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The Pictorialist

October 2014
Newsletter of the Photo Pictorialists of Milwaukee
Established 1904
Affiliated with the Photographic ociet! of A"erica
#isco$si$ Area %a"era %lubs Orga$i&atio$
A$d the #isco$si$ Pri$t %ircuit
'ichard (ehl) Preside$t* +ath! ,rau$) -ice Preside$t
.i/ie 0owi$) Treasurer* ,ert 1arti$ger) ecretar!2Editor
Meeti$gs are held the first Thursda! of each "o$th) fro" epte"ber thru Ma!) e/cept for Apr3 9) at 4p")
i$ the 0uther Ma$or %o$fere$ce 'oo") 4545 N3 92
t3) #auwatosa) #isco$si$
Photojournalism Our Oct. Program
Tha$ks to ,ill to$ecipher) at our October "eeti$g
a practici$g photo6our$alist will talk about his work3
7$ ,ill8s words9
Photo Pictorialists a$d frie$ds) !ou wo$8t wa$t to
"iss the special progra" pla$$ed for our October 2
"eeti$g3 #e will ha:e hebo!ga$ Press
Photo6our$alist ;ar! +lei$ as a featured speaker3
;ar!) a photographer with "ore tha$ <4 !ears of
$ews e/perie$ce) bega$ his career worki$g with
fil" at the Marshfield News21erald) the$ o$ to the
#ausau .ail! 1erald) a$d prese$tl! is the staff
photographer for the hebo!ga$ Press3 1e will tell
us how he uses state of2the2art digital tech$i=ues to
fulfill his respo$sibilities >he =uite literall! does the
6ob of what was a three photographer staff3?
O$ assig$"e$t ;ar! shoots digital stills) records
:ideo productio$s with :oice2o:er) a$d writes
captio$s a$d posts the" to o$2li$e galleries3 1e
will gi:e us a fasci$ati$g behi$d the sce$es look at
how he does all this with the speed that will a"a&e
O$e "ore thi$g3 ,ri$g a color pri$t a$d a b@w
pri$t) both si&ed A/10) for the #isco$si$ Pri$t
%ircuit3 Put !our $a"e) !our photo club) a$d the
pri$t title o$ the back of the pri$ts3
At 0uther Ma$or our 6oi$t e/hibit of photos take$
duri$g the su""er break is up) looks good) a$d will
sta! up u$til our $e/t group e/hibit) which will be
probabl! i$ No:e"ber3
Also at 0uther Ma$or) $ear the 0M Phar"ac!) $i$e
pri$ts fro" the epte"ber car show at 0M are
e/hibited3 ,ert 1arti$ger took the photos3 The $e/t
ti"e arou$d a differe$t :olu$teer fro" the club will
do this show3 Ni$e pri$ts are $eeded i$ i$ portrait
"ode) "ou$ted o$ A24BA / 12 i$ch "ats) a$d with a
label placed $e/t to the photos sa!i$g who the
photographer is a$d that heBshe is fro" the
Pictorialist ca"era club3
Cro" No:3 24 to .ec3 5 we will ha:e a$ e/hibit i$
Milwaukee %it! 1all of photos de:oted to
Milwaukee %ou$t! sub6ects3 #e will $eed fro" A0
to 90 pri$ts) so be prepared to bri$g 10 pri$ts each
to the No:3 D "eeti$g3 Put !our $a"e a$d the pri$t
title o$ the back of the pri$ts3 7f !our pri$ts will fit
the 421B2/921B2 di"e$sio$s of the pre2cut "ats) do
$ot "ou$t the"3 7f the! wo$8t fit) "ou$t the" o$
Arctic #hite "ats fro" Artist a$d .ispla!) 91
A big welco"e to $ew "e"bers -ickie ,oswell
>b:bo&Eaol3co"?) Fi" ,ickler
>bickler6Eg"ail3co"?) +ari #idor
>kariwidorEg"ail3co"?) a$d Phil chu"acher
>Pauli$e ,eck8s husba$d at pcbeckEsbcglobal3$et?3
WACCO Activities
The #A%%O fall co"petitio$ will be aturda!)
No:3 1) at the #aukesha tate ,a$k) 7294 a$d 1w!
D4) e/it 2A2) Oco$o"owoc3
Notices a$d e$tr! for"s were ha$ded out at the
ept3 "eeti$g) but ca$ also be obtai$ed fro" the
#A%%O web site9 www3wica"eraclubs3orgB3 The
deadli$e for e$teri$g is Oct3 1A) which is co"i$g up
fast3 %lub "e"bers are e$couraged to e$ter) if for
$o other reaso$ tha$ to see what other #isco$si$
photographers are doi$g3

The <
A$$ual #A%%O E/hibit at the 'euss
Cederal ,uildi$g >the ,lue ,uildi$g? Oct3 42.ec3 D)
is u$der the "a$age"e$t of Mar! .u"o$t3 Mar!8s
e2"ail address i$ "ar!ldu"o$tEg"ail3co"3 More
sub"issio$s ca$ still be "ade b! se$di$g her 6pegs
si&ed 4DA/1024 E 100 dpi for accepta$ce appro:al3
7"ages to be show$ "ust be "atted a$d i$ a fra"e
1D/20 or larger) read! to ha$g with a wire stra$d o$
back3 Put !our $a"e a$d i"age title o$ the back of
the pri$t3
Club Outings and Photo Opportunities
Pauli$e ,eck) our outi$gs orga$i&er) has se$t
e2"ails with suggestio$s for outi$gs) a$d photo
opportu$ities are also gi:e$ i$ the Pictorialist web
site) edited b! a$dra #eber3
7t is too late $ow) but here is hopi$g so"e of !ou
participated i$ .oors Ope$ Milwaukee) ept3 202213
O$ ept3 24) the ;roh"a$$ Museu" dow$tow$
will ha:e G0ost Arts9 A %elebratio$ of Our #orki$g
Past3H There will be de"os b! a blacks"ith)
shoe"aker) glass fou$der) spi$$ers) a$d "aster
pai$ters3 The ;roh"a$$ Museu" is at 1000 N3
,roadwa! a$d will be ope$ fro" 10a" to <p"3
O$ ept3 2A22A there will be %i:il #ar ree$act"e$ts
at The #ade 1ouse) i$ ;ree$bush3
Pauli$e suggests that we ha:e a "i$i2outi$g o$ Oct3
4 after we drop off photos for the #A%%O e/hibit
i$ the ,lue Cederal ,uildi$g3 #e ca$ "eet there at
10a") photograph dow$tow$) a$d the$ ha:e lu$ch3
Treat chedule
7$ alphabetical order9
October I ,ill to$ecipher
No:e"ber I Paul -ashol&
.ece"ber 2 E:er!o$e bri$g a dish to share
Fa$uar! I 1oward -ra$ki$
Cebruar! I Fa$ #ag$er
March I Foh$ a$d a$dra #eber
April I +ari #idor
Ma! I %o"petitio$ $ight I bri$g s$acks to share

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