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Macroscopic Microscopic motion Motion(Therbligs) 1.Operation of Picking up a screw 1.

Reach driver havd for Screw driver(Transport empty) 2.Grasp the same (Grasp) 3.Take away the Screw driver(Transport Loaded)

Machine Available time x 100 % 1. Machine Availability % = Total Machine Time

Running No Time of M/C's x 100 Used % X =Working Hours X 100 % 2. Machine Utilization % Actual = Machine Available Total Time Available Hours X Working Hours

Running Time x 100 % 3. Machine Efficiency % Standard = Actual Running Time Actual Running Time

Standard 4.Machine Effective Utilis % = Running Time x 100 % Machine Available Time

Operation: Name of the Worker: Component Name: Left Hand Description Grasp Chisel To Job Position Hold Symbol G TL P H

SIMO CHART Date: Film No: Operation No: Time(Winks) 0 10 20 30 40 50 Symbol G TL AD U Right Hand Description Grasp hammer To Job Idle Use

Standard Time = (Average Observed Time X Rating%)+Allowances %

OT PRF PA RPA SA POA Normal Time Allowances % Standard Time OT.Observed Time PRF .Process Allowances SA .Policy allowances ating%)+Allowances % .Performance Rating Factor PA.Special Allownces POA .