”

“ You must be asking yourself as to what makes Fiji so special? Amongst many things, the
Fijian people is mainly what makes this tropical island so special when compared to other
FROM THE DESK places in the world.They are friendly, welcoming and gracious. Fiji has all of the requistes

Low Depression
necessities for the typical tropical paradise, pretty much everything. The golden sun, sandy
beaches, sparkling blue water and tropical rainforest with activities ranging from diving,
snorkelling, jet-skiing and more”


Cancer Is Real
With the Cyclone month still hovering our head, it can be
expected that Fiji may crossways with a few Low depression.
According to research a low pressure-area, low, or depres-
sion is a region on the topographic map where the atmospheric
pressure is lower than that of surrounding locations.
Low-pressure systems from under areas of wind divergence
that occur in the upper levels of the troposphere.
Since surface air pressure is a measure of the weight of the
atmosphere above any location, a low pressure area represents
a region where there is somewhat less atmosphere overlying it.
These Low pressure areas form when atmospheric circula-
tions of air up and down remove a small amount of atmosphere
from a region. This usually happens along the boundary be-
tween warm and cold air masses by air flows “trying” to reduce
that temperature contrast. The air flows that develop around
the low pressure system then help to accomplish that reduction
of contrast in temperature, with the colder air flowing under the
warmer air mass, and the warmer air flowing over the colder
air mass.
Do remember that preparation is always better during any
• Preparing for cyclones
• Prepare your home
• Prepare an emergency kit
• Prepare for evacuation
• Check your neighbor’s
• Pet emergency planning

Lung cancer symptoms Persistent breathlessness could be an indicator of lung cancer.Photo: GOGGLE.

When we read the state- bleeding, or interfere with the vice about cancer if you de- an average about 700 people
ment, CANCER, what is the function of a body organ or velop symptoms that may die annually due to cancer.
first thing came into our system. indicate cancer, that are not Besides, all these happening
mind? illness, growth, tumor, Please remember, the clearly linked to another because these cancers are
infection or virus and disease seven warning signs of can- cause, and persist for more not detected early as there are
etc.? If a person happen to be cer were to think of the word than two to three weeks. late presentations.
the victim of CANCER, it is CAUTION. Change in bowel You should arrange to have Doctor Tukana believes
plain and clear that a person or bladder habits, a sore that a medical examination. If the that if people make a habit of
would experience Death or does not heal, unusual bleed- cause of your symptoms is getting screened, these dis-
Life soon. ing or discharge, thickening or cancer, early diagnosis and eases will be detected early
Before we get any further, lump in the breast, testicles, treatment will offer a better and the chances of treatment
what is Cancer? Cancer is the or elsewhere, indigestion or chance of being cured. will be very high and people
name given to a collection of difficulty swallowing, obvi- Meanwhile, the Ministry of will be able to live quality of
related diseases, in all types ous change in the size, color, Health managed to detect 700 life.
of cancer, some of the body’s shape, or thickness of a wart, Cancer deaths claiming love From the new cases, more
THE JET is Fiji’s first community newspaper published weekly by cells begin to divide without mole, or mouth sore, nagging ones and family. than 50 per cent are found to
stopping and spread into sur- cough or hoarseness. National Advisor for Non- be breast and cervical cancer
YOURSPACE LIMITED from Nadi - the tourism capital of Fiji.
rounding tissues. Wikipedia stated the fol- Communicable Disease Dr in women and the most com-
Cancer can start almost lowing symptoms may also Isimeli Tukana while relaying mon cancer in males is pros-
PUBLISHER/EDITOR: SAMUEL SHANKAR Cell: 9966115 anywhere in the human body, indicate the presence of some the message of the Assistant tate cancer and it is the third
NEWS : LITIA TIKOMAILEPANONI Cell: 8002671 which is made up of trillions form of cancer; coughing-up Minister for Health and Medi- commonest cancer in Fiji.
NEWS : MARIA LAQETA Cell: 9216562 of cells. Normally, human blood, persistent headaches, cal Services Alex O’Connor at Meanwhile, children in Fiji
ADVERTISING : MARGARET NAQIRI Cell: 9360047 cells grow and divide to form unexplained loss of weight the launch of the 2018 World make up less than one per
OFFICE PHONES : 6707075 / 6750443 new cells as the body needs or appetite, chronic pain in Cancer Day at Albert Park in cent of the new cases and
EMAIL : them. When cells grow old bones, persistent fatigue, nau- Suva, he stated “Every Fijian about half of them survive
or become damaged, they sea, or vomiting, persistent should work together to re- treatment.
: die, and new cells take their low-grade fever, either con- duce the burden of cancer.” Please bear in mind, there
WEBSITE : place. stant or intermittent, repeated The theme for World Can- are other cancers are grow-
According to Wikipedia, in instances of infection. cer Day 2018 is ‘You can and I ing up now, like in the mouth,
COMPLAINTS: The Jet Newspaper continues to strive for excellence in its early stages, cancer usu- Good news is that the ear- can prevent cancer’. skin and cancer of the bowls
its publications, with this in mind we welcome all complaints and sug-
ally has no symptoms, but lier a cancer is detected, the Positive vibe was told dur- and the Health ministry is call-
eventually a malignant tumor more likely the treatment will ing the event, is that cancer ing people to give hope and
gestions from our readers. All such comments could be sent to
will grow large enough to be be successful. Understanding is preventable and cancer is support to people living with We thank you our readers for your valued detected. As it continues to what symptoms and changes curable, when detected early. cancer to make a big differ-
support towards The Jet Newspaper. grow, it may press on nerves to your body to look out for, The Ministry of Health re- ence in our lives.
PRINTED BY MAX MARKETING - LAYOUT BY MARGARET NAQIRI and produce pain, penetrate could be important. cords a total of 1,100 new cas-
blood vessels and cause Always seek medical ad- es of cancer every year and at



New Facilities for Nadi Centre for

Special Education
The Government of Japan ernment and donors were
provided FJ$180,000 towards directed towards the educa-
the Nadi Centre for Special tional needs of students and
Education for the construc- general maintenance of the
tion of a three-classroom existing buildings and com-
blocks. pound.
The assistance also in- Successful implementa-
clude school furniture and a tion of the GPP project will
four-pan toilet block. directly benefit the 139 stu-
This project was imple- dents, 16 staff and the centre’s
mented under Japan’s Grant management as it will provide
Assistance for Grassroots Hu- a safe, special needs friendly,
man Security Projects (GGP) spacious, teaching and learn-
Programme. ing environment.
The condition of the school More than 359 projects
building was an occupation have been implemented un-
health and safety hazard with der the GGP Programme with
tainted floors and walls, leak- value exceeding USD 24 mil-
ing roofs and indication of lion.
structural failure, particularly The GGP Programme is
felt during strong winds and part of the overall Japanese
rainy weather. ODA implemented by the
The growing number of Embassy of Japan in order to
students had also resulted in empower the people and the
overcrowding, hence creating community from the grass-
an environment that was not roots level.
conducive to teaching and More than 359 projects
learning. have been implemented un-
The centre’s toilet block der the GGP Programme with
also required urgent upgrade value exceeding USD 24 mil-
in order to serve the special lion.
needs of the students.
The centre was not able
to raise the required funds to
upgrade the facilities as most
funding received from Gov- Japan provided $180,000 to Nadi Centre for Special Education. Photo: SUPPLIED.

Bus Schedules and Jam Good Health Management

The Land Transport Au-
thority is working with the
Fiji Roads Authority to ensure
are managing,” Mr Patel said.
According to Mr Patel there
are other factors which con-
bay and leaving them unat-
tended, and to give way to
buses should they be leaving
and Control Paramount in
Combating Epidemics
buses run on schedule ac- tribute to the delay in the run- the bus bay.”
cording to the Acting Chair- ning of the bus service some “Under the traffic regula-
man for LTA, Mr Ashok Patel. of which include lack of con- tion 13 it is a chargeable of-
Mr Patel said that failure to sideration and respect by oth- fence if a driver fails to give
comply to the terms of permit er road users. way to a bus after it has indi-
in respect of PSV is a charge- “Sometimes buses are in cated to exit the bay.”
able offence under the LTA queue, and passengers start Other issues raised includ-
regulation section 62. getting off before getting to the ed bus drivers not stopping at By LITIA TIKOMAILEPANONI
“Traffic congestion is bus bay and therefore we urge bus bays to pick up passen-
something we are facing only drivers to ensure passengers gers, according to Mr Patel A strong Health system is the temperatures soaring high vent the diseases. We need to
now due to infrastructural de- wait and disembark at the bus this was not an everyday oc- crucial for a country to be able in the past few decades, Zika have good health leadership
velopments and volume of ve- bay,” Mr Patel added. currence, although when re- to combat such epidemics. is happening in many parts and governance including
hicles, however once the road “Moreover, to make the ports are received appropriate This was stressed by the of the world where there are good service delivery, qual-
works are completed traffic drivers job easier, we urgeo- action is taken by the authority Vice-Chancellor and Proj- high levels of temperature and ity workforce, proper health
flow will be normal which is ther road users to refrain from ect Director, Professor Prem where there are vagaries of information system (data
a challenge to everyone as we parking vehicles at the bus LTA Misir during the Zika project climate change. collection, processing of the
launch titled “Climate Change “Global warming contin- data, and interpretation of the
and Prevalence Study of ZIKA ues to increase the spread of data) and medical products to

Passengers and Drivers

Virus Diseases in Fiji” (Zika mosquito borne diseases. The help with the prevention ap-
under a climate change and Zika virus has to reproduce proach,” he stressed.
epidemiological perspective) in the mosquito for a certain Further to his point, he said
at the Tokatoka Resort, Nadi. period of time before it can that Zika virus and many epi-

Responsible for their

Professor Prem Misir stat- be transmitted to another per- demic viruses have a lot to do
ed that climate change was son in a subsequent bite. The with prevention.
amongst variables that influ- higher the air temperature, Minister of Health and
enced the rapid multiplication the shorter that incubation pe- Medical Services, Ms. Rosy

Safety and Comfort

of mosquitoes. riod and the faster the trans- Akbar launched the project
The project intends to as- mission of the virus. Higher and thanked The University of
sess the extent to which cli- temperatures also cause the Fiji’s initiative in collaboration
mate change influences the mosquitoes to mature faster,” with University of Hamburg
spread of Zika virus diseases he explained. for contributing towards an
in Fiji and provides recom- “In the final analysis we important topic of Zika.
By LITIA TIKOMAILEPANONI mendations for improve- have to have the Health Sys- The Zika project is funded
ments. tems that are strong enough to by Ministry of Health, Germa-
He commented that with withstand, to help you to pre- ny and costs 120000euros.
Passengers and Drivers are location to 582 or report to po- ever that does not mean the
solely responsible for their lice for drastic action if traffic problem does not exist we ac-

Woman Dead after

safety and comfort whilst us- offence are created.” knowledge there is a problem
ing the public transportation. Mr Patel added that If law and therefore we urge mem-
This was highlighted by enforcement team has been bers of the public to lodge
LTA’s Acting Chairman Mr called to attend a complaint complain to LTA,” Mr Patel
Ashok Patel while responding regarding the public service added.

Bus Crashes into

to complaints raised by media vehicle playing loud music, LTA is calling on passen-
on loud music and passenger the driver of the vehicle is is- gers, drivers and bus opera-
behavior in buses. sued with a traffic infringe- tors to be considerate of other
While LTA acknowledges ment notice for causing un- people on a bus and to refrain

Bus Stand
the existence of the problem, due noise under Regulation from making unnecessary
according to Mr Patel in some 46 and 87 of Land Transport noise which could cause in-
cases passengers ask the driv- (Traffic) Regulations 2000 as convenience to the general
ers to turn up the music, espe- due diligent process. public
cially the young generation. “Loud music is not only a LTA has issued year to date
He said this practice was nuisance to the occupants a total of 32 TINs for causing
mostly common during ma- of the vehicle, but it also dis- undue noise, 89 TINs for con-
jor sporting events and when tracts the driver. The driver duct of drivers and 248 TINs By LITIA TIKOMAILEPANONI
school students were travel- can also be issued with a were issued for carrying ex-
ing on the bus. traffic infringement notice for cess passengers. A woman is dead after a where taken to the Nadi hos- woman was pronounced
“Sometimes the drivers re- inconsiderate driving under bus veered off the road into pital for medical examina- dead on arrival, while two el-
duce the volume of the music Section 99 (2) and 114 of Land the seating area at the Nadi tions. derly woman and babies were
when passing police or LTA Transport Act.” bus stand on Thursday after- It is assumed that the treated and sent home.
checkpoint and once they are Meanwhile, as enforce- noon. brakes on the bus failed to Police said that investiga-
in a ‘safer zone’ they increase ment measures, apart from Witnesses claimed that a function pushing the bus to tion is underway to determine
the volume, but we do not issuing traffic infringement few of the public members the side. the cause of the accident.
condone this practice,” Mr Pa- notice, LTA will call all drivers seated at the bus shelter Meanwhile, an elderly
tel said. who have offended more than
“Our enforcement team three times for a show cause,
throughout Fiji are issuing additionally vehicle owners
Traffic Infringement Notices
(TINs) also LTA cannot have
have also been issued warn-
ings with regards to the sub-
Send us your feedbacks or suggestions to:
mobility and visibility 24x7 so ject matter.
if possible, the customers can
lodge a complaint by texting
“Before it was a major is-
sue, but now the complains
the vehicle number, time and registered has reduced how-

Early Morning
Robbery Leaves
Family in Fear

A family in Solovi in Nadi is living in window. Once they were inside they to arm myself so I can help my dad.
fear after their family home was broken entered my room took out my mobile “I got hold of this swinging board and
into on Tuesday. phones, Chains and camera. I had taken tried to hit the robber who was sitting on
The Kumar family said the break-in my medication and was asleep when top of him but dad managed to push him
at their four bedroom house occurred they entered my room before heading off, the robber swung the knife and it hit
at around12-1am Wednesday morning straight for my parents’ bedroom,” he my dad forearm and chin.
while they were asleep. said. “I think they turned off the main
The dad, son and mum who wish to “They took my S6 and J5 phone and switch because the lights were out and
remain anonymous were asleep in their chain and camera which I had just the only way we could see was from a
respective rooms when the incident hap- brought a few months back. I also kept dim light coming right from outside. After
pened. some cash for my money bank saving injuring my dad they ran of outside, we
The 25 year old son said three thieves which they also took along with my ID, were so socked we did not know what to
broke in through the window and broke Wallet and work bag. say as we are still in shock.
into their door to enter their home. “I woke up at my dad’s screaming and “After the incident we than called my
He said the robbers used crowbars rushed to his room, I saw this guy wear- aunt who came to take my parents to the
entered their homes, ransacked their ing the mask and saying we just want hospital and we called the Police who
worship place and stole valuable items cash and he went out the door. have been doing a wonderful job of gath-
in his room. He had been fearful for his The other guy who was sitting on top ering evidence and interviewing us.
parent’s safety and he would do anything of my dad was threatening him with a Meanwhile, Police is still con tinuing
to protect them from that horrific night. crowbar threating, I ran back to the sit- with its Investigation
“The three men got in through the ting room and tried to look for something

International Women’s Day- Rural Women

are Defining Pacific Resilience
“Despite the myriad chal- public health surveillance, affected by the cyclone found
lenges they face, rural women geoscience, and conservation themselves in desperate situ-
are helping define Pacific re- of plant genetic resources for ations as the wounded came
silience today,” said The Pacif- food security to name a few. to them for medical attention
ic Community (SPC) Director- Our programmes inevitably as roads and bridges to the
General Dr Colin Tukuitonga impact rural women, wheth- nearest health centres were
on the eve of International er through policy develop- blocked by fallen trees or
Women’s Day. ment or capacity building on electricity poles.
“Like their counterparts the ground. We recognized Despite this Pacific rural
around the world, rural wom- early on through our work on women show great tenacity
en in the Pacific Islands re- gender mainstreaming and and resilience when it comes
gion certainly do not have it women’s empowerment that to living and working in their
easy. They often lack access the needs, concerns and the environment. Pacific rural
to basic services and infra- knowledge of Pacific rural women walk miles to custom
structure such as water and women is critical to achiev- bush gardens to grow food for
sanitation, electricity, health ing the region’s development their families and they work
and education. They are more goals. Whilst we strive to pro- for hours gleaning marine life
at risk of domestic violence vide impactful technical sup- to sell in the market to earn
and unwanted pregnancies port on the ground, we also an income for their families.
than women in urban areas. seek to utilize and engage Yet, rural women in the Pa-
Rural women are also more with rural women networks cific face some of the biggest
exposed to the adverse im- and organisations because development challenges. On
pacts of climate change like they are often organized and average in the region, 50% of
cyclones and droughts,” Dr would know how to mobilize ever partnered rural women
Tukuitonga said. around pertinent issues we have experienced physi- 15-19 year old women tend to The empowerment of rural resilient communities through
Building on the momen- face today such as climate cal and/or sexual violence. be significantly higher in rural women and girls will be a pri- their participation in side
tum of International Women’s change and natural disasters,” In Fiji, 60% of rural women than in urban areas. ority theme at the sixty-second events and panel discussions.
Day 2018, SPC is reiterating its Dr Tukuitonga said. compared to 27% of urban “International Women’s session of the Commission on SPC will also support Pacific
commitment to work along- Research undertaken women are in vulnerable em- Day is a time to reflect on the the Status of Women (CSW) Island countries in the nego-
side Pacific Island govern- by SPC in Fiji, after Cyclone ployment. Intense outreach remarkable diversity of wom- at the United Nations Head- tiations of the agreed conclu-
ments to improve the lives Winston showed that women and focus on adolescent sex- en in the Pacific and their in- quarters in New York from 12 sions which will outline the
and livelihoods of Pacific rural were increasingly taking over ual and reproductive health dividual and collective expe- to 23 March. SPC will be sup- priorities at the global level
women. roles of men in villages, as information and services riences, as well as the many porting the Pacific islands del- for empowering rural women
“The Pacific Community men had to move into towns is needed for Pacific youth ways in which development egates to raise awareness of and girls.
works in more than 20 sectors to look for work. At the height and in particular rural young organisations like SPC can the global community on the
and is renowned for knowl- of cyclone Winston, commu- women. Despite a decline in make a meaningful and last- priorities of Pacific women
edge and innovation in areas nity health workers who are teenage pregnancy across the ing contribution to their lives,” and to share their experienc-
such as fisheries science, mostly women, in all villages Pacific, fertility rates amongst said Dr Tukuitonga. es and concerns in building SPC

Sweet Tweets: What does Holi Celebration mean to you?

Nicollette Chambers Vinita Singh Wise Umendra Pratap Seru Serevi Bill Tosh
“Holi is the festival of “Its a festival of colors “It’s a festival of colours”. “Time for joy and celebra- “Holiday”. “It’s a Hindu spring festival
colors. It’s a celebration and happiness”. tions and lets all get in dif- celebrated in February or
where different people meet ferent colours and leave March”.
each other and mend their behind the differences and
broken relationships. It’s a move forward”.
time to enjoy the colors and


NZ Andrew McGregor to Investigate

Cause of Crash-Cessna 172 Aircraft
The Fijian Government Attorney-General and Min-
has appointed New Zealand- ister Responsible for Civil
based Air Accident Investiga- Aviation Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum
tor Andrew McGregor as the said,” Upon his arrival in Fiji,
independent investigator to McGregor will immediately be
determine the cause of the transported to the crash site
crash of Cessna 172 Aircraft to begin the investigation into
which crashed in Vanualevu the cause of the crash. He will
on Monday. then report regularly to the
The aircraft registration Department of Civil Aviation
DQFTR was reported missing on his findings.
around midday on 26 Febru- “We have been notified
ary, 2018. Aviators Merelesita that the Fiji Police Force and
Lutu and Iliesa Tawalo who RFMF have identified the
were on that trip had lost crash site of the missing Pa-
communication with the con- cific Flying School Cessna 172
trol tower. after three days of search and
Mr McGregor specializes in rescue operations in the De-
providing air accident investi- laikoro Mountain area.
gation services and forensic “The crash site was spot-
engineering and has been en- ted via helicopter and the
gaged in the past by the New Police and RFMF, along with
Zealand Transport Accident Civil Aviation Authorities, are
Investigation Commission to currently making their way to
assist with air accident inves- the crash site. The thoughts
tigations. In Fiji, he was most and prayers of every Fijian are
recently engaged by the Fijian with the families flight instruc-
Department of Civil Aviation tor and student pilot.
to investigate the crash of a “We will, of course, up-
Cessna 172 plane that crashed date the public on the findings
in the mountains North East of of the investigation as they
Nadi in 2007. He also led the arise, but anticipate it will take
investigation into the helicop- some time to determine ex-
ter crash off the coast of Nadi actly what happened.”
in 2006. NZ investigator appointed to conduct investigation. Photo: SUPPLIED.

Public Private Partnership Women Press

Investment for Health Facility for Progress
‘Women are capable of that one mentor, a group of
By MARIA LAQETA achieving whatever they set friends and support group
their mind on, nothing is im- that can help us press forth for
In an effort to uplift the standard of organization for the investment as this to assist families of seriously ill children possible.’ progress.”
the Health sector services in the coun- will no doubt bring comfort to parents undergoing treatment. This was the key message “Success is about serving
try, the Ministry of Health and Medical and caregivers. “The funding for the construction in- conveyed by Professor Un- people. You must pursue what
Services and Ronald McDonald House “This public-private partnership is a cludes; cabinetry, interior designs, furni- aisi Nabobo-Baba during the you want, but it should help
Charity (RMHC) signed a Memorandum great investment not only for the hospital ture and certain fixtures, maintenance, International Women’s Day contribute to the progress of
of Agreement towards the construction but provides comfort for those families housekeeping necessary supplies and (IWD) celebration at the Fiji our lives and nation. Do your
of family room at Colonial War Memorial that have their children admitted in hos- printed materials in the designated space National University Nasinu best and do not apologize for-
Hospital today. pital,” Minister Akbar said. on the premises and too also manage the campus. less. I religiously follow the
The family room will be used for par- “In the past I have stressed that the room,” Mr EcElrath said. Speaking on the theme biblical verse ‘Do unto others
ents and carers of long-staying patients Ministry of Health and Medical Services “We are also renovating and refur- Press for Progress, Prof Na- what you want others to do
at the hospital and is fully funded with a always encourages this sort of partner- bishing a room at the Neonatal Intensive bobo-Baba said IWD was a to you’ because I believe it
cost of $100,000 by the Ronald McDonald ship and we know for sure that this proj- Care Unit (NICU). This rooms will provide celebration of women power determines how you succeed
House Charity. ect will greatly benefit all Fijians.” mother a decent comfort for mothers to and their valuable dedication in life,” said Professor Nabob-
Minister for Health and Medical Ser- RMHC company director Marc McEl- rest and wait for their babies as they re- and contribution towards so- oBaba.
vices Hon. Rosy Akbar commended the rath said the purpose of this project was ceive treatment,” he said. cietal as well as global devel- Event Organiser, College
opment. of Humanities and Education,
“Women are already help- Associate Dean - Research,

South African Diplomat

ing run the world. If women Dr Zakia Ali-Chand said IWD
are not supported then we was not only an occasion to
are losing out. It’s a good time reflect and celebrate women
to be happy because women achievements but also to re-
have come a long way,” sai member women whose voic-

Meets Nadi Business

Professor Nabobo-Baba. es still remain unheard.
The senior academic her- “International Women’s
self is an excellent role model Day is a day that belongs to
being the first i-taukei female all communities everywhere
to become a Professor. - governments, NGOs, educa-
The former Ballantine Me- tional institutions, corporate

morial School Head Girl was a bodies and more. Whether
gold medallist at the Universi- through global conferences,
ty of the South Pacific in 1996 community gatherings, class-
and then went on to study and room lessons or dinner table
teach aboard. conversations - everyone
She has a PhD on Indig- must play a purposeful role in
vides an important space to enous Epistemology, Knowl- pressing for gender parity. To
reach out to the other Pacific edge and Implications from achieve our goals and press
islands. the University of Auckland, for progress, we need to fo-
The Chargé d’Affaires, New Zealand and is a distin- cus on education as the most
MrVelelo G. Kwepile, also re- guished scholar recognised important tool to break away
flected on the recent political for original contributions in in- from the shackles of gender
developments in his country digenous knowledge and the stereotypes and prejudice,”
which also enjoyed coverage academy by the American said Dr Ali-Chand.
in Fiji’s media. Educational Research As- “It is a day on which we
The interactions with busi- sociation (AERA) (2007) –In- celebrate the courageous and
ness-leaders in Nadi were ternational and Indigenous inspiring work women are do-
fruitful and the gathering noted peoples Education (SIG). ing
with appreciation the potential “I have had many great around the world to shape
for growth in trade between women in my life and some more tolerant and equitable
South Africa and Fiji. The two very great men who helped societies.”
countries enjoy cordial rela- make the woman I’ve be- FNU
tions since the establishment come today. I always believe
of relations in 2006. South Af- as women we need to find
The South African High Commission and provided the opportunity to market rica and Fiji co-operate inter-
and the Nadi Chamber of Commerce and South Africa as being open for business. nationally and share common concerns,
Industry jointly co-hosted a roundtable It is not the first time the two institu- especially those related to developing
discussion on trade opportunities with tions hosted an annual event like this, countries, such as trade regulations and
climate change.
Send us your feedbacks or suggestions
South Africa. and there is an acknowledgement that
The purpose of the Roundtable Dis- there is progress albeit on a small scale. to:
cussion was to search for means of in- In some outlets, one could find a few
creasing trade between South Africa and South African products and there is a
Fiji especially in the area of export busi-
The initiative also assists in promoting
need to magnify this scope of penetration
into the Fiji market. The High Commis-
sion highlighted wine, jewellery, leather
a better understanding of the South Afri- and canned fruit as products which can
can market to the Fijian private business, do well in Fiji. It is seen as a hub and pro-

700 Cancer 200 New Vehicles

Deaths in Fiji Donated by Chinese

Vehicles handed over by the Peoples Republic of China. Photo: SUPPLIED.

National Advisor for Non-Communicable Disease Dr Isimeli

Tukana during. Photo: SUPPLIED.
A total of 200 vehicles will contribute to assisting my He said, “We are opening ties. Having more vehicles
By MARIA LAQETA worth FJ$17.5 million was Government to achieve this new local government of- means we can respond more
handed over by the Peoples objective. In support of my fices bringing medical, edu- quickly to emergencies, ad-
On an average there are than 50 per cent are found to Republic of China at the Po- Government’s campaign to cational, legal and other es- dress urgent needs of ordi-
approximately 700 people be breast and cervical cancer lice Mobile Unit in Makoi. expand access to critical ser- sential government services nary Fijians and keep deliv-
died annually in the country. in women. The 200 vehicles included vices for communities in rural to the doorsteps of commu- ering on our agenda for rural
National Advisor for Non- He said the most common 50 Police cars, 50 minibuses, and maritime parts of Fiji. nities in remote parts of the outreach and development.
Communicable Disease Dr cancer in males is prostate 50 school buses, 30 ambu- “We’ve vastly expanded country. And we are funding “These vehicles will im-
IsimeliTukana said “Every Fi- cancer and it is the third com- lances and 20 panel vans. access to water, electricity rural housing assistance pro- mediately be put to use and
jian should work together to monest cancer in Fiji. Prime Minister Voreqe and telecommunications, giv- grammes, micro and small integrated within our exist-
reduce the burden of cancer.” Meanwhile, Dr Tukana said Bainimarama who officiated ing tens of thousands of Fi- business loans for entrepre- ing Government fleet under
This comment were said that children in Fiji make up at the handover acknowl- jians a critical foundation of neurs and rural access roads, the management of the Fleet
on behalf of Assistant Minister less than one per cent of the edged the Chinese Govern- development so they need no street lighting, footpaths and Management Team within our
for Health and Medical Ser- new cases and about half of ment for the donation. longer worry about providing footbridges. Ministry of Economy”.
vices Alex O’Connor during them survive treatment. “I’d like to begin by thank- themselves and their families “We need vehicles to con-
the celebration of 2018 World “This special day helps us ing the Government of China with these essential services,” tinue all of that important
Cancer Day in Suva. to reflect on what we can do for making a donation that said Bainimarama. work in our rural communi-
Dr Tukana said cancer is as a survivor, as a co-worker,
preventable and cancer is as a friend, as an employer, as

Fifth FWYF Launches Young Women’s

curable, when detected early. a care giver, as a student, as
He adds that the Ministry a faith based group, as a can-
records a total of 1,100 new cer organization, as a family,

cases of cancer every year as a community and as a na-
and at average about 700 tion to make a pledge and not
people die annually due to only to pledge but to actually
cancer. do something to fight against
Dr Tukana said this is hap- cancer,” he said.
pening because these can- Dr Tukana said other can- By LITIA TIKOMAILEPANONI
cers are not detected early as cers are growing up now, like
there are late presentations. the mouth, skin and cancer of
He believes that if peo- the bowls. He has called on Women’s participation in political life
ple make a habit of getting the people to give hope and makes policymaking more inclusive.
screened, these diseases will support to people living with Speaking at the 5th Fiji Young Wom-
be detected early and the cancer to make a big differ- en’s Forum, British High Commissioner
chances of treatment will be ence in our lives. to Fiji Melanie Hopkins stressed the im-
very high and people will be The theme for World Can- portance of involving women in all level
able to live quality of life. cer Day 2018 is ‘You can and I of decision making.
From the new cases, Dr can prevent cancer’. “All women have a right to be repre-
Tukana said that slightly more sented in the decision-making processes
that affect their lives.The UK is committed
to promoting the participation of women
in decision-making and supporting wom-
en and girls’ meaningful mobilisation and
participation in political life,” she said.
The workshop was funded The work-
shop was funded by the Magna Carta Participant of the Young Women’s Forum. Photo: SUPPLIED.
Funding for Human Rights and Democ-
racy (MCF) through the British High Com- a unique feminist space for diverse young safety issues, sexual harassment and for-
mission and was the first FYWF to be or- women from Fiji. malizing grievance processes.”
ganised in the Northern Division. She says,” This is coming together in Health
femLINK pacific Co-Convener Alisia solidarity to share our lived experiences “Greater collaboration between
Evans said the consultation was an op- and strategizing to change perceptions is women’s rights organizations and health
portunity to inform young women on liberating. Despite the challenges we are practitioners through gender sensitiza-
their rights. united as an empowering voice. tion workshops and training highlighting
“This consultation was an opportunity A major outcome of the Forum was the connection between women’s rights
to inform young women on their rights, the young women’s Declaration. This was and access to quality health services in-
support their capacity to exercise their drafted by the participants and highlight- cluding sexual, reproductive health and
rights as citizens as well as hold govern- ed areas of concern for young women’s rights.”
ment to account to their gender equal- issues. The Declaration is a key lobbying Young Women’s Equal Participation in
ity commitments in the National Gender tool for young women to raise issues with Decision Making-
Policy. their leaders, particularly in the build up “We must have access to mentoring,
She said,” The rural-urban divide to the national elections. coaching and accompaniment strate-
particularly in terms of access to infor- Few priority areas for young women gies to support young women to realise
mation and communication has been a as highlighted in the Declaration include: their human rights including freedom of
consistent barrier that limits rural young Economic Security speech and expression.”
women’s awareness of their basic hu- “Collaboration between private sec- Altogether, twenty-two diverse young
man rights.” tor, government and women’s rights or- women convened at the 5th Fiji Young
FWRM Young Women’s Officer Mam- ganisations in terms of assessing gender Women’s Forum that was held at Laba-
ta Chandacknowledged that Fiji Wom- inequality and social norms in the work- sa’s Friendly North Inn from February 23
en’s Forum is a powerful, influential and place including occupational health and to 25.

Tavua Emergency Operations Centre

Communities in Tavua will fied a need to decentralise di-
now have a coordination hub saster coordination to ensure
for an incident response after effective preparedness and
the official opening of its Op- response.
erations Centre on Friday. For the past year the BSRP
The opening of the newly project had worked closely
refurbished Tavua Emergency with the Fiji National Disas-
Operations Centre or BSRP is ter Management project have
a 19.37million ACP-EU Build- worked closely with the Fiji
ing Safety and Resilience in National Disaster Manage-
the Pacific project (BSRP) and ment Office to establish 3
fully funded by the European EOC’s around the country,
Union and implemented by and 4 more are in the planning
SPC. process to be estanlished.
The objective of the project In the face of Tropical Cy-
is to reduce the vulnerability, clone Gita, the EOC’s estab-
as well as the social, econom- lished in Lautoka and Nadi
ic and environmental costs of were able to mobilise and
disasters caused by natural coordinate disaster prepared-
hazards, thereby achieving ness efforts.
regional and national sustain- Although Cyclone Gita did
able development and pov- not make landfall in Fiji, the
erty alleviation in ACP Pacific response from the EOC’s in-
Island States. dicate a postive improvement
Through the lessons learnt on the national disaster pre-
from Tropical Cyclone Win- paredness.
ston, the BSRP project identi- Emergency operations centre. Photo: SUPPLIED.

Etatoko Main Extension

Works to Improve
Water Supply
Communities living in Etatoko settlement in ing WAF customers and those who have been
Ba will soon benefit from the main extension connected to the system by the main extension
works being carried out by the Water Authority project will receive an improved water supply,
of Fiji (WAF). with adequate pressure.
About 22 residents reside in Etatoko area is The $200,000.00 project commenced in Jan-
one of Ba’s elevated areas, where the water uary 2018, with the objective of having work
supply could not keep pace with the accumu- culmination in April 2018.
lative demands of a growing population. These work involves the laying of 160
Additional homes have also been built that lengths of 150mm mPVC pipeline, from the
were not connected to the reticulation system existing 80mm mPVC main, along the Etatoko
Currently the community is drawing water circular road in Ba. This section of the WAF re-
from a borehole that is not sufficient to meet ticulation system is supplied with water from
their needs, and those connected to the reticu- the Waiwai reservoir.
lation system only receive water seven hours WAF continues to champion the provision
a day; from 6.00am to 10.00am in the morning of a sustainable supply of quality water to the
and from 5.00pm to 8.00pm in the evening. people of Fiji.
WAF engineers laying new pipeline. Photo: WAF. Once the project is completed, the exist-

President Konrote Receives Non- Carting Logs During

Resident Ambassador Nigeria Wet Weather Affects
Navidamu Road,
Fiji Roads and its contrac- This is more likely than to start
tors are aware of the current from August 2018 in readiness
road conditions on Navidamu for the following wet season.”
Road in Labasa. That has Similar major Unsealed
been caused by logging op- Road upgrading of 34km is
erators carting logs on these currently underway between
roads and worsening road Nabouwalu and Kubalau to
conditions. FRA is now trying connect bus services through
to restore emergency access to Wailevu West Road. This
for the buses. 34km of gravel strengthening
Fiji Roads Authority Chief includes a total of 6km of seal-
Executive, Jonathan Moore ing in front of schools, health
says that the matter has been centers and villages along this
reported to the Department route, together with sealing of
of Forestry, as the logger has several steep inclines for im-
breached their Permit Condi- proved traction.
tions for carting during the Members of the public are
wet weather.” requested to contact LTA, Fiji
“In the long term we Police or FRA on 5720 if they
have major gravel layers pro- see overloaded vehicles or
grammed along with drain- carting loads on gravel roads
age works on approximately during wet weather.
10km of this 30km long route.

Excellency, President Major General (Ret’d) JiojiKonusiKonrote, First Lady H. E SaroteKonrote with the Non-Resident Am-
bassador of Nigeria His Excellency Bello Kazaure Husseini and his wife after the presentation of credentials. Photo: DEPTFO.
Send us your feedbacks or
suggestions to:
His Excellency the Presi- sented his credentials today Japan. served in the Protocol Depart-
dent Major General (Ret’d) after inspecting a 25-member The Nigerian envoy com- ment, Trade and Investment

Jioji Konusi Konrote received guard of honour by officers pleted his tertiary qualifica- Division and Budget Depart-
the credentials of the non- from the Republic of Fiji Mili- tion at the Foreign Service ment of Federal Ministry of
resident Ambassador of Nige- tary Forces. Academy in Lagos and Bayero Foreign Affairs in Abuja, Nige-
ria to Fiji His Excellency Bello Prior to his appointment, University in Kano as well as ria.
Kazaure Husseini at Borron Ambassador Husseini served at the Denmark Training Ser- He will be based in Can-
House. as Nigeria’s Ambassador to vices in Harare, Zimbabwe. berra, Australia.
Ambassador Husseini pre- Zimbabwe, Kuwait, India and Ambassador Husseini DEPTFO

Ministry Conducts Potato Field Day in

Farmers in the districts of Yawe and Tavuki
in Kadavu celebrated potato field day with an
objective of introducing potato farming.
While officially launching the potato field
day at Richmond Methodist High School, the
Assistant Minister for Agriculture, Viam Pillay
said it was the first of its kind to be organized
in the province.
“Currently we are promoting potato to
some selected few provinces around Fiji and
it is so fortunate that Kadavu is one of them
as the quality of potatoes produced here in Ka-
davu is of superior quality than those produced
in other parts of Fiji.
“This is a historic occasion as this is the first
ever Kadavu potato field day to be organised
by the Ministry here in Kadavu involving farm- Assistant Minister for Agriculture, Hon. Viam Pillay with students of Richmond Methodist High School following the launch of the potato field
ers from Yawe district and Tavuki district and day. Photo:MOA.
today’s field day aims to bring about aware-
ness on the importance of potatoes and its
planting methods to help you, the farmer to be na production. yaqona rather than harvesting your yaqona on the best methods of planting potatoes
more effective in engaging with us, your Gov- “Since, most of you are yaqona farmers we at an early growing stage. and was aimed at promoting the sharing of
ernment,” said Hon. Pillay. feel that you need to diversify to some short Hon. Pillay said that lessons learnt during technologies and lessons through direct en-
The Assistant Minister also stressed the term crops such as potatoes to sustain your the field day should be shared to other farmers gagement between farmers and officials of the
importance of diversifying and venturing into food security, reduce imports and at the same within the district. Ministry of Agriculture.
short term crops to compliment farmersyaqo time extend the growing maturity years of This potato field day is a hands on approach

Kadavu Chiefs Praises

Government has committed its services to cussing with farmers on the island the recent
outer islands and rural areas in enriching agri- developments and assistance provided by the
cultural productivity to another level. Ministry of Agriculture as well as receiving ac-
Meanwhile, the Ministry of Agriculture team counts of the effectiveness of the Ministry’s
managed to visit farms and farmers in the service delivery.
province of Kadavu highlighting agricultural Speaking on behalf of chiefs and village
productivity on the island. headmen who recently gathered at Tavuki Vil-
Assistant Minister for Agriculture, Hon. Viam lage for a two-day workshop, Mr. Peni Naulu
Pillay informed the purpose for the visit was to extended their appreciation to the Assistant
consult with farmers on assistance available Minister for Agriculture for the commitment
with the Ministry. shown towards the sector in Kadavu.
“We’re here to hear from you and to get “The province of Kadavu has its dreams
first-hand reports on our programs and assis- and its vision,we would like to be a prosper-
tance from the Ministry to farmers like you and ous island and to becomeself-sufficient and
also ensure that all assistance is distributed to active,” he said.
all our farmers here in Kadavu” said the Assis- “We’re eagerto meet with you and to dis-
tant Minister. cuss with you about the development of agri-
He reiterated the need for farmers to work culture here on the island and to actually relay
in collaboration with the Ministry to increase to you that our mainstay and livelihood is ag-
productivity as assistance would be provided riculture.
to compliment improved production. “I hope your brief visits to the island of Ka-
“We will make sure that Kadavu will not be davu will instill and prompt a lot of develop-
exempted from assistance from the Ministry ment for agriculture so that we can improve
and I will definitely be back to follow-up on all our lives further and in that regard, we can also
the issues regarding farmers here in Kadavu. hope to achieve our dreams and visions,” said
Chiefs and village headmen of Kadavu with the Assistant Minister for Agriculture, Hon. Viam Hon. Pillay recently concluded a week-long Mr Naulu.
Pillay at Tavuki Village, Kadavu. Photo: MOA. tour of the island of Kadavu meeting and dis-

Proper Planning Vital Fiji and Asian Productivity

Organization Strengthens

(L-R)Honorable Minister for Employment Hon. Jone Usamate meets with APO’s Secretary
Assistant Minister for Agriculture, Hon. Viam Pillay inspecting yaqona cuttings in Natumua General Dr. Santhi Kanoktanaporn. Photo: DEPTFO.
Village, Kadavu. Photo: MOA.


In an effort to alleviate tion in areas of productivity had the opportunity to meet
Yaqona farmers in Ka- Hon. Pillay, while respond- ing material) to the cuttings Employment,Productivity and through the APO programme. the Ministry permanent secre-
davu have been reminded to ing to their queries on the is- hence the reason that they are Industrial Relationssector to Dr Kanoktanaporn ex- tary, Salaseini Daunabuna and
properly plan the sale of their sue during an informal discus- left with no planting material,” another level, Fiji received a pressed his sincere gratitude APO alternate director and
yaqona and its planting mate- sion, stressed the importance he said. courtesy call from the Asian for the cooperation Fiji has ex- National Productivity Organ-
rials. of managing their harvest “I have advised farmers to Productivity Organisation tended to APO over the years. isation head, Dr Isimeli Waib-
This after the issue of a lack through proper planning. plan their farming properly (APO) in the week. Their discussion focused utaTagicakiverata to discuss
of yaqona planting materials “Farmers should plan prop- and to put planting materials The Minister for Employ- on exchanging views on pos- the governing body agenda
on the island was brought to erly after harvesting to main- aside for the future so that ment, Productivity and In- sible areas to further coopera- and a way forward for Fiji.
the attention of the Assistant tain planting materials rather they can reap the benefit of dustrial Relations Hon. Jone tion with Fiji and work more The APO secretary gen-
Minister of Agriculture, Hon. than selling it off completely what they are sowing now Usamate and the Asian Pro- closely to develop relation- eral was accompanied by the
Viam Pillay by farmers of Na- because the price of yaqona while also maintaining it so ductivity Organisation (APO) ships contributing to produc- APO’s director of Administra-
tumua Village after his visit to is very good now. that this can also be realized secretary general, Dr Santhi tivity growth in APO econo- tion and Finance Mr Sherman
the village’s yaqona nursery “Farmers are selling every- in the future,” said Hon. Pillay. Kanoktanaporn discussed mies. Loo.
recently. thing from the kasa (plant- the strengtheningof coopera- Dr Kanoktanaporn also


Death Toll Rises to 31 in PNG Quake as
Weather and Damage Hamper Relief Effort
The death toll from the in Port Moresby in an email, the district’s Development Au- the quake, which struck the (435-mile) gas pipeline that that had been affected,” said
strongest earthquake to strike citing a two-way radio call thority told Reuters by phone. mountainous Southern High- connects to a coastal lique- Connie-Lou Aebischer from
Papua New Guinea’s rugged from a mission station in the “All the water tanks have lands some 560 km (350 faction plant, but were ham- MAF.
interior in almost a century region. been turned over and at the miles) northwest of the capi- pered by bad weather accord- “The majority of the land-
has climbed to 31 and would Most of the other con- moment people are suffering tal, Port Moresby, was still in- ing to Oil Search Ltd. slides were in what appeared
probably rise further, officials firmed fatalities were in or a lack of fresh water, all the complete. Quake damage shut the to be largely uninhabited
said on Thursday, as damage around the provincial capital rivers are dirty,” he said. “The Australia has promised region’s biggest airfield at mountainous regions, or at
to roads, runways and phone of Mendi and the town of Tari runway has some cracks, the tarpaulins, water purification Komo, built to supply remote least sporadically inhabited,
lines slowed relief efforts. 40 km (25 miles) from the district offices are all spoiled, tablets, and water contain- Exxon Mobil Corp facilities, which was the saving grace
Remote hamlets closest to epicenter, where aftershocks all our roads within Tari are ers, and despatched a military though bush airstrips were ac- through this ongoing instabil-
the epicenter of the 7.5 mag- continue to be felt and people cracked, blocking traveling C-130 transport plane to assist cessible and Mission Aviation ity in the earth.”
nitude quake in the Southern afraid their homes may yet traffic.” with aerial surveillance. Fellowship (MAF) evacuated
Highlands were buried, killing collapse have been sleeping A spokesman from the Miners and oil and gas four people to Mt Hagen.
13 people, said James Justin, in their yards. country’s National Disaster companies were also assess- “As we flew and photo- REUTERS
a research officer at the Min- “Tari is completely shut Centre said a preliminary ing damage to their infra- graphed all that we could see,
istry of Petroleum and Energy down,” Mark Mendai, head of damage assessment from structure, including a 700-km we prayed for those below

Holi Festival Celebrated by Hindu

Residents Around the World

College students celebrate the Holi festival in Jammu, the

winter capital of India controlled Kashmir, on Feb. 27, 2018. Holi
Festival, also known as Spring Festival of Colors, usually falls in
People participate in a procession with a vintage Rolls Royce the later part of February or March, and it is celebrated by Hindu
car as they celebrate Holi on the eve of Holi Festival, in Kol- Thousands of people across India, Nepal and south Asia take residents around the world by throwing colored powder, or gulal
kata, India, on Feb. 28, 2018. part in the Holi Festival. at each other. Photos: XINHUA.

Free Treats for Students
A previous study from the accrue 60 points. sionals that spending too
London School of Econom- Students can also ex- much time on devices is af-
ics suggested pupils who did change their points for books fecting the concentration and
not use their smartphones on and stationery which are do- wider mental health of young

who Put Down Phones

school grounds saw a 6.4% in- nated to schools via Unicef. people.
crease in test scores. Mental health Dr Louise Theodosiou, a
The app will initially be The founders - Maths consultant psychiatrist at the
rolled out to 170 universities Mathisen, Florian Winder and Royal Manchester Children’s
around the UK. It works on Vinoth Vinaya - have all expe- Hospital, said: “It is positive to
An app that rewards stu- thing to help with the issue issue of device addiction. both Android and iOS devices rienced the issue of device see apps which acknowledge
dents for time spent away of device distraction. According to a 2017 study and is free to download. distraction. that students will be using
from their phones is being re- It has proved popular in by the University of Texas, Is social media making Mr Mathisen said: “Hav- their phones and provide real
leased in the UK. Scandinavia, with more than simply having a smartphone your child depressed? ing come up with the idea for solutions to help balance the
Hold was developed by 120,000 users across Norway, within eyeshot can reduce Apple investors urge action this app during my time as use of technology.
three students who met at Denmark and Sweden. productivity, slow down re- on ‘smartphone addiction’ a student, I knew first-hand “We know that wellbeing
Copenhagen Business School Experts are growing in- sponse speed and reduce This is why you are addict- how difficult it is to concen- can be enhanced by exercise
and wanted to develop some creasingly worried about the grades. ed to your phone trate while studying when you and engaging with friends and
Students will accumulate have the option to text, snap, family.
10 points for every 20 minutes or play games on your phone. “Rewards which could be
that they do not use their mo- “With Hold, our mission is linked to travel or social ac-
bile phone between 07:00 and to limit these distractions by tivities could be an incentive
23:00 every day of the week. rewarding students and giving to students managing their
Points can be exchanged them an incentive to focus on money.
for goods and services within their work. “We know that young peo-
the app’s marketplace, with “The fact that a quarter of ple today are reporting higher
brands such as Caffe Nero, students in Norway down- rates of mental health needs.
Vue cinemas and Amazon loaded Hold in just three “Social media is a tool
signed up. months since launch, shows which can be both positive
To earn two free coffees, that young people are ready and negative and support-
students will need 300 points, to make that change and put ing young people to learn to
which equates to 10 hours on their phones to the side while structure how and when they
the Hold app. For free pop- they study.” use it can be a valuable tool.”
corn at the cinema, they will There are growing con-
need to spend two hours to cerns among health profes- BBC NEWS

The three founders wanted to find a solution to device distraction. Photo: BBC NEWS.


Sabeto Sangam Inducts 46 Prefects

Prefects of Sabeto Sangam you make an honest self-eval-
Primary school were remind- uation, which will allow you
ed on the importance of dem- to exploit your strong quali-
onstrating quality leadership ties and minimize your weak
whilst wearing the badge. ones,” said Vunibola.
Lieutenant Semisi Vunibo- Head girl Neha Kumar was
la who officiated during their ecstatic after being badged
prefect’s induction addressed and vowed to perform her re-
the 46 prefects yesterday. sponsibility diligently. She said
“To be a good leader is a her parents are her big role
continual challenge and the model as she takes on this
job is not easy. You must dis- challenge.
play professionalism in all “I am so proud to be cho-
tasks. This will earn the re- sen as head girl, and I prom-
spect of all those with whom ise to work hard in helping
you lead. my teachers looking after the
He said, “This respect, will students,” she said.
in turn lead to confidence in 13 year old Shaymal Na-
your ability and acceptance of rayan who was selected as
you as a leader. Head boy was also surprised
He also urged,”A knowl- to be chosen but is proud to
edge of the elements of lead- be leading the prefects.
ership is not sufficient on its Head teacher Muniappa
own to make you a leader, Reddy congratulated the pre-
you will need to have an un- fects and encouraged them to
derstanding of human char- display professionalism as a
acter, behavior and relation- leader as this will earn them
ships. The leadership qualities respect.
demonstrated by you directly “As a leader you should
affects the behavior of your say it, you do it, you do it from
men and your willingness to front and you do it from a very
accomplish a task. high standards.
“It is essential that you The parents and students
know yourself. To know your- were treated to a refresh- Professor Rajesh Chandra, USP Vice-Chancellor and President with United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Mr
self fully, it is important that ments after the event. Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein during the public lecture hosted by USP. Photo: USP.

Zika Virus Project

The University of Fiji in col- search will be published to change and Aedes aegypti
laboration with the Ministry of influence greater local under- induced Zika virus to human
Health and the University of standing on climate change health in Fiji. This project de-
Hamburg will host a confer- and human health, outlin- scribes the Zika virus spread
ence to launch the Zika proj- ing mosquitoes’ sensitivity to through the global climatic
ect. temperature changes. change and the epidemiology
Titled as “Climate Change “Overall, the data sharing of the disease. The Zika virus
and Prevalence Study of ZIKA between medical entomolo- study in Fiji would comple-
Virus Diseases in Fiji” (Zika gists, concerned public health ment the global distribution
under a climate change and professionals responsible for of Aedes aegypti mosquitoes
epidemiological perspec- managing disease outbreaks, and other vectors to better un-
tive) the eventwill beofficially and policymakers will be derstand the global human-
opened by Minster for Health needed to improve prepared- health risk.
Rosy Akbar at Tokatoka Re- ness for vector-borne diseas- The conference will delib-
sort, Nadi on Friday, March es,” he explained. erate on the highlights of the
2nd. The Zika project intends project, climate change and
Conference Planning Chair to assess the extent to which its impact, threats and solu-
and Associate Professor at climate change influences the tions, climate change and its
Umanand Prasad School of spread of Zika virus diseases relation to cancer, use of tools
Medicine and Health Sciences in Fiji and provides recom- and collection of data, and
(UPSM&HS) Dr. Abhijit Gogoi mendations for improve- meteorological study.
stated that the findings of the ments. This project is funded by
research project will be pub- The aim of the project is the Ministry of Health, Ger-
lished for the general public. to better understand the re- many and costs 120000euros.
“The results from the re- lationship between climate

NTPC Partners with

Fiji Fashion Week
The Fiji National University dustry Advisory Committees portance of higher educa-
will continue to back the Fiji (IACs) so that they remain rel- tion. Colleges: Agriculture,
Fashion Week in its quest to evant and current to our local Fisheries & Forestry Business,
up-skill and promote local de- industry’s training needs. The Hospitality and Tourism Stud-
signers. FFW workshop organisers ies Engineering, Science &
Director NTPC Dr Isimeli were impressed with our pro- Technology Humanities and
Tagicakiverata said one of NT- fessional facilities in the class- Education Medicine, Nursing
PC’s core function was to pro- room that created a pleasant & Health Sciences National
vide training and up-skilling to learning environment and Training & Productivity Cen-
the industry and also support team’s assistance through the tre)
locally made products. last training and have asked to Around 30 participants are
Tagicakiverata said NTPC partner with NTPC again.’ expected to participate in the
would continue to support ini- “This was a success and second stage of the FJFW De-
tiatives undertaken by the Fiji NTPC welcomes the second signers Workshop Series this
Fashion Week in terms of pro- stage of training that will take Friday February 23rd through
viding the venue and class- place later this week,” Tagi- to Sunday February 25th.
room facilities to facilitate the cakiverata said. Stage 2 is expected to focus
Designers Workshop Series Fiji Fashion Week Manag- on the actual design of their
scheduled to begin later this ing Director Ellen Whippy- collections, fabric choices,
week. Knight commended NTPC on story boards and fashion il- Participants during the first Fiji Fashion Week Workshop Made in Fiji - New Horizons - Going
“Our short courses are vet- its partnership and its vision lustration, developing a range Global hosted by Fiji Fashion Week in collaboration with the National Training & Productivity
ted and endorsed by the In- and understanding of the im- and pattern making. Centre. Photo: FNU.


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Bruno Bettinazzi
THE WEEK Golden Cowrie Sous Chef

Bruno’s Delicious Italian Cuisine

The relaunch o-f the Gold- products that may be found ration of the place before ser-
en Cowrie Restaurant also in- include vegetables, fish, meat, vice and I never forgot that,”
scripts the beginning of a new tomatoes and a selection of Manu says.
chapter at Shangri-La’s Fijian imported items like a cheese
Resort . and salami. “He always told me not just
The restaurant and lounge Service Manager–Gold- to learn about operations but
underwent a complete refur- en Cowrie Coastal Ital- to learn about the spirits be-
bishment and re-opened in ian restaurant,Emmanuel hind the bar as it has always
late December last year. Fonmanu(aka Manu) as he is been an area I have been
The Golden Cowrie Res- known to his family and peers interested in and I would re-
taurant is headed by Italian joined Shangri-la’s Fijian Re- search as much as I could on
Sous Chef Bruno Bettinazzi sort and Spa in 2004 ,when his the internet,” he added.
and a team of eight. Chef Bet- father became too ill to work. Manu says he first joined
tinazzi worked in Singapore He is the oldest child in the the resort out of necessity and
prior to coming to Fiji .He family of five and the respon- to look after his family and he
worked in hotels throughout sibility fell on him to support did not envisage the career
Italy and Switzerland. the family. path that would bring him to
Mr Bettinazzi arived in the In his quest to find a job,it manage an upscale Italian
country last year to join the brought him to the resort Restaurant.
resort has great passion for where he start work as fine “For some it’s always
Italian food and loves to cook dining waiter at the Kalevu about the salary but for me
the in-house made pasta as restaurant. passion for the job is equally
its one of the specialities on In those early days his important and critical to one’s
offer at the newly re-opened mentors were well known career path and learning,”
Golden Cowrie Coastal Ital- personalities at the resort like Manu says.
ian restaurant at Shangri-La’s Simione Cagilaba of Simi’s The Culinary team at Shan-
Fijian Resort & Spa. coffees,Simi sadly passed gri-La’s Fijian Resort & Spa
“Having a passion on away in 2006. is headed by Executive Chef
something you enjoy with cre- Learning from others in- Rudolf Kunkel whose interna-
ativity and combining it with terest him much as being a tional experience throughout
fresh produce are important bartender, he recalled that he the Shangri-La group world-
elements of cooking Italian spent all his spare time with wide in South East Asia and
food. most of his mentors. Malaysia as well as Fiji, spear-
“It’s the skills I honed over “I would also go and hang headed the transformation of
the years in my native Italy, at out with them as I wanted to the Golden Cowrie Restau-
luxury Swiss restaurants and a learn as much as possible,” rant along with the director of
stint in Singapore but today he he recalls. the food and beverage team,
now brings to Fiji,” he added. “With Simi it was always Maurice Fahey.
Italian cuisine now, he says about the sequence of service
is a mix of different regions in and of course his signature
Italy and here in Fiji typical Simi’s coffees and the prepa-


If you are Confident, Outgoing,

Intelligent, Love Challenges,

in a Defector Relationship, Age

between 18 to 25 and can show
the Nation the “True Bula
Spirit” then, you are the one we
are Looking for.

Please contact the Bula Secretariat on –

6703002 Or Cell Phone - 716-3305/ 712-5780 for more Information.

This Year’s Nadi Bula Festival will be from July 14th to the 21st.


Tu’s Place Attracts Tourists

Night view outsideTu’s Place in Martintar Nadi. Photo: JASON JETT.

“Fresh” is used to describe said Naivaukula. two basic principles was what distinguishes Tu’s Place from Naivaukula stresses that birthdays, et cetera,” added
the food, and “Fijian” the at- Tu’s Place, along with we wanted,” he continued. many restaurants.Asked if any while Tu’s Place is a destina- Naivaukula. “Because of the
mosphere, at the premier stop Queens Road businesses “Those were to use fresh, lo- worker has left during her ten- tion restaurant for tourists, it proximity to the airport, we
in Nadi for travelers seeking to for a five-kilometer stretch cal product as much as possi- ure to move on to bigger res- is rooted in the surrounding often host groups returning
experience or reacquaint with between Nadi International ble, and to offer young people taurants at hotels or resorts, community and Fiji. home to Fiji from overseas
traditional island flare. Airport and the Martintar a chance to learn the skills of she said, “It’s like no one Most foodstuff and ingre- who come straight from the
Tu’s Place, on Queens (Mountainview)community, cooking and set them off on a wants to leave.” dients our obtained locally, airport for a taste of home that
Road midway downtown is returning to normal after a career. We call our kitchen a From behind the counter with daily trips to Namaka they missed while away.”
and the airport, has been at- nearly three-year road proj- learning kitchen.” at Tu’s Place, where he goes Market and suppliers who Thursday night Akesa
tracting tourists and locals for ect that has improved ac- Peni Cakau, 21, an aspir- hands-on in preparing meals provide hard-to-get items, like Dawai was part of a Pentecos-
more than a decade by serv- cess, added parking spaces ing chef who began work at during busy periods, Naivau- produce that is out of season. tals of Nadi youthgroup amid
ing “good quality food consis- and holds the promise of in- Tu’s Place 18 months ago on kula offered his perspective The restaurant makes its own a Daniel Fast that came to Tu’s
tently…that is both presented creased commerce. the wait-staff and now is a on operating a “teaching res- curry pastes, rather then buy Place for a light meal of soup
well and is good to taste,”said This marks the restaurant’s kitchen hand, mans a stove taurant.” packaged stock, for its exotic and smoothies. “We enjoyed
co-owner Ratu Felipe Naivau- thirteenth year of operation, when there is high volume “Our staff is our most valu- Thai dishes, said Naivaukula. it,” she said afterwards. “This
kula. which began when Naivau- -- as each dish is cooked to able asset,” he said. “The food While a passer-by may is actually the first time for me
“Fresh is the word that kula returned to Fiji with busi- order. The Ratu Kadavulevu they produce and the service peer inside and see a “tourist being here. “I’ve always heard
describes traditional Fijian ness partner Ian Rae after liv- School graduate said he de- that they offer make Tu’s restaurant,”one with a 4.5 out about Tu’s restaurant, but this
food,” added Naivaukula. “I ing 20 years in Auckland, New cided to become a chef while Place successful. They have of 5 stars and a 93 percent “ex- the first time.
think true Fijian food is a com- Zealand. Despite “loving life in secondary school, and ulti- pride in what they do, and cellent” to “very good” rating “And I see tourists -- they
bination of freshly sourced there, …with trips back home mately plans to open his own in turn we are very proud of in 555 reviews on TripAdvisor, come here as well,”said
foods that are predominantly to Fiji I began to realize there restaurant. them. Naivaukula said Tu’s Place Dawai. “It is good for Nadi
healthy – seafood, root veg- was so much I missed about Miriama Pulea, 28, is from “We have developed a has always had a “strong local Town to have these kinds of
etables, fruit and the coconut. living here, and so began Suva and before becoming culture that rewards perfor- clientele.” restaurants. And what I like
“The uniqueness is in how thoughts of returning home a waitress more than three mance,’ continued Naivauku- “The local clients repre- about this restaurant is they
they are prepared,” he contin- and starting a small business,“ years ago worked at a DVD la. “Pay increases are not an sent a cross-section of the Fiji cater for Fijian people, the
ued. “I remember, as a young he said. shop in Nadi City. Pulea said automatic annual event. Rath- community, and they come type of food that we eat. Like
child, the gathering and cook- Recalling the pivotal deci- she came to Tu’s Place just er, they are based on perfor- for everything from fish and kokoda. Hardly ever do I find
ing of food in our village of sion, Naivaukula added, “I looking for another job, and
Tamasua in the Yasawas. That had always loved food and re- found a situation that has Restaurant Attendants from left: Alena Tinai, Miriama Pulea and Alanieta Delana inside Tu’s
to me is the real traditional Fi- membered fondly the days of become much like another Place restaurant in Martintar Nadi. Photo: MARGARET NAQIRI.
jian fare.” being taught so much of the home and family.
Kokoda is the signature Fijian way, including cooking, “It feels like home,” she mance, skills knowledge, re- chips to the local dishes they shops in Nadi to have this kind
dish at Tu’s Place, and is avail- by my grandmother. Ian had a said. “It’s like working at sponsibilities and reliability. If love but perhaps don’t have of cuisine. So, it’s good. I wish
able both as an appetizer relationship with Fiji stretch- home. They (Tu and Ian) are you value your staff, pay them time to cook at home always, there were more restaurants
and entree. Other popular ing back to the 1970s, and like parents. “ what they are worth and they example the rourou balls,” he like this. I definitely will come
dishes are rourou balls, fish he was just as keen to invest Pulea is one of 14 employ- know it, you are more likely to said. back, and bring my family.”
and chips and lolo fish. Fijian here. ees who clientele comes to have happy, content staff who “We often host local gath-
curry, a recently added menu “The idea evolved and we know and befriend with re- contribute to the success of erings for special occasions,
item, also is proving popular, decided a restaurant built of peat visits, as staff-retention your business.” example work events, family

Aspiring Chef with a

Business Plan

Twenty year old Bronwyn rolled with the School of Ca- National University will be of
Thaggard of Savusavu is de- tering at the then Fiji Institute great use to her future plans.
termined to create a better of Technology (FIT). “One of the reasons I
future for her four year old “My aim was to become a choose to study here was be-
daughter and herself. chef and I had enrolled into cause of the practical work.
Outspoken Thaggard is the first two level of cookery We have a more hands-on
currently pursuing a Certifi- programme to try and se- training and are exposed to
cate III in Cookery with the cure my job career. But that hosting lunches on campus,
College of Business, Hospital- came to a halt when I had my attending to events such as
ity & Tourism Studies on Nas- daughter and she became my weddings and even at official
ese campus. priority but earlier this year I FNU events.
The young lass developed decided to return and com- This is a big bonus for us
passion for cooking from a plete certificate III to be able as students because when we
very young age. to better support her.” go out into the field, we do not
“As the second eldest in “In the years I was home, have to learn again on how to
the family and with two work- I was working as a chef and do what rather we are already
ing parents, we basically had bartender at various work aware and familiar with op-
to learn how to cook for our- places but at the back of my erations.”
selves from a young age. I re- mind I always knew I would “Also, the programme cov-
member I was only 9 when I come back and finish what I ers basically all area of cook-
started learning how to cook had started a few years ago,” ery, it not only focuses on Bronwyn Thaggard. Photo: FNU.
and I enjoy it to this day,” said she said. training a chef but at the same
Ms Thaggard. Ms Thaggard is hoping the time we have units on food & which I believe is extremely Oliver as her main inspiration, Restaurant.
In 2008, upon completing skills and knowledge gained beverages, accommodation, important.” Ms Thaggard hopes to one
secondary education, she en- during her tenure at the Fiji communications and ethics With renowned chef Jamie day open her own Caribbean




Luxury Rentals on Denarau Island

The Links.

The Links, Denarau

This spacious and modern design family villa comprises of
formal and informal lounge, swimming pool and spa. “A Must
The Home features 4 large master bedrooms, spacious kitch-
en with separate pantry, dining, powder room. outdoor shower,
2 car garage with automatic folding doors and a Large Storage
The home comes partially furnished with option for fully fur-
Fully air-conditioned with ceiling fans.
Riverside Gardens.

Riverside Gardens adventure options – Denarau mendous chef ’s kitchen, den/ er.
This luxurious 5 bedrooms has it all. family room with glass doors Enjoy the outdoor dining
6.5 bath on Riverside Gardens This magnificent water- to the swimming pool with and bbq poolside area with
is a dream home in a high- front residence graced by the backdrop of the ocean, views of the Denarau Mariner
end community that’s home soaring ceilings is a haven for and separate entertainment and the multi-million dollar
to Denarau, a place to be gazing at the Denarau Mariner room gorgeous with built-ins yachts.
pampered. views from multiple vantage in every room. The upper level houses a
Less than 10km from Nadi, points. The grand entryway The divine master suite large room with ensuite and a
Denarau boasts eight large re- draws you into a voluminous presents soaring ceiling, mas- full kitchen.
sorts, stunning beaches and layout made for entertaining. sive window and glass doors Laundry is conveniently lo-
an 18-hole championship golf The great room furnished for the perfect ocean view ev- cated on the lower level.
course. Luxury suites, spar- with exotic palmwood fur- ery morning, and an opulent Park your boat at your very
kling swimming pools, world- niture accompanied by an ensuite bath with a soaking own jetty accessed behind
class cuisine, shopping and elegant open dining area, tre- tub and separate glass show- the house.


Much sort after 3-bedroom
house for sale for a give-
away price of $180,000. This
Fairway Palms. home is on Housing Authority
Leased Land with an area of
11.4 perches and a remain-
Fairway Palms on Denarau Island ing Lease of 50yrs. This home
This villa comes fully furnished with stunning landscape. Just is fully fenced with burglar
5 minutes’ walk from the famous and lively Port Denarau. grilles on windows and doors
The ground floor comprises of kitchen, lounge, dining, TV and is on the side of the road
room, powder room, separate laundry, granny flat and a 2 car with timely bus services.
garage. This home is close to
The first floor consists of 2 common bedrooms with shared School, Churches, LTA, Police
bath and toilet, 1 large master bedroom with walk in robe and Station and Dairy Shops.
private deck overlooking the famous Denarau Golf Course. Perfect investment prop-
All bedrooms and TV Entertainment room have air-condi- erty for those seeking to own
tioning with ceiling fans. a rental property.
Outdoor entertainment includes a poolside deck and BBQ
Don’t miss this waterfront property with a view of the golf INGLEWOOD REALTORS
Also included in the property is a buggy and 2 kayaks. Deal of the month.

Inglewood Realtors
Inglewood Realtors is an We grow through creativ- ing valuations and engineer’s
established real estate com- ity, invention and innovation. certificates for the properties
pany in Fiji. Our traditional We integrate honesty, in- concerned.
business model is based on tegrity and business ethics At Inglewood you will find
accomplishment of proper- into all aspects of our busi- that we have rental homes,
ties in the real estate markets ness functioning. simple but neat from $650
in Fiji. Based on the decision • Goals - Region- per month to Luxury Denarau
of the company to diversify al expansion in the field of Resort Type dwelling reaching
our properties; we have now property management and $13,000 per month.
established our teams in Suva, develop a strong base of key We also have a list of com-
Lautoka, Nadi and Labasa. customers. mercial spaces for rent in
Company Strategy Increase the assets and in- Lautoka, Nadi and Denarau.
• Purpose - To be a vestments of the company to Success Story
leader in the real estate in- support the development of With the low income cli-
dustry by providing enhanced services. ents in mind, Inglewood suc-
services, relationship and To build good reputation cessfully acquired 38 Lots just
profitability. in the field of real estate and outside Lautoka City and sold
• Vision - To provide property management and them all within 2 monthsat an
quality services that exceeds become a key player in the affordable $25,000 per quarter
the expectations of our es- industry. acre with 99-year lease each.
teemed customers. Scope of Work At Inglewood we love
• Mission Statement Inglewood Realtors con- meeting new people, hearing Inglewood Realtors team during a discussion in Lautoka. Photo: INGLEWOOD REALTORS.
- To build long term relation- ducts real estate marketing their stories and helping them
ships with our customers and as well as real estate consult- achieve their goals whatever
clients and provide excep- ing. The company focuses on that might be. from you and help you in your Consultant:Radhika
tional customer services by all income level clients. The If you’re looking for a real- Real Estate Endeavors! Fa c e b o o k : @ r a y. i n g l e - Areas: Lautoka/Ba/Tavua/
pursuing business through in- company has listings from as istic real estate company who Consultant:Raymond Red- woodfiji Rakiraki
novation and advanced tech- low as $25,000 to $3,000,000 will help you obtain your sell- dy Consultant:Suresh Nath Phone:7651136
nology. to suite our clientele. ing, buying, renting or invest- Areas: L autoka/Ba/Nadi/ Areas: Lautoka/Ba/Tavua/ Email: R a d h i k a @ i n g l e -
• Core Values - We Inglewood goes a step ing goals, please call us, email Denarau Rakiraki
believe in treating our cus- further in assisting its clients us or follow us on Facebook. Phone:7775551/9142790 Phone:7206401
tomers with respect and faith. (vendors or buyers) in acquir- We would love to hear Email: R a y m o n d @ i n g l e - Email: Suresh@inglewood., ray.inglewood- INGLEWOOD REALTORS

CEO Natasha Mudhar Voter Services Expanded

Appointed to CWEIC Around the Country
The Fijian Elections Office  Levuka – Provincial Ad- Development and Commu-
[FEO] has expanded its ser- ministrator’s Office nications, Edwin Nand said
vices around the country.  Kadavu – Provincial Ad- Fijians will not have to travel
As of today, Voters Services ministrator’s Office [Vunisea] far to access services as these
are available at the following Supervisor of Elections, Mr office locations were closer to
locations: Mohammed Saneem said the residential locations.
 Sigatoka – Provincial Ad- initiative is a bid to provide “It was an opportune time
ministrator’s Office, Talenavu- services in areas where the for the FEO to take advan-
ruvuru, Sigatoka FEO did not have Divisional tage of the existing machin-
 Taveuni – Cakaudrove Offices or Voter Services Cen- ery to create an opportunity
Provincial Office, Somosomo, tres. within that machinery for
Taveuni “Fijians, Voters or potential Fijians to benefit from Voter
 Nabouwalu – Nauluma- voters who wish to register or Services for the upcoming
tua House get their VoterCards replaced General Election whenever
 Seaqaqa – Seaqaqa As- or, update their details can it may be held,” he said.
sistant District Office now visit any of these loca- Details of the new Voter Ser-
 Tavua – District Office tions around the country to vices Centre locations are
 Navua – Provincial Ad- access Voter Services,” he available in newspapers from
ministrator’s Office said. tomorrow and also on web-
 Ba – District Office “We are making these ser- site -
 Keiyasi – District Office, vices available now so that services-center/ and on the
Navatumali Government Sta- during Election time, no one FEO
tion, Keiyasi faces difficulties in accessing Facebook page - @Fiji-
 Korovou – Police Bure - services.” anelectionsoffice.
Korovou Acting Director Strategic FEO

Fiji Completes Refurbish-

ment of Third Emergency
Operations Centre
Reknown Award winning London-based end world hunger to launching iconic British
global strategist, director and CEO Natasha brands internationally, Natasha is recognised
Mudhar has officially been appointed to the across continents as a global campaign expert
Advisory Board for Commonwealth Enterprise and entrepreneur in her sectors. As a result,
and Investment Council (CWEIC). her campaigns empower audiences, shape
This is an organisation facilitating trade and perceptions, create trends, drive innovation
investment throughout the 53 states of the and shift the zeitgeist to inspire lasting positive
Commonwealth and supporting private sector action.
companies and governments to promote eco- With 2018 being the year of the women,
nomic activity. Natasha’s appointment as an advisor for an
Ms Mudhar is also the CEO & MD of the organisation of this magnitude represents a
awarding multi-disciplinary, international busi- huge win for females around the world, and
ness and communications consultancy Ster- we would like to know if you would be inter-
ling Media, which has also announced a part- ested in featuring or interviewing Natasha. As
nership with the Commonwealth Enterprise an iconic spearhead behind a number of cru-
and Investment Council, as the official global cially relevant social campaigns, some of the
communications partner for on-going activi- themes/issues she would be happy to cover
ties. include:
The Commonwealth announcement is the The Commonwealth Business Forum will
latest addition to a long standing commitment be on 16th-18thApril in London. The event
of Natasha to work on some of the most rel- forms a unique platform for dialogue, bringing
evant campaigns. Whether it be breaking the together a range of industries and economies
Internet with over 100 million views for the and will be organised alongside the biennial
explosive release of the remake of Spice Girls Commonwealth Heads of Government Meet-
Wannabe video for the UN’s Global Goals to ing (CHOGM), taking place in in London for the
empower females or lobbying governments to first time in 20 years.

Chinese Interest Buys The newly refurbished Ta-

vua District Emergency Op-
erations Centre (EOC) was
people and also strengthens
disaster preparedness and
ensures divisions are able to
both engage locally and com-
municate with the National

Fiji Care
opened by the Assistant Minis- “We also acknowledge Disaster Management Team
ter for Rural and Maritime De- the assistance from the Euro- to increase coordination in
velopment, National Disaster pean Union funded ACP-EU times of crisis and provide ro-
Management, and Meteoro- BSRP project, which is imple- bust data and information in
logical Services, Honourable mented by the Pacific Com- times of crisis”.
Joweli Cawaki. munity that has supported the This is the third upgrade
A Hong Kong based com- spend between $5 million to rent set up will be maintained This is the third emergency upgrading of our Emergency and retrofitting of district
pany is set to buy out the $6 million in the takeover of overall,” the MSVPL bidder operations centre refurbished Operations Centres across the based emergency operations
controlling shares in Fiji Care FIL. statement states. in Fiji funded by the European country,” he said. centre under the BSRP proj-
Insurance Limited. The bidder statement The current Managing Di- Union through the Building Economic Cooperation, ect with Nadi and Lautoka’s
Mount Sophia Ventures states; “it is proposed that rector, Peter McPherson will Safety and Resilience in the Agriculture Team Leader Em- opening in November 2016.
Limited has a registered the remaining 750,000 shares continue to be engaged on a Pacific (BSRP) Project. This manuelle Guiheneuf said “the The Central and Northern divi-
company at Infinitus Plaza, held by Stronghold Invest- contract to provide continu- government led activity, sup- important role of communica- sion will be the final upgraded
199 Des Voeux Road, Central ments Inc. will be retained ity and stability to the busi- ported by the BSRP Project tions before, during, and after in the coming 12 months en-
Hong Kong and is listed as an to underpin Mr Peter McPher- ness after takeover for at least aims to increase disaster pre- disaster is critical to ensuring suring the country has a ro-
investment company owned son’s commitment to FIL as three years. paredness through improving we reduce the loss of life and bust network during times of
by Fiji citizen Avinesh Raju, its Managing Director for at The bidder statement says communication during disas- impact disaster causes on the crisis.
The details are contained least the next three years.” “MSVPL believes that the take- ter season. The EOC refurbish- people of the Pacific and this BACKGROUND
in the bidder statememt that MSVPL states that it over of FIL shares will provide ment cost $FJD75,917 which work is testament to strength- BSRP is a €19.37million
has been forwarded to the does not intend to make any impetus and complementary also included the equipment ening resilience in the face of ACP-EU Building Safety and
Reserve Bank of Fiji. changes to Fiji Care Insurance commercial justification to its installed in the new facility. great challenges. This work Resilience in the Pacific proj-
The parent company in Limited, adding it intends recent acquisition of shares in Honourable Cawaki said is commendable and a very ect (BSRP) funded by the EU
Hong Kong has registered a to enhance the investments the MIOT Pacific Hospital. the new office will ensure well followed lesson from the and implemented by SPC.
company in Fiji, Mount Sophia skills of FIL by including the MSVPL will continue to Government service is not most recent disaster in Fiji.” The objective of the project is
Ventures (Fiji) Pte Limited as introduction of new invest- employ all the current staff disrupted during an emer- The Building Safety and to reduce the vulnerability, as
the bidding company to take- ments as well as improved of FIL and does not intend to gency and ensures increased Resilience in the Pacific well as the social, economic
over Fiji Care Insurance. investment management. make any changes in the fore- communication within the di- Project Manager Mr Taito and environmental costs of
Currently negotiations MSVPL will also maintain seeable future. visions across the country. Nakalevu said “the need for disasters caused by natural
are underway on how many the current dividend policy of The South Pacific Stock Ex- “The new office will en- increased communication hazards, thereby achieving
shareholders want to sell, 50/50 for distribution and re- change has suspended trad- sure disaster operations are was identified by Fiji as a regional and national sustain-
but three major shareholders investment. ing in the stocks of Fiji Care effectively maintained and priority after the devastation able development and pov-
have already agreed to sell “There is no intention to Insurance Limited until this services to our people con- of Cyclone Winston through erty alleviation in ACP Pacific
5,760,016 shares at $1.10 per make any immediate or im- takeover is finalised. tinue during disaster. The new detailed consultations and Island States.
share. minent changes to the busi- office will further enhance Fi- country-wide lessons learned
It’s estimated MSVPL will ness structure and the cur- ISLAND BUSINESS ji’s efforts in building resilient research. This work now SPC NEWS

Aim for 1 Billion Passengers to Fly on

Sustainable Fuel Flights by 2025
On 24 February 2008, a Vir- that one billion passengers
gin Atlantic Boeing 747 flew could experience an SAF
from London to Amsterdam flight by 2025.
with sustainable aviation fuel The steps needed to de-
in one of its engines. The flight liver this include:
demonstrated the viability of  Allowing SAF to
drop-in biofuels, which can compete with automotive
be blended with traditional biofuels through equivalent or
jet fuel, using existing airport magnified incentives
infrastructure. A flight com-  Loan guarantees
pletely powered by sustain- and capital grants for produc-
able fuel has the potential to tion facilities
reduce the carbon emissions  Supporting SAF
of that flight by up to 80%. demonstration plants and
“The momentum for sus- supply chain research and de-
tainable aviation fuels is now velopment
unstoppable. From one flight  Harmonized trans-
in 2008, we passed the thresh- port and energy policies, coor-
old of 100,000 flights in 2017, dinated with the involvement
and we expect to hit one mil- of agriculture and military de-
lion flights during 2020. But partments.
that is still just a drop in the Acknowledging that some
ocean compared to what we sources of biofuels for land
want to achieve. We want transport have been criticized
1 billion passengers to have for their environmental cre-
flown on a SAF-blend flight dentials, de Juniac empha-
by 2025. That won’t be easy sized strongly the determina-
to achieve. We need govern- tion of the industry to only use
ments to set a framework to truly sustainable sources for
incentivize production of SAF its alternative fuels.
and ensure it is as attractive “The airline industry is
to produce as automotive bio- clear, united and adamant
fuels,” said Alexandre de Ju- that we will never use a sus-
niac, IATA’s Director General The International Air transport Association (IATA) set out an aim for one billion passengers to fly on flights powered by a mix tainable fuel that upsets the
and CEO. of jet fuel and sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) by 2025. This aspiration was identified on the tenth anniversary of the first flight ecological balance of the
The push to increase up- to blend sustainable aviation fuel and ordinary jet fuel. Photo: IATA PRESS. planet or depletes its natural
take of SAF is being driven resources,” he said.
by the airline industry’s com- by 50% compared to 2005. A icant investments by forward- with the general fuel supply. powered flight by 2025. But if
mitment to achieve carbon- number of airlines, including purchasing 1.5 billion gallons On the present uptake tra- governments, through effec-
neutral growth from 2020 and Cathay Pacific, FedEx Express, of SAF. Airports in Oslo, Stock- jectory it is anticipated that tive policy, help the sustain- IATA PRESS
to cut net carbon emissions JetBlue, Lufthansa, Qantas, holm, Brisbane and Los An- half a billion passengers will able fuel industry to scale-up
and United, have made signif- geles are already mixing SAF have flown on a SAF-blend its production, it is possible

Demand for Private Jets American and Qantas

to Grow in 2018 Resubmit JV
Application to DOT
According to IATA, the num-
ber of travellers will con-
tinue to rise in 2018. Airline
passenger numbers are ex-
pected to increase to 4.3 bil-
lion. So airlines should also
expect growth in the number
of new aircraft in the market.
The European business avia-
tion company KlasJet has
noticed this trend, in the ris-
ing number of flight requests
by private jet. Photo: AVIA

In recent years we have 2017 but still ahead of the av- number of requests increased American Airlines and Qantas have filed an application with the U.S. Department of Trans-
been hearing a lot about eco- erage of the past 10-20 years more than twice over. This portation (DOT) seeking approval to form a joint business to better serve customers flying
nomic growth. The Daily Jour- of 5.5%, which will exceed a leads to the number of re- between North America and Australia and New Zealand. Photo: AMERICAN AIRLINES.
nal states that 120 countries capacity expansion of 5.7%,” quests received already in
enjoyed economic growth the association’s experts state 2018, which helps us to fore-
in 2017, creating the broad- in their forecast for 2018. cast a minimum 46.5% growth The proposed joint busi- by either carrier. tween the U.S. and Australia
est global expansion in seven This means that there in requests compared to 2017. ness will significantly improve An expanded relationship and New Zealand.
years. World trade is expand- will be a huge growth in the By this, the KlasJet fleet has service, stimulate demand will encourage significant For example, Qantas may
ing and consumers are more number of new planes in increased its operated aircraft and unlock more than $300 improvements in the overall be forced to reduce the fre-
confident. The International the market. Boeing confirms by 50%, adding aircraft owned million annually in consumer customer experience, includ- quency of, downgauge or
Monetary Fund (IMF) stated that in 2018 it will need ap- by private business repre- benefits that are not achiev- ing additional frequent flyer potentially cancel its A380 ser-
that global growth in 2017 was proximately $139 billion for sentatives as well as world- able through any other form benefits and investments in vice between Sydney and Dal-
the most substantial since the funding of new aircraft, renowned sports clubs. Flight of cooperation, including: lounges, baggage systems las/Fort Worth, and American
2011 and is forecasting a fur- which is $17 billion more than destinations are becoming Up to $221 million in val- and other infrastructure de- may further reduce its servic-
ther 3.9% growth for this year in 2017. The company Jetcraft broader, including the main ue from expanding codeshar- signed to better serve the car- es between Los Angeles and
and 2019. confirms these numbers with shopping destinations – Milan, ing between American and riers’ joint customers. Sydney and Auckland. These
This has led to the Interna- the supporting information Monaco, Nice, Paris and Lon- Qantas – opening more con- All these benefits will stim- routes rely on codeshare sup-
tional Air Transport Associa- that Global Business Aviation don – and unique vacation nections to more destinations. ulate significant demand for port from each airline’s feeder
tion’s statement that airlines has already installed a base destinations in the Indian and Up to $89 million in val- new travel – generating up network via their respective
should expect a rise in pas- of just over 21,000 aircraft Atlantic Oceans. The econom- ue by offering a wider range to 180,000 new trips between hub cities to be economically
senger numbers to 4.3 billion and will surpass the 28,000- ic growth therefore allows VIP of fare classes across each the U.S. and Australia and viable.
in 2018. The association noted unit mark (net retirements) in clients to choose a more flex- other’s networks, including New Zealand every year. American and Qantas look
that this would be a 6% rise 2026, growing 33% during the ible and comfortable reach in lower fares and discounts. Critically, if the joint busi- forward to working together
from the 4.1 billion recorded forecast period. their preferred destinations,” The joint business will also ness is not approved, Ameri- to deliver new routes, a more
in 2017. “The number of pas- The European business comments Dovydas Jurgelevi- give American and Qantas the can and Qantas will have no seamless travel experience
sengers is expected to in- aviation company KlasJet has cius, CEO of KlasJet. opportunity to launch addi- choice but to further reduce and greater access to lower
crease to 4.3 billion in 2018. noticed this growth too, in the tional routes between the U.S. codesharing on their net- fares under a joint business.
The traffic of passengers is rising number of business and and Australia and New Zea- works. This will jeopardize
AVIA SOLUTIONS GROUP land, including new flights to the number of services and
expected to rise 6.0%, slightly sports flight requests. “Com- AMERICAN AIRLINES
down on the 7.5% growth of paring 2016 and 2017, the city pairs currently not served routes each carrier flies be-

Golden Cowrie Italian

Coastal Restaurant
Shangri-La’s Fijian Resort and Spa has re- in the use of coconut sinnet on the wooden pil-
launched its Golden Cowrie Italian Coastal lars were all hand made by artisans throughout
Restaurant and Golden Cowrie Lounge recent- the restaurant.”
ly in the week. Mr Lee said the use of other items like the
The restaurant and lounge which under- woven baskets and the colour pallet also pay
went a complete refurbishment re-opened in tribute to Fijian culture but also represent a
late December last year. more modern and international aesthetic that
Shangri-La’s Fijian Resort & Spa General represents the international flavour of the Ital-
Manager, Mr Francis Lee said “We are so de- ian cuisine that been offered at the restaurant.
lighted to announce the re-launch and com- The Culinary team at Shangri-La’s Fijian
plete overhaul of both the Golden Cowrie Resort & Spa is headed by Executive Chef Ru-
Coastal Italian Restaurant and Golden Cowrie dolf Kunkel whose international experience
Lounge as they are both an integral part of the throughout the Shangri-La group world-wide Golden Cowrie restaurant. Photo: MARIA LAQETA.
history and transformation of our resort.” in South East Asia and Malaysia as well as Fiji,
“They were both originally established spearheaded the transformation of the Golden Italy and Switzerland. Emmanuel Fonmanu is Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Mal-
when our resort was opened in 1967 and Cowrie Restaurant along with the director of the service leader and heads the team in res- dives, Mauritius, Mongolia, Myanmar, Philip-
were known as the Golden Cowrie Restaurant the food and beverage team, Maurice Fahey. taurant. pines, Qatar, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Sultanate
and the Golden Cowrie Lounge was formerly The Golden Cowrie Restaurant is headed by Shangri-La hotels are five-star deluxe prop- of Oman, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, the United
known as the Black Marlin Bar.” Italian Sous Chef Bruno Bettinazzi and a team erties featuring extensive luxury facilities and Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom.
“In keeping with the roots of this restaurant of eight. Chef Bettinazzi worked in Singapore services. The group has a substantial development
we have maintained important cultural ele- prior to coming to Fiji and before that he has The five-star hotel also located in Austra- pipeline with upcoming projects in Australia,
ments of Fijian culture in the décor especially worked in restaurants and hotels throughout lia, Canada, mainland China, Fiji, France, Hong mainland China, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malay-
sia and Saudi Arabia.

Soulful Inaugural presents

Show at roots and blues

The Rhum-Ba KNOX @ THE RHUM-BA 23 MARCH, 6-10PM


FIRST PRIZE: x2 return tickets from Nadi to Adelaide
SECOND PRIZE: Seafood Platter Meal for 2 to share. Valued at fjd $295
THIRD PRIZE: Yalumba Wine Passport from Victoria Wines.


Denarau Yacht Club. Photo: SUPPLIED.

The soulful inaugural show launches on 23 ter into the draw to win the Top Prize: 2x re-
March, 2018 from 6.00pm to 10.00pm at the De- turn tickets from Nadi to Adelaide presented
narau Yacht Club. The show will be held on the by Fiji Airways, Second Prize: A Seafood Plat- A specially crafted evening for musical enthusiasts to enjoy meal & beverage specials, win prizes and have the pleasure to be
last Friday of every month going forward. The ter to Share, valued at FJD295 at the Rhum-ba serenaded by the one and only Knox. Join us at the rhum-ba, located in the Denarau Yacht Club. Terms and conditions apply.
musical event promises to draw international and the Third Prize from beverage partners, Contact +679 7707486 .
guests, music enthusiasts, families and profes- Victoria Wines offer their bottle shop patrons
sionals from around Denarau and greater Nadi the chance to win Yalumba wines passport and
area. other giveaways which will be drawn during
National Airlines, Fiji Airways partners with the event.
The Rhum-Ba located in the Denarau Yacht Events of this nature provides a great foun-
Club. Victoria Wines and Knox Entertainment dation to help local artists gain the exposure
to host a monthly Roots N Blues Show featur- they need. This is a build up to bigger musical
ing local performer, Knox Kalounisiga and se- and culinary events in the region; this greatly
lected musical talents from around the coun- helps put Fiji on many bucket lists across the
try. globe. We encourage your support and look
The Rhum-Ba has created a Roots N Blues forward to creating a wonderful and pleasur-
menu specially for the evening, which gives able evening for you.
guests the opportunity to enjoy drinks and
meal specials. With any purchase valued at
FJD30 or more on the evening, guests can en-


Tahiti Minister Of Tourism Speaks With

A Representative Of United Airlines
This meeting was an op- approximately 143 million 2018: 110 seats in economy,
portunity for the Minister of passengers carried each year 70 in premium economy and
Tourism to thank United Air- for 1.6 million flights. 39 in business class. Ms. Hep-
lines for choosing Polynesia Its flights depart from 9 burn emphasized the perfor-
as a new destination from its hubs: Chicago, Houston, New- mance of their new aircraft,
San Francisco hub. After Aus- ark, Denver, San Francisco, which absorb turbulence,
tralia, New Zealand, Hawaii, Washington DC, Los Angeles, consume less fuel and are
Guam, the Marshall Islands, Guam and Tokyo. The compa- quieter.
the Federated States of Micro- ny operates 748 long and me- During this interview, the
nesia and Palau, the company dium range aircraft as well as representative of United Air-
continues to expand its air 475 domestic aircraft. The ex- lines wished to express both
services to the Pacific. pansion of the company is no- the thanks and the enthusi-
Ms. Hepburn recalled that tably characterized by the ac- asm of the company to serve
the merger between United quisition of Pan Amen 1985 for Tahiti and its islands, which
Airlines and Continental Air- the rights on the Asian roads, according to the company has
lines in 2010 reinforced their then in 1991 for the English a strong potential for tourism
expansion in the Asia-Pacific and Latin American routes. development.
region, including direct flights Pan Am and Continental are Ticket sales San Francisco-
from San Francisco to Singa- the only American airlines to Papeete, with the inaugural
pore, Taipei or Haneda in Ja- have served Tahiti so far: the flight scheduled for October
pan. first from 1963 to 1979 and the 30, is already launched. Sev-
Founded in 1926, United second from 1986 to 1989. eral United Airlines executives
Airlines is the largest US air- United Airlines will fly to as well as specialized media
line in terms of destinations Polynesia 3 weekly flights us- will be present on the maiden
served: 335 destinations in ing a 219-seat B787-8 Dream- flight.
50 countries, as well as 216 liner aircraft in a three-class
domestic destinations. This configuration on the San Fran-
Tahiti Minister Of Tourism Speaks With A Representative Of United Airlines. Photo: TAHITI represents approximately cisco-Papeete-San Francisco TAHITI MINISTRY OF
MINISTRY OF TOURISM. 4,500 departures per day, or relationship from October 30, TOURISM

From Dream To Reality

will be highlighting the attrac- make for perfect conditions,’ For those wanting to take
tions of the world’s largest la she points out. ‘For novices things a little slower, it is easy
who want to get in on the to explore New Caledonia’s
goon. adventure, there’s no short- islets and beaches.

In The World’s Largest

Sally Pepermans, New age of water sport schools in ‘The small sandy island
Zealand representative with both Noumea and around the that has hosted Amédée light-
New Caledonia Tourisme, country.’ house since 1985 combines
points out that the destination Pepermans says sailing is all the wonders of nature –

a favourite pastime with the seascapes teeming with fish,
is perfect for clients seek- locals and visitors can easily a white sand beach, and the
ing both on and off the water enjoy this too. ‘This is a great possibility to swim, dive and
– at a relaxed pace or with a opportunity for clients to perhaps run into a curious
little adrenalin. discover islets that are still turtle.’
‘When it comes to wind- wild and to cross paths with
surfing, kitesurfing, surfing dolphins, turtles, dugongs
or wakeboarding, the lagoon and other inhabitants of the
New Caledonia Tourism’s is ideal for daily practice and lagoon, while they relax in the WWW.NEWCALEDONIA.
latest campaign, From Dream the warm waters and almost hands of an experienced skip- TRAVEL/NZ
to Reality, has kicked off and constant breezes and waves per.’

Local Exhibitors Excited

About the Fijian Tourism Expo

Peter Hopgood welcomes the President to his booth at FTE 2017. Photo: FJ TOURISM.

One of Fiji’s best known a result 100% of all buyers that portunity to tell some wonder-
family-owned business, Rosie come to FTE will feature Fiji ful stories about the people of
Holiday has expressed its en- in their programs on their re- Fiji and Fiji in general.
thusiasm to be a part of this turn.” He adds after living in Fiji
year’s Fijian Tourism Expo. Tourism Fiji Chief Execu- for eight years, he has be-
Rosie Holidays Managing tive Matthew Stoeckel said, come a very good storyteller
Director, Tony Whitton, says “The Fijian Tourism Expo and has many to share.
the Fiji Tourism Expo is by far is really the perfect way to Mr Hopgood said, “FTE
the most important forum of showcase all that Fiji has to is essential for the Tourism
the year. offer to international buyers Industry in Fiji. It allows op-
Mr Whitton also said, and provides these buyers erators such as ourselves to
“What makes FTE unique is an opportunity to also experi- showcase our products to
after our meetings, we arrange ence Fiji first-hand through a buyers from all over the world.
three or five night programs Family.” W1In particular we find it
for selected participants to Also participating in FTE extremely beneficial to get ex-
“experience Fiji with Rosie” this year is Outrigger Fiji posure in emerging markets.
as we share some unique re- Beach Resort along the Coral It is not only our attendance at
sort stays, be immersed in our Coast, who have been part of FTE but also the pre and post
pristine environment to swim, TF’s since it began way back famils that are undertaken by
dive, and share some authen- in 2000 and this year is no dif- our wholesale partners.”
tic Fijian experiences. ferent. The Fijian Tourism Expo
We can’t do this at other General Manager Peter 2018 will be held from 10-12
travel fairs, where “you meet” Hopgood says he enjoys April at Sheraton Fiji on De-
and then “experience” the meeting people from all over narau Island.
destination straight after. As the world and having the op-

Pacific Fisheries – Leading the Fleet!
The Pacific Community and the Govern- with 125 current and emerging leaders in the leadership experience (demonstrated basic In reply, Dr Tukuitonga said “New Zealand
ment of New Zealand launched an initiative Pacific fisheries sector. Participants will engage management and leadership skills in a differ- is a committed and generous partner of Pacific
called Pacific Fisheries Leadership Programme in a modular programme including Leadership ent work environment and an opportunity to fisheries and of SPC. SPC provides much of the
(PFLP). for Effectiveness; Workplace Attachments; observe a range of different leadership styles); scientific evidence for fisheries management
Meanwhile, the initiative is aiming national Leadership for Change; and Coaching Support. and leadership for change (demonstrated a ca- decisions but it is the capabilities of the Fisher-
and regional Pacific fisheries leaders to further They may gain accreditation, including award pacity to lead a significant initiative, change or ies officials that mobilise change and solutions
empower themselves to be leaders of change, courses from the University of Queensland reform). with the evidence we provide. This is why this
address critical priorities, and become even Graduate Certificate in Leadership. The pro- On signing the agreement, Mr Shepherd programme is so important, as it is focused on
better managers. gramme is based on real world issues and ex- said: “Fisheries is a critical priority for the Pa- the people that make the decisions and it le-
It is expected that well-managed and sus- perience and intends to adapt regularly to the cific and for New Zealand. New Zealand has verages value across the fisheries sector.”
tainable fisheries and aquaculture will result in contexts and needs of the participants. met with many regional and national Pacific SPC is honoured to be leading this pro-
increased economic and food security. Expected long term outcomes for fisher- fisheries leaders and experts to design a pro- gramme and working with an exceptional
Consul General of New Zealand in New ies include improved quality and diversity of fessional development programme highly tai- consortium who themselves are stand out
Caledonia Mr Bruce Shepherd, signed the leadership and management of ongoing im- lored to the requirements of existing and future specialists in Pacific fisheries and leader-
agreement on behalf of the NZ Ministry of For- provement in priority areas and increased co- Pacific fisheries leaders. We believe the pro- ship development - FFA, The University of
eign Affairs and Trade while Dr Colin Tukuiton- operation. Key benefits for participants can be gramme launched today, and the consortium Queensland, People Focus (NZ) and Centre for
ga, Director-General of the Pacific Community, summarized in three categories: leadership for implementing it, led by SPC, will deliver a ter- Leadership and Adaptation (CLA).PFLP is part
signed on behalf of SPC. effectiveness (basic management and leader- rific, relevant and impactful experience to all of the “Regional Roadmap for Sustainable Pa-
PFLP is a 5-year programme that will work ship skills and the confidence to apply them); fisheries programme participants.” cific Fisheries”.

First 50th Anniversary

Research Seminar on Shark
Life and Sanctuary in Fiji
The University of the South they have been conducting at comprised three (3) volun- long do they spend in the
Pacific (USP) started its 50th USP since 2014. teers (two (2) from Projects breeding grounds and par-
Anniversary Research Pre- Sharks, Professor Rico Abroad and one from Frontier ticularly in the nursery ground
sentation Series with an inter- highlighted are among the Fiji Marine); Dr Cara Miller where they are protected
active presentation entitled, most vulnerable fishes in the from the School of Chemical from predators, were some
“Endangered Hammerhead world because they have late and Biological Sciences, for of the questions we looked
and Vulnerable Bull Sharks age of maturity, low fecundity statistical analysis; Dr Susanna into,” Professor Rico said.
find Life and Sanctuary in Fiji” and long life span. Piovano from SMS for fisheries The Head of School said
at the Oceania Centre for Arts, The University’s role, he science; and Professor Martin that their project was suc-
Culture and Pacific Studies emphasised is mainly to pro- Zimmer from the University of cessful with the foundational
(OCACPS). vide the baseline data and sci- Bremen for isotope analysis. support of the University’s
Seminar on Shark life led entific advice to the Govern- The researchers have been Research Office through the Professor Ciro Rico,Head of School of Marine Studies during
by Professor Ciro Rico, Head ments, owners of the qoliqoli looking at the use of coastal Strategic Research Themes his presentations.Photo: USP.
of School of Marine Stud- and stakeholders of the areas. species, mainly Scalloped and (SRTs) and acknowledged the
ies (SMS) and Project Team “The decision to protect Great Hammerhead, Bull and grants received on researches On a normal day, it takes month, at a cost of around
Leader attracted Fiji govern- something comes from them, Blacktip Sharks of the estuar- conducted on the Bull Sharks the team two (2) hours to FJD 60 per hour,” Professor
ment officials, community but certainly they cannot pro- ies, deltas and river-mouths and Hammerhead Sharks reach the sampling point and Rico explained.
members, villagers, second- tect something if they do not of Fiji. separately, totaling up to FJD conduct six (6) hours of fish- He congratulated the Uni-
ary school teachers, private know what they have and The objective of their re- 250, 000. ing, so a total of ten (10) hours versity on its 50th Anniversary
sector representatives, re- how vulnerable is what they search was to determine the “This platform allowed us are spent at sea per day. and said that a great and ex-
searchers, staff and students have,” Professor Rico stated. use and exploitation of sharks to carry out all the work which “The total number of fish- cellent University is based on
of the University. So, he added, the Univer- in the country and also the is quite expensive and exten- ermen, boat and students or the pillars of quality teaching,
At the event, Professor Rico sity’s role is to provide such ecology and reproductive bi- sive. Going out to the sea for researchers who worked was research and its contribution
talked about the main findings data so that they could make ology of these species in those forty (40) hours per month probably three (3) times than to the community.
of the Coastal Shark Conser- informed decisions. areas. is easier said than done,” he that, so a total of one hundred
vation Research Project that Professor Rico’s team “Where they breed, how commented. and twenty hours (120) per

Papua New Guinea Government and Partners

Delivering Co-ordinated Relief
The scale of the Highlands are working with Government da village in Kutubu, and with
Earthquake disaster is im- to deliver supplies, medical their village now destroyed,
mense, full recovery will take support and equipment. have moved to Kemerova vil-
several years, while the im- “I saw first-hand the mas- lage. This is a story of tragedy
mediate focus of the Govern- sive logistics operation that is and loss that that is repeated
ment remains the restoration being conducted by Govern- in village after village through-
of essential services. ment agencies working with out the disaster area.
The Prime Minister, Hon. the private sector and foreign “The social damage to our
Peter O’Neill CMG MP, made partners out of Moro Airstrip communities is large, and this
those statement during visita- right now. earthquake will be the source
tion to the earthquake affect- “Our disaster management of sadness and sorrow for
ed areas in the Southern High- team and the PNGDF are us- generations to come.”
lands and Hela Provinces. ing helicopters provided by The Prime Minister said
Prime Minister O’Neill led Oil Search and MRDC to de- people must continue to be
a delegation of senior disas- liver water, food and medical vigilant with ongoing after-
ter co-ordination officials, supplies, many of these sup- shocks.
security personnel and donor plies had been transported by “There was another major
agencies to oversee a deeper an Australian Air Force cargo aftershock this morning mea-
assessment of logistical re- aircraft.” suring around 6.7 magnitude.
quirements. The Prime Minister said the “Aftershocks are likely to
“There will be no quick fix, heartbreak of the destruction continue, and they will cause
the damage from this disaster is being felt across the affect- more damage.
will take months and years to ed region. “We flew over major land-
be repaired,” the Prime Minis- “Tragically, the Highlands slips today that were not there
ter said from Tari in Hela Prov- Earthquake has already last week, but took place this
ince. claimed the lives of an esti- morning.”
“The delivery of clean wa- mated more than 100 Papua The Prime Minister was
ter, food and shelter remains New Guineans, with many accompanied by Australian
our priority, as well as the res- more still missing and thou- High Commissioner, H.E. The Prime Minister, Hon. Peter O’Neill CMG MP during visitation to the Southern Highlands
toration of other essential ser- sands of people injured. Bruce Davis; Israeli Foreign and Hela Provinces.Photos: PMO PNG MEDIA.
vices including electricity and “The story one mother and Ministry Pacific Islands Ad-
communications.” her family was particularly visor, Yaron Sultan-Dadon; Managing Director, Augustine Leader, Dr. William Hamlin; Barry.
Speaking with people in concerning, as she had lost Works Secretary, David Were; Mano; Earthquake Emergen- Oil Search CEO, Peter Botton;
both provinces, the Prime six relatives including chil- Kumul Petroleum Managing cy Disaster Restoration Team and, PNG-LNG CEO, Andrew
Minister thanked partners that dren. They were from Yalen- Director, Wapo Sponk; MRDC PMO PNG MEDIA

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Hyundai has Pulled the Drapes Lagonda to be World’s

off an All-new Concept for a First Pure-Electric Luxury
Sports Sedan at the Geneva Car Maker
Motor Show
Aston Martin has chosen
the Geneva motor show to
re-launch its famous Lagonda
brand as a guilt-free maker of
pure-electric luxury cars.
Created to “disrupt” the
luxury car segment, accord-
ing to Aston Martin boss Andy
Palmer, the revived British
brand, first founded back in
1904, will tempt buyers away
from established car mak-
ers like Bentley, as well as
wealthy Tesla owners who
tick every option box when
they purchase their Model S
or Model X. Although Palmer
is treating the debut of the Vi-
sion Concept as a rebirth for
the Lagonda marque, that
conveniently ignores the As-
ton Martin Rapide-based Lag-
ondaTaraf that was in produc-
tion between 2015 and 2016.
The Vision Concept is a
huge four-door, four-seat
autonomous, pure-electric
sedan that’s rumoured to the torque produced by the doors that feature a gullwing-
preview both a production motors or even piping an ar- style roof panel that rises to
Striking sports sedan to preview Korean car maker’s design language evolution in the future. tificial soundtrack to heighten help passengers enter or exit
Photo: WWW.MOTORING.COM.AU limousine and a large SUV. De-
liberately created to be bold the excitement. the car – unless it’s raining, in
and controversial, the con- Inside the concept car, which case the panel stays in
Hyundai has pulled the drapes off an all- influences from Peru-born designer, Doncker- cept shows just how much leather is shunned for vegan- place.
new concept for a sports sedan at the Geneva wolke, who made his name heading up Lam- space can be liberated by us- friendly fabrics and lots of Neither Palmer nor the in-
motor show. borghini, SEAT and Bentley design. ing an advanced pure-electric natural materials. The seats, sider we spoke with would
The medium-sized sedan, which looks like At the front of the car, take note of the rede- powertrain, according to an for example, are made of confirm that the new Vision
it could go head-to-head with more premium signed 3D-style version of the brand’s cascad- Aston Martin spokesman. cashmere wool and silk, the Concept has been tailored
rivals like the BMW 5 Series or Audi A6, car- ing grille, says our insider, as it will appear on Palmer says that from now dash is made of carbon-fibre to suit Chinese tastes, where
ries the name ‘Le Fil Rouge’ – which directly a range of Hyundais in the “very near future”. on all models will be “100 per and the interior lighting uses people movers and SUVs,
translates to the red wire, or common thread. Beneath its exotic skin, the Le Fil Rouge is cent pure-electric”. Expecting crystal glass. rather than low-slung sports
According to Hyundai the concept is rumoured to come with a development of the to buy battery cells from Sam- In the rear of the light and cars, are a hit with billionaire
claimed to tie together the car maker’s past, pure-electric Kona’s powertrain. The design sung or another a supplier, airy cabin, ceramic tiles are business owners.
current and future designs in one single mod- model is also claimed to come equipped with Palmer told assembled Aus- applied to the door panels, Last year Aston Martin
el. Hyundai’s latest driverless technology, current- tralian journalists that it is his while the rear seats are en- doubled its sales in China
In reality, one insider ly in development. intention to design, develop cased in titanium. and almost out-sold its more
spoke to said that the latest model will never Set to replace current Kia and Hyundai de- and engineer the electric mo- New tech features exclu- established rival, Ferrari. But
see the light of day as a production model. In- sign boss, Peter Schreyer, who’s anticipated to tors and the battery control sive to the Lagonda include with sales barely breaking
stead, the Le Fil Rouge is a statement of intent retire soon, Donckerwolke has already made unit within Aston Martin. a touchpad infotainment sys- 300 annual units, the volumes
from head of design Sang-Yup Lee and newly a huge impression within the car maker, in- This, says the Aston CEO, tem that can also be operated promised by the world’s larg-
appointed VP of design, Luc Donckerwolke, of fluencing the final design of both the recently will help engineers create a using voice commands or est car market remain elusive
how future Hyundais will take shape. launched Kona and the Santa Fe SUV. powertrain with certain Aston gesture control. for sports-car makers.
Featuring plenty of flowing curves and (or Lagonda) characteristics Access to the rear cabin
sharp crisp lines, it’s hard not to see some WWW.MOTORING.COM.AU that could include managing is via dramatic rear hinged WWW.MOTORING.COM.AU




visit t

Manchester City Defeats Arsenal

Manchester City produced saved Pierre-EmerickAu- accurate finish and the hosts
a scintillating performance to bameyang’s penalty. looked helpless in attempting
comprehensively beat Arse- The result sees City pull to prevent the following two
nal for the second time in five further away from Manches- goals.
days and extend their lead at ter United at the top of the For the second, Sane, Ser-
the top of the Premier League table and marks Pep Guar- gio Aguero and David Silva
to 16 points. diola’s 100th game at the club combined brilliantly and the
After beating the Gunners with a win. Spaniard calmly fired past
3-0 in the Carabao Cup final Arsenal, meanwhile, stay Petr Cech.
on Sunday, City dominated in sixth, 10 points off the top The third then came at the
a toxic atmosphere at a half- four. end of a flowing move with
full Emirates Stadium. Meanwhile,City were Kyle Walker squaring to Ger-
Bernardo Silva opened the clinical on Sunday in securing man Sane from in behind the
scoring in the 15th minute, Guardiola’s first trophy at the left side of Arsenal’s defence.
beautifully curling in a left- club, although Arsenal boss Guardiola’s side are now
footed strike into the far cor- Arsene Wenger suggested the 30 points clear of Arsenal and,
ner after Leroy Sane’s mazy game was closer than the 3-0 with their 16-point lead over
run. scoreline suggested. Manchester United restored,
David Silva finished off a At the Emirates, particu- could now win the title in a
fine team move in the 28th larly in the first half, the City little over a month when they
minute for City’s second be- were at their free-flowing best face their city rivals on 7 April.
fore Sane did the same five and Wenger could have no If they were to win the title
minutes later. complaints. that weekend it would be the Manchester City produced a scintillating performance to comprehensively beat Arsenal for
Arsenal had the opportu- Sane dribbled past four earliest the Premier League the second time in five days and extend their lead at the top of the Premier League to 16
nity to cut the deficit shortly defenders for the opening title has ever been won.
after half-time but Ederson goal before Bernardo Silva’s BBC SPORT points. Photo: BBC SPORTS.

Kathrine Switzer: Female

pioneer to run in London
The first woman given an official num- race of that length. am so honoured and excited to be out
ber in the Boston Marathon will take part The American will run in London in there,” Switzer added.
in this year’s London race. April for the first time as the United King- Switzer, who won the 1974 New York
Women were barred from running the dom celebrates the suffrage movement City Marathon, has been a tireless advo-
Boston race when Kathrine Switzer, now which, 100 years ago, helped convince cate for women’s distance running, or-
71, challenged the ban in 1967. Parliament to agree that women should ganising a global series of 400 women’s
Entering using her initials - and so dis- be allowed to vote. races in 27 countries.
guising her gender - she became known “The streets of London have been She has also advocated for women’s
worldwide when an official tried and an important part of women’s running sports participation throughout the world
failed to forcibly remove her from the history as well as women’s rights,” said and has created “261 Fearless”, a global
course. Switzer, who was involved in staging the non-profit movement that empowers
Switzer completed the 26.2-mile Avon International Women’s Marathon in women through running.
course in around four hours 20 minutes. the capital in 1980. Switzer was inducted into the USA
Kathrine Switzer: Women’s Marathon That event was used to convince the National Women’s Hall of Fame in 2011
Pioneer International Olympic Committee to and will wear number 261 in London,
Farah stands by racial harassment sanction a women’s marathon at the Los the same number she wore in Boston in
claim Angeles Games in 1984. 1967.
Her efforts dispelled the all-male tradi- “Ever since then I’ve wanted to run The London Marathon takes place on
Kathrine Switzer, was inducted into the USA National tion of marathon running at the time and it [the London Marathon] also, but have Sunday, 22 April.
Women’s Hall of Fame in 2011. Photo: BBC SPORTS. proved that women could compete in a been too busy. Now is the time and I BBC SPORTS

Rory McIlroy Starts

Slowly at Valspar
Championship in Florida
Rory McIlroy dropped from bed to tee But he has followed those
three shots in his closing eight Scottish duo Russell Knox performances by missing the
holes to card a scrappy open- and Martin Laird are only two cut at the Pebble Beach Pro-
ing round of 74 at the Valspar shots off the lead with holes Am, finishing tied for 20th at
Championship in Florida. still to play as round one con- the Genesis Open and sharing
The Northern Irishman tinues, while Tiger Woods is at 59th place at the Honda Clas-
started his round on the back level par through six holes. sic.
nine and produced 10 straight McIlroy, 28, arrived at the In this latest outing at Inn-
pars at the PGA Tour event. tournament stating he was isbrook Resort and Golf Club,
A double-bogey on his 14th “totally ready” for the Masters he drove the ball an average
hole of the day damaged his - the only major he is yet to 308 yards but found the fair-
card, although he chipped in win - which starts at Augusta way just 46% of the time and
for birdie two holes later. National on 5 April. hit greens in regulation with
But a bogey on his final The world number 12 be- less than 40% of his approach-
hole left him three over for his gan his 2018 season promis- es.
round, seven shots behind Ca- ingly with a tie for third in Abu
nadian leader Corey Conners. Dhabi and a runners-up spot
Larrazabal’s 38 minutes in Dubai. Rory McIlroy in action at the Valspar Championship in Florida. Photo: BBC SPORTS.

Stan Wawrinka out of

Indian Wells and
Miami ATP Masters
Three-time major cham- 2017 season after having sur- gins next month after Indian
pion Stan Wawrinka will not gery in August. Wells and Miami, culminat-
play in the ATP Masters events “I need to be patient and ing with the French Open at
in Indian Wells and Miami as give my body the time it Roland Garros - where Waw-
he continues to recover from needs, but my goal is to come rinka won the title in 2015 and
knee surgery. back on the clay,” he said. reached the final last year - Stan Wawrinka. Photo: GOOGLE.. Photo: SUPPLIED.
The 32-year-old Swiss Murray could return before between 27 May and 10 June.
retired from his Provence grass-court season “Coming back from a big ress and go back to practice,” off court and hope to be back Both hard-court tourna-
Open match against Belarus’ Live scores, schedule and surgery is complicated and said Wawrinka, whose other within a few weeks.” ments are Masters 1000
Ilya Ivashka last week, only results after having played a few Grand Slam wins came at The tournament in Indian events - the highest-tiered
his fourth tournament since Alerts: Get tennis news tournaments I have discussed the 2014 Australian Open and Wells starts on Monday, fol- tournaments on the ATP Tour
Wimbledon last year. sent to your phone with my team that it is best 2016 US Open. lowed by the Miami event after the Grand Slams and
He missed the rest of the The clay-court season be- for me to build on the prog- “I’m working hard on and from 19 March. ATP Finals.

Fiji NSWRL Team Help Create NRL Pathway

Opportunity with Canberra Raiders
Ba Provincial Free Bird In- boys.”
stitute under 19- rugby league Fiji NSWRL Team Co-Coor-
player Semi Valemei and dinator Greg Browne (leading
Marist Brothers High school director with Petero Civon-
participant Tiri Shaw are the cieva) together with Canber-
latest inclusion into the Can- ra Raiders Peter Mulholland
berra Raiders side. helped establish the Canberra
The duo who represented Raiders Fiji Academy in part-
their relevant schoolsduring nership with the Fiji Second-
the FSSRL had signed Under ary Schools Rugby League
20’s contracts with the clubs (FSSRL).
and have coasted out of the The Fiji Schoolboys toured
country for this ideal oppor- New South Wales in 2017
tunity. and played a Canberra Raid-
Fiji NSWRL Team Co-Co- ers junior representative
ordinator Greg Browne said, team through the Fiji NSWRL
“We are all about opportunity, Team’s contacts with Canber-
Canberra Raiders - Peter Mul- ra Raiders with this leading to
holland has been a trailblazer 10 Fijians being recruited by
for many years and a huge Canberra Raiders into their
supporter of the Fiji NSWRL development system.
Team. It warms our souls to
Canberra Raiders U20’s players. Photo: SUPPLIED. see what he is doing for these

Mom N Pop League

Set for Suva
The Mom N Pop League ination and without the need Ram said it also contributes
was staged at Albert Park in for major infrastructure. to Health and Wellness,keeps
Suvafor kids under the age of Fiji FA Development Offi- everybody moving, instead of
10 to come along with their cer Ronald Ram said his tech- playing indoor video games.
parents and enjoy football nical team is looking forward He further added that it
programme organized by Fiji to a positive outcome in Suva would also bring everybody
Football Association (Fiji FA). following successful conclu- together as depicted in our
The programme is, an ini- sions in Lautoka and Ba last Philosophy “Equality and Uni-
tiative of the Technical De- month. ty through Football to build a
partment with the help of Just “The session organized better Fiji”.
Play programme volunteers. includes fun games with mes- The first of the 10-week
Meanwhile, the Mom and sages, football techniques programme starts this Satur-
Pop League programme of- and free football match for day 10am-12pm in Suva.
fers everyone the chance to kids and also for mums and
play football, without discrim- dads,” he said. Parents and children at the Mom N Pop League at Albert Park in Suva. Photo: FIJI FA.

FRU Submits Fiji for

7s Bid to World Rugby
FRU Submits Fiji for 7s Bid The FRU CEO highlighted Excellency, the President of
to World Rugby that the Fiji Rugby Union to- Fiji, the Honorable Prime Min-
The Fiji Rugby Union has gether with the Fiji Rugby Bid ister, the Honorable Attorney
confirmed that the tender team, led by Brian Thorburn General & Minister of Econo-
bid process to host a leg of and Greg Peters are confident my, the Fijian Government, all
the HSBC World 7s Series that they have submitted a our Affiliate Unions, Sponsors,
2019/2020 officially closed credible and strong bid which Corporate Organisations, rel-
yesterday, Wednesday, Febru- ticks all the criteria boxes in evant Government Ministries
ary28, 2018 at 5.00pm (Dublin all the categories as set out by and all Fijians throughout the
Time). World Rugby. “We are confi- World for supporting our bid
Fiji Rugby Union CEO, John dent that we have submitted a which has allowed us to sub-
O’Connor has confirmed that very strong and credible bid”. mit a very strong bid.
the Fiji Rugby Union complied Mr. O’Connor confirmed The FRU expects to make
with the bid requirements that the FRU now looks for- public the details of the FRU
and had submitted their bid ward to participating in the Bid submission at their Fiji
to World Rugby prior to the evaluation process with World Rugby Awards Dinner which
deadline. Rugby.A decision on the bid is is planned for the 9th of March
“We can confirm that we expected to be delivered by 2018.
have submitted our bid sub- World Rugby by June 2018.
mission to World Rugby prior The FRU and the FRU Bid FRU
to the deadline”, he said Team would like to thank His

2018 Nadi Football

Local League
The 2018 Nadi Football lo- fine will be imposed if a team game, failure to comply will
cal league competition is ex- does not take part in the pa- result in the clubs being fined.
pecting huge crowd for the rade and referee’s decision “Super premier teams to
Super premier and Premier is the final decision whereby pay $15 while the Premier
kicks off at Prince Charles complaints are to be formally teams to pay $5 for Medics
Park in Nadi. lodged to the association. and Security every Fridays be-
Local league Director Mo- “Four substitutes are al- fore 4pm,” he added.
hammed Nasir said all teams lowed in each game while “Winners will be awarded
were reminded to clear their defaulting teams will be fined accordingly to their respective
mandatory fines before play- $300,” he added. categories out from the two
ing their club game. First game teams, he said grounds used for the tourna-
“Tournament hosted were were required to put up the ment,” he said.
meant for club members in goal post nets and corner On behalf of the Nadi foot-
the country and will continue flags prior of kick off, and the ball local league officials and
from today until September,” last game teams are required club team, Mr Nasir thanked
he said. to take out the goal post nets the KK’s Hardware limited for
Mr Nasir said about $300 of and corner flags after the the sponsorship. Nadi football local league competition of 2018. Photo: SUPPLIED.

Page 26 Page 27
Manchester City FRU Submits
Defeats Arsenal Fiji for 7’s Bid
to World Rugby
VOLUME 10 - ISSUE 105 MARCH 10/2018 50 CENTS

Police Team Victorious

in Fiji Bitter Nawaka 7’s

Police team, the new title holders of the Fiji Bitter Nawaka 7’s. Photo: SUPPLIED.

The tactful Police team tough encounter. were locked at 12-all score. maker scored... (name )from Police last won the Nawa- CONGO Waimanu 7s were
dominated the Fiji Bitter Evergreen playmaker Livai The Garden Island Boys a five-meter penalty showcas- ka 7s in 2016. In the U19 grade sensational during the com-
Nawaka 7s that was held at Ikanikoda saved the lawmen also showed sheer determi- ing his class by dodging past Tuva defeated Ratu Filise 12-7 petition, the old oldies team
Prince Charles Park in Nadi. from the jaws of defeat, scor- nation but were not able to two defenders to dive over. to win the title, while Waima- defeated Mosi 10-5 to win the
The lawmen side defeated ing the winning try after the keep the Blues at bay. The game was also an in- nu downed Mosi to win the 2018 Fiji Bitter Nawaka 7s Old-
Cross of Victory Taveuni in a full-time siren as both teams The former national play- spiration., golden oldies trophy. ies title.

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