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washingtonblade.com - volume 43, issue 4 - january 27, 2012

washingtonblade.com - volume 43, issue 4 - january 27, 2012

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Published by: Washington Blade Newspaper on Jan 27, 2012
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Advocates join guv in campaign to pass measure with expanded religious ‘protections’

Maryland Gov. MARTIN O’MALLEY said his marriage bill provides a balance between ‘equal protection under the law’ and ‘religious freedom.’

O’Malley introduces Md. marriage bill
By LOU CHIBBARO JR. lchibbaro@washblade.com
ANNAPOLIS, Md. — At a gathering on the steps of the governor’s residence here, Gov. Martin O’Malley on Tuesday called on the state’s residents and lawmakers to join him in supporting his newly drafted same-sex marriage bill. With about 50 supporters of the bill standing behind him, including same-sex couples, clergy members and state labor leaders, O’Malley said the bill provides a proper balance between “equal protection under the law” and “religious freedom.” His remarks came on the day after he officially introduced the Civil Marriage Protection Act into the Maryland General Assembly and minutes after he hosted a breakfast in the governor’s residence for representatives of the coalition of organizations and clergy backing the bill. “There is a broad coalition, and many are arrayed on the steps here with me, and they are all supportive of the bill I introduced last night on civil marriage equality in the state of Maryland,” he said.

Escaping D.C.
From beaches to ski slopes, our winter travel guide has ideas for getting away from it all. PAGE 25

Mixed reaction to Obama speech
LGBT issues absent from State of the Union
By CHRIS JOHNSON cjohnson@washblade.com
President Obama called on Americans to work toward a brighter future during a State of the Union address on Tuesday that hit on issues ranging from the economy, foreign policy and the environment — but


Creating Change
Annual confab draws 3,000 to Baltimore this weekend featuring NAACP’s Benjamin Jealous. PAGE 38

lacked any substantial mention of LGBTrelated policy issues. In his speech before a joint session of Congress, Obama urged cooperation as he laid out a series policy of initiatives aimed at bolstering the nation’s standing both at home and abroad. “As long as we’re joined in common purpose, as long as we maintain our common resolve, our journey moves forward, our future is hopeful and the

02 • JANUARY 27, 2012


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JANUARY 27, 2012 • 03

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washingtonblade.com 04 • JANUARY 27, 2012
Council’s Judiciary Committee, where GLAA and D.C. Trans Coalition officials were expected to testify against it.

seeing the four officials subjected to recall. “I won’t sign the petition,” said Fanning. “My feeling is why don’t we wait until the next regular election and let the voters decide then.”


Mayor, Council chair, Graham targeted for recall election
A Ward 5 civic activist and supporter of former Mayor Adrian Fenty has filed papers with the D.C. Board of Elections and Ethics to begin the process of seeking a recall election to oust Mayor Vincent Gray and Council Chair Kwame Brown, both Democrats, from office. The activist, Frederick Butler, says he also plans to file papers seeking a recall election against gay D.C. Council member Jim Graham (D-Ward 1) and Council member Mary Cheh (D-Ward 3). Butler has said each of the four elected officials were responsible for encouraging or failing to take steps to prevent corruption in government. He said Graham should be held responsible for the arrest in 2009 and guilty plea last year of his former chief of staff, Ted Loza, for accepting a “gratuity” from a taxicab industry official seeking to influence taxi related legislation then pending before the Council. Federal authorities that investigated Loza said Graham was not implicated in the alleged corruption scheme. Last June, a federal judge sentenced Loza to eight months in prison. Graham could not be immediately reached for comment. Most political observers say Butler lacks the financial resources and support for the difficult task of obtaining 45,000 petition signatures within the next 180 days to place a recall election for Gray and Brown on the ballot in the November election. He would need signatures from 10 percent of the registered voters in Wards 1 and 3 to place Graham and Cheh on the ballot for a recall election in November. Observers note that attempts have been made to recall every previous mayor accept Walter Washington and all of them failed to obtain the signatures needed to place a recall on the ballot. Butler is a friend and protégé of Fenty’s controversial supporter and college fraternity brother Sinclair Skinner, who came under investigation by the City Council after his company, Liberty Engineering and Design, received city contracts under the Fenty administration that critics said were due to cronyism. Skinner came under fire from gay activists during one of Graham’s reelection campaigns when news surfaced that he distributed anti-gay fliers attacking Graham on behalf of one of Graham’s opponents in the Democratic primary. Local gay activists Rick Rosendall and Peter Rosenstein, who backed Gray for mayor in the 2010 election, said they see no interest within the LGBT community for recalling Gray, Brown, Graham, or Cheh. Gay Democratic activist John Fanning, who supported Fenty in the 2010 mayoral election, said he, too, has no interest in


Victory for Rehoboth’s outdoor restaurants
After about 16 months of discussion, debate and squabbling, the Rehoboth Beach Board of Commissioners agreed on Jan. 20, by a vote of 6-0, on new regulations regarding patio hours. Voting for the first time was newly appointed Commissioner Patrick Gossett, who is gay. Commissioner Stan Mills who initiated the complaints that resulted in a raid of several establishments, including Cloud 9 and Aqua, in September, 2010, recused himself on the recommendation of the Delaware Public Integrity Committee who felt he used his elected status to bring about the raids, which led to the arrest of several bar owners who were cited for infractions. The vote allows patios to stay open as long as the inside of the establishment remains open. In most cases, this means 1 a.m. Up until a temporary freeze was put in effect in the spring, restaurants with patios could only serve alcohol on their patios until 10 p.m. and patrons had to leave by 11. In addition, it was agreed that there would be an enforcement officer in place who would talk to violators. Carol Everhart, CEO and president of the local Chamber of Commerce, said, “the experiment of changing the hours of patios, which we wanted worked. Revenues increased because restaurant patios were open.” Everhart and others at the meeting praised the work of the enforcement officer. Still unresolved is the noise issue, which early on was linked to the patio issue. The commissioners have been trying to determine how best to handle regulations on noise. A number of commissioners felt that use of the phrase “clearly audible” should be sufficient, but others have argued that there should be a clearer definition, such as determining where to measure the noise. However, because there were only five noise violations noted this past summer, the issue is not considered as crucial as in the past. Earlier in that meeting, Gossett, who previously served as commissioner from 2004-7, was appointed to fill a vacancy on the Commission. Gossett becomes the third openly gay person on the sevenmember panel. He joins lesbian Pat Colluzzi and recently elected Mark Hunker on the Commission. Gossett noted that “the fact we not only have three openly gay members of the LGBT community as commissioners, but that we have members of the Planning Commission and Board of Adjustments, as well as the head of the local Chamber of Commerce and Rehoboth Main Street, a group which encourages events to attract tourists, shows how accepting Rehoboth is.”

The American Astronomical Society recognized FRANK KAMENY with a certificate of appreciation commemorating his ‘lifetime efforts’ to advance the cause of gay rights earlier this month.

Kameny honored by Astronomical Society
The American Astronomical Society Jan. 10 recognized the late gay rights leader Frank Kameny with a certificate of appreciation commemorating his “lifetime efforts” to advance the cause of gay rights. Kameny held a doctorate degree in astronomy from Harvard University and worked for the federal government as an astronomer in Washington in the late 1950s before authorities fired him for being gay, prompting him to become a lifelong advocate for LGBT equality. In a ceremony at its semiannual meeting in Austin, Texas, AAS President Debra Elmegreen presented the certificate on Kameny’s behalf to Charles Francis, a D.C. gay rights advocate who co-founded the Kameny Papers Project. The project arranged for the Library of Congress in Washington to obtain thousands of documents that Kameny generated in more than 50 years of advocacy work on behalf of LGBT equality. “The American Astronomical Society, in light of its commitment to diversity and equality, hereby honors the memory of the astronomer Dr. Franklin Edward Kameny for his exemplary lifelong commitment to promoting equal rights for homosexual men and women,” the certificate says. “Dr. Kameny’s activism removed discriminatory barriers that had cut short many careers,” it says. “Dr. Kameny tirelessly advocated against policies that banned gays from working for the federal government, holding security clearances, or serving openly in the military.”


Trans Coalition, GLAA oppose ‘prostitution free zones’ bill
The D.C. Trans Coalition and the Gay and Lesbian Activists Alliance are calling on the D.C. City Council to defeat a bill calling for giving the city’s police chief authority to establish permanent “prostitution free zones.” The two groups have joined civil liberates advocates in charging that a 2005 law creating the zones has resulted in improper targeting of transgender women and others for prostitution arrests. The law allows police to designate any public area a “prostitution free zone” for up to 20 days, allowing police to more aggressively crack down on prostitution in those areas. The bill currently under consideration, the Prostitution Free Zone Amendment Act of

2012, would make such zones permanent. “These policies have done little to eradicate prostitution but have succeeded in further marginalizing sex workers, low income people of color, transgender people, lesbians, gays and the homeless,” a statement issued by transgender advocates says. “We do not need more policy that criminalizes people in our community,” the statement says. “D.C. residents demand that the D.C. Council find solutions to city issues that don’t involve arresting and locking people up because they are homeless, transgendered, or look like they are engaging in sex work.” D.C. Council member Yvette Alexander (D-Ward 7), the lead sponsor of the bill, has said street prostitution has been an ongoing problem in her ward and in other parts of the city and her legislation would help police control the problem. Alexander’s bill was scheduled for a public hearing on Tuesday before the



JANUARY 27, 2012 • 05

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washingtonblade.com 06 • JANUARY 27, 2012 LOCAL NEWS

Hospital apologizes for ‘delay’ in allowing visit
Women file discrimination complaint against Washington Adventist
By LOU CHIBBARO JR. lchibbaro@washblade.com
The president of the Takoma Park, Md., based Washington Adventist Hospital has apologized for what she says was a “miscommunication” that led to a delay by the hospital in allowing a woman to visit her same-sex partner following the partner’s admission to the emergency room. But hospital president Joyce Newmyer disputes claims by the two women and the Human Rights Campaign that an initial denial of a request to visit the partner was due to discrimination. Instead, she says it was based entirely on a policy of barring anyone from visiting emergency room patients undergoing initial treatment and evaluation. Newmeyer’s assessment of the matter is at odds with an account by Takoma Park residents Kathryn Wilderotter and Linda Cole, who have been partners for 11 years and were legally married in Canada in 2004. HRC released a statement saying a hospital staff member declined to allow Cole to visit Wilderotter shortly after Wilderotter was taken by ambulance on Nov.13, 2011 to the hospital’s emergency room because Cole “was reportedly not recognized as a family member.” Wilderotter told the Blade she suffered a seizure while driving her car, resulting in a crash that led to an injury. She said a female staff member sitting at the front desk at the emergency room entrance declined to allow Cole to visit Wilderotter after Cole told the woman she was Wilderotter’s partner and spouse. According to Wilderotter, Cole called Wilderotter’s sister, Kristin Biggs, who arrived at the hospital about 20 minutes later. When Biggs approached the same emergency room staff member she introduced herself as Wilderotter’s sister, Wilderotter told the Blade. The female staff member then replied, “Oh, we have family here now. You can go in,” Wilderotter quoted her partner as informing her. HRC announced in its Jan. 19 statement that Cole and Wilderotter have filed separate complaints of discrimination over the incident with a joint federal commission that regulates hospitals and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, an arm of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. “Discrimination during a medical emergency may be one of the worst forms of discrimination LGBT people face,” said HRC President Joe Solmonese. “Recognizing this problem, federal regulations were put in place to end discrimination in healthcare settings and allow all people to be with their loved ones during their most critical moments.” Solmonese was referring to the implementation in January 2011 of new federal regulations initiated by the Obama administration that require all hospitals participating in Medicaid and Medicare programs to allow patients to designate the persons they wish to see as visitors. The regulations prohibit discrimination in hospital visitation based on sexual orientation and gender identity among other categories. Since nearly every U.S. hospital participates in Medicaid or Medicare programs the new regulations are said to apply to nearly all hospitals in the country, including Washington Adventist Hospital. Meanwhile, HRC said in its statement that Washington Adventist Hospital has not responded to its annual survey of healthcare providers, which it uses to publish the HRC Healthcare Equality Index. The index assesses and discloses the policies and practices of hospitals related to LGBT patients and their families. Newmyer told the Blade on Monday that she didn’t know why the hospital hasn’t returned the HRC survey in past years but said hospital officials were currently working on it and would be sending it to HRC shortly. In a phone interview with the Blade on Monday, Wilderotter said a hospital executive called the couple six weeks later to say the incident was caused by a new employee unfamiliar with hospital policies and that the hospital apologized for what happened. Newmyer posted a statement on the hospital website on Jan. 20 saying she was troubled over news media stories reporting the initial denial of visitation was due to discrimination. “First, I want to express my deepest apologies to Ms. Wilderotter and Ms. Cole for feeling anything less than valued at our hospital,” she said in the statement. “As a policy and a practice, our hospital does not discriminate against anyone regardless of their race, ethnicity, faith, sexual orientation or ability to pay,” she said. Newmyer told the Blade on Monday that a hospital investigation into the incident shows that a “perfect storm” of miscommunication and coincidence may have led Cole and Wilderotter to believe they were singled out for discrimination. According to Newmyer, when Cole arrived at the hospital doctors and emergency room attendants were treating Wilderotter and evaluating her condition. She said the hospital has a policy that prohibits anyone from visiting an emergency room patient at this “critical” stage of treatment. She could not determine exactly what the hospital staff person told Cole at this time, Newmyer said, but she is certain that the denial of the visit would have been issued to anyone arriving at that time. In what she called an unfortunate coincidence, Newmyer said the attending doctors and staff completed their initial evaluation of Wilderotter and cleared her to receive visitors just as Wilderotter’s sister arrived.


When the sister was allowed to enter the emergency room treatment area, Cole understandably could have concluded that her initial denial was due to discrimination rather than the across-the-board policy of delaying visitation during the early stage of treatment, Newmyer said. Wilderotter said the emergency room staff member’s comment referring to her sister as “family” and saying the sister could enter the area where she was being treated suggests that the staff member believed the sister rather than Cole should be allowed to enter the treatment area for a visit. Wilderotter said she has also heard from friends and others familiar with Washington Adventist Hospital that family members are sometimes allowed in to visit a loved one in the emergency room even during the early stage of treatment by doctors and nurses. “My sister took Linda by the hand and led her in,” said Wilderotter, who noted that she was comforted to see the two of them arrive at her side. Wilderotter said the staff member at the emergency room entrance didn’t attempt to stop Cole from entering the treatment area with her sister.

Catherine Holroyd, a Hyattsville, Md., resident contacted the Blade on Monday to report that she and her lesbian partner have been treated with respect and were fully recognized as a same-sex couple when the two have been admitted to Washington Adventist Hospital on separate occasions as patients. “I’m a retired nurse,” Holroyd said. “I can tell you that we’ve been treated well at that hospital and so have other gay couples.” HRC spokesperson Paul Gueguierre said Cole and Wilderotter’s discrimination complaint has merit. “Linda Cole was denied access to her partner during a time of great need,” he said. “Regardless of whether it was a simple communications problem, this was unfortunately a case of healthcare discrimination,” he said. “We are encouraged by recent statements by hospital administrators that they do not discriminate and will take steps to prevent this from happening again in the future,” Guequierre said. ”We look forward to their participation in the Healthcare Equality Index. The HEI is designed to prevent cases like this one.”

Police Log
The D.C. Metropolitan Police Department’s Gay & Lesbian Liaison Unit participated in the following investigations:

• On Jan. 24, in the 1300 block of 15th St., N.W., a man reported that on May 5, 2011, he was involved in a verbal altercation with his neighbor. During the altercation the neighbor used homophobic language. There was no offense that took place. It is unclear why the man waited so long to file the report. • On Jan. 24, in the 800 block of 46th St., N.E., a man reported that a suspect pushed in a window panel at his residence and destroyed his property. The suspect fled prior to MPD arrival. A report was taken. • On Jan. 24, at 6th & H streets, N.W., police received a call for a robbery. Two individuals were stopped and identified in reference to the case. An investigation revealed that no robbery occurred and the individuals were released. A report was taken reflecting the events.


JANUARY 27, 2012 • 07

washingtonblade.com 08 • JANUARY 27, 2012 NATIONAL NEWS

Anchorage anti-bias measure faces opposition
ANCHORAGE, Alaska — An initiative adding gender identity and sexual orientation to the Anchorage non-discrimination rules is up for vote a vote on April 3, but interference from larger national anti-gay groups may make the fight tougher for supporters. The Anchorage Daily News reports that the Arizona-based Alliance Defense Fund, which has intervened in pro-LGBT ballot measures across the country for many years, has begun weighing in on the measure. “The ultimate concern with enacting something like that is that it infringes on religious freedoms,” said ADF lawyer Holly Carmichael. “There’s a huge constitutional concern here.” But Anchorage employment lawyer Thomas Daniel is defending the expansion of protections, saying that religious institutions should remain confident that exemptions in the law will allow faith groups shelter from frivolous litigation.

CHRISTOPHER PLUMMER (left) was nominated for Best Supporting Actor for his role in ‘Beginners.’

Boy Scouts join ‘no name-calling’ week
NEW YORK — Despite a history of policies barring gay men from participation, Boy Scouts of America may be signaling a change this week by signing on to support a national gay group’s anti-bullying effort, according to the Huffington Post. A contributor to the Scouts’ official blog published an editorial introducing readers to the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network’s “No Name-Calling Week,” an annual anti-bullying event. “I’m delighted the Boy Scouts of America’s official publication is calling on its adult leaders to join with the tens of thousands of educators and other youthserving professionals who are currently observing No Name-Calling Week in order to improve the lives of millions of youth,” said GLSEN executive director Dr. Eliza Byard.

Plummer nominated for gay role
Limited LGBT representation in this year’s Oscars
By PHIL REESE preese@washblade.com
Nominees for the 84th annual Academy Awards were announced Tuesday in Los Angeles. Jennifer Lawrence, nominated last year for the film “Winter’s Bone” and who appears this year in “The Hunger Games,” and Tom Sherak, president of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced the nominations for the Feb. 26 presentation. Christopher Plummer was nominated in the Best Supporting Actor category for his turn as a man who comes out as gay to his adult son late in his 70s in ‘Beginners.’ Plummer is familiar to the Oscars stage — in 1965 he joined Julie Andrews and the cast and crew of ‘The Sound of Music,’ when the film won Best Picture. He was also nominated in this same category two years ago for playing Leo Tolstoy in “The Last Station.” Plummer is coming off a Golden Globes win for his character Hal Fields, a lateblooming widower who must learn to navigate the rather tricky waters of being single and gay in your 70s, while dealing with a son coming to grips with the news (played by gay favorite Ewan McGregor). Gay New York blogger, Scott Wooledge was disappointed that one gay-themed movie missed the list, however. “On the topic of movies, I’m sorry to see Pariah didn’t get any nods, it deserves a handful,” the Daily Kos regular told the Blade. “I suspect that may be because it was released so very late and Focus Features may not have campaigned on its behalf.” Wooledge says he was “just blown away” by the Spike Lee produced film about a 17 year-old Brooklyn African-American lesbian and the effect of his coming out on her family. The film also features Adeprero Oduye and Kim Wayans. “If anyone has ever complained there are not middle class, queer people of color in pop culture,” Wooledge says, “I implore you to run don’t walk, open your wallet and reward the director, Dee Rees and the studio for serving up a beautiful and heartfelt film that features exactly that.” Glenn Close is a contender for Best Actress for her role as a woman passing as a man in order to work and survive in 19th century Ireland in ‘Albert Nobbs.’ ‘Nobbs’ also garnered a nod in the supporting actress category for Janet McTeer, as well as in the makeup category. Up for Best Original Screenplay is ‘Margin Call,’ a film about the financial meltdown of the last decade, produced by recently out ‘Heroes’ and ‘Star Trek’ actor Zachary Quinto, who also starred in the film. Quinto recently starred as a gay ghost on gay creator Ryan Murphy’s ‘American Horror Story.’ Among the films nominated, ‘The Help’ received three nominations (Octavia Spencer & Jessica Chastain for Best Supporting Actress and Viola Davis for Best Actress); ‘The Descendants’ received five (Alexander Payne for Best Director, George Clooney for Best Actor, film editing, Best Adapted Screenplay, and Best Picture); and ‘Moneyball’ garnered noms for Best Supporting Actor for Jonah Hill, Best Actor for Brad Pitt, Best Adapted Screenplay, film editing and Best Picture. The big winner, however, is most likely ‘The Artist’ which received 10 nods including Berenice Bejo for Best Supporting Actress, Michel Hazanavicius for Best Director, Jean Dujardin for Best Actor, Best Original Screenplay, music, art direction, film editing, costume design, cinematography and Best Picture. Set in 1930s Hollywood, the modern silent film has been described as “a love letter to the silver screen,” by NPR’s Pop Culture Happy Hour podcast.

Minn. court revives marriage case
MINNEAPOLIS — After a Hennepin County District Judge threw out a lawsuit brought by same-sex couples seeking marriage, the Minnesota Court of Appeals has revived the case. The three-judge panel unanimously ruled that District Judge Mary Dufresne inappropriately relied on a 1971 Minnesota Supreme Court decision, and sent the case back to the trial court, according to New York’s Gay City News. The decision in the 1971 case, Baker v. Nelson — brought by two men seeking to marry in Minnesota — was deemed faulty in this week’s appeals court decision, because it failed to take into consideration the state constitution in its analysis, as is required. The United States Supreme Court refused the case, saying it lacked any federal impact. The decision, written by Judge Renee L. Worke, asserts both that the courts must apply an additional level of scrutiny in questions of due process and equal protections, and that constitutional law has evolved significantly since 1971, which merits a fresh analysis of the question. “Appellants claim that the government cannot deprive them of their fundamental right to marry without showing that this denial is narrowly tailored to serve a compelling state interest,” Worke wrote. “But even if the right to marry is not considered a fundamental right, appellants should have been granted an opportunity to show that MN DOMA is not a reasonable means to its stated objective –– to promote opposite-sex marriages to encourage procreation. The district court failed to conduct an appropriate analysis under the Minnesota Constitution.” Both sides will now decide whether to appeal this decision to the Minnesota Supreme Court or to return to district court.

Gay strategist runs for Maine state house
Matt Moonen, former political director for EqualityMaine, announced that he is running for an open seat in the Maine House of Representatives representing Portland, according to Maine progressive blog, Dirigo Blue. Having spent many years working on LGBT issues, Moonen worked with Mass Equality during the first successful push for same-sex marriage in America in Massachusetts, as well as in the push for domestic partnership recognition in Wisconsin with the group Fair Wisconsin. Most recently he worked with Maine Citizens for Clean Elections, and is the vice chair of the Portland City Democratic group. “I am looking forward to a positive campaign,” Moonen said in a statement. “Working together with the people of Maine, we can find innovative and effective solutions to the problems we face, and ensure that Maine continues to be the best place to live, work and raise a family,”


JANUARY 27, 2012 • 09

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washingtonblade.com 10 • JANUARY 27, 2012 NATIONAL NEWS

Romney, Gingrich prep for Fla. showdown
Surprise S.C. results upend GOP race
By CHRIS JOHNSON cjohnson@washblade.com
Editor’s note: The Blade will have staff in Florida to cover next week’s GOP primary. Visit washingtonblade.com for special reports starting this weekend.

Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich’s surprise win in the South Carolina primary has scrambled the GOP race, forcing frontrunner Mitt Romney to go on the offensive in advance of next week’s Florida contest. New polls released this week show the Florida race to be a tight contest between Romney and Gingrich. A Quinnipiac poll released Wednesday shows Romney with a two-point lead over Gingrich, 36-34. Former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum is polling in third place at 13 percent and Rep. Ron Paul fourth with 10. Media outlets projected Gingrich would win the South Carolina primary immediately upon close of the polls last week. With 100 percent of precincts reporting, Gingrich captured 40.8 percent of the vote, or 243,153 of the total votes

NEWT GINGRICH came from behind to trounce Mitt Romney in the South Carolina primary.

cases in the election. Romney came in a distant second with 27.8 percent. Santorum was in third place with 17 percent of the vote. Coming in fourth was Paul with 13 percent. In a victory speech in South Carolina, Gingrich said he was seeking broad

support for his campaign as he took a dig at President Obama. “We want to run not a Republican campaign; we want to run an American campaign,” Gingrich said. “This is the most important election of our lifetime. If Barack Obama can get re-elected after this disaster — right — just think of how radical he would be in a second term.” Immediately following Gingrich’s remarks on Obama, an audience member shouted, “No more years!” Gingrich also alluded to Romney’s campaign without mentioning the former Massachusetts governor, saying, “We don’t have the kind of money that at least one of the candidates has.” According to the latest reports, Romney has raised $32.2 million, while Gingrich has raised only $2.9 million. “But we do have ideas, and we do have people,” Gingrich said. “And we proved here in South Carolina that people power with the right ideas beats big money, and with your help, we’re going to prove it again in Florida.” On Tuesday, Romney released his tax returns, which showed he earned $21.7 million in 2010 with a tax rate of 13.9 percent. His 2011 estimate shows him earning about $20.9 million, mostly on investments.

Jerame Davis, executive director of the National Stonewall Democrats, said Gingrich’s win in South Carolina demonstrates the Republican Party is reluctant to embrace Romney as their standard-bearer. “The GOP base south of the MasonDixon line has never been all that fond of Mitt Romney, but the fact that South Carolina voters gave such a lopsided victory to an ethically challenged, twice divorced, serial philanderer who resigned his last position of power in disgrace is just breathtaking,” Davis said. Gingrich won the primary after Texas Gov. Rick Perry dropped out of the race and threw his support behind the former U.S. House speaker. Chris Barron, chief strategist for the gay conservative group GOProud, congratulated Gingrich and attributed his win to the candidate steering clear of negative attacks on Romney’s business career. “It is clear that Speaker Gingrich’s poll numbers improved dramatically once he ended his unnecessary and unproductive attacks on Gov. Mitt Romney’s record at Bain Capital,” Barron said. “As conservatives we should make it clear that we are the champions of free enterprise.”

Christie nominates gay high court justice
Move is a first for a Republican governor
By PHIL REESE preese@washblade.com
New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie surprised both allies and opponents of LGBT rights this week by nominating Bruce Harris, an openly gay justice, to his state’s Supreme Court. Christie also nominated First Assistant Attorney General in the Department of Law and Public Safety and former Deputy Chief of the U.S. Attorney’s Office Criminal Division Phillip H. Kwon, who would be the first Asian-American on the court. “I am extraordinarily proud to announce these two historic nominations to the New Jersey State Supreme Court,” said Christie. “Bruce and Phil are each accomplished and talented individuals with skilled legal minds who are highly respected in the legal community. Just as importantly, each of them has demonstrated a remarkable commitment to serving their state and communities.” “A few minutes ago, just before announcing his two new Supreme Court nominees, Gov. Christie called me on my cell phone to tell me he is nominating Bruce Harris to the New Jersey Supreme Court,” Garden State Equality Chair Steven Goldstein said Monday. “As I told the governor right then and there, you could have picked me up off the floor.” nation’s strongest anti-bullying law that the governor signed in January 2011.” New Jersey gay activists have been advocating for the passage of a bill extending marriage rights to samesex couples in that state, much like neighboring New York did in 2011. Legislative leaders in both houses have made the bill a priority. Goldstein cautioned same-sex marriage supporters against reading too much into the appointment. “I recognize, and caution everyone, that it would be unwise to read any change here in the governor’s position on marriage equality; he has said in past months and years that he would veto the bill, and we take him at his word,” Goldstein said in a statement. “We will fight hard every minute of every day to win marriage equality in New Jersey. Nothing will deter us.” According to Goldstein, Christie is the first Republican governor in American history to nominate an openly gay man to the highest court of his or her state. “New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is the future of the Republican Party,” said R. Clarke Cooper, executive director of Log Cabin Republicans. “He is successfully turning New Jersey around, is a powerful voice for conservative principles, and his inclusive attitude, most recently demonstrated by appointing Mayor Harris to the state Supreme Court, represents today’s GOP voter.”

N.J. Gov. CHRIS CHRISTIE named Bruce Harris, a gay mayor, to the state’s Supreme Court this week.

Harris — who is the mayor of Chatham Borough, N.J. — will be the third AfricanAmerican justice on the bench, but the first openly gay justice, according to Goldstein. According to the Victory Fund, Harris is the nation’s first openly gay Republican non-incumbent elected mayor. New Jersey was the first state with an openly gay governor after then-Gov. James McGreevey came out as gay while in office in 2004. New Jersey currently has two openly gay Assembly members, Reed

Gusciora and Tim Eustace. “When I met with Gov. Christie in 2010 at his request, he told me that though we would differ on some issues like marriage equality, he viewed the LGBT community as an important part of New Jersey, and that he wanted his administration to have a good working relationship with Garden State Equality,” Goldstein said. “That has been the case every step of the way. … the governor and his staff were invaluable in helping us pass the Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights, the


JA NU A RY 2 7, 2012 • 11

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washingtonblade.com 12 • JANUARY 27, 2012 COVER STORY: LOCAL NEWS

O’Malley says Md. marriage bill brings dignity

“All of us want the same thing for our children. Marylanders of different religious beliefs, Marylanders of all walks of life all want the same thing for our children. We want our children to live in loving, stable, committed households that are protected equally under the law,” he said. Anticipating what political observers in the state capital expect to be an aggressive campaign to oppose the bill by religious groups, including leaders the Catholic Archdiocese of Maryland, O’Malley stressed that his bill provides expanded protections for religious institutions and people of faith. “We also believe that we can protect religious freedom and rights equally under the law,” he said. “Other states have found a way to do this. We can find a way to do this too. And that common ground that allows us to move forward is dignity — the human dignity of every single person,” he said. Among those who spoke at the gathering in addition to O’Malley were Rev. Starlene Joyner Burns, founder of a Christian ministry in Bowie, Md.; Ezekiel Jackson, an official with the Service Employees International Union Local 1199 of Maryland; and State Sen. Rich Madaleno (D-Montgomery County), one of seven out gay members of the General Assembly. Also speaking were O’Brian Banner, 28, and Daryl Fields, 27, who identified themselves as a gay couple from New Carrollton, Md., near D.C., who hope to marry in their home state. “We’ve been together for five years,” Banner said. “We moved here two years ago from North Carolina with the hope of a better opportunity.” Like most other couples, Banner said, he and his partner would like to realize “the American dream – to get married, adopt children and own a home.” Others attending the gathering included out gay House of Delegate members Luke Clippinger (D-Baltimore), Heather Mizeur (D-Montgomery County), Mary Washington (D-Baltimore) and Peter Murphy (D-Charles County). Mizeur called O’Malley’s strong support for the same-sex marriage bill a “tremendous” development that would greatly increase the bill’s prospects for passing. Also in attendance was Sister Jeannine Gramick, co-founder of the Mt. Rainier, Md., based New Ways Ministry, an LGBT supportive Catholic organization. Gramick said opposition to the same-sex marriage bill by Catholic Church officials in Maryland would be offset by support for same-sex marriage rights and LGBT equality by a “solid majority” of rank and file Catholics in Maryland. Although O’Malley officially introduced the bill into the General Assembly Monday night, the measure had yet to be printed or posted on the General Assembly website as of late Tuesday morning.

About 50 supporters of a same-sex marriage bill joined Gov. MARTIN O’MALLEY at a media event Tuesday in Annapolis.

“The momentum is growing and there’s a lot of hard work to do,” said O’Malley, in assessing the bill’s chances of passage in the legislature’s 90-day legislative session. “But we are going to be successful in this legislative session.” Sultan Shakir, campaign manager for Marylanders for Marriage Equality, the coalition of LGBT, civil rights, labor, and religious groups leading the effort to pass the bill, said he expects both the State Senate and House of Delegates to vote on the bill before the end of February. He noted the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee is scheduled to hold a public hearing on the bill on Jan. 31. Shakir and Madaleno said the committee is expected to vote to send the bill to the full Senate shortly after the hearing and a Senate vote could take place within a week or two. “We have the votes to pass it in the Senate,” said Madaleno. Once cleared by the full Senate, which approved the bill last year, Shakir said it will go to the House of Delegates, which he expects to vote on the measure sometime before the end of February. “All of us are engaging in on-theground efforts to move hearts on this issue and to generate votes when we get to the House of Delegates,” said Mizeur, one of the lead sponsors of the bill in the House. “And we know it’s going to be a challenge again,” she said. “No one is taking this for granted. It’s not a done deal. But we

definitely feel like it’s Maryland’s moment and we’re going to make this happen.” The bill died in the House of Delegates last year when supporters determined they didn’t have the votes to pass it and voted to send it back to committee. With O’Malley’s changes this year that he says have strengthened the bill’s “religious liberties” provisions, supporters say they are hopeful several House members who declined to support the measure last year will help to pass it this year. When asked at the news conference what he sees as the main difference between last year’s bill and this year’s measure, O’Malley said, “The protections of religious liberty are more explicit in this bill.” He added, “In fact, they may be more explicit in the bill than they had been in any other bills around the country. I know that our legislative team was drawing upon the experience in other states that have passed this measure and they found a way to protect rights equally while also protecting religious liberties.” Sen. Jamie Raskin (D-Montgomery County), one of the lead sponsors of the bill, said he was studying the bill’s new wording when contacted by the Blade Tuesday afternoon. Raskin, an American University law professor, said O’Malley’s version of the bill appears to have added to a provision he and members of the Senate Judicial Proceedings committee put in the bill last year in an effort to accommodate religious organizations and churches.

The provision allows organizations like the Catholic group Knights of Columbus to decline to provide public accommodations such as rental of a hall for a gay wedding, Raskin said. “Arguably under current law the Knights of Columbus hall has to be open to everyone if it is a place of public accommodation,” he said. “So there was a small sacrifice in public accommodations law to bend over backwards to accommodate religiously oriented institutions. It has not gone much further than that.” Raskin added, “We haven’t entered into an examination yet into what the governor’s bill means. But I don’t think it goes much further than that. And I think the marriage equality side can swallow our misgivings on that because we’re trading it for a long overdue vindication of everybody’s right to participate in institutional marriage.” The anti-gay National Organization for Marriage, which lobbies against same-sex marriage laws throughout the country, has rejected the type of compromise language described by Raskin, saying same-sex marriage laws are unacceptable regardless of whether they include religious exemption provisions. NOM President Brian Brown has said his organization works to defeat any lawmakers that vote for same-sex marriage because marriage must be “preserved” as a union only between a man and a woman.


JANUARY 27, 2012 • 13

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washingtonblade.com 14 • JANUARY 27, 2012 COVER STORY: NATIONAL NEWS

LGBT policy initiatives absent from State of the Union

state of our Union will always be strong,” Obama said. On the economic front, Obama outlined a blueprint built on four pillars: manufacturing, energy, skills for workers and a renewal of values. Among the initiatives he identified were doubling tax deductions for hightech companies that make products in the United States; creating a Trade Enforcement Unit charged with investigating unfair practices in countries like China; and proposing a Veterans Job Corps to encourage communities to hire veterans as cops and firefighters. Obama also said he’d continue his pledge to work toward deficit reduction and make sacrifices in programs like Medicare and Medicaid in exchange for making sure millionaires pay at least 30 percent in taxes. “Now, you can call this class warfare all you want,” Obama said. “But asking a billionaire to pay at least as much as his secretary in taxes? Most Americans would call that common sense.” Foreign policy was also a major component of the speech. Obama touted the death of Osama bin Laden under his watch and the end to the U.S. military presence in Iraq. The president also said he “will take no options off the table” in preventing Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons, although he prefers a peaceful resolution to the issue. Coming off his decision to nix the Keystone Pipeline that would have carried oil from Canada to the Gulf Coast, Obama acknowledged environmental groups by calling for alternative energy development. “I will not cede the wind or solar or battery industry to China or Germany because we refuse to make the same commitment here,” Obama said. “We’ve subsidized oil companies for a century. That’s long enough.” But any reference to LGBT policy issues were absent from the speech. Obama only mentioned “gay” as part of a list of categories of people who could serve in uniform — a reference to “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” repeal. “When you put on that uniform, it doesn’t matter if you’re black or white; Asian or Latino; conservative or liberal; rich or poor; gay or straight,” Obama said. A mention of LGBT issues wasn’t expected in the speech, although state advocates said an endorsement of marriage equality in the address could help with efforts to pass such legislation in Washington State and Maryland. The president also faced calls to declare his intent to issue an executive order barring federal dollars from going to companies that lack LGBT-inclusive nondiscrimination policies. John Aravosis, who’s gay and editor of AMERICAblog, said Obama could have

LORELEI KILKER (left) with her partner SARA NELSON. Kilker attended Tuesday’s State of the Union address as a guest of first lady Michelle Obama.

gone further in his speech to address LGBT issues. “I didn’t really expect him to come out for marriage equality or even announce his support for an executive order on ENDA,” Aravosis said. “But at the very least he could have, should have, mentioned ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ and recognized the two lesbians invited to sit with the first lady. It was far more understated than I think it should have been.” The lesbians that Aravosis referenced were two guests that attended the speech in the first lady’s box with Michelle Obama after receiving invitations from the White House. The president made no mention of them in his address. Lorelei Kilker, a 31-year-old analytical chemist from Brighton, Colo., was among a class of women benefiting from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s investigation of alleged sex discrimination at her former employer, the Western Sugar Cooperative. In October, those who were involved in the case received an award of $550,000, which was achieved through a cooperative process between the employer and EEOC. The other invitee was Air Force Col. Ginger Wallace, who’s 43 and lives in McLean, Va. She’s currently training to deploy to Afghanistan in the spring through the Afghanistan-Pakistan Hands program. The Blade reported in December on Wallace’s partner Kathy Knopf participating in Wallace’s “pinningon” promotion ceremony. Also in the address, Obama called for comprehensive immigration reform legislation and passage of the DREAM ACT, which would give young, undocumented immigrants a path to citizenship if they pursue military service

or a college education. “If election-year politics keeps Congress from acting on a comprehensive plan, let’s at least agree to stop expelling responsible young people who want to staff our labs, start new businesses, defend this country,” Obama said. “Send me a law that gives them the chance to earn their citizenship. I will sign it right away.” Steve Ralls, spokesperson for Immigration Equality, commended the president for reissuing his call for immigration reform, but said that vision should be inclusive of binational LGBT families. “The president laid out an eloquent vision this evening of an America where everyone plays by the same rules, and shares the same opportunities and chances,” Ralls said. “The tens of thousands of LGBT binational couples who live every day with the threat of separation, or are already separated or in exile, want nothing more than that.” Under current law, straight Americans can sponsor their foreign spouses for residency in the United States. That option isn’t available to gay Americans seeking marriage-based green cards for foreign same-sex partners. Legislation known as the Uniting American Families Act would rectify this situation. “It also time for the president to endorse, and call for the passage of, the Uniting American Families Act,” Ralls said. “The administration has taken important steps forward in recent months, including exercising discretion to keep some couples together. We’re prepared, and ready, to work with the White House to make that progress permanent, and pass UAFA, whether alone or as part of a comprehensive bill.”

LGBT groups on the right and left responded to the State of the Union speech in accordance with their political views. Chris Barron, chief strategist of the gay conservative group GOProud, said gay and straight Americans alike know that policies like those Obama advocates for in his speech have been a disaster for the country. “Barack Obama used tonight’s State of the Union to stoke the fires of class warfare,” Barron said. “It is clear that this president fundamentally doesn’t understand how jobs are created. Instead of taking responsibility for the failures of his presidency, he has instead decided to double down on his failed policies that will undermine our free market economic system that is responsible for making America the greatest country on the planet.” Barron was at the National Press Club during the State of the Union address with former Republican presidential candidate and former Godfather’s Pizza CEO Herman Cain, who delivered the Tea Party response to the speech. Jerame Davis, executive director of the National Stonewall Democrats, said Obama’s speech was “a bold and clear vision for the future” and distinct from what he called the “tired and disproven schemes” advocated by Republican presidential candidates. “Equality is a value at the heart of our movement and tonight, the president described a blueprint for America that is undeniably pro-equality — everyone should have an equal opportunity to succeed and everyone should pay their fair share,” Davis said. “From a sensible and fair tax policy to rebuilding America’s infrastructure, the president’s blueprint for a lasting economy is exactly what our country needs to put millions back to work and make the American Dream a reality for generations to come.” Yet another national LGBT group urged Obama to continue work on his LGBT advocacy. Rea Carey, executive director of the National Gay & Lesbian Task Force, said Obama should “urge his administration and Congress to work together to ensure that everybody — including lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people — have an opportunity to offer their unfettered best to America.” “This is a challenge right now, in a nation where the rich are getting richer and everyone else is struggling to tread water,” Carey said. “Many families are hurting, and LGBT families are just as vulnerable to economic hardship. The fact is, the state of the union for LGBT people remains largely one of inequality. In many parts of the country, we can still be fired from or denied employment for simply being who we are, and marriage inequality relegates our families to second-class status.”


JANUARY 27, 2012 • 15

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washingtonblade.com 16 • JANUARY 27, 2012 NEWS DIGEST

Marylanders divided over same-sex marriage
A new poll by Gonzales Research & Marketing strategies found that 49 percent favor same-sex marriage while 47 percent oppose it. With the margin of error at 3.5 percentage points, the results indicate a statistical dead heat. A total of 808 registered voters in Maryland were polled from Jan. 9-15. This is a significant finding given that a marriage equality bill, if signed into law, will likely go before the voters in a referendum in November. “We¹re moving in the right direction,” said Carrie Evans, executive director of Equality Maryland. “Sixty-two percent of Democrats support marriage equality as do 56 percent of independents. A majority of Marylanders recognize the importance of making families stronger through marriage.”

‘We’re moving in the right direction,’ said CARRIE EVANS, executive director of Equality Maryland, about polling on same-sex marriage.

Rep. Edwards supports marriage bill
U.S. Rep. Donna Edwards (D-4th District) voiced her support for same-sex marriage at a Jan. 16 rally hosted by the state’s largest labor unions. She stressed the need for religious exemptions, which are part of the bill introduced by Gov. Martin O’Malley this week. Her district includes portions of Montgomery and Prince George’s counties. “I was married for a little while. I chose to be married. Then I chose not to be. But in the state of Maryland I could. But that should be the case for all Marylanders,” Edwards explained. “I know that this is really tough. I go to church too, y’all… And I want to say to all of our faith leaders out there that I understand that probably in my Baptist church in Maryland it is not likely that there will be performed — in my church — gay marriages.” Sultan Shakir, campaign manager for the Marylanders for Marriage Equality coalition, responded, “The coalition is grateful to Rep. Edwards for her vocal support before a fired-up union crowd last night.”

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New LGBT business group debuts
The Maryland Corporate Council made its official debut Jan. 19 at the Hotel Monaco in Baltimore. The group is focused on professional networking and business referrals for members, as well as mentoring and providing educational programming. About 200 area business professionals attended the two-hour launch event, which featured Mark R. Fetting, chairman and CEO of Legg Mason, Inc. as the keynote speaker. “We have 11 members on the board and over 100 memberships already committed,” said MCC co-founder and president Ted Hart. “This was very exciting to have such strong support before we even launch.” (The Washington Blade is one of the organization’s sponsors.) Hart, CEO of Hart Philanthropic Services Group, added, “I think the need and the desire for this sort of organization has existed for a long time. Several attempts have been made. What is different about this effort is the business plan developed, the business orientation, and the senior level support recruited and committed.” For more information, visit marylandcorporate.org.

Baltimore County debates bias bill
A bill that would add gender identity and sexual orientation to the protected classes in Baltimore County’s code was introduced on Jan. 17. Proponents of the bill, clad in purple as a show of unity, testified about the need for protections in the workplace and in public places including restrooms. “I have seen the result of this kind of discrimination and it should not be allowed in Baltimore County,” said Sharon Brackett, board chair of Gender Rights Maryland, in a statement. Opponents decry the bill as providing an opportunity for men dressed as women to enter a women’s restroom and attack women. “Transgender people are using the bathroom because that’s what they have to do is use the bathroom,” said Brackett. “There’s no evidence, there’s no proof, it doesn’t happen.” Observers expect the bill to pass with another hearing scheduled for Feb. 14.

Lawrence S. Jacobs/ McMillan Metro, PC


washingtonblade.com ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT JANUARY 27, 2012 • 17

CARRIE FISHER in ‘Wishful Drinking.’

Local restaurants show support for homeless
This weekend marks the end of Baltimore Winter Restaurant Week, which started Jan. 20 and will run through Sunday. This year, three-course dinners are $30.12 or $20.12 and select restaurants, McCormick & Schmick’s Seafood Restaurant, are offering two-course lunch menus for $15.12. Participating restaurants have committed to support The Journey Home, Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake’s plan to make homelessness rare and brief in Baltimore. For more information and a complete list of participating restaurants, visit baltimorerestaurantweek.com.

Fisher brings one-woman show to Baltimore
“Star Wars” actress Carrie Fisher brings her one-woman show “Wishful Drinking” to Baltimore with performances at the Hippodrome Theatre (12 North Eutaw St.) opening Tuesday at 8 p.m. and running through Feb. 12. “Wishful” is a self-deprecating look at Fisher’s life. It premiered in 2006 in Los Angeles and continued onto Broadway engagement, winning the 2010 Outer Critics’ Circle Award. Tickets range from $35 to $55 and can be purchased online at ticketmaster.com.

Baltimore club has multiple events this weekend
Club Hippo (1 W. Eager St.) in Baltimore has a few events happening this week. Tonight, the Ladies of Lure present “Lust,” a black light party with DJ Rosie and the DystRuXion dancers. Doors open at 10 p.m. There is a $5 cover before midnight and $7 after. The club is also hosting a karaoke night starting at 9 p.m. Attendees could win the debut album, “Colours,” of the soulful pop group, Graffitit6. With the return of “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” Club Hippo is having free pool and drink specials on Monday at 9 p.m For more information and to get directions to the club, visit clubhippo.com.

Queer cabaret performs
The Charm City Kitty Club is performing “Kitty Club Episode II: Hot and Bothered” on Saturday at Creative Alliance at the Patterson (3134 Eastern Ave., Baltimore). The Club is a collectively run cabaret designed to foster, showcase and celebrate creative expression among LGBT individuals and their allies in the 10th season. There will also be “Kitty Speed Dating (with a twist)” before the show. Tickets are $15 for general admission and $10 for Creative Alliance members. Advance tickets can be purchased at creativealliance.org. For more information on the group, visit charmcitykittyclub.com.

washingtonblade.com 1 8 • J AN UARY 27, 2012 OU R B U SI N E SS M ATTERS

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D.C., Md. push higher taxes, record spending
Council member Evans hopes to reverse disturbing trend
Included in a broad range of potential new taxes and fees is a 17 percent increase in the state sales tax. Also plopped on the table is a plan to shift some expenses to the county level, which will result in higher local tax levies, allowing the state government to dump this burden downwind and accommodate its freewheeling excesses. These proposals would make a pickpocket proud. They also serve to further accelerate deterioration of the small business environment in the state, inhibiting job growth and a healthy state economy. In D.C., after deluding the public that last year’s huge budget deficits would result in city spending cuts and resolve the District to eliminate inefficiencies and waste in government operations, the current city budget being doled out represents a new record level of spending. Enabled by retaining a local sales tax increase which had been scheduled to sunset and increasing income taxes on a new top bracket of earners, as well as scheming up even more fee increases, the largess for this rampant spending required only another resident and consumer shakedown. Ultimately, these unrepentant big spenders are allocating what is yanked from the hands of local small businesses and enterprise owners, the overwhelming majority of whom report profits as personal income. Now that D.C. CFO Natwar Gandhi has projected a more than $42 million surplus in the current fiscal year, Mayor Vincent Gray has already proposed spending all of it – plus a couple million dollars more to boot. While many other states are smartly reducing spending, lowering taxes, implementing efficiencies, downsizing government, demanding that public employees contribute to generous benefit and pension plans, and otherwise putting their financial houses in order, the two kindred jurisdictions north of the Potomac are behaving as outliers from another era. D.C. Council member Jack Evans, representing the mid-city business area of Ward 2 since 1991 and chair of the Council’s Committee on Finance and Revenue, wants to put an end to such foolishness in the District. Evans announced last week that he plans to introduce legislation to lower the city’s sky-high corporate income tax from 9.975 percent to match Virginia’s six percent rate at a lower percentage than Maryland’s 8.25 percent levy, also eliminating the same tax rate for unincorporated businesses to match both neighboring states. He correctly posits that a more competitive business regulatory structure and a rolling back of the substantial disincentives and recent tax hikes will improve the District’s overall financial health and longterm business environment. Last year the D.C. Council suddenly reversed course at the behest of Mayor Gray, hiking the top income tax rate to a fraction less than nine percent – falling heavily on local small businesses. This unexpected move further ensconced D.C. at the top of the tax scale for the entire country. Evans sensibly wants to institute a progressive local income tax structure and lower rates across the board. This would provide both tax fairness for differing incomes and reduce the astounding local tax burden. Of course, this would require city officials to put a stop to their ever more avaricious tax-and-spend habits. Perhaps a mayor and Council disfavored by ethical ill repute can be shamed into it. Let’s hope so.

Mark Lee is a local small business manager and longtime community business advocate. Reach him at OurBusinessMatters@gmail.com.

Maryland and the District of Columbia are poised to continue spending at shockingly rising levels, exacerbating their reputations as high-tax and antibusiness environments. If approved, residents and local businesses alike will bear increasingly burdensome taxes and fees. Virginia continues to reap the benefits as the region’s sole business-friendly jurisdiction — almost by just sitting there and grinning from ear-to-ear. In recent days Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley roiled members of the state legislature and rankled the public by revealing that he planned to introduce a slew of new taxes and tax increases during the current legislative session in order to maintain the state’s runaway spending. O’Malley’s budget proposal pumps up spending by 6 percent and an increase of $1 billion, largely on the backs of small business and the middle class. It has even resulted in a new term to reflect the proposed capping of income tax deductions and phasing out of personal and business deductions for the “thousandaires” earning more than only $100,000.


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washingtonblade.com INSIDE LGBT WASHINGTON JANUARY 27, 2012 • 19

HRC is not a membership organization
Group would be stronger today if it had attracted true members years ago
families — and I can’t think of a better reason to ‘donate’ than that.” In that one email they called the $20 they wanted from me a gift, a donation and a membership. They also told me this was the last time they would ask. HRC isn’t the only group that does this, but it’s a mistake. I support HRC and the work it does even if I don’t contribute today. HRC continues to be an important part of the advocacy effort for the LGBT community. But it would be a stronger organization today if they had chosen to become a real and viable membership organization years ago. The email makes it clear the HRC dichotomy that people have talked about for more than 20 years. HRC is not now and has never been a membership organization. Some see it as a successful advocacy organization (others dispute that) but what no one can deny is that HRC is a successful fundraising machine. But asking for money on the pretext of being a membership organization is false advertising. In a career spanning both government and the non-profit sector I have had the opportunity to work closely with, be a member of and run a number of membership organizations. Member benefits usually include defined and delineated tangibles at discounted rates, such providing useful research, continuing education opportunities, magazines and journals, online publications and information, discounts on attending meetings, travel, seminars, webinars and intangibles like advocacy work. The email I received from HRC didn’t list one such benefit. A real membership organization doesn’t consider anyone making any type of contribution a member as those kinds of “members” can’t be counted on to continue making random contributions each year. Instead they carefully count and cater to their members and keep track of them with annual dues renewals stressing the current benefits and always looking for ways to make their membership more valuable. The most successful advocacy membership organization is the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP). It has grown exponentially and provides a host of benefits to members for very little money. AARP retains its members because the cost of membership is low and easily offset by the savings they receive from those benefits. More than 20 years ago, it was suggested to the powers that be at the then-named Human Rights Campaign Fund that they look at turning themselves into a real membership organization and that they set a goal of attracting 1 million members with annual dues between $7 and $25. Benefits of membership could include a glossy magazine. Other benefits could come from vendors such as insurance companies, travel firms, airlines, clothing and food outlets that would provide meaningful discounts. This very simple concept was based on the assumption that with low dues and valuable benefits you could — over a period of years — attract one million members. These members would come from both the LGBT community and our allies. Considering inflation, a low annual membership rate today of between $15 and $25 the organization could raise between $15 and $25 million, which would cover the basic costs of running the organization. Then additional funds could be raised from both members who had more money and others to cover the costs of additional lobbying, advocacy and anything else that the organization wanted to undertake including building a reserve fund or endowment. In the long run this would be a way for HRC to become more relevant to many people and a way to institutionalize the organization for years to come. As we have seen from the fights that African Americans and women have waged to attain their human and civil rights, the fight goes on even after legislative success. HRC will continue to be needed to monitor progress and to educate our own community, our allies and the general population. HRC will have to provide something for the younger generation that is tangible — not just the intangibles of advocacy — if it is to attract life-long members and supporters. There may be other ways but this is one reliable way to build HRC for the future.

Peter Rosenstein is a D.C.-based LGBT rights and Democratic Party activist. He writes regularly for the Blade.

I laughed when I received a recent e-mail from the Human Rights Campaign’s vice president of membership and development offering a reduced rate “membership,” “if I only came back by midnight tonight.” She told me that according to their records my membership had lapsed and that to make it easy for everyone to participate they were making a special offer only available today. I could save $15 on my membership as a former member if I would rejoin. Then to strengthen their call for my membership they forwarded an email from HRC President Joe Solmonese “in case I missed it” in which he asks for money. It had no date on it but he wrote that “if I come back before midnight” my “gift” will change the lives of loving


A sister outsider in ‘Pariah’
Portrayal of black lesbian life a rare, refreshing change
Seldom do I see my image anywhere, especially portrayed in non-stereotypical and non-heterosexist ways on the silver screen. As a matter of fact, if you Google “black lesbians” or “black lesbians in film” you’ll get a plethora of porn sites to visit. But writer-director Dee Rees’s semi-autobiographical coming-of-age drama “Pariah” gives me a glimpse of my younger self growing up in Brooklyn. Pariah is about Alike (ah-LEE-kay), a virginal 17-year-old African-American lesbian high school student living in the Fort Greene section of Brooklyn who doesn’t know how to come out to her parents, who’s eager to have her first sexual experience, and who’s not sure of the type of butch lesbian she wants to be — “soft stud,” one of the “Aggressive Lesbians,” a subculture of young butch lesbians who adopt a gangster hip-hop persona to compete for femme women, or something totally different. “Alike knows that she loves women; that’s not the question. The question is how to be,” Rees told the Boston Globe. “And so, in my own struggle, a large part of my question was how to be in the world.” One of the ways of defining how to be in the world, especially for high schoolers, is through clothes. But with a mother — Audrey (Kim Wayans) — who demonstrates zero tolerance for her daughter’s non-gender-conforming ways, especially exhibited by Alike’s taste for non-frilly attire, we see Alike forced to be a gender chameleon — changing into her butch togs going to school and out of them going home. “Pariah” wouldn’t be an authentic black coming-out tale if religious homophobia didn’t show its countenance on someone. And Audrey is that person. With the hopes of her shy tomboyish daughter blossoming into a more socially friendly and feminine girl, Audrey convinces a churchgoer that their daughters, who are in the same class, should walk to school together for safety reasons. And not surprising to those of us in the black church, Alike’s first sexual experience is with one of the churchgoer’s daughters. To find antecedents or self-reflections of yourself, especially in American film, is difficult, which is why “Pariah’s” title and theme of portraying black lesbian life, albeit marginalized in both the African-American church and white LGBTQ communities, in a positive and realistic light is thoroughly refreshing. Occasionally, however, we will see present-day portrayals of black lesbians on major television channels and in major movie houses across the country, but not by out black lesbians. For example, in the 2009 film “Precious,” Paula Patton plays Ms. Blu Rain, a lesbian teacher who helps Precious (Gabourey Sidibe) embrace her life’s worth and her sexuality. Patton inspires Precious to learn to read, and to write, giving her a daily writing assignment that eventually leads Precious coming into her own. Another example, in 1996, we had Queen Latifah’s spot-on portrayal of a butch lesbian in the movie “Set It Off,” which, of course, set off a conflagration of queries about her sexual orientation. Last summer, Latifah’s character on the show “Single Ladies” — which she executive produces — was accidentally outed, and it worked out in a positive way for the character. Viewers and the blogosphere began to speculate that Latifah was channeling her personal life through her small-screen character. But films written and directed by women of color that reach the silver screen are rare, and by LBTQ women of color, it’s even rarer. The last time I saw a film written and directed by a LBTQ woman of color that reached the level of mass distribution and international acclaim as “Pariah” was 16 years ago. In 1996, Cheryl Dunye wrote, directed and starred in her first film, “The Watermelon Woman,” which was also the first African-American lesbian feature film. Dunye’s “mockumentary” is a scathing critique of the racist cinematic representation of black women. The protagonist of the film, played by Dunye, makes a film about an obscure black actress from the 1930s known for playing stereotypical “mammy” roles played by black actresses during that era. In this faux cinema verite account of a black lesbian filmmaker uncovering the hidden histories of black women, controversial cultural critic Camille Paglia makes a cameo appearance informing Dunye that the mammy archetype once represented a black goddess figure. And unbeknownst to the general public, 20 feature films have been directed by black lesbians since Dunye’s “The Watermelon Woman.” Dunye’s mockumentary came out during the height of black queer cinema, from 1991-1996, dubbed the “Golden Age,” when black lesbian films were predominately documentaries seen by small audiences. It’s my hope that “Pariah” will be part of the trend of the mainstreaming of niche content. Black lesbian cinematic representation is long overdue.
Rev. Irene Monroe is a Boston-based freelance writer. Reach her at revimonroe@me.com.

24 • JANUARY 27, 2012


Love is all you need...

the rest is just paperwork.

On January 1st, 2012, civil unions were legalized in Delaware. Let our hospitality professionals help

make your destination union an amazing and stress-free experience for you and your guests!


washingtonblade.com WASHINGTON BLADE SPECIAL JANUARY 27, 2012 • 25

Sails, skis and snowboards
Several gay and lesbian winter trips and parties planned in major cities
From gay ski weeks to gay rodeos, some of the most popular LGBT events happen during the winter. Whether your tastes lean toward the more laid back affair, such as a romantic dinner for two, or if you are a social butterfly looking to be surrounded by thousands of gay counterparts, here are some must-do events that are happening throughout the remaining winter season: ELEVATION UTAH 2012 Rated as the No. 1 ski destination by Ski Magazine, Park City, Utah, presents its second annual Gay Ski Week Feb. 2326. According to founder Tom Whitman, “Unlike some of the other ski weeks, the Elevation events are geared to be friendly and open and fun, not really geared toward VIP velvet ropes.” Although these events are described as laid-back, the DJ line-up is quite impressive. World-class DJs such as Roland Belmares, Josh Peace and Pornstar will spin. “Daytime activities are usually taken up by skiing and snowboarding, while the official events happen at après-ski time,” Whitman says. The welcome event is held Feb. 23, and culminates in a series of evening parties at venues such as Downstairs, Sidecar, and Jam Salt Lake City. Purchase tickets and get discounted hotel rates at utahgayski.com. TELLURIDE GAY SKI WEEK Can’t get enough of Elevation Utah? Hop over to its neighboring state Colorado where the city of Telluride presents its own Gay Ski Week, Feb. 25 through March 3. This weeklong event is produced by StraightOut Media & Marketing and supports the Telluride AIDS Benefit. Activities include Nuclia’s Get Wasted Party, the annual White Night party, and the first ever “Wig Run,” where everyone from locals to gay skiers can celebrate the week by skiing in their best wig creation. The guest list will be jumping, as three “A-Listers” from Logo TV will be in attendance, including Reichen Lehmkuhl, Chase Hutchison and Levi Crocker. To top the week off, the resort will be celebrating the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” by allowing active members of the military to party for free the entire week and receive military discounts from lift tickets to rentals all over town. Purchase tickets and weekly passes at telluridegayskiweek.com. ROYAL CARIBBEAN’S ALLURE OF THE SEAS Set sail with the world’s largest cruise ship and surround yourself with 5,400 like-minded gay travelers. Royal Caribbean’s Allure of the Sea departs Sunday and cruises to the Mexican cities of Cozumel, Costa Maya and Hispanolia and returns after an indulgent seven days on Feb. 5. The LGBT vacation company Atlantis Events, Inc. brings you attractions such as five architectural dance floors, 13 restaurants and cafes, a plethora of theaters presenting performances such as “Chicago” and Dixie Longate’s “Tupperware” show, and adventuresome activities such as rock climbing, zip lining and ice skating. At the western Caribbean ports, you can take part in island excursions such as diving, snorkeling, exploring Mayan ruins or kicking back on the powder-white sand beaches. Broadway diva Idina Menzel and gay comedian Bruce Vilanch


Royal Caribbean’s Allure of the Seas goes gay this weekend.

will appear. Go to atlantisevents.com for details. ARIZONA GAY RODEO Looking for something low-key with warm weather, surrounded by dozens of gay cowboys? Visit the Rawhide at WildHorse Pass during Presidents Day weekend (Feb. 17-19) located in Chandler, Ariz. This is the kick-off Rodeo of 2012 hosted by the 25-year-old Arizona Gay Rodeo Association (AGRA). Experience events such as bull riding, roping challenges, speed events on horseback and the Wild Drag Race. Located only 17 miles from the city of Phoenix, you can end your day at one of the popular gay pubs in the capitol, such as Charlie’s Phoenix, Kobalt or Apollo’s Lounge, which offer specials during rodeo weekend. Visit agra-phx.com to purchase tickets and to obtain a discount code at the Radisson Hotel Phoenix-Chandler. For an affordable $25 weekend pass to all Rodeo events, gay cowboy heaven is only a Stetson away.

LGBT WINTER WEEKEND IN NYC Taking a trip to New York City is always a blast, but now various Travel Alternatives Group (TAG) approved hotels offer an even greater incentive for a weekend trip to the city. Visit the Danfords Hotel & Marina Feb. 24 through March 31 and purchase the “Romance” package for two, starting at $429, which includes a one-night accommodation, Champagne and strawberries upon arrival, a 50-minute side-by-side couples massage at Blue Sapphire Spa and $100 credit toward the Wave Seafood Kitchen. The Garden City Hotel, also located in Long Island, is offering the “All for Love” couple’s retreat ($399). Included are overnight deluxe accommodations, chocolate-covered strawberries and a threecourse Valentine’s dinner for two in the private dining room of the hotel’s signature restaurant, Rein. Prefer to stay on the island of Manhattan? Enter the promo code, GLBT11 for up to 20 percent off the best available rate at the Hilton New York (newyork.hilton.com).

washingtonblade.com 26 • JANUARY 27, 2012 WASHIN GTON BLADE SPECIAL

You don’t have to go far to get away
Richmond, Philly, Rehoboth, make for memorable regional getaways RICHMOND ROLLS OUT THE RAINBOW CARPET
The gay-owned Maury Place at Monument bed and breakfast offers an intimate setting with meticulous attention to design. The luxury guesthouse boasts a seasonal swimming pool, four suites with sumptuous decor, heated tile floors in the bathrooms and a welcomingyet-unobtrusive staff. Prices range from around $190 to $290 per night. Go to mauryplace.com to book a room. There are many great restaurants in breakfast and lunch Mondays through Fridays and dinner Tuesdays through Sundays with a brunch on Sundays. Go to theempressrva.com for more information. There are many things to do in Richmond, and plenty to perk the interest of the LGBT traveler looking for art, history and nightlife. The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts is a major attraction for travelers and Richmond residents alike. The glass and on West Cary Street. Babes is welcoming to everyone and features live music and a drag show. Godfrey’s Restaurant and Nightclub on East Grace Street transforms from a lively dance club at night to a fun drag brunch on Sunday mornings. Reservations are required for the drag brunch. There’s an LGBT section at visitrichmondva.com that’s a must-visit site if you plan to go.




Richmond offers an array of museums and exhibits not to be missed this time of year.

One of the major exhibits at last year’s Philadelphia Flower Show.

The Richmond Convention & Visitors Bureau — like those of many mid-size cities — has put a lot of effort into enticing the lavender dollar. Virginia may be one of the most antigay states legislatively, but Richmond is rolling out the rainbow carpet and has much to offer the discerning gay traveler. For starters, it’s only two hours from Washington. And taking a comfortable round-trip Amtrak ride from Union Station runs about $50. LGBT travelers are especially welcome at the Linden Row Inn as well as Maury Place at Monument bed and breakfast. The Linden Row Inn offers spacious rooms filled with ornate antiques from the mid-to-late 1800s. The fully restored Greek revival hotel is conveniently located in the center of historic downtown Richmond. Prices range from around $110 per night for a sprawling, well-decorated two-bedroom to around $240 per night for a gracious parlor room. For more information or to reserve a room, go to lindenrowinn.com.

Richmond, but Chez Fouchee and the Empress stand out. Chez Fouchee, a gay-owned restaurant nestled between downtown and the Broad Street arts district, has an affordableyet-satisfying lunch menu seven days a week and a fine dining dinner on Fridays and Saturdays. For lunch, try an artisan baguette sandwich, the quiche du jour or one of the original salads. Prices range from $7.50 for a baguette or salad to $13.50 for a lunch steak. For the more formal dinner, be prepared to spend more than $20 per entrée. Save room for dessert; the rich lemon butter cake is worth the extra trip to the gym. For menus, reservations and more information, go to chezfoushee.com. The Empress serves elegant cuisine that any foodie will love. The cozy lesbian-owned restaurant offers scintillating and innovative dishes ranging from bison lasagna to pistachio crusted duck breast. Vegetarian options round out the menu. Prices for entrées range from $10 to $15 and market price for seafood. The Empress serves

stone museum holds 23,000 works of art in its permanent collection and is host to world-class special exhibitions. Go to vmfa.museum for information on exhibits, food, events and more. The River City is home to several theater companies with shows ranging from the classics to the avant garde. Of special interest to a gay audience is Richmond Triangle Players, an LGBT theater company. James Edwin Parker’s gay-themed “2 Boys in a Bed on a Cold Winter’s Night” is having its Virginia premiere on Thursday and will run through Feb. 4. Go to rtriangle.org for tickets, show times and more information on the company. To unwind after a long day of exploring, there are many LGBT nightlife destinations. For an action-packed nightlife experience, go to Nations on West Broad Street. The club has two bars, a large dance floor and a drag cabaret. For a more laid back experience, Barcode on East Grace Street offers a friendly atmosphere complete with lunch and dinner specials. The best place to meet women is Babes of Carytown located

As one of the country’s largest metro areas, Philadelphia is always bustling with gay energy but two spring attractions are especially worth noting — lesbian photographer Zoe Strauss has a major exhibit at the Philadelphia Museum of Art that runs through April 22. And time your visit right and you can also catch the Philadelphia International Flower Show slated for March 4-11. The latter, a tradition since 1829 that now draws about 250,000 visitors each year, is “a fantastic show for anybody interested in flowers, plants and greening but anybody can enjoy it,” says Alan Jaffe, PR manager for the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, which stages the event each year. This year’s theme is “Hawaii: Islands of Aloha” so expect the usual eye-popping

washingtonblade.com WASHINGTON BLADE SPECIAL JANUARY 27, 2012 • 27

Washingtonian Plastic Surgery

Navin K. Singh, MD
We provide each client with the latest and safest personalized plastic surgery care in order to meet our patients’ goals and create beautiful natural results with concierge attention. Dr. Singh is a dual board certified plastic surgeon and a Washingtonian Top Doctor, as voted by the doctors in the Washington, DC metropolitan region. He is educated at Brown and Harvard and is the former Director of Cosmetic Surgery at Johns Hopkins.


Rehoboth’s popular Blue Moon restaurant and bar reopens on Feb. 9.


displays built around an exotic theme. LGBT Night Out is March 5 from 6 to 8:30 p.m. and the event always draws plenty of gays including exhibitors, designers, landscape architects and more. The event is at the Pennsylvania Convention Center (12th and Arch Streets). Visit theflowershow.com for details. Strauss is an unlikely success story. The former babysitter with no formal training in photography launched a 10-year project to display her work for one day each year underneath Interstate 95 in South Philadelphia (she’s a Philly native). Critical acclaim came in time and now she’s the subject of a major exhibition that launched two weeks ago and features several special events as well as 39 donated billboard displays featuring her photos through the spring. The 41-year-old Strauss, who lives with her wife Lynn Bloom in South Philly, says her lesbian identity is endlessly informing of her work even in non-obvious ways. “It’s extremely central to it because I’m a lesbian and my work is very personal so it’s central to everything I make whether it’s presented in that moment or not,” she says. “I’m very interested in gender and the fluidity of it, so it’s of great importance to my overall body of work,” she says. “And even if (a particular image) is not directly related to the LGBT community, it still kind of always is because I’m the one making it.” The Museum is on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway at 26th Street. Visit philamuseum. org for details.


Before the summer rush, there are loads of activities that Washington’s LGBT community will find enticing in Rehoboth Beach, Del. You can see men in skimpy swim trunks or elaborate costumes plunge into the cold Atlantic Ocean on Feb. 5 in a benefit for Special Olympics Delaware, and a week later, on Feb. 11, you can shop at the Convention Center at the state’s largest indoor garage

sale, Merchant’s Attic I. Merchant’s Attic II is scheduled for St. Patrick’s Day. The Blue Moon reopens Feb. 9, and judging by the dumpsters outside the Moon this winter, there are many upgrades awaiting inside. Washington’s own Gay Men’s Chorus will join with the CAMP Rehoboth Chorus in concert on Feb. 11 at 7 p.m. The President’s Day weekend traditionally has CAMP Rehoboth cosponsor a mini film festival called “Another Take” with the Rehoboth Beach Film Society. This year, the films are the awardwinning “Beginners” (Feb. 18), and the Chely Wright documentary, “Wish Me Away” (Feb. 19). Both begin at 2 p.m. and are shown upstairs at the Movies at Midway. March 3 brings another Rehoboth tradition, as the Convention Center will be filled with the smell of chocolate at the annual Chocolate Festival. March will end with another Convention Center tradition, now in its 15th year, the Resorts Home Expo, showcasing the top home service companies, developers, Realtors and mortgage firms (March 31-April 1). Camp Rehoboth holds a Women’s Fest each April, this year from April 12-15, and will feature Col. Grethe Cammermeyer and Suzanne Westenhoefer among others. If you have a summer residence at the beach or are thinking of owning a place, you’ll want to want to check out the Designer Show House (10 Fourth Street) on Fridays through Sundays April 20-May 6. For the odds and ends that you must have, the very popular annual Spring Sidewalk Sale will be held May 18-20. And do not forget that the second Saturday of each month throughout the year the arts community holds the Mosaic Art Walk. If you are looking for pure entertainment, most of the bars and restaurants continue to offer specials during the winter and spring and there are theater options at both Clear Space in Rehoboth and Possum Point in Georgetown, or you might want to check out the expanded Proud! Bookstore, which has moved directly across from its former location at Village by the Sea, on the Baltimore Avenue side.

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Laser Liposuction Body Contouring Facial Rejuvenation Laser Treatments Rhinoplasty

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washingtonblade.com 28 • JANUARY 27, 2012 WASHINGTON BLADE SPECIAL


Night Out
March 5th 6-8:30pm
sponsored by






The Flower Show invites the LGBT community for a fun evening of Hawaiian cocktails, tasty treats, and special welcome from PHS President Drew Becher in the VIP area. Plus meet celebrity QVC Garden Expert Phillip Watson and leave with his book “Pleasure Gardens.” Tickets: $45
(includes Flower Show admission)


OffTo’s chief communications officer BRIAN GOLDTHORPE.

Vacation homework
tickets on sale now

New business finds the gay-friendly destinations for you
For some, vacation planning can be stressful and complicated because of budget constraints and time limitations. One bad decision can lead to a disastrous vacation with money and time wasted. There’s added stress for LGBT travelers, as it’s sometimes tough to gauge which destinations are accommodating, comfortable and accepting. Brian Goldthorpe, chief communications officer for OffTo, a company that offers special deals on customized LGBT vacations, says his business helps gay travelers find welcoming destinations. “We pride ourselves on only working with gay-friendly hotels and we only promote places that are gay friendly,” Goldthorpe says. “We have certain standards and as of right now, only 6,000 hotels worldwide meet those standards. Our selection process takes a lot of unnecessary stress off someone from the LGBT community worrying about whether the hotel or place they selected is gay friendly.” OffTo.com was launched Nov. 1, and the site offers new vacation packages each Tuesday. “We currently have a same-sex wedding package for New Hampshire. We also have a vacation package for Las Vegas and Orlando. We try to introduce a new vacation place every week,” Goldthorpe says. “We think about the future and what is needed for the LGBT community now, and gay wedding vacation packages are needed.” Goldthorpe also says that gay-friendly vacations do not necessarily mean vacations that are gay themed and says his company provides vacation packages

on a diverse and wide scale, packages that include city tours, art shows, cultural events and live entertainment. Goldthorpe recognizes that the competition for LGBT business can be fierce, with each travel agency trying to provide a discounted travel destination. However, Goldthorpe notes, “We stand out because we know what the LGBT community wants and we specialize in the LGBT community. Our site is about illustrating how committed we are about serving the needs of the gay community. They want to go someplace and not worry about being treated differently. That is what sets us apart from the others. We help bridge the gap.” Community Marketing, Inc., a company that specializes in LGBT marketing, conducted a survey in 2009 and found that the annual economic impact of LGBT travelers is approximately $63 billion in the U.S. alone. The study also found that for gay men and women, the average household income is $81,500 per year, almost 80 percent above the average U.S. household income of $46,326. Goldthorpe believes that more disposable income leads to more travel. However, he cautions that just because the gay community has a higher rate of disposable income, it does not mean gay travelers are spendthrifts. “We bundle discounted vacation packages to a specific community of travelers. We know everyone is watching their budgets and that the LBGT community doesn’t want to pay more for a friendly venue just because they happen to belong to the LBGT community.” The idea for OffTo was developed by Dennis Gaveenzi and the company is located in Philadelphia. Its current customer base is the Northeastern region, with plans to expand to the Midwest and eventually reaching the West Coast. OffTo will also be offering daytrip packages soon.


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Protect you and your partner
asset and litigation protection

Steve Weinberg

David J. Kaminow
Attorney at Law
MAIN OFFICE: Sandy Spring Bank Building 611 Rockville Pike, Suite 225 Rockville, MD 20852 301 315 9400 • 301 340 0130 (f) • www.msiklaw.com
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McHugh Law Firm
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FAMILY | ESTATE PLANNING | EMPLOYMENT | IMMIGRATION COMPLEX LITIGATION | CIVIL RIGHTS | LGBT | ADOPTION | BUSINESS 3 0 1 . 8 9 1 . 2 2 0 0 • S P - L aw. C o m 7 0 0 0 C a r r o l l A v e n u e S u i t e 2 0 0 Ta k o m a P a r k M d
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Serving Our Community for 30 years

30 • JANUARY 27, 2012


It’s not just a conference, it’s a powerful organizing moment that feeds me and pushes me to build a broad movement for justice.
Alfonso Wenker Director of Development & Communications, PFund Foundation, Minneapolis, MN

The largest annual gathering of activists, organizers and leaders in the LGBT movement

January 25–29, 2012 Hilton Baltimore Maryland www.CreatingChange.org

Thursday, January 26, 8:00 PM Opening Keynote Address

Benjamin Todd Jealous

President and CEO of the NAACP

See you there!
Gold & Platinum Conference Sponsors

Build Power Take Action Create Change

A R T S A N D E N T E R TA I N M E N T • W A S H I N G T O N B L A D E . C O M • V O L U M E 4 3 • I S S U E 0 4 • J A N U A R Y 2 7 2 0 1 2 • P A G E 3 1
Legendary photographer ANNIE LIEBOVITZ in Washington giving a tour of her new exhibit this week.

Portal to the past
Legendary photographer Leibovitz unveils new Smithsonian show
Throughout her 40-year career, renowned American photographer Annie Leibovitz has remained a constant on the celebrity portraiture scene photographing everyone from Mick Jagger to her late lover author Susan Sontag to Miley Cyrus. In many instances her creative, nontraditional approach to making portraits has raised Leibovitz’s already celebrated subjects to cultural icon status (think a naked-and-very-pregnant Demi Moore on the cover of Vanity Fair). But despite fabulous commercial and artistic success, Leibovitz, 62, went through a very public financial rough patch in recent years. It was during this time of duress that she opted to take a step back and pursue an unassigned, more personal project. In the tradition of great photographers like Walker Evans and Robert Frank, Leibovitz hit the road looking for inspiration and sources of renewal. In her travels, she was drawn to storied locales including Elvis’ Graceland and Georgia O’Keefe’s New Mexico studio, and people of historical significance like Annie Oakley and Martha Graham — stars from the past. And though she didn’t photograph any people for the project, she did shoot objects, landscapes and interiors connected to their lives and memories. The result of her almost exclusively

washingtonblade.com 32 • JANUARY 27, 2012 QUEERY: 20 QUESTIONS FOR NICK McCOY


By JOEY DiGUGLIELMO joeyd@washblade.com
Nick McCoy’s work in politics and activism — he freelances in community affairs consulting — took him to several East Coast states before he settled in Washington about five years ago. The 36-year-old has been passionate about this kind of work for about 15 years and has worked in North Carolina, Georgia, Louisiana, Maine and Florida on everything from post-Katrina hurricane cleanup and restoration to samesex marriage battles in Maryland and D.C. to Martin Luther King Memorial dedication work to political campaigns for D.C. Council member David Catania and Clark Ray to LGBT youth work. He credits the grandparents who raised him — he was born in D.C. but grew up on a military base in North Carolina — with instilling these values in him. “My grandparents both taught me that these things don’t just happen,” McCoy says. “But it’s a natural inclination for me. It’s where I feel at peace, where I don’t have to sweat. And it’s not about me — that’s why I keep doing it.” He considers D.C. home and would like to eventually run for City Council. McCoy, who’s single and lives in Shaw, enjoys running, basketball, beautification projects and dancing in his free time. He also likes cooking large meals for friends, reading comic books and watching “Ru Paul’s Drag Race” to relax.

HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN OUT AND WHO WAS THE HARDEST PERSON TO TELL? Seventeen years. My grandfather. My grandparents raised me and after my grandmother passed, my grandfather came to Georgia for a family reunion and I had been living out for four years and he asked me to come to the reunion. I came up with every reason not to go until it was over and he had gone home. Then I called crying and boohooing in the phone and he told me “Nicky, calm down — what’s wrong?” I said, “Daddy, I’m gay.” To which he replied, “Boy, Nicky, I am your father, I know that!” I was quiet for a moment and I asked if my grandmother knew before she passed and without missing a beat he said, “Nicky, we raised you son! There was nothing we did not know about you. We loved you just the way you were even though you are so damn hardheaded!” I miss my grandparents. WHO’S YOUR LGBT HERO? Bayard Rustin WHAT’S WASHINGTON’S BEST NIGHTSPOT, PAST OR PRESENT? I enjoy Level One/Cobalt. DESCRIBE YOUR DREAM WEDDING. Marrying the person I love. Maybe on a beach in Lenin? WHAT NON-LGBT ISSUE ARE YOU MOST PASSIONATE ABOUT? Class issues WHAT HISTORICAL OUTCOME WOULD YOU CHANGE? None! “What we see today are the results of the achievements and mistakes made yesterday… what we see tomorrow are the results of what we do today!” WHAT’S BEEN THE MOST MEMORABLE POP CULTURE MOMENT OF YOUR LIFETIME? The election of Barack Obama as our 44th president. It proved we are not done changing, we are not done growing as a race of humans there is so much more to come from us! ON WHAT DO YOU INSIST? Equality

rounded the evening up with our President’s State of The Union! AWESOME!!!! IF YOUR LIFE WERE A BOOK, WHAT WOULD THE TITLE BE? “Sleepwalker” IF SCIENCE DISCOVERED A WAY TO CHANGE SEXUAL ORIENTATION, WHAT WOULD YOU DO? If it is safe, I would rejoice for those who feel anguish in their bodies now for there could be a way to end their pain. WHAT DO YOU BELIEVE IN BEYOND THE PHYSICAL WORLD? Fundamentals of thought: be, do and have. WHAT’S YOUR ADVICE FOR LGBT MOVEMENT LEADERS? Be humble, listen and remember that the work doesn’t belong to us it belongs to our community, we have to share in how we succeed and fail. WHAT WOULD YOU WALK ACROSS HOT COALS FOR? Love, justice and a coach bag. WHAT LGBT STEREOTYPE ANNOYS YOU MOST? The assumption that gay men’s voices automatically go up several octaves when we’re mad. I also hate it when family says they can’t understand why I’m not rich just because I’m gay. WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE LGBT MOVIE? “Paris is Burning” WHAT’S THE MOST OVERRATED SOCIAL CUSTOM? Acknowledging political figures. I need you to work on issues that are pressing for the respective community. WHAT TROPHY OR PRIZE DO YOU MOST COVET? I would like a partner. I am a mess I need some Yang for my Ying! WHAT DO YOU WISH YOU’D KNOWN AT 18? How important it is just to be present. WHY WASHINGTON? I’m home here and will serve my community first. “I will share what I have and what I have learned. I will make a career of humanity, commit myself to the noble struggle for equal rights. I will make a greater person of myself, a greater nation of our country and a finer world to live in,” to quote MLK.

WHAT WAS YOUR LAST FACEBOOK POST OR TWEET? Today was a full day! Breakfast at the Governor’s Mansion for a press gaggle on Maryland’s marriage equality legislation! Board meeting at The D.C. Center and


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/RuPaulsDragRace @RuPaulsDragRace

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— Brightest Young Things

— TheaterMania



GEORGE HAMILTON and CHRISTOPHER SIEBER, center, in ‘La Cage Aux Folles’ playing now at the Kennedy Center.

Laughs a la ‘La Cage’
Dated-but-endearing musical charms with gay parenting tale
Sometimes smaller is better. Case in point: Terry Johnson’s Tony Award-winning revival of “La Cage aux Folles” now at the Kennedy Center. The Broadway director’s scaled-down take on the feel-good musical is a charmer. Far more enjoyable than previous, more lavishly produced versions. Before the show begins, a sassy drag queen wearing a pastel suit and pillbox hat (a salute to first ladies of yesteryear) takes a seat on the edge of the stage and warms up the crowd. She jokes with those filing in, asking about birthdays and anniversaries. She advises the buttoned-up folks in the crowd to relax, then inquires if there are any Indian, black, or Jewish lesbians in the house. After her, the audience is ready for anything. With a hummable score by Jerry Herman (gay) and big-hearted book by Harvey Fierstein (also gay),” La Cage” is an old fashioned musical about family. Georges (George Hamilton) owns a drag club on the Riviera where his longtime partner Albin (Christopher Sieber) performs as Zaza. Together they’ve raised Jean-Michel (Billy Harrigan Tighe), Georges’ son from a long ago night of experimentation with a lessthan-maternal playmate. The action kicks off when their son unexpectedly returns home for a visit, followed soon after by his new fiancée and her right-wing politician father and cowed mother. Needless to say, much zaniness, hurt feelings, anger and sentiment ensues. Sieber’s Zaza is a big-boned, glittery diva (looks like Tyne Daly rolled sequins) who works the room (in this case the Eisenhower Theatre) like a pro. Her old school act references Marilyn and Marlene. But Lynne Page’s incredible, acrobatic choreography is left to Zaza’s back-ups, the lovely Cagelles (Matt Anctil, Logan Keslar, Donald C. Shorter Jr., Mark Roland, Terry Lavell and Trevor Downey). However, make no mistake, despite the sexy showgirl getups (compliments of costume designer Matthew Wright) not one of these muscular chorus boys could be mistaken for a real lady. But that’s part of the fun. Johnson’s reimagined dancers are vastly more entertaining than the much longer, mixed kick line of biologically female chorines and passable lovelies seen in past productions. Set designer Tim Shortall cleverly sets the scene with a palm-decorated, scalloptopped proscenium. His stage within a stage quickly transforms into Georges and Albin’s over-decorated flat above the club in which the backstage story plays out. Buzz surrounding the national tour suggested that 72-year-old movie actor and jetsetter George Hamilton was a big disappointment as Georges. In fact, he’s quite endearing in the role of the indulgent father and loving spouse. With his fabled suntan and signature insouciance, he certainly fits the part of a San Tropez club owner. And while he isn’t much of a dancer, his singing isn’t bad. As high maintenance-but-lovable Albin, Broadway musical veteran Siebert s is simply terrific. He’s a powerhouse performer who plumbs the part for big laughs but can also dial down his performance when needed. But Sieber is at his best when Albin’s personal life spills into alter ego Zaza’s drag act and he belts Herman’s gay anthem “I Am What I am” with heartfelt power. Adapted from the same-titled French play, “La Cage Aux Folles” was a little racy when it premiered on Broadway in 1983. Whatever shock value the show once had is gone. Same-sex parents are a nightly news and sitcom staple. Still, the creaky plot cranks out laughs and its messages of self- acceptance and the importance of family whatever its composition still resound strongly.
‘LA CAGE AUX FOLLES’ Through Feb. 12 The Kennedy Center $65 and up 202-467-4600 kennedy-center.org




Online at kennedy-center.org • Groups (202) 416-8400 • TTY (202) 416-8524
Musical Theater at the Kennedy Center is made possible through the generosity of the Adrienne Arsht Musical Theater Fund.


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$18.95 Daily Wine Feature: Five Boutique International Wines by the Bottle Wednesdays: 50% off Any Bottle Of Wine in our menu Saturday Nights: $24.95 -Three Course Mixed Grill and A Glass of House Wine Starting at $19.95 For A Two Course Dinner Thank you Open Table Subscribers For Voting Us Among The Top 10 Best Saturdays - Champagne Brunch - $20.95 per person Sundays - Jazz Champagne Brunch - $25.95 per person

Mr. Henry’s

2033 M Street, NW | 202 530 3621

Wine and Dine

Daily Fix Prixe Dinner

Champagne Brunching Weekends

601 Pennsylvania ave se 202-546-8412


View Our Menus And Book On Line www.MStreetBarAndGrill.com or Thru www.OpenTable.com

5 Cocktails, 5 Beers, 5 Small Plate Appetizers, Each @ $5 Starting At 5 PM, For 5 Hours, 5 Days a Week
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5 @ $5 @ 5PM

Opening Weekend! Fri 27 th & Sat 28 th •10pm-2am


Sushi & Lounge

We don’t make waves. We make sushi.
5018 old national pike frederick, md 21702 301.371.3125

Lunch Specials
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Frederick’s Newest & Hottest Lounge to Relax & Be Yourself!
Drink Specials all night long Sponsored by Belvedere Red... Free Belvedere Red shots throughout the night Fri & Sat Night...DJ A Milli live from DC • Drag show hosted by Alicia Markstone from Orlando Fl, Miss USofA A-L 2002, Miss International Classic 2010


5-7 pm • All Areas of Restaurant $1 Sashimi/Sushi
Offers may vary. Happy Hours details available at the restaurant.

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MON-THUR 12-3, 5-12 FRI 12-3, 5-1 SAT 12-1 SUN 12-12

1326 14th St. NW 2nd Floor 202.588.5889 202.588.5599 TSUSHI.US
Owned and Operated by Thai Tanic staff.

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Galactica returns to Black Fox
Special Agent Galactica returns with her band Captain Satellite and the Escape Pods for a new show at the Black Fox Lounge (1723 Connecticut Ave., N.W.) tonight and Saturday at 8 p.m. Galactica will also be joined by two new “crew members,” the Comettes. The show will features songs by Pat Benatar, Cee Lo Green, Jeffrey Johnson (Galactica’s alter ego), the late Etta James and more. Galactica is continuing her live singing approach after making a name for herself as a first-rate lip synch artist. Tickets are $15 and are available online at pinkhairedone.com.


Raunchy rapper/comedian WENDY HO plays D.C. next week.

Raunchy Ho to play Gaylarious
Wendy Ho, the raunchy rapper whose “Bitch, I Stole Yo Purse” video was a 2008 favorite on Logo, plays Riot Act Comedy Theatre’s Gaylarious, a monthly queer comedy night, Wednesday. Gays Zach Toczynskiris and Chris Doucette host. “A lot of what you see onstage is me,” says Ho, who’s straight. “My material is mostly about life as a woman and breaking out of the mold that men have cast for us. Of course, I don’t be sittin’ around my house in my wigs all day like Lady Gaga claims she does. I can’t wait to rip off the costume when I get off stage.” Initially, Ho (born Wendy Jo Smith) was unsure if introducing the persona was a wise career move. Putting herself out there as a trash talking bad girl and revealing thornier issues from her own past had obvious drawbacks; but after she first took the act to A-list comedy clubs and gay bars in New York City it clicked immediately: “The audience embraced what I was doing. For me, performing as Wendy Ho was like coming out of the closet.” The L.A.-based performer describes her act as part standup/part concert. Her sound, she says, is like Lil’ Kim but dirty like Peaches and funny like Lonely Island. For her, Wendy Ho’s over-the-top femininity is empowering. By using humor and blurring the lines of sexuality and cultures, Ho says she brings people together with her unapologetically raw material. The theater is at 801 E Street, N.W. Tickets are $15. Call 202-697-4900 or visit riotactcomedy.com for details.

Brother Help Thyself doles out grants, awards
Brother, Help Thyself is holding its 34th annual grant reception and awards ceremony on Saturday at Remington’s (639 Pennsylvania Ave., S.E.) at 2 p.m. The ceremony will include performances by Potomac Fever Ensemble, Tom Goss and D.C. Different Drummers’ Mad Hatters. Over the past 30 years, Brother, Help Thyself has raised about $2.1 million and distributed it to more than 130 groups in the community.

Capital Pride hosts volunteer kick off Tuesday
The Capital Pride planning committee invites the community to join its organizers Tuesday at 7 p.m. for a volunteer kick-off meeting at Redwood Century 21 (1701 Q St., N.W.) off the Dupont Circle Metro stop. Those interested in helping with this year’s festivities — which culminate the weekend of June 9 — are encouraged to attend and learn more about all facets of the process from the festival, parade, entertainment, marketing and more. The meeting will last about one hour. Light refreshments will be served. Visit capitalpride.org for more information.

703 D St NW Washington, DC 202-628-1288

1221 Mass Ave NW Washington, DC 202-628-7979
Free Parking


JANUARY 27, 2012 • 37

Center for the Arts

2011–2012 SEASON

Visit us at cfa.gmu.edu

River North8 p.m. Dance Chicago Friday, January 27 at
Known for its gifted and emotive dancers, electrifying music, and radiant and dramatic choreography, River North Dance Chicago has established itself as one of Chicago’s leading dance companies and one of the most popular national repertory companies in the U.S. and abroad. They embody the true flavor of “Americana” with a diverse and eclectic repertoire of work by American choreographers. “…Easily the best of the many Chicago companies determined to preserve Broadway.” (Chicago Tribune) “Jazz dance never looked so...funny, mystical, poignant, inexplicable, sexy.” (The Arizona Republic) $21, $34, $42

Chucho Valdés Friday, February 3 at 8 p.m.
In an unforgettable treat for jazz lovers, legendary Cuban jazz pianist Chucho Valdés and his band, the Afro-Cuban Messengers, perform a sublime evening of Latin jazz in their first appearance at the Center. Valdés’ long and illustrious career includes seven Grammy Awards, more than 80 recordings, and performances with such jazz masters as Herbie Hancock, Dizzy Gillespie, and Chick Corea. “Whether Chucho Valdés is performing a gentle ballad or a rousing foot-stomper, his joy is in playing and his love of the music always shines through.” (All About Jazz) $23, $38, $46

Virginia Opera Orphée by Philip Glass
Friday, February 10 at 8 p.m. and Sunday, February 12 at 2 p.m. Virginia Opera brings the Virginia premiere of Philip Glass’s Orphée to our stage this spring! Based on Jean Cocteau’s cinematic re-imagining of the myth of Orpheus and Euridice, Glass sets this romantic, surrealistic tale in Paris. Orphée is a famous but misunderstood poet who falls for a beautiful new muse–Death, herself–nearly turning his back on life and his wife, Euridice. Featuring uplifting, jazz-inspired music, Virginia Opera’s production of Orphée is an event not to be missed! Sung in French with English supertitles. Friday - $44, $72, $86 Sunday - $48, $80, $98

ff = Family Friendly: Youth through grade 12 half price


888-945-2468 or cfa.gmu.edu

Located on the Fairfax campus, six miles west of Beltway exit 54 at the intersection of Braddock Road and Rt. 123.


2 men in love, 2 parents in denial, 2 friends on speed dial

“Ample heart and snappy humor...speaks in a quiet voice of momentous things.”
— New York Times

Geoffrey Nauffts Mark Ramont

Tickets: 240.644.1100 or ROUNDHOUSETHEATRE.ORG
$10 & $15 tickets for age 30 & under — call for info


washingtonblade.com 38 • JANUARY 27, 2012 OUT & ABOUT


The NAACP’s BENJAMIN JEALOUS speaks at Creating Change in Baltimore this weekend.

Gearing up for ‘Change’
LGBT conference unfolds in Baltimore this weekend
Not surprisingly, Rea Carey, executive director of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, is excited about the start of the 24th Creating Change conference, now underway in Baltimore. This year, the Task Force expects a record-breaking crowd of about 3,000 LGBT activists and their allies to come together for a weekend of celebrating victories, analyzing losses and developing strategies for moving forward in the challenging political and social landscape of 2012. “This conference is where many of us got our start as LGBT activists,” Carey says. “It brings together an amazingly diverse array of people from across the country and around the world.” There are, for example, workshop tracks on aging, arts and culture, disability, community centers and community organizing, fundraising, legislative challenges and the 2012 elections, families, gender issues, campus mobilization, labor, religion, people of color, the transgender community and sexual freedom. In addition, the conference started with day-long skillbuilding and networking institutes and the first-ever Creating Change Lobby Day where activists traveled to Capitol Hill to brief their congressional delegations on the spectrum of issues facing gay and lesbian Americans. Carey notes that two of the most active contingents this year are youth and elected officials. “We have a large contingent of young people who are working in their high schools and colleges and in their communities to create progressive change. We will also have more elected and appointed officials participating in the conference than we ever have before.” Conference attendees come together for a series of plenary sessions emceed by lesbian comedian Kate Clinton. This year, the plenaries include a state-of-the-movement address by Carey, a panel on international issues moderated by Cary Alan Johnson of the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission, and a performance by gay actor and activist Wilson Cruz. Blade editor Kevin Naff moderates a panel on national politics with the Victory Fund’s Robin Brand, Equality Forum’s Malcolm Lazin and Equality Federation’s Rebecca Isaacs today at 3 p.m. The highlight of this year’s conference is the keynote address by Benjamin Todd Jealous, president and CEO of the NAACP. Jealous comes from a long line of civil rights advocates and has become a straight ally in the fight for LGBT equality. “We are deeply honored to have one of the best civil rights leaders in the country address us and I am sure he will be speaking from the heart,” Carey said. Jealous has spoken movingly of the struggles faced by his gay brother, whom he describes as “the closest person to me in the world,” and remembers how they fought together against childhood bullies. Working with NAACP Chairman Emeritus Julian Bond, Jealous created a LGBT Equality Task Force at the NAACP to help the AfricanAmerican community fight the challenges of homophobia and transgender discrimination. Jealous and the national office of the NAACP were staunch opponents of Proposition 8, the anti-same-sex marriage measure in California, but Jealous notes that lack of outreach to the African-American community was in issue in the loss. At last year’s NAACP convention, Jealous said, “If folks really wanted to win on Prop. 8, and thought the black community was so important, then they should have started organizing outreach a lot sooner.” Instead, LGBT organizers “who came to the black community late” sent a message of disrespect. Carey emphasizes that, “It is part of the value of the Task Force to partner with non-LGBT organizations as we seek justice and equality. The challenge for all of us is that we have a lot to learn from other movements and they have a lot to learn from us.” The conference runs through Sunday at the Hilton Baltimore. Visit creatingchange. org for details.

washingtonblade.com FILM JANUARY 27, 2012 • 39


AARON JOHNSON, left, and GLENN CLOSE in the gender-bending 19th century drama ‘Albert Nobbs.’ Close and co-star Janet McTeer are both nominated for Oscars for their performances.

A man’s world
Glenn Close’s pet project explores societal advantages of gender
“Albert Nobbs” is a complex movie about a simple man with grand dreams — and a big secret. The fastidious Mr. Nobbs works as a waiter at a posh Irish hotel. He carefully tracks the tips he receives from his stylish clients, saving up to buy a tobacconist’s shop (even though he does not know how to smoke or even roll a cigarette). He lives a quiet lonely life, carefully locking the door to his Spartan room, wandering the streets of 19th century Dublin looking like an early version of Charlie Chaplin’s Tramp and squirreling away his growing stockpile beneath a loose floorboard. All that changes when he is briefly forced to share his room with Hubert Page, a painter who has been hired to spruce up the hotel. The two men soon realize they share a secret — both are really women who have dressed as men to escape poverty and sexual violence. The two women embody very different modes of masculine behavior. Nobbs, played by Glenn Close, declares that “life without decency is unbearable.” She binds herself in a scratchy undergarment, dresses in formal clothing and seems to vanish into the background, watching the action around her rather than participating. On the other hand, Page, played by Janet McTeer, employs a different strategy. She disguises herself in a set of baggy clothes stolen from her abusive husband. Page swaggers through life, smoking, flirting with women and slapping men on the back. In fact, Page has married a woman, leaving a mystified Nobbs wondering, but too timid to ask, how Page told his wife about his sexual identity. Inspired by Page, Nobbs expands his dream. He envisions taking on a wife who can provide companionship,

respectability and free labor for the shop. He starts “walking out” with one of the maids, not realizing she is already having an affair with the handyman at the hotel. Nobbs is too busy fantasizing about their life together and wondering when he will reveal his own secret. Both Close and McTeer offer vibrant portrayals of women forced to live their lives as men, making clear and interesting choices about the fascinating similarities and differences between their two characters. Close has a long history with the character. She created the role onstage in 1982, and since then has worked to bring the material to cinematic life. She produced the movie, co-wrote the screenplay with award-winning Irish novelist John Banville and Gabriella Prekop and even provided the lyrics for “Lay Your Head Down,” the lovely ballad that closes the movie (which opens today in Washington). The press materials describe Nobbs Come and enjoy the treats from Top Chef Just Desserts Fan Favorite, as “trapped in a prison of her own PA ST RY C H E F M AT T H EW P E T E R SE N making,” but that seems rather inaccurate, although there is a scene where Nobbs and Page put on dresses and Nobbs runs giddily along the shore. Nobbs is not simply a straight woman masquerading as a man to get by, but somewhere on the trans spectrum. He shows no sexual interest in men. His interest in women is more social and economic than sexual, but he is obsessed with the question of when to reveal his true sex to Helen (even though he never touches her and he does not realize that Helen and her beau are just milking him for gifts) and the mystery of when Page revealed his true sex to his wife Kathleen, so he thinks about having an intimate physical relationship of some kind with a woman. The film — which is more interested in A D V telling Nobbs’ story than identifying his gender identity — deals with these murkyDATE: 12.02.11 PROOF #2 ISSUE SALES REPRESENTATIVE: BRIAN PITTS (bpitts@washblade.com) issues with a velvet touch. Even the rape and poverty mentioned as part of his story REVIEW AD FOR COPY AND DESIGN ACCURACY. Revisions must be submitted within 24 hours of the date of proof. are discussed but not shown. Proof will be considered final and will be submitted for publication if revision is not submitted within 24 hours of the date



of proof. Revisions will not be accepted after 12:01 pm wednesday, the week of publication.Brown naff pitts omnimedia llc (dba the washington blade) is not responsible for the content and/or design of your ad. Advertiser is responsible for any legal liability arising out of or relating to the advertisement, and/or any material to which users can link through the advertisement. Advertiser represents that its advertisement will not violate any criminal laws or any rgihts of third parties, including, but not limited to, such violations as infringement or misapporpriation of any copyright, patent, trademark, trade secret, music, image, or other proprietary or propety right, false advertising, unfair competition, defamation, invasion of privacy or rights of celebrity, violation of anti-discrimination law or regulation, or any other right of any person or entity. Advertiser agrees to idemnify brown naff pitts omnimedia llc (dba the washington blade) and to hold brown naff pitts omnimedia llc (dba the washington blade) harmless from any and all liability, loss, damages,


By signing this proo

washingtonblade.com 40 • JANUARY 27, 2012 THE GUIDE TO ARTS & CULTURE


SOHO Photography Exhibit, The Art League. 703-683-1780. theartleague.org.

Center. 703-548-3092. teatrodelaluna.org. Percussive Dance Project, Joy of Motion Dance Center, The Jack Guidone Theater. 202-520-3692. joyofmotion.org.



The Baroque Genius of Giovanni Benedetto Castiglione, National Gallery of Art. 202-737-4215. nga.gov.

Clancy Newman, cello & Noreen CassidyPolera, piano, Strathmore. 301-581-5100. strathmore.org. Film: French CanCan, National Gallery of Art. 202-737-4215. nga.gov.

P I CAS S O ’S DR AWIN GS , 1 8 9 0 - 1 9 2 1 : R E IN V EN TIN G TRA DITION S UN, J AN 29 T HR OU GH S U N , M AY 6 NAT I O NAL G A L L E RY OF A RT. 2 0 2 - 7 3 7 - 4 2 1 5 . N GA . GOV. The Gallery’s first exhibition devoted to Picasso’s (1881-1973) drawings presents their development over a 30-year period through some 55 works--from the precocious academic exercises of his youth in the 1890s to the virtuoso works of the early 1920s, including the radical innovations of cubism and collage. The selection focuses on major examples borrowed from American and European collections. CH E E KY MO N K E Y S ID E S HOW F RI , J AN 27 JOE’S MOVEMENT EMPORIUM. 301-699-1819. JOESMOVEMENT.ORG. Beautiful Freaks & Feats of Wonder - Cheeky Monkey Sideshow is a dazzling troupe of performers specializing in astounding feats and amazing oddities: sword swallowing, fire eating, glass walking, extreme physical stunts, contortion, comedy, music, magic, human and animal anomalies and so much more. L I T T LE MUR DE R S T H R O UG H S AT, F E B 1 1 AMERICAN CENTURY THEATER, GUNSTON THEATRE TWO. 703-998-4555 Start the new year off with a laugh: the mordant comedy by political and social satirist/cartoonist Jules Feiffer. Written at the peak of Sixties insanity Little Murders focuses on the violence that encircles and engulfs a New York City family. It’s a world where the sound of gunshots is de rigueur, heavy breathers regularly call, unseen visitors knock at the door ... and the Newquists are just trying to have a nice day. AL L I DI D WA S A S K - A N E VE N IN G W ITH N PR’ S TERRY GROSS F RI , F E B 3 S T RAT H MO R E . 3 0 1 - 5 8 1 - 5 1 0 0 . S T R AT HM ORE. ORG. NPR Fresh Air host Terry Gross’s interviews are heard by more than 4.5 million people daily. Her guests have included celebrated artists, writers, actors and musicians as varied as Philip Roth, James Brown, John Travolta and Triumph the Insult Comic Dog. Get a peek behind the mic at some of the most fascinating conversations ever recorded as this popular journalist plays sound bites and discusses interviews that went especially well (or especially badly), and then answers your questions.
Find more information about these events and more at CultureCapital.com. Your link to The Arts in Metro DC. Photo provided by the National Gallery of Art.

American Ballet Theatre, Kennedy Center. 202-467-4600. kennedy-center.org. Next Fall, Round House Theatre Bethesda. 240-644-1100. roundhousetheatre.org. Artist in Residence: ellen cherry, Strathmore. 301-581-5100. strathmore.org.


Works in Progress: Reflections and Undercurrents: Printmaking in Venice, 1900-1940, National Gallery of Art. 202-737-4215. nga.gov.



Blood Wedding, Constellation Theatre Company, Source Theatre. 1-800-494-8497. constellationtheatre.org.

Community Drum Circle, Wolf Trap. 703-937-6307. wolftrap.org. Theater Look-in: La Cage aux Folles, Kennedy Center. 202-467-4600. kennedy-center.org.


Mark Morris Dance Group: L ’Allegro, il Penseroso ed il Moderato, Kennedy Center. 202-467-4600. kennedy-center.org. The Religion Thing, Theater J. 202-777-3210. washingtondcjcc.org. New York Society of Etchers Invitational, Washington Printmakers Gallery. 301-273-3660. washingtonprintmakers.com.

William Pope.L, Corcoran Gallery of Art. 202-639-1700. getinvolved.corcoran.org. Open Rehearsal: American Ballet Theatre, Kennedy Center. 202-467-4600. kennedy-center.org. Solas, Wolf Trap. 1-877-WOLFTRAP. wolftrap.org.

La Cage aux Folles, Kennedy Center. 202-467-4600. kennedy-center.org. Necessary Sacrifices, Ford’s Theatre. 202-347-3857. fords.org. Time Stands Still, The Studio Theatre. 202-332-3300. studiotheatre.org. The Prostate Dialogues, Theater J. 800-494-8497. washingtondcjcc.org. The Gallerist, Rorschach Theatre at Atlas, Atlas. 202-399-7993. rorschachtheatre.com. Laughter on the 23rd Floor, Keegan Theatre, Church Street Theater. 703-892-0202. keegantheatre.com. Amelia by Alex Webb, Washington Stage Guild, Undercroft Theatre. 240-582-0050. stageguild.org.


Hedda Gabler, SCENA Theatre, H Street Playhouse. 703-683-2824. ScenaTheater.org. The Art Of Gerrymandering, Artisphere. 703-875-1100. artisphere.com. New Works, Workhouse Arts Center. 703-584-2900. workhousearts.org.

JAN 28 - JAN 29
Rennie Harris Pure Movement, Dance Place. 202-269-1600. danceplace.org.

Chamber Music Concert, Friday Morning Music Club, Calvary Baptist Church. 202-347-8355. fmmc.org. Friday Night Eclectic: ‘The 9’ Songwriter Series, Strathmore. 301-581-5100. strathmore.org.

National Gallery of Art. Harry Callahan at 100, Antico: The Golden Age of Renaissance Bronzes, In the Tower: Mel Bochner, A New Look: Samuel F.B. Morse’s ‘Gallery of the Louvre’, Special Installation: Mark Rothko: Seagram Murals. 202-737-4215. nga.gov. National Geographic. Anglo-Saxon Hoard: Gold from England’s Dark Ages, Big Cats. 202-857-7588. nglive.org/dc. Corcoran Gallery of Art. 30 Americans, Claire Healy & Sean Cordeiro: Are We There Yet? 202-639-1700. corcoran.org.

Your link to the arts in Metro DC is one click away!


Bach Sinfonia, Arts Center at Montgomery College. 301-362-6525. bachsinfonia.org. Choreographers’ Showcase (2012), Clarice Smith. 301-405-ARTS. claricesmithcenter.umd.edu. Community Class: Mark Morris Dance Group, Kennedy Center. 202-467-4600. kennedy-center.org. KC Jazz Club: Antonio Hart Organ Group featuring Bobby Floyd, Kennedy Center. 202-467-4600. kennedy-center.org. Night of Ballads / Noche de Boleros, Teatro de la Luna, NRECA Conference

January All-Media Exhibit, The Art League. 703-683-1780. theartleague.org. Jesse Kanda: Waking From A Coma & Amy Hughes Braden: Too Extroverted To Paint, Artisphere. 703-875-1100.

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1711 Florida Ave. NW Washington, DC 20009 202.986.7907 (store) 202.986.6301 (daycare) www.loveplanetpet.com

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Join us at the Washington Humane’s Society’s 11th Annual Sugar & Champagne Affair! February 1, 2012
To purchase tickets, visit: www.washhumane.org

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6856 Eastern Ave. NW, Suite 205 Washington, DC 20012


800.881.4428 PRCinDC.com

washingtonblade.com 42 • J A N U A RY 2 7 , 2012 SPORTIN’ IN DC

Call today for an in-home estimate.


Our Blinds Are Well Hung!
Custom Made: Solar Shades • Honeycomb Shades • Draperies • Wood Blinds Roman Shades • Plantation Shutters • And More


A delegation from world Outgames announced its festival at last year’s Pride events.

In full swing
There’s something to do every weekend with local gay sports outfits
craighowell1@verizon.net. The Capital Splats Racquetball League organizes meet-ups for racquetball players of all skill levels about twice a month. Its members range from beginners to tournament-level players and they plan to establish official leagues this summer. You can meet up with them every fourth Thursday for happy hour at Nellies Sports Bar from 5 to 8 p.m. Check out the team’s Facebook page under Capital Splats. Area Rainbowlers The Capital Association is hosting the Crazy bowling tournament on Saturday at the AMF Annandale Lanes in Annandale, Va. The event will feature unusual games such as blind bowl, obstacle bowl and low bowl. More information is available at carabowling.org. It’s never too soon to start thinking about the third edition of the worldOutgames to be contested in Antwerp, Belgium in August of 2013. The games are built on three equally important pillars. Sports — More than 10,000 participants are expected to compete in 35 sports. The competitors are divided according to age and/or level of experience. Culture — An international cultural platform is offered including offerings in theater, music, poetry and art exhibitions. The theme of the Antwerp games will be of family, youth, women and spirituality. Human rights — An international group of experts and keynote speakers are being assembled for a human rights conference focusing on several themes. The conference will culminate in the “Declaration of Antwerp,” a roadmap to strategic alliances necessary for political, social and health progress through 2018. Information is at world.outgames.org.


Bet Mishpachah
Rabbi Toby Manewith

The end of January finds the LGBT sports teams of Washington in different Erev Shabbat Services, Fridays, 8:00 PM phases of their own calendars. A few teams such as the Capital Area Followed by Oneg Shabbat Social Rainbowlers Association and the Capital Tennis Association are in the midst of their Shabbat Morning Services, 2nd & 4th Saturdays, 10 AM winter leagues. A couple of other teams, Followed by Kiddush Luncheon including the Chesapeake and Potomac Softball League and the D.C. Sentinels Shabbat services held at DC JCC, 16th & Q Streets NW basketball team are just returning from tournament play in Las Vegas. twitter.com/BetMish | on.fb.me/BetMishpachah | betmish.org Several of the other clubs and teams are gearing up for their spring seasons. The D.C. Gay Flag Football League has A D VERT IS ING PR OOF just completed final round of registration ISSUE DATE: 01.27.12 SALES REPRESENTATIVE: JERYL PARADE (jparade@washblade.com) for its coming season. In a matter of hours, players filled their rosters with 220 players Visitis our funky24retro REVIEW AD FOR COPY AND DESIGN ACCURACY. Revisions must be submitted within 24 hours of the date of styled shop proof. Proof will be considered final and will be submitted for publication if revision not submitted within hours of with many more landing on a waiting list. the date of proof. Revisions will not be accepted after 12:01 pm wednesday, the week of publication.Brown naff pitts NS omnimedia llc (dba the washington blade) is not responsible for thejust and/or design of your ad. in historic Alexandria content outside DC Advertiser is Their spring season draft is on Feb. 8, responsible for any legal liability arising out of or relating to the advertisement, and/or any material to which users GN can link through the advertisement. Advertiser represents that its advertisement will not violate any criminal laws or EVISIONS any rgihts of third parties, including, but not limited to, such violations as infringement or misapporpriation of any so there is still a chance to get in the game copyright, patent, trademark, trade secret, music, image, or other proprietary or propety right, false advertising, unfair /LOGO REVISIONS competition, defamation, invasion of privacy or rights of celebrity, violation of anti-discrimination law or regulation, as or any other right of any person or entity. Advertiser agrees to idemnify brown naff pitts omnimedia llc (dba the ADVERTISER SIGNATUREsome players will drop out before the SIONS washington blade) and to hold brown naff pitts omnimedia llc (dba the washington blade) harmless from any and all By signing this proof you are agreeing to your contract obligations with the season begins. You can sign up for the liability, loss, damages, claims, or causes of action, including reasonable legal fees and expenses that may be incurred washington blade newspaper. This includes but is not limited to placement, by brown naff pitts omnimedia llc, arising out of or related to advertiser’s breach of any of the foregoing representations payment and insertion schedule. waiting list at dcgffl.org. and warranties. The Adventuring Outdoors Group is a yarn universe hosting the Gettysburg Battlefield Hike on Saturday. The walking tour/hike will be around 5 miles and will cover such famous Join our men's knitting group, spots as Devils Den, Little Round Top, The which meets the 1st and 3rd Sunday Wheatfield and The Peach Orchard. If the of each month from 4–6 p.m. weather does not hold up, the trip will be converted to a driving tour. The group will meet to carpool at the Forest Glen Metro Station and will return by early evening. fibrespace.com 102 n. fayette street, alexandria, va 22314 703.664.0344 Anyone interested can contact Craig at


JA NU A RY 2 7, 2012 • 43

washingtonblade.com 44 • JAN UARY 2 7 , 2 0 1 2
E-mail calendar items to calendars@washblade.com two weeks prior to your event. Space is limited so priority is given to LGBT-specific events or those with LGBT participants. Recurring events must be re-submitted each time.

“Into the Wild,” featuring paintings by Paula Lantz. The gallery is open from noon to 5 p.m. For more information, visit touchstonegallery.com.

LezGetTogether presents “Lez Invade” at Local 16 (1602 U St., N.W.) tonight at 6 p.m. LezGetTogether is an online community for LGBT women in the D.C. metro area. Busboys & Poets will be hosting ASL open mic poetry tonight at 11 p.m. in the Langston Room at its 14th and V streets location (2021 14th St., N.W.). Anyone with sign language knowledge may sign up to recite a poem or sign a song by e-mailing djsupalee@aol.com. There is a $5 cover. Black Cat (1811 14th St., N.W.) presents “Get There,” an evening of mashups with Bad Domes tonight at 9:30 p.m. Tickets are $5 and available the night of the show. For more information, visit blackcatdc.com. The D.C. Gurly Show presents “snOMG!!” with special musical guest Frankie and Betty at Phase 1 (525 8th St., S.E.) tonight at 9 p.m. There is a $10 cover for this 21-and-older event. Photoworks Gallery at Glen Echo Park (7300 MacArthur Blvd.) presents “Mirror to the World: Documentary Photography 2012,” opening today with a reception from 6 to 9 p.m. The exhibit will be on display through Feb. 27. For more information, visit glenechophotoworks.org. Strathmore’s Friday Night Eclectic, a mash-up of music and art, presents “The 9,” featuring nine singer/songwriters spearheaded by Justin Trawick at the Mansion at Strathmore (10701 Rockville Pike, North Besthesda) at 8 p.m. The other performers are Becky Warren, Gideon Grove, Adrian Krygowski, Amanda Lee, Victoria Vox, Max Kuzmyak, Mary Alouette and Nita Chawla. Tickets are $10 in advance and can be purchased online at strathmore.org. Doors open at 8 p.m.


Busboys & Poets presents Monday Night Open Mic Poetry in the Robeson Room of its Shirlington location (4251 S. Campbell Ave., Arlington) at 8 p.m. Wristbands are $4 and will be sold in the Global Exchange store beginning at 10 a.m. Green Lantern (1335 Green Court, N.W.) hosts Bears Do Yoga from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. upstairs followed by Queer Pong hosted by Andy from 8 p.m. to midnight and karaoke hosted by Mike at 9:30.


Samantha Crain plays Red Palace (1212 H St., N.E.) tonight at 8:30 p.m. with Ben Weaver. Tickets are $8 and can be purchased online at redpalacedc.com. Doors open at 8 p.m. Join Burgundy Crescent Volunteers to help pack safer sex kits from 7 to 9 p.m. tonight at FUK!T’s packing location, Green Lantern, 1335 Green Ct., N.W. The Chesapeake Squares, a gay square dancing group, are having a mainstreamthrough-advanced club night tonight at the Waxter Center (1000 Cathedral St.) in Baltimore from 8 to 10 p.m. For more information, visit chesapeakesquares.org.



Comet Ping Pong (5037 Connecticut Ave., N.W.) is hosting a night of queer punk with performances by Brooklyn’s Little Victory, Philly’s Death Rattle and D.C.’s own Troll Tax tonight from 10:30 p.m. to 1:30 a.m. There is a $10 cover for this all ages show. The D.C. Roller Girls are have a double header today at the D.C. Armory (2001 E Capitol St., S.E.) starting at 4 p.m. The first bout is between the Cherry Blossom Bombshells and the Majority Whips. The second bout is between the D.C. DemonCats and the Scare Force One. Tickets are $12 at the door, $6 for kids ages 6 to 11 and kids under 6 get in free. For more information, visit dcrollergirls.com. The Black Cat (1811 14th St., N.W.) has two events going on backstage today. First up is the free event Hellmouth Happy Hour featuring an episode of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and drinks specials at 7 p.m. This week’s episode is “Gingerbread.” Then DJ lil’e takes over the space for her ‘80s Alt-Pop Dance night, Right Round. Tickets are $7 and doors open at 9:30 p.m.


Singer/songwriter, ELLEN CHERRY, is Strathmore’s Artist in Residence and will be the first of two performances on Wednesday.

Strathmore presents its artist in residence ellen cherry tonight at the Mansion (10701 Rockville Pike, North Bethesda) at 7:30 p.m. in the first of two performances. Tickets are $12 and can be purchased online at strathmore.org. Cherry’s second performance is Feb. 22. Riot Act Comedy Theater’s (801 E St., N.W.) monthly gay and gay-friendly comedy show “Gay-larious” returns tonight at 8:30 p.m. with Wendy Ho and co-founders Chris Doucette and Zach Toczynski. Tickets are $15 and can be purchased online at riotactcomedy.com. The Tom Davoren Social Bridge Club for gay bridge players meets tonight for social bridge at the Dignity Center (721 8th Street, S.E.). No partner is needed. Visit lambdabridge.com for details and click on “social bridge in Washington.”

Star of “RuPaul’s Drag Race” and “Drag U” Pandora Boxx performs at Town (2009 8th St., N.W.) tonight with music by DJ Chord Bezarra. There’s an $8 cover before 11 p.m. and $12 after for this 21-and-older event. Doors open at 10 p.m. Green Lantern (1335 Green Court, N.W.) presents an underwear night tonight. Get happy hour prices, normally available from 4 to 8 p.m., for wearing just underwear upstairs from 11 p.m. to 3 a.m. The Supreme Wig Council presents this year’s “Wig Night Out” tonight at Level One (1639 R St., N.W.) starting at 10 p.m. There is a $10 suggested donation and all the proceeds will go to the Point Foundation, a group that provides financial support, mentoring and more to students who are marginalized due to sexual orientation, gender identity or

gender expression. For more information on Point, visit pointfoundation.org.



D.C. Ice Breakers and Burgundy Crescent Volunteers are hosting a buffet brunch and social at Freddie’s Beach Bar (555 South 23rd St., Arlington) today at 11 a.m. The brunch is $19.99 plus tax and tip. Reservations are required. For more information and to make reservations, visit dcicebreakers.com. “Food for the Soul” brunch is back at Tabaq Bistro (1336 U St., N.W.) today from 1 to 4 p.m. with DJ Mim providing music and performances by Sampson, Lady Redz and Layla Khepri. There is a $5 suggested donation and all proceeds will be donated to Slut Walk D.C. Today is the last day to see Touchstone Gallery’s (901 New York Ave., N.W.) exhibit,

D.C. Lambda Squares, a local gay square dancing group, is having its plus with as-needed mainstream club night tonight from 7:30 to 9:30 p.m. at National City Christian Church (5 Thomas Circle, N.W.). For more information, visit dclambdasquares.org. The D.C. Center, with the Deaf Abused Women’s Network, Deaf Queer Kaleidoscope and Gallaudet University with sponsorship from Access Interpreting is facilitating a deaf/hard of hearing/ deaf-blind LGBT community needs assessment for the area today from 6 to 9 p.m. in the multi-purpose room at Gallaudet (800 Florida Ave., N.E.). For more information, e-mail Alex Nelson at alex@thedccenter.org. There will be a second meeting on Feb. 16.


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JANUARY 27, 2012 • 45

Light Moves
February 3 & 4 . 8PM . $35
A visually stunning journey! A synthesis of dance, moving images, text and live music by the Paul Dresher Ensemble.
Photography by Mark Palmer



claricesmithcenter.umd.edu | 301.405.ARTS (2787)


Now Enrolling

A Clinical Reserach Study to Evaluate an Investigational Oral Medication for Adults Who Have Received Treatment for HIV
You may be eligible to participate if you: • Are 18 years of age or older • Are diagnosed with HIV infection at the time of screening • Have received anti-HIV medication now or in the past

Are you a member of the LGBT community who has been diagnosed with cancer?
If so, please participate in a brief, anonymous survey about your experience and be entered in a drawing for 1 of 10 $50 gift cards. Visit cancer-network.org to take the survey and tell the world what it’s like to be LGBT with cancer.

Eligible participants may receive, at no cost, study-related:
• Medical care • Research medication • Laboratory work • Clinical evaluations
Call today to learn if you may be eligible to particiapte. All calls are confidential.
Whitman-Walker Health 202.745.6171 research@whitman-walker.org

Medical insurance is not necessary to participate in this study

P13035 05/11


Survey conducted by Dr. Marilyn Stoner, California State University San Bernardino, 909-537-5448, mstoner@csusb.edu.

ProPrietary and Confidential

washingtonblade.com 46 • JANUARY 27, 2012 BOOKS

Look, Feel and Live Younger
Join Us for Our Pre-Valentine’s Day Botox & Brunch Event!
SatUrDay, FEBrUary 4th 11am tO 3Pm
Botox 20 units at $175 Fillers 1.5cc syringe at $400 microdermabrasion for $50 or 6 sessions for $275 Plus, enjoy champagne and light hors d’oevres
Terri Schlichenmeyer has been reading since she was 3 years old. She lives in Wisconsin with two dogs and 12,000 books. Reach her at bookwormsez@yahoo.com.

Boy meets boy
Gay teen romance unexpectedly satisfying and bittersweet
Once in New York, though, Adam didn’t seem to miss Nate as much as the vice was versa. Adam, in fact, had a new life complete with a hot roommate and he never seemed to have time for Nate anymore. Things had changed. And Nate had changed, too. Angry with the way his life was going, he’d become a silent activist at school. He made a new friend, a straight guy who wouldn’t take any trouble from bullies. And when it seemed like Adam was so yesterday, Nate found another boyfriend. But can you truly forget lost love? Stuffing aside memories of Adam and the things they shared, Nate wondered when he ever would. Looking to spend some time with a wonderfully satisfying love story? You can stop your search right here, because “Don’t Let Me Go” will do just right. With some not-quite-chaste bedroom scenes and a host of characters to embrace, author J.H. Trumble adds sass and spice to a tale of romance found and lost. But love isn’t the only focus of this story: teenage Nate encounters homophobia in various forms and though it lends a certain squirmy realism, those parts of this book aren’t easy to read. Fortunately, Trumble’s supporting (and supportive) cast offsets the hate, which gives this novel meaning. This is a great book for teens and adults alike, and it has an ending that’s satisfying and works. This is a gay romance to get lost in.

Please rSVP at foden@giannottoclinic.com or call the office at (703) 556-4247
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8201 Greensboro Drive, Suite 609 McLean, VA 22102

Dr. Giannotto is a fellow in the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine and is working toward his Advanced Fellowship and Master’s Degree in Metabolic and Regenerative Medicine.

It’s the age-old romance question — you’ve loved and lost. Is that better than to have never loved at all? In the new book “Don’t Let Me Go” by J.H. Trumble, a young man finds out. Nate Schaper never wanted to let Adam Jefferies go. He was in love with Adam from the moment Adam had rushed over to Nate’s locker to help another student who’d been bullied. Adam was like that: compassionate and smart, gentle and caring — not to mention so beautiful that Nate could barely stand it. They were an “us” not long after that morning by the lockers and within weeks, they’d decided to come out together. Adam was a senior then; a budding actor, a lover of the stage and about to graduate. Nate was a junior and never wanted to let Adam go. But the following summer, he had to do it: Houston and New York City are some 1,600 miles apart and Adam had a once-in-alifetime chance to appear off-off-Broadway. Nate wasn’t about to hold him back.

‘DON’T LET ME GO’ By J.H. Trumble Kensington $15 352 pages


JANUARY 27, 2012 • 47

mo Sp nth ec en ial d S

2011 Volvo S40
4dr Sdn $25,695

2011 Volvo S40
4dr Sdn $25,585

4dr Wgn 3.2L w/Snrf $33,995

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AWD 4dr I6 w/Snrf/3rd Row $28,995

2008 Volvo Xc90

4dr Sdn 3.2L FWD w/Moonroof $31,975

2011 Volvo S80

2011 Volvo S40
4dr Sdn $26,395

2009 VW Jetta Sedan
4dr Auto SE $14,995

2007 VW Gti
2dr HB DSG $17,998

2009 VW Jetta Sedan
4dr Auto SE PZEV $15,585

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2007 VW Jetta Sedan

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4800 Wisconsin Ave. N.W., Washington, DC 202-537-3000

washingtonblade.com 48 • JANUARY 27, 2012 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT

Exploring U.S. history reignited Leibovitz’s creativity

cross country odyssey (there was a brief trip to London) is “Pilgrimage” the book, as well as “Annie Leibovitz: Pilgrimage,” a photographic exhibition of 64 gorgeous and intriguing photos taken between April 2009 and May 2011 that currently fills three rooms on the second floor of the Smithsonian American Art Museum. It’s

up through May 20. At a Tuesday press event, an amiable and forthcoming Leibovitz (tall and trim in black turtleneck, black pants and hiking boots) leads a group of press types through the exhibition. Going into the project, Leibovitz didn’t quite know what was going to happen, but that’s when the magic happens, she says. An

interest in the Lincoln Memorial became a broader investigation into Gettysburg, Lincoln’s boyhood homes and AfricanAmerican contralto Miriam Anderson who famously sang on the steps of the Memorial in 1939 after being denied the right to perform at segregated Constitution Hall. The exhibition includes a haunting photo of one of

Anderson’s gowns from the era. Similarly, when the New York-based Leibovitz traveled to Concord, Mass., to check out Walden Pond and Henry David Thoreau, she discovered Ralph Waldo Emerson’s library and novelist Louisa May Alcott’s carefully preserved home. In Amherst, Leibovitz dove into the life of Emily Dickinson (a Sontag favorite). The exhibit includes a tight shot of one of Dickinson’s surviving dresses. Contrary to what’s been said, the poet did not spend her last years roaming the houseshrouded specter. In fact, her garment of choice was an ornately embroidered white nightgown with alabaster buttons. The project took Leibovitz west to shoot Annie Oakley’s riding boots and a bullet pierced heart-shaped target from the cowgirl’s Wild West Show. In England, Leibovitz made beautiful photos of Freud’s couch and the surface of Virginia Woolf’s grubby, ink-stained writing desk. And closer to home, she shot a peek into Val-Kill, Eleanor Roosevelt’s modest girls-only retreat in the Hudson Valley. “Pilgrimage” is Leibovitz’ first alldigital show, and though she professes a keen interest in new methods of photography (“You’ve got to keep up.”), she likes to keep things looking real. Her photos are stylized, abstract and literal. Some shots (including an overhead look at Thoreau’s bed), she describes as more documents than photographs. While she’d hoped for the book, Leibovitz didn’t expect “Pilgrimage” to be shown at the Smithsonian. “It’s wonderful. These rooms are brimming with history. They could actually be photographed as part of the exhibition,” she says. “When I first came here I noticed the number of school children touring the gallery so I intentionally hung the show especially low and crowded the rooms with lots of photos and information — something the exhibition’s curator [Andy Grundberg ] isn’t too happy about. I can’t wait to watch the first big group of kids come through.” For history buff Leibovitz, visiting home museums, sifting through artifacts and being seduced by the past proved a real kick; but by no means has she abandoned the celebrity portrait work that made her a famous: “I love my portrait work and did this other work to protect and fuel her nurture work. I’m back in a big way.” What she’d most like people to take from the exhibition, says Leibovitz, is for “everyone to realize that it’s a big country out there. Go ahead, hit the road and find places and things that inspire and mean something to you.”

‘ANNIE LEIBOVITZ: PILGRIMAGE’ Smithsonian American Museum of Art 8th and F Street, NW americanart.si.edu


JANUARY 27, 2012 • 49

“the area’s most progressive dance venue”
-Washington City Paper



Das Auto.


National Incubator


0.9% 60 mos.

S 0% APR for mos72 .*


Restless Eye
February 9

3 Years or 36,000 Miles of No-Charge Scheduled Maintenance.
Whichever occurs first. Some restrictions. See dealer or program for details

2012 JETTA S


0.9% 60 mos.

Necessary Weather
March 24 & 25

#7330295, Power Windows, Power Locks, Remote Keyless, MP3

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#13000528, Bluetooth, Power Windows, Power Locks

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Two Othellos
May 5 & 6


2011 GTI

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MSRP $25,000




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Metro Incubator

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OURISMAN VW Certified Pre Owned

Rabbit............................#270726, Red, 47424 mi. ........$14,999 Jetta............................#197800, Silver, 45096 mi. ........$16,991 Golf....................................#398294, Red, 6940 mi. ........$17,991 Jetta..............................#036373, Gray, 29513 mi. ........$17,999 CC Sport...................#548640, Black, 53281 mi. ........$19,793 Jetta SE....................#304267, Black, 13826 mi. ........$19,991 CC................................#502079, Brown, 36853 mi. ........$24,991 CC.................................#506346, White, 13641 mi. ........$31,991


Ourisman VW of Laurel
All prices exclude tax, tags, title, freight and $200 processing fee. Cannot be combined with any previous advertised or internet special. Pictures are for illustrative purposes only. See dealer for details. 0% APR for 72 months on 2012 CC. 2012 Jetta & Passat with 1,999 down payment. 2012 Tiguan S with $2,499 down payment. Excludes Title, Tax, Options & Dealer Fees. Excludes TDI models. Special APR financing cannot be combined with sale prices. Ends 1/31/12.

(working title)

May 12 & 13

Hours M-F 9-9, Sat. 9-7, Sun. CLOSED

3371 Fort Meade Road, Laurel





washingtonblade.com 50 • JANUARY 27, 2012 PHOTOS BY MICHAEL KEY

The Ladies of Lure produced the third anniversary ‘Bare’ party at Cobalt on Saturday. Special guests included cast members of Showtime’s ‘The Real L Word.’





JANUARY 27, 2012 • 51

12:14:45 PM

“a place where vegetarians and carnivores can dine together without losing respect for one another.”
vegetarian, asian & american specialties
7006 carroll ave. • takoma park, md 301.270.1884 • markskitchen.com



newly designed units

Takoma Overlook Condominiums
Granite Counters | Stainless Steel Appliances | 42” Maple Cabinets | Hardwood Floors | Marble Baths Front Desk | Swimming Pool | Tennis Court | Fitness Center | Grilling Area | Dog Park | Guest Parking


www.TakomaOverlook.com 301.434.7333

JOHN FITZGERALD 202.487.4347 | STEVEN HENRY 202.210.8111 | MIKE DUSIEWICZ 202.680.3335
4400 Jenifer St., NW | Washington, DC 20015 | 202.364.1300

A CAll to Artists!
reCYClE the Art of the tree Project is the second installment
in the Old Takoma Business Association’s reCYClE temporary public art series in Old Takoma (Takoma, DC to Takoma Park, MD). reCYClE is a public art exhibit designed to highlight the art, recycling, and environmental conservation cultures of Old Takoma. We seek submissions for temporary art pieces to be installed in grassy areas along the sidewalks of Old Takoma. Artists are encouraged to create imaginative and whimsical tree-like sculptures, made from a portion of found objects and recycled materials. We also seek submissions for non-sculpture Visual Arts pieces to be installed and sold in Artspring, a stop on the designated walking tour of Old Takoma.

For more info, go to mainstreettakoma.org or call 301.495.3425.


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wellness of the mind, body, and spirit.
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natural skin care • massage • reiki • shamanic healing

Fair Trade Organic Custom-Made Chocolate Valentines by Valerie valerie@chocolate4good.com

To schedule an appointment Call 301.920.0801 or visit stillpointmindandbody.com
The Still Point Wellness Spa 1 Columbia Avenue Takoma Park, Maryland 20912

sold at ArtSpring 7014B Westmoreland Ave., Takoma Park • 301.495.3425
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Gauging the value of your home
In real estate, assessing and appraising are two different things
Along with this newsletter you may have or will soon receive your city or county real estate assessment, which is different from an appraisal that one does when buying a home or refinancing a mortgage. An assessment is done by the governing agency of the jurisdiction in which you own the property. The Department of Real Estate Assessments will value real property based on closed and recorded property transfers that occurred during the previous calendar year and issue an assessment to the property owner. If few homes have sold in a neighborhood and were all small homes and/or in poorer condition, the value will tend to be pulled down. If higher value properties sell it will tend to pull up the assessments in a neighborhood. The evaluations are done on a broader scale and many times the assessor has never been to your home. An appraisal is quite different. When you refinance or buy a home, an independent appraiser is hired by the bank to value a property using current as well as sold sales. However those sold properties must have sold in the past three-to-six months. This will markedly differ from an assessment if market conditions are improving or declining. The appraiser will also visit the property and walk through the interior of the home, around the exterior and the lot. The appraiser will make note of any improvements or if the home is in poor condition. The appraisal is private information and is not made public. An assessment is public record and can be viewed by anyone on a website. Should you believe that your assessed value is not the proper market value, you can request a review of the assessment or file an appeal. Give us a call or send us an e-mail to find out how to appeal. Before you go to the trouble to file the appeal take a number of steps: • Start by checking all the information on file with the Assessment Office about your property. • Call the Goodhart Group to compile sales information about comparable properties that sold in your neighborhood. • Decide whether the information provided will help you achieve what you want. We are happy to help you decide whether it is worth your time to appeal. Usually the deadline is April 1, so contact us soon if you have concerns.

Sue Goodhart is the top-producing agent at McEnearney Associates in Alexandria and is licensed in D.C., Maryland and Virginia. She can be reached at 202-507-7800 or sue@ suegoodhart.com.

Real estate doesn’t happen in a vacuum — the prices houses in your neighborhood sold for affect your property taxes.

Going on a CRUISE? (or anywhere else)

We can have your things there waiting for you–No Hassles!

The Realtors you refer to your friends and

Proudly serving our community since 1996. Buying or Selling a Home?
Licensed VA, MD, DC

(703) 522-4000 • 4201 WILSON BLVD. #110 • Arlington, VA www.theupsstorelocal.com/3174

Ballston Metro • Entrance on N. Stuart St. • FrEE ParkiNg! • OPEN 7 DayS a WEEk!

The Gale STorm Team • 703.304.1258

info@gayrealtors.us.com • www.gayrealtors.us.com


JANUARY 27, 2012 • 53

54 • JANUARY 27, 2012 FINANCE


12 personal financial goals for 2012
Resolve to keep your resolutions this year
One of the defining characteristics of resolutions is that they are rarely kept. In 2012, instead of declaring financial resolutions, you should be setting financial goals. Define your aspirations, prioritize them, then commit to your goals. Follow these tips, and in 2013, you’ll be singing, “Should old finances be forgot, and never brought to mind!” 1. LET YOURSELF OFF THE HOOK. Nobody is perfect. We all made mistakes in 2011. Replaying a mistake repeatedly in your memory is counterproductive and compounds the effects of the mistake. 2. CHECK YOUR CREDIT. Once a year, you get one free credit report from each of the three credit bureaus. Go to annualcreditreport.com and run reports from all three agencies, then go through your reports with a fine-tooth comb with an eye for any errors. You will also be able to see (with variable degrees of accuracy) to whom you owe money, and how much. 3. TAKE STOCK. Take your last three months of bank and credit card statements and categorize your expenses. Determine exactly how much, as a percentage of your income, that you’re spending each month on housing, food, clothing, transportation, and other costs. 7. SMALLER IS BETTER (SOMETIMES). Trying to change everything all at once is a surefire way to ensure that nothing gets changed at all. Take your goals one step at a time. Start the year with a relatively easy financial goal and then move on to a harder goal once you’ve accomplished your first goal. 8. ASK NICELY. Phone companies, cable companies and Internet providers rely on your inertia, betting that they won’t have to offer you a better deal because you will just keep paying your monthly bill. Sometimes all you have to do is ask for a better price. Do your homework at www.billshrink.com and when you call the service representative, be polite. 9. START A MID-LIFE CRISIS ACCOUNT. Whatever you want to call it — emergency savings account, rainy-day fund — you should have at least three and preferably six months of necessary expenses in a liquid savings or money market account in case you or your partner lose your job. 10. GET OFF THE FENCE. As a bankruptcy lawyer, I often see people put off tough decisions, only to find that by delaying, the decision has become more complicated. When deciding between two evils, often the best course of action is simply to pick one and minimize the damage. 11. DON’T BE A PUSH-OVER. Banks and other lenders don’t know your name; they only know your account number. Their job is to manage risk and maximize returns on their investments, and they think strategically to accomplish these goals. You too should think strategically when it comes to dealing with your creditors. Forget what the banks may think about you and put your interests first. 12. BELIEVE. Stress is expensive. Smiles are free. Boost your mood and your attitude will follow. When you accomplish a goal, you will feel the confidence that flows from following through on a commitment to yourself. Make 2012 the year you take control of your financial future. If you have been dealing with the same creditors and same debt for years, 2012 could be the year you become debt-free.
Brian V. Lee is a principal of Lee Legal, a division of Ackerman Brown, PLLC. He offers free bankruptcy consultations. Reach him at 202-393-5428 or brian.lee@ackermanbrown.com.

Get discounts up to 5-40%


If your economy needs some stimulation, ADV I’ll show you how to make your car insurance E R T I S I N G P R O O F ISSUE DATE: 01.27.12 SALES REPRESENTATIVE: DAN HAZARD (dhazard@washblade.com) 4. SET GOALS, NOT RESOLUTIONS. A dollars work harder. Like a good neighbor, resolution is “Save more.” A goal is “Save ® REVIEW AD FOR COPY AND DESIGN ACCURACY. Revisions must be submitted within 24 hours of the date of A QUOTE 24/7 State Farm is there. CALL FOR proof. Proof will be considered final and will be submitted for publication if revision is not submitted within 24 hours of $5,000 by June 31.” See the difference?
the date of proof. Revisions will not be accepted after 12:01 pm wednesday, the week of publication.Brown naff pitts omnimedia llc (dba the washington blade) is not responsible for the content and/or design of your ad. Advertiser is responsible for any legal liability arising out of or relating to the advertisement, and/or any material to which users can link through the advertisement. Advertiser represents that its advertisement will not violate any criminal laws or any rgihts of third parties, including, but not limited to, such violations as infringement or misapporpriation of any copyright, patent, trademark, trade secret, music, image, or other proprietary or propety right, false advertising, unfair competition, defamation, invasion of privacy or rights of celebrity, violation of anti-discrimination law or regulation, or any other right of any person or entity. Advertiser agrees to idemnify brown naff pitts omnimedia llc (dba the washington blade) and to hold brown naff pitts omnimedia llc (dba the washington blade) harmless from any and all liability, loss, damages, claims, or causes of action, including reasonable legal fees and expenses that may be incurred by brown naff pitts omnimedia llc, arising out of or related to advertiser’s breach of any of the foregoing representations and warranties.

Goals are specific and measurable.


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5. PRIORITIZE! Saving for retirement makes very little sense if you are paying high interest rates on revolving credit card debt. When trying to pay down debts, people also sometimes inexplicably focus on the smallest balances first. Instead, you should aggressively focus any extra payments to the balances with the highest interest rates. 6. LIVE WITHIN YOUR MEANS. If you’re spending more money at your local watering hole than at the grocery store, it may be time to consider reallocating your cash outflow.

P090102 04/09 State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company, State Farm Indemnity Company, Bloomington, IL


JANUARY 27, 2012 • 55

Mother Goose

Valerie M. Blake
Associate Broker, GRI

N. Bethesda/Rockville


Girls and boys, come out to play. Mortgage rates are down today. Leave your landlord. Why pay rent when you can buy for what you’ve spent?
202.246.8602 Valerie@DCHomeQuest.com www.DCHomeQuest.com Valerrealestate.blogspot.com

is Loose!

aN eNteRtaiNeR’s dReam

Uptown DC Office 202.362.3400

Expansive 5 BR, 4.5 bath contemporary on 1+ acre with 3-car garage backing to parkland. Pizzazz Plus! Renovated kitchen, pool, lighted tennis court, hot tub, Jacuzzi and more. Estimated 1st-year property tax and non-tax charges: $16,964. shaRyN GoldmaN long & Foster Real estate, inc. 301-529-7555 301-907-7600 Sharyn.goldman@LNF.com




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REVIEW AD FOR COPY AND DESIGN ACCURACY. Revisions must be submitted within 24 hours of the date of proof. Proof will be considered final and will be submitted for publication if revision is not submitted within 24 hours of the date of proof. Revisions will not be accepted after 12:01 pm wednesday, the week of publication.Brown naff pitts omnimedia llc (dba the washington blade) is not responsible for the content and/or design of your ad. Advertiser is responsible for any legal liability arising out of or relating to the advertisement, and/or any material to which users can link through the advertisement. Advertiser represents that its advertisement will not violate any criminal laws or any rgihts of third parties, including, but not limited to, such violations as infringement or misapporpriation of any copyright, patent, trademark, trade secret, music, image, or other proprietary or propety right, false advertising, unfair competition, defamation, invasion of privacy or rights of celebrity, violation of anti-discrimination law or regulation, or any other right of any person or entity. Advertiser agrees to idemnify brown naff pitts omnimedia llc (dba the By signing this proof you are agreeing to your contract obligations with the and to hold brown naff pitts omnimedia llc (dba the washington blade) harmless from any and all washington blade) washington blade newspaper. This includes but is not limited to placement, liability, loss, damages, claims, or causes of action, including reasonable legal fees and expenses that may be incurred payment and insertion schedule. by brown naff pitts omnimedia llc, arising out of or related to advertiser’s breach of any of the foregoing representations and warranties.


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56 • JANUARY 27, 2012 FINANCE


Protecting your assets from lawsuits
Azer is a boutique firm offering a collection of creative intentions. We are a modest team of dedicated and experienced creative professionals. Our motive is providing thoughtful solutions.

Many bankruptcy cases start with an unexpected court case
It’s on nearly every list of the most popular New Year’s resolutions — getting out of debt. Lately, it’s been right up there with that perennial favorite, losing weight. For those fortunate enough not to know the feeling of impending doom that comes with large debt, congratulations. The problem is a huge one. In 2011, in Maryland alone, there were more than 25,000 bankruptcies filed. Staggeringly, that’s is a decrease of nearly 14 percent from 2010, when the number surged to almost 30,000, increasing by nearly 15 percent over 2009. I have spent the better part of the last two decades working closely with people who have gotten in over their heads. Sometimes it was simply poor planning, but more often than not, it was an unexpected event. Most you can probably guess — medical bills, family problems, and job loss just to name a few. But one major risk doesn’t seem to make it onto anybody’s radar screen even though it has been the subject of many “special reports” — unforeseen litigation. Many people believe that if they are not in business for themselves, they don’t need to worry about litigation. Others believe that if they insure themselves, they are immune. I have heard lots of reasons why people believe they are safe. Unfortunately, most are wishful thinking. There are very few ways to protect yourself against an unfounded lawsuit. The judicial system in this country is designed, as it should be, to give people their day in court whenever reasonable. While this system generally works as well as any system could, there are, as there must be in any imperfect system, situations where the system is abused. Insurance is helpful, but I have seen more than my share of cases where insurance has refused to cover a situation, or where the insurance

who is azer? we are azer!

www.azercreative.com azer@azercreative.com

coverage was insufficient. While there is no real way to keep yourself from getting sued, there are ways to make yourself a smaller target. Probably the easiest and most direct is to put yourself in a position where, even if you lose, the winner would not be able to collect. Remember that a judgment in a court of law is little more than a piece of paper saying that one side owes the other money. The value in the judgment is the ability to collect on it. This is done in a variety of ways, which include, within the limits of the law, taking possessions or accounts owned by the defendant and turning them over to the plaintiff. If the defendant has nothing to take, the judgment has very little value. Perhaps more important, if a plaintiff knows that the best possible result of a lawsuit is a useless judgment, he or she may think twice before incurring the legal fees to get it. So, on a practical level, how does one keep his or her property from being available to people who may obtain a judgment? The law is very clear that people may not transfer away property in an attempt to hinder, delay or defraud the people to whom they owe money. But there are ways to legally and ethically protect yourself. Frequently, these include certain kinds of trusts, LLCs, or other models designed to allow a person to control assets that he or she does not own. However, just as it is easier to never gain weight than it is to try to lose it, it is also easier to protect yourself now, before there is a lawsuit filed against you, than to wait and try to protect your assets later. As an added benefit, it takes a whole lot less time on the Stairmaster to protect your assets than it does to lose a pound.

As with other areas of law, proper asset planning requires a complete analysis of facts and circumstances relevant to each individual’s situation. Nothing in this column should be considered legal advice nor should it be acted upon without obtaining your own legal counsel.
David Kaminow is an attorney with Meiselman, Salzer, Inman & Kaminow, P and can be reached at 301-315.C., 9400 or at dkaminow@kamlaw.net.

WASHINGTONBLADE.COM IndividualssCouplessSex

JANUARY 27, 2012 • 57

Sid Binks, PhD, ABPP-CN
Board Certified in Clinical Neuropsychology Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Helping People Grow Stronger in Rough Times
Michael Radkowsky, Psy.D.
Licensed Psychologist

Gay Owned & Operated

Near Woodley & Cleveland Park metro (202) 234-3278 www.personalgrowthzone.com

s20 years experience

Individual & Couples Therapy for the LGBTQ Community 19 years experience!
3000 Connecticut Avenue NW 202.255.5187 • SidBinks@aol.com


Save up to $500 on Complete System Replacement.
Offer expires 2/2/12.

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy
Results-Oriented q Affordable
24 years serving the lgbt community
See website for NPR story on my work

Larry Cohen, LICSW
202-244-0903 socialanxietyhelp.com

Call 703-281-6300 or contact us through our Website at argenthvac.com.

Becky Carroll, Ph.D.
Licensed Psychologist Interactive Counseling, Psychotherapy and Somatic Experiencing www.LGBTC.com
202.332.8477 B.Carrol@mac.com






contact us for your

Copper • Tin • SlaTe • Shingle • MeMbrane

SpeCiAlizinG in new rooFS AnD rooF repAir:
202-569-1080 tom@rthomasdanielroofing.com

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A Third-Generation Family Business with more than 90 years in DC!

the date be accepted after 12:01 Family Medicine, HIV Diagnosis & Treatment of proof. Revisions will not blade) is not About Intimacy, the week of publication.Brown naff pitts REVISIONS Concerns responsiblepm wednesday, Partner Choice, Advertiser is omnimedia llc (dba the washington for the content and/or design of your ad. responsible for any legal liability arising out Family, Relationship Stress, material to which users of or relating to the advertisement, and/or any REDESIGN can link through the advertisement. Advertiser represents that its advertisement will not violate any criminal laws or TEXT REVISIONS Anxiety, Depression any rgihts of third parties, including, but not limited to, such violations as infringement or misapporpriation of any copyright, patent, trademark, trade secret, music, image, or other proprietary or propety right, false advertising, unfair Chronic Illness IMAGE/LOGO REVISIONS competition, defamation, invasion of privacy or rights of celebrity, violation of anti-discrimination law or regulation, or any other right of any person or entity. Advertiser agrees to idemnify brown naff pitts omnimedia llc (dba the NO REVISIONS 202-667-5041 washington blade) and to hold brown naff pitts omnimedia llc (dba the washington blade) harmless from any and all

Joel C. Ang, M.D.

REVIEW AD FOR COPY AND DESIGN ACCURACY. Revisions must be submitted within 24 hours of the date of proof. Proof will be considered final and will be submitted Coming Out for publication if revision is not submitted within 24 hours of

SALES REPRESENTATIVE: JERYL PARADE (jparade@washbl Therapy for Adults, Adolescents & Couples

1759 Q Street NW, Washington, DC Red Line Metro • Dupont Circle Parking Available • Free Wi-Fi Same Day Appointments

liability, loss, damages, claims, or causes of action, including reasonable legal fees and expenses that may be incurred (202) of or related by brown naff pitts omnimedia llc, arising out 296-0033to advertiser’s breach(703) 790-0038 representations of any of the foregoing and warranties. Dupont Circle Northern VA

Douglas L. Romberg, Ph.D.


By si wash paym

Natalie MaideN, lCPC


natalie@nataliemaiden.com 301.943.9723 Therapeutic Counseling for individuals, Couples, and Groups

n’s me up Wo er Gro in c ing Can tart ary S anu J



• Replace Expensive COBRA Insurance Choose your own doctors/hospitals ISSUE DATE: 09.16.11 SALES REPRESENTATIVE: JERYL PARADE •(jparade@washblade.com) • Doctor Office Co-Pay Available Specializing in: Call for • Prescriptions, Disability, Life • Complicated Grieving AND DESIGN ACCURACY. Revisions must be submitted within 24 hours of the date of proof. a FREE REVIEW AD FOR COPY • Preventive care benefits Proof will be considered final Quote! • Depression and Anxiety and will be submitted for publication if revision is not submitted within 24 hours of the date of proof. Revisions • Fast, fair • Trauma Recoverywill not be accepted after 12:01 pm wednesday, the week of publication.Brown naff pitts omnimediaclaims & great service

Copies of records at each visit Insurance Accepted Instant HIV/Syphilis/Herpes Testing CLIA Certified In-House Laboratory

Adult Primary Care

Plans for individuals, families, small businesses and the self-employed
REVIEW AD FOR COPY AND DESIGN ACCURACY. Revisions must be submitted within 24 hours of the date of proof. Proof will be considered final and will be submitted for publication if revision is not submitted within 24 hours of the date of proof. Revisions will not be accepted after 12:01 pm wednesday, the week of publication.Brown naff pitts omnimedia llc (dba the washington blade) is not responsible for the content and/or design of your ad. Advertiser is responsible for any legal liability arising out of or relating to the advertisement, and/or any material to which users can link through the advertisement. Advertiser represents that its advertisement will not violate any criminal laws or any rgihts of third parties, including, but not limited to, such violations as infringement or misapporpriation of any copyright, patent, trademark, trade secret, music, image, or other proprietary or propety right, false advertising, unfair competition, defamation, invasion of privacy or rights of celebrity, violation of anti-discrimination law or regulation, or any other right of any person or entity. Advertiser agrees to idemnify brown naff pitts omnimedia llc (dba the washington blade) and to hold brown naff pitts omnimedia llc (dba the washington blade) harmless from any and all liability, loss, damages, claims, or causes of action, including reasonable legal fees and expenses that may be incurred by brown naff pitts omnimedia llc, arising out of or related to advertiser’s breach of any of the foregoing representations and warranties.

Affordable Health Insurance
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of any person or entity. Advertiser agrees to idemnify brown naff pitts omnimedia llc (dba the washington blade) and & GiFt ShOp to hold brown naff pitts omnimedia llc (dba the washington blade) harmless from any and all liability, loss, damages, 6203 Executive Blvd. • Rockville, MD 20853 1636 R St., NW • WDC 20009 • 202.506.1065 claims, or causes of action, including reasonable legal fees and expenses that may be incurred by brown naff pitts 301.943.9723 • natalie@nataliemaiden.com of or related to advertiser’s breach of any of the foregoing representations and warranties. omnimedia llc, arising out

for any legal liability • Cancer Survival arising out of or relating to the advertisement, and/or any material to which users can link through the Advertiser represents that its of Expression! violate any criminal laws or any rgihts New • LGBTadvertisement. but not limited to, suchWayadvertisement will notor misapporpriation of any copyright, of third parties, including, violations as infringement patent, trademark, trade or other proprietary or • Life Transitions secret, music, image, of celebrity, violation of anti-discrimination lawadvertising, unfair competition, ESkal FlOwERSpropety right, false or regulation, or any other right defamation, invasion of privacy or rights

llc (dba the washington blade) is not responsible for the content and/or design of your ad. Advertiser is responsible



William J. McNamara


ISSUE DATE: 01.06.12




washington blade newspaper. This We offer 25+ plans. We insertion schedule.T Iincludes N is not l A will help you S I but G payment and D V E R choose the plan that works best for you.

ADVERTISER SIGNATURE Since 1993 you are agreeing to your contract By signing this proof

ISSUE DATE: 01.27.12

SALES REPRESENTATIVE: JERYL PARADE (jparade@washblade.com) AND DESIGN ACCURACY. Revisions must be submitted within 24 hours of the date of proof. REVIEW AD FOR COPY


of REVIEW AD FOR COPY AND DESIGN ACCURACY. Revisions must be submitted within 24 hours of the date of proof. Revisions will not be accepted after 12:01 pm wednesday, the week of publication.Brown naff pitts omnimedia proof. Proof will be considered final and will be submitted for publication if revision is not submitted within 24 hours of (dba the washington blade) is not responsible for the content and/or design of your ad. Advertiser is responsible llc the date of proof. Revisions will not be accepted after 12:01 pm wednesday, the week of publication.Brown naff pitts for omnimedia llc (dba the washington blade) is not responsible for the content and/or design of your ad. Advertiser is any legal liability arising out of or relating to the advertisement, and/or any material to which users can link through the advertisement. Advertiser represents that its advertisement will not violate any criminal laws or any rgihts of third responsible for any legal liability arising out of or relating to the advertisement, and/or any material to which users can link through the advertisement. Advertiser represents that its advertisement will not violate any criminal laws or parties, including, but not limited to, such violations as infringement or misapporpriation of any copyright, patent, any rgihts of third parties, including, but not limited to, such violations as infringement or misapporpriation of any trademark, trade secret, music, image, or other proprietary or propety right, false advertising, unfair competition, copyright, patent, trademark, trade secret, music, image, or other proprietary or propety right, false advertising, unfair defamation, invasion of privacy or rights of celebrity, violation of anti-discrimination law or regulation, or any other right competition, defamation, invasion of privacy or rights of celebrity, violation of anti-discrimination law or regulation, or any other right of any person or entity. Advertiser agrees to idemnify brown naff pitts omnimedia llc (dba the any person or entity. Advertiser agrees to idemnify brown naff pitts omnimedia llc (dba the washington blade) and of washington blade) and to hold brown naff pitts omnimedia llc (dba the washington blade) harmless from any and all By signing this proof you are agreeing to your contract obligations with the to liability, loss, damages, claims, or causes of action, including reasonable legal fees and expenses that may be incurred hold brown naff pitts omnimedia llc (dba not limited to placement, washington blade newspaper. This includes but is the washington blade) harmless from any and all liability, loss, damages, by brown naff pitts omnimedia llc, arising out of or related to advertiser’s breach of any of the foregoing representations claims, or causes insertion schedule. payment and of action, including reasonable legal fees and expenses that may be incurred by brown naff pitts and warranties. omnimedia llc, arising out of or related to advertiser’s breach of any of the foregoing representations and warranties.


Proof will be considered final and will be submitted for publication if revision is not submitted within 24 hours of the date

RobeRt benedetti, Phd Licensed Clinical Psychologist
• Over 20 years of experience • Individual and Couples Psychotherapy • Office located on Capitol Hill

For All Your Computer Repairs



1636 R Street, NW ADVERTISER SIGNATURE Washington, DC 20009 signing this proof you are agreeing to your contrac By washington blade newspaper. This includes but is not 202.462.7195 payment support@cyberlaptops.com and insertion schedule.

Individual and couples therapy. Sex addiction.
Are you tired of repeating the same old patterns? You can make a change.

Top 1% Nationwide NVAR Life Member Top Producder

David Hoover, LCSW MDiv
Serving the gay community for over twenty years.
301.580.2953 • davidwhoover@aol.com








58 • JANUARY 27, 2012

PrESIDENT’S ASSISTANT PrESIDENT/ Owner of upscale furnishings and design business needs a tech-savvy, smart and efficient assistant. Interest/ experience in interior design is a plus. Person must be able to maintain the calendar, office organization, work unsupervised, drive to appts, prepare weekly/status reports, etc. Key qualities: efficient, ability to multi-task, superior writing and verbal communication skills. Proficiency in Microsoft Office (Word and Excel) is required. This is a part-time position with opportunity for growth. Salary commensurate with experience. The office is located minutes from the Dunn Loring Metro Station in Fairfax, Virginia. Please email resume, references, and salary expectations to: service@mcleanfurniture.com, or fax to: (703) 573-8722. MANAGEMENT POSITION AT FADO PUB. ISO an individual who can work in the fast paced environment and successfully manage the Fado Irish Pub. Responsibilities include but are not limited to the development of sales, management of staff, and help grow the pub profits, working in accordance with our established corporate standards & procedures ensuring a memorable guest experience that creates a sense of comfort & belonging, along with controlling costs including the cost of goods and labor. Supervise all departmental operations. People well suited for this position will enjoy all aspects of daily front of house (FOH) and back of house (BOH) operations. A minimum of 1 year of successful experience with FOH sales and cost responsibility in a comparable operation. Knowledge and appreciation of the Irish pub culture is important as is understanding the role & behavior of the Publican. Salary commensurate with experience. Serious inquires only. Email you resume to: jobsatfadopub@gmail.com. lOCKEr rOOM ATTENDANTS NEEDED! The Crew Club, a gay men’s naturist gym & sauna, is now hiring Locker Room Attendants. We all scrub toilets & do heavy cleaning. You must be physically able to handle the work & have a great attitude doing it. No drunks/druggies need apply. Please call Richard at (202) 319-1333. from 9-5pm, to schedule an interview.

DO YOU HAVE a strange addiction? Major cable network is searching for people struggling with strange addictions & odd compulsions to share their stories in a documentary. All participants receive professional help. Interested? Call 312-467-8130 or send name/brief description of behavior to chicagocasting20@gmail.com. NIGHT OF 100 STARS Open Casting Model Search. Female & male models of all sizes, ages, & heights. No experience necessary. All nationalities are welcomed! SUNDAY, JANUARY 29, 2012. 5PM-8PM. Doubletree Hotel 1515 Rhode Island Ave NW. No registration fee. In person registration only! All black fashionable clothing. (202) 265-4455 or http://www.harveystarwashington.com/ for details.

Wat Massage

“Because your body is a temple”

DEEP TISSUE SWEDISH sports massage. 60 min. $80. 90 min. $120. Shaving, waxing, & body scrub also available. 10am-10pm. 7day/week. 703-622-8282 or jc2458@hotmail.com.

STEVE O’TOOlE PHOTOGrAPHY Fine Art Photographer for portraits, weddings & dating photos for the internet. Call (703) 532-3031. www.steveotoolephotography.com.

Swedish - Deep Tissue - Thai Massage Hawaiian Lomi Lomi - Reflexology - 4hands Massage

KASPEr’S lIVErY SErVICE Town Car Service since 1987 Gay & Veteran Owned! 24 Hour Reservations & Information (202)-554-2471. (800)-4552471. http://www.KasperLivery.com. click the rates tab! BOVEXS lIMOUSINE PrOVIDING Services in DC/VA/MD. Call: (888)-4268397. E-mail: info@bovexs.com & Website: www.bovexs.com. Rent one of our striking limousines for your special event: weddings, private tours, airport transfer & more! Our drivers are professional, courteous & always on time! If you are looking for the best quality service & best rates give us a call today.

Open 7 Days a Week – Near 18th & U Sts, NW

(202) 588-9393 www.watmassage.com 1804 Vernon St. NW, Suite 300

Winter Special – 90min. for $90 with this ad. New clients only.
ITAlIAN JOCK GIVES full body massage. Masculine, muscular, VGL masseur, offers, full-body, Swedish, sports, deep tissue massage on a table, including stretching, shower available. See my photos on www.massagem4m.com/ jockguy. Located downtown, parking available. Credit Cards Accepted. Brian 312-961-7724.

DIrECT MAlE llC, a D.C.-based, daily deals company seeks ambitious, enthusiastic and knowledgeable individuals to join our sales team. Direct Male targets the gay consumer market by providing selective, upscale, unique, high quality products and services. Work for a fun startup company poised to be a leader in this constantly growing industry. Connect with local businesses and elicit win-win deals for merchants and consumers. Responsibilities include: Drive the full sales cycle: from prospecting to closing; generate leads and follow up on all commitments; develop, sustain and cultivate merchant relationships; prepare proposals and negotiate contract terms; present the value of the gay market and daily deals, as well as the differentiation of Direct Male to merchants; craft deals that meet the needs/desires of merchants and consumers. To qualify for this position, you must: Enjoy being part of a start-up, entrepreneurial, fun team. Have 1 - 3 years of experience in daily deal voucher sales. Possess excellent customer service and presentation skill. Be comfortable conducting a high volume of sales calls, in person and over the phone to a variety of local merchants. Be organized and maintain CRM data. Be goal focused and able to achieve monthly, quarterly and PROOF #1 annual goals.

BArTENDErS WITH THAT PERSONAL TOUCH Bartenders & wait staff ready to assist you with your next private affair. Contact us at 202-390-4018, for more information. Our 20th year. TASTE BUDS VOTED US DC’s Best Caterer. We specialize in southern & American cuisine, gourmet desserts & gourmet cheesecakes. Home of Wanda’s Famous grilled meats, mac-ncheese & seafood salad. Our delights will have your guests talking about your event long after it’s over. Ms. Wanda 301-653-1190. wharris94@comcast.net.

PAMPEr YOUrSElF with a 60 or 90 min. massage. With 11 years experience let me tailor a session right for you. Ben 202.277.7097. www.benmassagedc.com.

WAT MASSAGE Imagine being

YOU’rE WOrKING THAT BODY HARD. Come to a professional massage therapist offering $10 OFF (mention this ad) for the best deep tissue massage available. Stretching, Swedish & Sports massage. Dupont. Marcio (202) 2719440. www.MarcioMassage.com.

transported to an oasis of serenity where your own nature is rested, renewed & refreshed. A luxurious studio near 18th & Florida Ave. FAll SPECIAl- $90/ 90 min.


A MINDFUlNESS-BASED MENTAl HEALTH PRACTICE specializing in a holistic approach to anxiety, session (with this ad). (202)588depression, careers, && relationships. ENJOY WONDErFUl MASSAGE! 20 years experience E R T IpeopleN G P R A D V helping S I 9393. http://watmassage.com. Experienced hands willing & able to identify & overcome impediments help youPHIL ROCKSTROH (prockstroh@washblade.com) careers, get rid of stress, fatigue, ISSUE DATE: 1.06.12 SALES REPRESENTATIVE: to a fulfilling life, satisfying INDUlGE YOUrSElF WITH RELAXING, toxins & waste products. DC/VA. Appts. & healthy relationships. Jonathan DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE! Feel the 703-402-6698. AWESOME MASSAGE AT a great price. Kirkendall MA LPC, 202.550.3589, stress leave your body. CMT w/ REVIEW AD FOR COPY AND DESIGN ACCURACY. Revisions must be submitted within 24 hours of the date of proof. 17 yrs Benefits: Competitive Salary Structure: www.dclpc.com. exp. Located in Logan/Dupont Proof will be considered finalenjoy a full body for publication if revision is not submitted within 24 hours of the date Circle. Relax and and will be submitted massage Base Plus Commission, Health Insurance PrOFESSIONAl omnimedia REVISIONS www.DCMassageTherapist.com of proof.the washington blade) is not responsible for the content and/or design of your ad.rESUlTS. isSKIllED, David Revisions will not be accepted after 12:01 pm wednesday, the week of publication.Brown naff pitts responsible Reimbursement, Paid Vacation Time, Paid llc (dba Advertiser Massage by my strong hands and warm caring high-quality, effective IT’S All ABOUT CHANGE! Lesbian (202) for any legal liability arising out of or relating to the advertisement, and/or any material to which users can link through REDESIGN 213-9646. Lic #MT410. Holidays, On-the-job training, Flexible work the advertisement. Advertiser represents available for that will Therapy. any criminal laws or any rgihts of third not violate Emphasis on Neuromuscular Group, 30-65. Relationships, Careers, heart. Gift certificates that its advertisement TEXT REVISIONS environment. parties, including, but not limited to, such violations as infringement or Deep-Tissue. Specialize and misapporpriation of any copyright, patent, Retirement, Interpersonal Skills, N. ArlINGTON - DC STRESSING trade secret, music, image, or other proprietary or propety right, false advertising, unfair in chronic trademark, someone in your life. DC 202-641competition, IMAGE/LOGO OUT? Stop in to decompress invasion of privacy or rights of celebrity, violation of anti-discrimination law or regulation, orwork with REVISIONS issues. Combine deep any other right Assertiveness. Tuesday evenings defamation, YOU of any person 1078 Hagerstown 202-641-1078 brown naff pitts omnimedia llc (dba the washington blade) and or entity. Advertiser agrees to idemnify Treat Email your cover letter, resume REVISIONS refresh calming elements. Collin 954-249-6284. NO and in ADVERTISER SIGNATURE Northwest DC. Call 301-942& yourself with to hold brown naff pitts omnimedia llc (dba the washington blade) harmless from any and all liability, loss, damages, By signing this proof you are agreeing to your contract obligat compensation requirements to careers@ www.masseurfinder.com/members/ 3237. GRACE newspaper. This LICSW. but is not limited to a massage. Sun-Tues & Thurs.claims, or causes of action, including reasonable legal fees and expenses that may be incurred by brown naff pitts Gary washington blade RIDDELL, includes yourself to aor related to advertiser’s breach of any of the foregoing representations and warranties. top quality massage. omnimedia llc, arising out of directmale.com. collin_lmt.shtml. payment and insertion schedule. GRiddell@lgbtc.com. LGBTC.com. 301-704-1158. mymassagebygary.com.

LGBTQ AffirminG TherApy at Dupont Circle Individuals, couples, families, adolescents. Over 15 years serving the community. Mike Giordano, LICSW. 202/460-6384 mike.giordano.msw@gmail.com. www.WhatIHearYouSaying.com. ChAnGeS Are eASier WITH HELP. Small, private practice group of experienced, caring therapists. Safe, confidential setting. Offices in Woodley Park & Takoma Park near Metro. Licensed professionals. Insurance reimbursable. Washington Therapy Guild. Call 202-483-2660. www.therapyguild.net. COUnSeLinG fOr GAy MEN. Individual/couple counseling with volunteer peer counselor. Gay Men’s Counseling Community. 202-265-6495. gaymenscounseling.org. No fees, donation requested.

JANUARY 27, 2012 • 59

fULL SerViCe LAW FIRM Representing the GLBT community for over 30 years. Family adoptions, estate planning, immigration, employment. (301) 8912200. Silber, Perlman, Sigman & Tilev, P.A. www.SP-Law. com. AdOpTiOn & ASSiSTed reprOdUCTiVe Law Attorney Jennifer Fairfax represents clients in Maryland and D.C. interested in adoption or ART matters. 301-221-9651, JFairfax@jenniferfairfax.com.

SUppOrT TheSe OrGAnizATiOnS
AidS heALThCAre fOUndATiOn BeT miShpAChAh BrOTher, heLp ThySeLf CAGLCC dC differenT drUmmerS fOOd & friendS GerTrUde STein demOCrATiC CLUB GLAA GmCW hOBS hrC KidSpeACe mCC nGLCC peTS dC rAinBOW hiSTOry prOJeCT reeL AffirmATiOnS SmyAL WeAVe WhiTmAn WALKer

pATriCK mCnULTy hOme IMPROVEMENT - Bathrooms, Kitchens, Basements, Porches, Garages, Countertops. Licensed, Bonded & Insured. Cost Conscious, Reliable Project Management. 25 Years Exp. www. patrickmcnultyhomeimprovement. com Call for estimate 301-943-8186. BriTiSh remOdeLinG hAndymAn. Local licensed company with over 25 years of experience specializing in bathrooms, kitchens & all interior/ exterior repairs. Drywall, paint & wallpaper. Trevor 703-303-8699. rAre ChAnCe TO own the Turnbull Mansion in Baltimore. 6000 square feet completely restored. All the beauty of the 1860’s with the charm of the 21st century. Call Pamela at Keller Williams 410-689-9621. hiSTOriC mT. rAinier $339,995 - 5 Bedrooms! 2 Bathrooms! Large addition features master Suite! exceptional Value! Awesome yard! http://mrhouseforsale.homestead. com. LArry perrin, realtor (r) LJperrin@aol.com. (301) 983-0601.

nATiOnWide inSUrAnCe GAy Owned Insurance Agency, we are on your side for Auto, Home, & Life insurance. David Cropper Agency. Call today 877-822-9495 or email cropped@nationwide.com.

pJ mCTAViSh & CO. Roofing Repairs, New Roof, Gutter Cleaning. Licensed Bonded – Insured. See our display ad in this issue. 301-476-8551.

BOOKKeepinG, ACCOUnTinG & TAX preparation for individuals & businesses offered by full-service firm. 25 years experience. Reasonable rates. Call 202-390-4018 or email PJSumm@aol.com. fAST CASh!!! WAnTed Cars & Trucks. Don t throw your money away, call me! I will buy your vehicle. Call Marty Salins, at Auto Plaza, in Rockville, (301) 340-1390.

pOrSChe Of ArLinGTOn 2010 Porsche Panamera S #LO62567. $84,955 plus tax and tags. Sale ends 12/31/2011. Plus processing fee of $399 and freight. 3100 Jefferson Davis Hwy, Arlington VA. 1-877-567-5878. PORSCHEOFARLINGTON.COM

TWO GUyS And a Truck. manly movers. Let us break a nail on your next move. mention this ad for 10% off. 202.223.8838.

20 SOmeThinG prOfeSSiOnAL seeking housing in DC for Spring. Close to Metro Green Line. Seeking calm environment. Non Smokers. Pets OK. Under $1K in rent. lookingforhousingdc@yahoo.com.

TOO neAT GUyS INC. Residential & Commercial cleaning in DC & Northern VA. Over 17 years experience, gay owned, licensed, bonded & insured (703) 622-5983. pOWer CLeAnerS, LLC. Experienced, dependable service seven days a week. Gay owned & operated. Call Matt for free estimates at 202-352-0739. or visit www.powercleaningdc.com. fernAndO’S CLeAninG: reSidenTiAL & Commercial Cleaning, Reasonable Rates, Free Estimates, Routine, 1-Time, Move-In/Move-Out. (202) 234-7050, 202-486-6183. mAid TO CLeAn. Rated #1 in Metro DC. Gay owned. Serving DC/VA/ MD. DC 202-270-2967, VA (703) 299-0101. MD (301) 656-7171. Visit www.maidtoclean.com A CLeAninG SerViCe invites you to relax while our team of experts cleans your home. Established in 1985, we are licensed, bonded & insured. Please email acleaningsvce@aol.com or call for an online estimate and be sure to include the size of your home or office & the frequency with which you would like the services. A Cleaning Service, winner of the 2011 Angie’s List Super Service award. 703.892.8648.

COLLeGe pArK - $199,995 2 Levels! 2 Big Bedrooms! 2 full Baths! full Basementparty room! LArry perrin, realtor (r) LJperrin@aol.com (301) 983-0601

AdOpT SABLe, A charming AmStaff youngster. Spayed, all shots, microchipped. Loving, sociable, playful, a great companion. References required. Contact misspittypat@ hotmail.com. AdOpT An AdOrABLe PUPPY OR DOG All-breed, non-profit rescue. 100% volunteer run. Donations welcome & needed. www.aforeverhome.org.

SUmmer rOOmmATe, priVATe room, shared bath. House in quiet setting, approx. equal distance btwn. Rehoboth & Lewes w/ easy access to beach & outlet shopping. rbflamingo@comcast.net.


mUST See eXperienCe located near Univ. of MD. many amenities, house privileges included. Fully furnished home a2 rooms available. Call KJ 240-604-3843. VieWS Of The National Park. Handcrafted log & cedar home on 17.5 acres. Stocked pond. 1,800’ of frontage on Gooney Run Creek. Located in the quaint village of Browntown. $499,900. Karen Fried. www.karenfried.com. (540) 465-3771 ext 207.

GeOrGeTOWn mOVinG STOrAGe CO. - excellent Local movers - Licensed, insured, BBB A+ Get free estimates (202)536-3868. www.Georgetownmoving.com JOhn henry mOVerS Since 1990, the area’s favorite gay owned crew. Expert packing, pianos. Experienced, equipped & punctual as hell. Cheapskates love us! 703-597-5561 GULLiVer’S mOVerS – SWifT & gentle relocations. Packing, pianos, antiques. Local & long distance 202-483-9579. www.gulliversmovers.com. We Recycle & Donate. Call Anthony 202 635-7860. GreAT SCOTT mOVinG INC. Local & Long Distance, Pianos! Call us For a Great Move at a Great Price (301) 6992066. Highly rated in Consumer Check Book, Better Business Bureau, Yelp & Angie’s List.

fALLS ChUrCh 2 young men looking to share 3 BR apt. $500+1/3 utils. Contact Wilton 571-357-9151 or Gram 703-398-3736.

dUpOnT CirCLe OffiCe Space. Available immediately. Approximately 1,300 square feet. Can accommodate 6-10 staffers. monthly rent $4,600 per month. Sale price $877,500. furniture available. JConnelly@LpC.com LpC Commercial Services inc.

GiL pAinTinG COmpAny INC. 18 Years Of Experience! Bonded, Licensed & Insured. Interior/Exterior Painting. Plaster & Dry Wall. Power Washing. Carpentry. Roofing & Remodeling. www.Gilpainting. Com. Walter (301) 370-9940 Gilpainting@Comcast.Net.

dUpOnT, BeAUTifUL remOdeLed Studio Available Immediately, $1,700./ month Must See !!! Secure Building. On Site Laundry, Bike Room , Storage Gorgeous Roof Deck No Pets. No Smoking Shown by Appointment Email for Pictures Contact: agmosk@gmail.com



60 • JANUARY 27, 2012



We’re looking for HIV-negative men who men and transwomen who men, 18-50 years old, for an HIV vaccine study. You cannot get HIV from the vaccine. You will be paid for your time.


scan code to see if you qualify


t Try i E!* FRE

PFLAG promotes the equality and well-being of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered persons, their families and friends through:
• Support to cope with an adverse society. • Education to enlighten an ill-informed public. • Advocacy to end discrimination and secure equal civil rights.

E FRE Listen to

Trained facilitators lead the Arlington Support Group and confidentiality is maintained. For further information about the Arlington Support Group, contact us at arl.pflag@gmail.com. Our groups meet on the second Sunday of each month, from 3 – 4:30pm at the Unitarian Universalist Church in Arlington, at George Mason Drive & Route 50. A.L.Y. is a group for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered, and Questioning Youth and Allies in grades 7-12. Our goal is to give LGBTQ youth a safe place to gather. Trained facilitators lead the youth group. Confidentiality maintained. For more info, contact: aly.pflagdc@gmail.com. Our Washington DC Chapter of PFLAG may be reached at 202-638-3852.

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(202 ) 822.1666

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More local numbers: 1.800.777.8000 / 18+ Ahora en Español / www.interactivemale.com


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NEVER HIRED BEFORE? Get tips for a good experience here: http:// beforeyoucome.blogspot.com.

DAVID EROTIC MASSAGE by certified therapist. Deep tissue also available. On table. Handsome man with class. Thank you for your repeat business. Days & evenings. Easy parking or metro. Call 202-421-8900. HOT LATINO with a special touch. 32 yo, 5’ 9”, 165 lbs, Offering full body release in a private atmosphere. In/out. Parking Available, hotels welcome, Silver Spring/DC area, 24/7. 240-462-8669 brazilusa50@yahoo.com. BLONDE GI 6’ 0” , 165 lbs, Good looking, athletic, well-endowed. Sensual Massage & More. Eli (703) 599-2668.


A quality massage by a nationally certified, Irish/Italian US Navy Swimmer/Gymnast. Exceptional deep tissue & sensual bodywork for total stress relief in private studio. (Shower & parking available, Metro 2.5 blocks) Call Erik 202-544-7905. for one of the best. In calls only.

MASSAGE SILVER SPRING Spanish/ Irish, 160 lbs, 5’10” great shape, beach tan, strong soothing hands. Full-body erotic experience, masculine energy. Stress release. Comfortable studio, private home. $70/hr. Days/evenings, metro. BRUNO (301) 580-2716. EROTIC SWEDISH MASSAGE - healthy clean cut guy, 6’1”, 160 lbs, Dupont Circle, massage table, noon to 1:00 a.m., indulge your body. $70 for 1 hour. Bill 202-728-0238. AFFORDABLE MASSAGE BY friendly & intuitive Latin male, in relaxing, priv. studio just 15 min from DC in Arlington. Plenty of Parking same day appts, (703)401-9093. or a2006mx@yahoo.com. THE MAGIC TOUCH: Swedish, Massage or Deep Tissue. Appts 202-486-6183, Low Rates, 24/7. BLACK TOP 8” cut. Nude Erotic Massage. Great Hands & Body. Call 202-210-8397.

Use yoUr smartphone. and try this gUy.
“Without a doubt, the best escort I’ve ever seen.”


ALL-AMERICAN BOY 5’9, 138 lbs, 29w. Very cute & clean-cut, w/a smooth lean build. Affectionate & versatile, loves older guys. HotDCkid@gmail.com. 703-568-1560.

6’2” 205 lbs 48” chest 18” biceps (910) 603-6603 www.thebodyworker.net
XXX DVDS NO computer necessary! BRITISH MASSAGE THERAPIST Get DVD’s the old fashion way, by mail @ Dupont medical building order. FREE XXXDVD catalog 1-800Offering early morning 722-4336 - Mention Blade, get $10 massage special coupon. RADVideo.com. $60.00 for 1hr mon/fri 8am-11:30am ADVE RT I S I N G Evenings & weekends ISSUE DATE: 01.27.12 SALES REPRESENTATIVE: PHIL ROCKSTROH (prockstroh@washblade.com) also available. Peter 202-468-4325 REVIEW AD FOR DESIGN ACCURACY. Revisions must submitted within 24 hours of date of hightouchpeter@aol.com. Proof will be COPY ANDfinal and will be submitted for publicationbe revision is not submitted withinthe hours of proof. considered if 24

ENASARIS 5’ 11”, 155LBS, 30yo, 9X6, Versatile Top 202.271.0440. M2M SENSUAL MASSAGE BY LATINO, 42, in-shape, shaved head. OUT CALLS ONLY! 202-276-9272. PROOF#2






the date of proof. Revisions will not be accepted after 12:01 pm wednesday, the week of publication.Brown naff pitts omnimedia llc (dba the washington blade) is not responsible for the content and/or design of your ad. Advertiser is responsible for any legal liability arising out of or relating to the advertisement, and/or any material to which users can link through the advertisement. Advertiser represents that its advertisement will not violate any criminal laws or any rgihts of third parties, including, but not limited to, such violations as infringement or misapporpriation of any copyright, patent, trademark, trade secret, music, image, or other proprietary or propety right, false advertising, unfair competition, defamation, invasion of privacy or rights of celebrity, violation of anti-discrimination law or regulation, or any other right of any person or entity. Advertiser agrees to idemnify brown naff pitts omnimedia llc (dba the washington blade) and to hold brown naff pitts omnimedia llc (dba the washington blade) harmless from any and all liability, loss, damages, claims, or causes of action, including reasonable legal fees and expenses that may be incurred by brown naff pitts omnimedia llc, arising out of or related to advertiser’s breach of any of the foregoing representations and warranties.

GET HIM ON the line! Try FREE! Call 202-448-0112. Or 800-777-8000. InteractiveMale.com


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