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My name is Dwi Ayu Karlina.

I am a freshgraduate from Institute Technology Sepuluh

Nopember with bachelor’s degree in sub-department of Geophysics, Physics Department. I am
writing to response opportunity and have a plan to be a part of Master Degree in NCU Taiwan,
specially on Department of Earth Sciences.

I am graduated at September 17th 2016 with GPA: 3.00 out of 4.00 and have been ready to
continue my study early. When I was in college, I focused on oil and gas development’s
research. Specially in laterally distribution of source rock which combined some knowledges
about geochemistry, geology, and geophysics. This subject was finished in my final project.

As a student, I had numerous opportunities to do many activities. From 2014 to 2015, I had
chances to become a lecturer assistant in fundamental of physics I-II. My resposibilities are
taught and teaching student about basic of physics like force, momen tensor, and etc.

Besides studying, I was active in the AAPG ITS SC and became the secretary of research and
and development division. From this forum, I learn many fields about geophysics. In 2016, I
became the speaker of EPIC (Engineering Physics International Conference) ITB Bandung.
Fortunately, the result of this conference, my paper has been publicated in Procedia
Enginering. Overall I am pleased with my academic record and I believe that it has prepared
me very well for graduate school.
Nowadays, oil prices have fallen. Many oil and gas companies do not open vacancies. That’s
because, I am from physics department, I feel my knowledge is less. Therefore, I want to prepare
myself to work in a company by continue my study first. Besides, Indonesia is huge potential of
geothermal energy with the most geological are volcanoes. Those volcanoes always have
relationship with geothermal. Meanwhile, Taiwan is also similar with Indonesia. There are many
volcanoes there, and has potential to be geothermal producer. In Indonesia, people still focus in
oil and gas, just a few people want to develop this subject, so Indonesia need human resource to
handle it. Of course, I want to be a part of them. I think, NCU Taiwan is best choice to continue
my study. With a good programmed course, and qualified lecturers, I am sure I will get many
knowledges about geophysics, specially in geothermal.

After getting my Master’s degree, I want to join a government-owned company, I want to

be a geophysicist that has a job for exploring geothermal. I also dream to join a community that
has a program like building in east area of Indonesia to make a better sanitary, and then make a
power plant there by thegeothermal energy. The underline is east area of Indonesia is less than
others area specially in education, transportation, electricity, and etc. Those are my biggest goal
in my life. So I also am motivied to share my knowledges and spread the knowleges which I
have is the happiness of life for me.

Finnaly, I am sure that I capable to obtain good performance during my study at NCU , Taiwan
because it is my own expectation so that I will be able to motivate myself totally. Not only at the
time of study, but also after I am graduated, I will do all my best to realize all of my goals with
all of my educational background and experiences