Pricing & Investment Specialist

up to 25%; travelling 2 days a week, home on weekends



Financial Analyst

up to 25%; travelling 2 days a week, home on weekends

Nigeria & Ghana


up to 10%; Finance Business Controls travelling 1 Professional day a week



Tax Professional

up to 25%; travelling 2 days a week, home on weekends

travelling 5 days a week. travelling 2 days a week. home on weekends . home on Country General Manager weekends Nigeria S_D-0356209 Telco Client Unit Executive up to 75%. home on weekends Nigeria S_D-0358409 Human Resources Professional up to 10%. travelling 2 days a week. travelling 1 day a week Nigeria S_D-0358431 up to 25%.Nigeria S_D-0356461 IMT Security Operations manager up to 25%.

Nigeria S_D-0360548 Real Estate/Facilities Administrative Professional up to 25%. travelling 2 days a we . travelling 2 days a week. travelling 2 days a week. home on Procurement Professional weekends Nigeria S_D-0358620 Business Operations Professional up to 25%. home on weekends Nigeria S_D-0358631 up to 25%.

English: Fluent Finance Bachelor's Degree in Accounting/Finance . performing and/or leading risk-based proactive and walkthrough process control reviews. measured. At least 4 years experience in Develop Forecasts and Financial Plans . Knowledge of Finance. At least 2 years experience in understanding and applying key accounting principles and relate how assets. mature. At least 2 years experience in business controls and auditing . At least 4 years experience in Apply Business and Financial Tools/Applications . Basic knowledge in understanding and applying. At least 4 years experience in Apply Financial and Statistical Analysis . experience in Develop Forecasts and Financial Plans. At least 4 years experience in Apply Knowledge of Finance . At least 4 years experience in Finance. At least 2 years experience in understanding. Company Internal Control Framework including key metrics and control monitoring. At least 4 years experience in Understand and apply development and test principles. English: Fluent Finance Bachelor's Degree in Accounting/Finance. liabilities. English: Fluent .BUSINESS UNIT QUALIFICATIONS Finance Bachelor's Degree in Accounting/Finance. Financial and Statistical Analysis.At least 2 years experience in team leadership. process and enablers of Integrated Product Development (IPD). English: Fluent Finance Bachelor's Degree. revenues and expenses are to be identified. Knowledge of End to End Pricing Process. Financial and Statistical Analysis. recorded and reported. At least 4 years experience in Tax Regulations/Laws/Integrity and Ethics .Certified in Chartered Accountant.Certified in Chartered Accountant. ability to drive the required controls behavior . Management Self Assessment of Controls (MSAC) and the Quarterly Certification of Mgt .Business and Financial Tools/Applications.

Understand and navigate Cmpany's matrixed networks -. At least 4 years experience in applying knowledge of recruiting strategy .formal and informal networks of management.At least 3 years experience in selling and understanding Telco industry. and divisions. At least 4 years experience in using organizational skills .strategy for the market. At least 3 years experience in running Security Operations for a multinational company .English: Fluent HR S&D High School Diploma/GED. At least 5 years experience in having the ability to lead teams in a matrixed environment. At least 4 years experience in applying knowledge of core HR disciplines .Legal High School Diploma/GED . At least 4 years experience in executing the cross. At least 5 years experience in leading people and organisations. At least 4 years experience in applying negotiating techniques .English: Fluent . At least 4 years experience in applying recruiting skills . At least 3 years experience in applying knowledge of company business strategy . At least 5 years experience in driving business performance. At least 4 years experience in applying knowledge of HR strategy. English: Fluent Exec Staff Bachelor's Degree. At least 4 years experience in maintaining recruiting relationships . At least 4 years experience in applying talent program/policy knowledge . business units. and critical mass. capabilities. and developing strategies according to the market and region size. English: Fluent HR S&D Bachelor's Degree. At least 4 years experience in performing candidate prescreening and evaluation . At least 4 years experience in cultivating Client and External relationships. functions. At least 4 years experience in integrating company to deliver value.

At least 3 years experience in Develop Logistics Strategies . At least 3 years experience in applying Project Management Techniques.At least 3 years experience in managing a corporate office environment. At least 3 years experience in Perform Supplier Analysis .At least 3 years experience in managing construction and subcontractors. At least 3 years experience in Perform Business reviews . English: Fluent Operations . At least 3 years experience in Advise Regarding Audit and Control Procedures . At least 3 years experience in Apply Basic Business and Financial Concepts .English: Fluent Finance Associate's Degree/College Diploma. At least 3 years experience in Use Order Management Systems/Tools . At least 3 years experience in Perform Industry and Competitive Analysis . At least 3 years experience in Analyze Supplier Cost Structure . At least 3 years experience in Manage Outsourcing . At least 3 years experience in Apply Government Requirements . At least 3 years experience in Product Cost Analysis . At least 3 years experience in Lead Business Process Assessment/Implementation . English: Fluent Associate's Degree/College Diploma .General High School Diploma/GED. At least 3 years experience in Apply Solutions Knowledge for Cross Brand Contracts . At least 3 years experience in Customer/Supplier Agreement T and Cs .

The analyst designs. property. Knowledge in the following specialties may be required: US Federal and State income. strategy. identify problem areas and offer recommendations. budget and business metrics. including coordination of scorecards and management reviews. and taxation of employee benefits. and business dynamics. 1) Establish and maintain company's framework of internal controls. May require knowledge of tax requirements for transfer pricing and customs activities. identifying weaknesses in local processes. actuals. and presents detailed analysis of business issues and recommended solutions to senior management This role includes optimization of fully dedicated resources and associated budget under the functional leadership of the Assistant Controller .Business Controls This role is responsible for analysis of tax laws within a particular jurisdiction and their application to company in order to file an accurate and complete tax return. Further. Note: This role is restricted for use ONLY to employees assigned to Finance Business Controls under the functional leadership of the company Assistant Controller . ensuring that the right level of analysis is performed. corresponding Product Integration Management System (PIMS) loads are timely and reflective of the Integrated Product Management Team (IPMT) approved business case & headquarter submitted results. Responsibilities of this role include the following. the methodology is consistent with Company standards. Provide overall leadership in complex pricing and investment issues The analyst role is responsible for the analysis of the Company forecast. The analyst is responsible for the development of forecast and budget variance analysis and provides business assessments on an on going basis. sales. Must be conversant in overall pricing process including all phases of the Integrated Product Development (IPD) and related sub processes. as well as VAT in specific jurisdictions. give expert advice. 3) Provide education and consulting on the required control mechanisms related to existing and/or new processes. and approved ratio sheet is used for all business case construction. and capital requests.Business Controls. budget. and US international taxes. culminating in company's SOX 302/404 assertion. The analyst is responsible for interacting with the business units and geographies on the forecast. this role requires acting as an auditor on site during annual peer audits of pricing files. and that accountability from previous checkpoints are clear with appropriate bridges This role ensures that the brands are compliant with formal headquarter delegations. and documenting results. budget. 4) Lead independent proactive / walkthrough / process reviews. actuals. and non-US tax in local jurisdictions. . prepares. 2) Optimize the sharing of tools and best-of-breed methodologies to mitigate business risks.DESCRIPTION acting as the focal point for the brands investment pricing case This role includes reviews with headquarter executives. there is linkage between the brand's forecast.

providing work direction. technical expertise and tenure to deliver a superior total client experience. He/she is responsible forand business Ensures financial integrity as well as oversees budgeting. theplanning. support management and progression. create a high-performing and collaborative environment. As an Company statuses. Understands and is able to translate into value for the client business strategies. Builds a strong team by attracting. Executes internal/external hiring. He/she is responsible for executing with integrity and is that client. and utilizes business partners to complement the skill set of the team. Leverages cross-solutions. staffing programsmaintaining a solid business relationship and for responsible for developing and and activities related to the attraction. In addition. Collaborates with executive team and Brands to execute strategy and achieve common goals. line-of-business and escalation client and supporting partner relationships to develop insights into functional for team members market needs. Ensures alignment and integration of Company and business partner resources to create "one face" to the clients in the territory.Leads Company siness partner resources with various levels of skills. and marketplace knowledge to drive a growth strategy accountable forclient a consistent perspective and increases Company market creates for the satisfactory business controls share. also be their teams. The Client those critical skills needed to move the business forward. Telco for all HR related activities in Nigeria with a strong and be on recruiting. and critical mass. This role canin order to understand the client business and telco delivery background also be responsible for ensuring talent processes comply with appropriate business controls or initiating/maintaining immigration objectives and match the appropriate Company Telco solutions. client pain points. etc. selection. into solutions and/or services to meet/exceed managers to help build a workforce with Executive must have a solid architecture key business measurements. client and business commitments and promote long-term client the market and region size. Manages the total client relationship. Effectively leads and communicates sales strategy to motivate employees. Applies an understanding of the client's industry. executing the crossclient value. guiding employees on various processes and acting as a point of eminence and deliver client value. as well as managing resources and skills development. Understands the client's strategic business objectives and business processes/metrics. utilizing account CGM is responsible for driving sales pipeline organization to drive business performance. Serves as a role model and coach for Company and operates with a client value mindset. industry. services and solutions portfolios . for the and cash flow growth). and developing strategies according to relationships. Cultivates C-level. capabilities. and key industry players and competitors to develop strong credibility with the client that promotes business development. planning integrating CompanyEnhances performance and sales productivity by optimizing agenda for controls. key performance indicators. technology. Utilizes the appropriateand and routes to market. including industry trends/dynamics. drive a culture of sales leader they need to in this role may inspire a team lead. and unify team. Creates a win-win situation through flexibility and making tradeoffs. sales organization's performance to meet strategy for the market. including their organization. and retaining people in the right roles. Individualsbe a role model. and client buying behavior to create and deliver value propositions that respond to the client's value drivers. Is accountable profit. industry financial measurements. focus representatives. revenue. The Country General Manager is responsible for challengestheorder to deliver financial decision-making process and business achieving in operational budgets (signings. for clients and aligning Company with the country national territories economic development. offerings. Provides thought leadership.The Client Executive will integrate and manage a team of Company brand sales This role is responsibletechnical sales resources and/or business partners. developing. hiring and on-boarding of talent Telcocompany as well as partnering with the sale of Company products.

The real estate professional applies experience in performing and interpreting business cases and financial analysis. Makes portfolio management and financial model recommendations based on a complete understanding of business strategy. cost. profit. Procurement is also responsible for Business Transformation Outsourcing (BTO). priorities. Identifies problems and develops solutions related to facilities management. data centers. This role also includes facilities operations and management services. Global Technology Services and other colleagues in the Integrated Supply Chain to expand supply chain principles and efficiencies across other areas of the end-to-end process. critical technology and complex parts or sub assemblies. They develop and administer unit revenue. technical products and the raw materials used to make our products. They are measured on revenue. This could include revenue. development and management of business processes including quality assurance. Procurement partners with Global Business Services. developing occupancy solutions. which is servicing and performing procurement activities for our external clients. and manufacturing facilities. Procurement evaluates supplier performance regularly to ensure that the best products and services are provided to company. In addition. travel services. accounting and financial targets through the development of comprehensive financial models and analysis across multiple investment opportunities. as well as interfacing with suppliers on issues that affect supplier operations and strategic supply issues This role is responsible for operations management. resources. advice and planning for all aspects of owned and leased facilities and physical plant (infrastructure) required for proper operation of office. The role includes the leadership and accountability for the success of multiple projects. Procurement supports the needs of every part of Company throughout the world in a centralized and integrated manner. profit performance. . and plan administration. Responsibilities include taking a leadership role with company's worldwide procurement team. This role is responsible for supporting procurement activities including multiple high value/risk commodities. Global Procurement is responsible for the end-to-end cost management and enhanced customer experience for company's expenditures for a wide range of items that include office supplies. client satisfaction deployment and ratings. business controls and procedures. planning construction projects. Project Managers are responsible for an array of activities. client satisfaction and satisfactory audits. including negotiating business terms and lease documents. includes the analysis and interpretation of complex data. developing alternatives and recommended solutions. and expense budgets. and manage each to optimization. identification of issues. operational and space planning issues Procurement is one component of the Integrated Supply Chain. Integrated Technology Delivery.