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Mojave National Preserve Conservancy

Board of Directors call
May 6, 2015
Present on call: David Lamfrom, Dennis Schramm, Shaun Gonzales, Paula Jacoby-Garrett, Michael

No news on financials. Same as on last call.
Michael and David are looking into ownership of our website with Chris Clarke. They are trying to
clarify with him.
Upcoming Star Party. Scheduled for June 13th. Campsite reserved for both Friday and Saturday nights.
Need to create a facebook event. David is willing to take on. Michael also volunteered. Discuss roles that
people are willing to help with. Potluck is one of the things we have always had in conjunction. Hikes or
tours could also be done. Bring out any specific group? Lynn had contact for a possible culinary school
that might be open to coming out for event. Paula knows a storyteller out of Arizona. She could contact
them and find out if she is interested. Any groups that we should contact about the event and see if kids
could be brought out? JT’s groups and Outside Las Vegas are both possibilities. We could consider
partial funding of a group. Michael suggested he would like to try a guided hike this time.
Newsletter. Paula recently submitted an article on Joshua Trees for consideration. Shaun went over
contacts to be made for articles being considered (see last newsletter). He is working on contacting folks
to see if articles can be forthcoming in time for release by the star party. Looking for articles by about
May 13th. That allows for preparation of a draft for board review and finalizing by end of month.
Call ended at 6:30pm. Next call on Wednesday, May 27th at 5:30pm (specifically to plan for star party).