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The following Auxiliary system shall be available to light-up the boiler with LDO. 1. Water system: i) D.M water system shall be made available either from its own source or from other D.M plant nearby the unit. Like unit # 1 has already commissioned and unit # 2 under commission within same premises then Unit # 1 D.M water may be used for light-up the unit # 2 boiler. Boiler filling pumps with its associated system must be available. Water pretreatment and water treatment system must be available for Auxiliary cooling water system. If the Auxiliary cooling tower is available for auxiliary cooling water system then the same system must be available. If the cooling tower is common for main cooling water and auxiliary cooling water system and the auxiliary cooling water is tapped from CW pump common discharge header then main cooling water system alongwith Circulating water system must be available. This system shall support only auxiliary cooling water system. However if the Auxiliary cooling water suction is from Cooling tower main sump then only cooling tower alongwith sump must be available.

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2. Complete LDO system shall be available. If we want to changeover the HFO then provision of Auxiliary steam shall also need to be available alongwith LDO and HFO system. 3. Complete CCW system must be available.

4. Instrument air and service air system must be available. 5. Boiler trough sealing system must be available according to the sealing arrangement. 6. Complete air and flue gas path must be ready including chimney. If potable chimney is available then that also may be acceptable. 7. Complete insulation system is better for light-up the boiler, if complete insulation is not ready then also we can light-up the boiler, technically there is no such problem, only for human protection this is require. 8. Complete boiler blow down system must be ready with quenching water system. 9. Both HP and LP Dosing system must be available.

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10.SWAS system should be available; if SWAS system is not ready then at least sampling system must be ready for manual sampling, it is better to have the sample cooler in service. 11.If boiler end MSV is available then main steam piping may not require for Boiler light-up, but if Boiler end MSV is not available then main steam piping also must be ready before boiler light-up. 12.ID fans with its lube oil system, FD fans with its lube oil system, Scanner Cooling air fans both AC and DC as per system configuration along with flame scanner, and if PA fans are not ready then the PA system must be isolated from FD system using isolation dampers (if PA fans tapping are taken form FD fan discharge). 13.Boiler protection system, like FSSS and MFT must be ready. 14.220V/24 V DC supply must be ready. 15.Secondary air damper control if applicable must be ready. 16.ESP shall be made available as per ESP vendor recommendation. 17.Igniter system must be made available. 18. Complete boiler drain and vents must be ready. 19.DCS shall be made available.

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