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Alfred Jan G. Naparan


Objective: At the end of the lesson, 80% of the students will be able
a. Identify examples of figurative languages


Subject Matter
a. Topic:
b. Reference:
c. Materials:


Figures of Speech
Exploring the English Textbook for High
PowerPoint Presentation; activity sheets

A. Preliminaries
a. Prayer
b. Greetings
c. Checking of Attendance
d. Drill
e. Review
B. Lesson Proper
a. Motivation
Observe the following pictures.

1. Which of the photos are more attractive than the other?

b. Activity
Read the following two stories and think about what makes
them different.
Story 1:
Toby was lost. He is already crying. He must have wandered
off from his family during their morning hike because around
noon he realized that he was all alone in the middle of the
woods. He was definitely anxious to find his family before
evening. The thought of spending a night in the woods alone
was a scary one. Heaving a sigh, Toby walked on.
Story 2:

Toby was totally lost, as any needle in a stack of hay. He

already cried a bucket of tears finding his way home. He must
have wandered off from his family during their morning hike
because around noon he realized that he was alone in the
middle of the wide whispering woods. Thonk! Thunk! went his
feet on the soft pine needles that covered the ground like a
soft brown blanket. Birds twittered and tweeted from the skyscraping branches of trees, but there was no sound of his
family. Mom! Dad!, he screamed. He was as anxious as a
fish out of water to find his family before evening. The thought
of spending a night in the woods alone was one that made his
heart dance a fearful frenzied jig in his chest. Heaving a sigh,
Toby tiredly trudged on.
1. What have you observed after you read the two stories?
2. Which do you think is more interesting to read?
Why do you think so?
The same with pictures, it is more attractive or engaging if
there are colors to stories or selections that we read. If the
reader can create mental image because of the words they
read on a selection, comprehension is more likely to occur.
Thus, reading will be not be boring and too demanding.
c. Abstraction
Figurative language creates figures (pictures) in the mind of
the reader or listener. These pictures help convey the
meaning faster and more vividly than words alone.
We use figures of speech in "figurative language" to add
colour and interest, and to awaken the imagination.
1. Simile
The most commonly used figure of speech, it directly
compares one object to another, using words 'as', 'as
though', 'as if', 'as '.. as' and 'like'
E.g. Eyes as blue as the sky and deep like the ocean
2. Metaphor
It is similar to simile but uses indirect comparison. It
compares two things by saying one thing is another
thing. It does not use the words like or as.
E.g. He was a lion in the battle field.
3. Personification
Personification simply means making inanimate
things behave in a very human like way.
E.g. The wind whispers secrets in my ears
4. Hyperbole
It is another very commonly used figure of speech,
which simply translated means exaggeration.
E.g. A thousand times I begged his pardon

5. Synecdoche
It uses either the part of an object to describe the
whole or vice versa.
E.g. The face that launched a thousand ships
6. Apostrophe
It is a diversion of discourse from the topic at hand to
addressing some person or thing, either present or
E.g. O, Rizal! Rise and save the youth

d. Application
The class will be grouped in to two and each of group shall be
given a copy of a poem. They will be tasked to find the
figurative languages in the poem. After five minutes, the
leader or a member of the group shall write their answers on
the board and present it in class.

A Pizza the Size of the Sun

Im making a pizza the size of the sun, a pizza thats sure to
weigh more than a ton, a pizza too massive to pick up
and toss, a pizza resplendent with oceans of sauce. Im
topping my pizza with mountains of cheese, with acres of
peppers, pimentos, and peas, with mushrooms,
tomatoes, and sausage galore, with every last olive they
had at the store. My pizza is sure to be one of a kind, my
pizza will leave other pizzas behind, my pizza will be a
delectable treat that all who love pizza are welcome to eat.
The oven is hot, I believe it will take a year and a half for my
pizza to bake. I hardly can wait till my pizza is done, my
wonderful pizza is the size of the sun. - Jack Pretulsky A Pizza
the Size of the Sun
e. Analysis
Complete the story with the use of the indicated figure of
speech. State the answer to the class.
"Jack hopped (simile) down the hill. He met Jill who
(hyperbole). The two of them loved to go to the park where

Identify the figurative language used in the following lines.
1. The old stairway groaned with every step we took.
2. I wandered lonely as a cloud.
3. Youre an ant, while Im a lion
4. The sky misses the sun at night.


My heart has turned to stone

The squatters need roofs for their heads
She was a spring flower
Milton! thou should'st be living at this hour

In a one-half sheet of paper, write two examples for each figurative
language already discussed.