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A Cup of Coffee with God

(An Uncommon dialogue between God and Me)

Gan, Chennai
Me: Hi God... How are you? God: As you are So I am Me: I am sometimes happy Sometimes Sad... Are you also so? God: You are referring to the status of your mind. I am not so. M: Then? G: I am always as your Real Self. M: You mean..? G: I am always Blissful M: Then why am I not blissful? G: You too much identify yourself with your mind. M: Who am I apart from my Mind and my body? G: When you say My mind says so My body says so you must be different from your Mind and Body. You, yourself agree that your mind and body are different from your SELF. M: You simply play with my words. G: Me? M: What else? G: Words are mere approximations of Thoughts Mind is mere collection of your Thoughts.. Body is merely an Instrument.. You are none of these. You are beyond all these..

M: Beyond all these.. What? G: You are not, even your feelings. You are the absolute consciousness. My consciousness is unbound and infinite. Your consciousness is on the evolutionary path. You are a limited aspect of Me, the God. You are like a Drop of the Ocean. Ocean is me. The substratum of both of us is consciousness. I speak to you always through your consciousness. M: But I dont understand my consciousness. G: Consciousness is not to be understood. Consciousness is not even to be realized. MIND means DOING. CONSCIOUNESS means BEING. By DOING you can never understand consciousness. By BEING you can BECOME the consciousness. Understand the difference between DOING and BEING. M: Then, can I simply be BEING without DOING anything? G: Yes You can. But, you will not. M: Why wont I? G: You are on the ladder of Evolution. It is progressive. To be in the state of BEING is the top rung of the ladder. It takes time for you. M: What should I do then? G: You need not do anything. Everything is Ordained. M: You mean, I am destined. I cannot do anything to reach that status of realizing the consciousness. G: It is FREEWILL cum DESTINY. M: How can Freewill and Destiny Co-exist? G: They cannot Co-exist. But, they are one and the same in different forms.

M: If you mean Freewill and Destiny are one and the same then LIGHT and DARKNESS are one and the same. G: There is nothing separate like DARKNESS. Absence of LIGHT is DARKNESS. Both are the same aspect and not two different things. Similarly, DESTINY cannot exist without FREEWILL. One side of the coin is DESTINY and the other side is FREEWILL. Both are the same aspect appearing different. You create your DESTINY with your FREEWILL and with your DESTINY you make your FREEWILL. M: It is too much paradoxical G: In truth all DUALITY like Hot and cold, Darkness and Night, Destiny and Freewill, Day and Night, God and Satan, Good and Bad, Life and Death, Love and Hate, Man and Woman, Animate and the Inanimate etc. are the two sides of the same coin. Both are mutually INCLUSIVE and not EXCLUSIVE. When one cannot exist without the other, it is called Inclusive. For the one to exist the other is essential. In fact, whatever you find with your five senses, Universe, Sun, Moon, Trees, Dogs, Cats, Table, Chair, Stones, Sand, Wife, Children, Politicians, Thieves, - - - - - - , are nothing but the same you and I, appearing as different for your Mind. They cannot exist without you. So, essentially they are also you. It may look highly paradoxical. But, this is the fact. M: Then you agree that Duality exists. G: Yes. It exists in your Mind. Mind creates Duality. Dont believe your Mind. M: Then why did you create the Mind, if I should not believe it? G: I have given the CONSCIOUNESS also to you. But, you trust your MIND more and trust your CONSCIOUNESS less. I have created the MIND for DOING and CONSCIOUSNESS for BEING. You forgot the later (BEING) and only hang on to your First (DOING).

M: Please go further. I am able to catch something. G: BEING and DOING are mutually inclusive. Absence of BEING is DOING and Vice-versa. Both cannot co-exist. But, both are the same aspect in different forms. M: Yes. I get it a little. Then You (GOD) and I (MYSELF) are mutually INCLUSIVE. G: Absolutely. I become YOU as MAN so that YOU can also become ME the GOD. In fact, nothing exists apart from ME (GOD). Essentially You and I are one and the same. We are mutually inclusive. I am the creator, created, experiencer, experienced and also the experience. M: But, still I feel separated from you. I am not able to find YOU. G: How can you find ME unless you find YOU? To find YOU is to find ME. First find yourself, and then there will not be any need to find ME, the GOD. We are one and the same appearing as different for your MIND. M: Is it not blasphemy to say that GOD and I are one and the same? G: Those who live in the mind call it blasphemy. Shankara, Ramana and Nisargadatta also revealed these facts. Were they doing blasphemy? M: Now what should I do? G: You need not do anything. I will do everything for you. For, what I do is what you do and what you do is what I do through you. M: Give me some more Ideas so that I can realize you.

G: Close your eyes and simply Meditate (Direct Path). Do prayer (Bhakti Yoga). Work Sincerely (Karma Yoga). Improve your Knowledge (Jnana Yoga). You will realize me. M: Prayer seems easy for me. Whom should I pray? G: Sincerely Pray. Pray Jesus, Allah, Krishna, Buddha, Nature, Atheism, Theism, God, No God and whatever you want Stone, Bush, Sun, Moon, Father, Mother, Cat, Dog, Cow, and anything. I am everything and everything is Me, if you sincerely believe. Sincere Belief is also called TRUST. It is highly essential. M: Tell me what is Birth and Death? Where do I go after my Death? Am I reborn? Do I live in the Tamarind Tree after my Death? Is suicide wrong? Is there Karma? G: Death exists only for your Body and Mind and not for your True Self. Your true self is beyond Birth and Death. FACTUALLY NOBODY IS BORN AND NOBODY DIES. Something that Born must Die. Ones body and mind only die. Body and Mind are like Shirts and Trousers. You can change them as often as you wish. Never, you stay in Tamarind or other Trees after your Death. You altogether go to a different plane after your death which is not accessible to this earthly plane. Suicide is the greatest foolish thing, for it is the uttermost foolish act of ones mind. Those who live too much in the Mind only commit such blunders like Suicide and Murder. These acts are totally MIND Driven. There is Re-Birth. But it is not the way you presume like the continuity of your present existential mind and relationships. Mind and Relationships are purely temporary and totally illusive. When you are reborn you evolve to a better state of existence compared to your previous existence, which is embedded into your subconscious store house for evolutionary purpose. This is how you have evolved from a Tree to a Man. From here you have to evolve further into Godhood.

You asked about Karma. Karma is a necessary mechanism to integrate your past actions with your present and future actions so that you can evolve in a faster way. Karma is like a Teacher. Karma is the Law of the Universe. Do you despise your Teacher? Dont worry about your Karma. Karma will take care of your Karma. M: Please tell me your secrecies. How did you create the world? What is Beyond Death? G: The Universe is governed by highly Impeccable and Never Erring LAWS. The smallest atom to highest universe is governed by perfect laws. The only way to understand ME and my SECRETS is, for you to become ME and MERGE with ME. Till such time you can never comprehend ME and MY SECRETS. You are like a DROP of OCEAN. I am like the FULL OCEAN. It is not possible for the DROP to comprehend the OCEAN. Just simply merge with ME. You will also BECOME ME! You put ONE step forward towards ME and I will put TEN Steps towards you. Your visiting card is not of any value as far as realizing the TRUTH is concerned. M: Is there Heaven and Hell after death? What about Astrology, Numerology, Vastu, Ragu Kaalam, Yama Kandam, Jathakam etc? G: Everything exists in MIND only. They definitely exist if your MIND believes in them. Else, they dont exist. In fact, I LOVE the belief system of ATHEISTS in this respect of Heaven, Hell, Astrology, Numerology, Vastu, Ragu Kaalam, Yama Kandam, Jathakam, Ashtami, Navami etc. If you believe in them believe them fully. If you dont believe in them simply dont believe at all. Dont dangle in half way. If your mind is strong, there is no need to believe in all these. Your mind creates the REALITY what you strongly believe, which is in fact a BIG ILLUSION. M: Everything looks very very complicated and confusing.

G: Simple things are only very difficult to understand. You will understand everything in due course of time. This is what EVOLUTION is about. Evolution is unstoppable. For you to become me is inevitable. Time only matters. M: Tell me who are YOU really? G: First, find out who you really are. Then ask me this question. M: No. No. You must tell me who you are. G: As you ask, I tell you this. But, still you cannot comprehend ME because you have not developed your faculties to understand me. You will understand me approximately only.

I am the Causeless Cause I am the Unborn Born I am the Spaceless Space I am the Timeless Time I am the Existenceless Existence I am God, I am You
The First Part of each of the above Phrases is ME (GOD) and the subsequent part is YOU! When the First part (GOD) becomes second part, it becomes YOU. When the Second Part becomes First part, you merge with ME! We are Mutually Inclusive!

M: Thanks for sharing these information! I Love to have a Cup of Coffee with you? G: Your drinking of coffee is as good as me drinking the Coffee. It makes no difference to me. But, unfortunately it makes all the difference to you as you are trapped in IGNORANCE. I know that you and I are one and the same. But you dont know that. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH BECAUSE IT IS AS GOOD AS I LOVE MYSELF!