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Kids nowadays are addicted to gaming and not realizing the mental and physical damages excessive gaming can cause (Rehbein F, Kleimann M
& Mössle T, June 2010). To fight the increasing number of gaming addictions, we have come up with the product WorknPlay. WorknPlay will
aim to balance kids’ time spent between gaming and on their education in hopes of reducing gaming addiction and improving their overall
academic performance at the same time.


3.1 Vision
To create an effective and cheap solution that will guide the human race into the right direction in the future, where gaming addictions do not
affect future generations and proper education is provided for all.
3.2 Industry Analysis: Educational software industry
Educational software industry is the industry that provides teaching or self learning services through the use of software, and it is primarily the
learning management system area of the educational software industry.

Force: High/Low: Justification:
Buyer power: Low The buyer power of the educational software
industry is low as the current software are aimed
to market to the service providers of educational
aids. WorknPlay is aimed to sell to households for

private usage, therefore our target market has
only a few products if not only WorknPlay
available for their purchase.
Supplier power: Low The supplier power of the educational software
industry is low (Kjpatel9, 2010), as there are many
software engineering services available to provide
us the software we aim to make.
Threat of new entrants: High The threat of new entrants is high for the
educational software industry (Kjpatel9, 2010) as
the cost of engineering a software is low, while
the design of our product WorknPlay can be
relatively easily replicated.
Threat of substitutes: Low The threat of substitutes for educational software
like WorknPlay is low (Kjpatel9, 2010). This is as
there are no other means of monitoring and
balancing the work-time and playtime of kids as

effectively and thoroughly as WorknPlay.
Rivalry among existing
Low The industry currently has only two known
companies who provide the same service,
AskMeSoft and timesupkidz. AskMeSoft is a small
company who has discontinued their
development on their educational software
(AskMeSoft, 2007). While the Timesupkidz has
not expanded in the past few years of operation
despite the lack of competitors, therefore they
provide a low level of threat for the existing
educational software industry.
Overall attractiveness of the industry: The educational software industry is fairly attractive as four out of five porter’s five forces indicates the
industry to be.
3.3 Customers and Thei r Needs
Our target market is the parents with young kids with gaming addictions or the potential of getting addicted to gaming in the future. They are
in need of a software that will limit their kids playtime efficiently while keeping their kids productive. This is as there are declining high school

graduation rates in the recent years (James J. Heckman & Paul A. LaFontaine, 2008), and rising number of gaming related health issues (Tazawa
Y & Okada K, December 2001).
3.4 The Product and Service
WorknPlay will function to decrease the amount of time spent on playing games for kids, while using those time to instead educate the kids.
WorknPlay allows the parents to set a certain amount of tasks for the kids to perform that will allow them to earn for playtime, therefore the
parents can use this function to set educational topics for the kids to learn. This will help improve the declining graduation rates, while at the
same time the amount of time the kids are doing work and not playing will reduce the occurrence of gaming related health problems.
3.5 Suppliers and Partners
Our potential suppliers are Oxagile and MentorMate, Oxagile is a software engineering company while MentorMate is a mobile apps
development company. We are likely to have Oxagile engineer WorknPlay as they have had previous experiences with developing e-learning
programs (Oxagile, 2014), their previous experiences will be able to help us integrate our idea into a realistic program that will function to our
best interests.
With MentorMate, we are hoping to bring our user interface onto the mobile devices as our company grows. With MentorMate’s specialty in
designing easy to use interfaces, it would allow our customers to fully utilize WorknPlay as they go about doing other things in their lives
elsewhere without having access to the program on the computer.

Our potential partners are Kaplan and McGrawHill Education. Kaplan specialize in elementary school and below level education, while
McGrawHill Education is a book publishing company. Both of which have experiences in the digital side of operation, and we hope to partner
up with them as they will expand our reach to customers while also giving us more resources to work with.
3.6 Strategy: Cost-leadership
WorknPlay is designed to support all types of learning as the subject of leaning is customizable, therefore it is a broad market product aimed at
anyone who wishes to enrich their children’s learning experiences, or just simply wishes to control their children’s playtime.
WorknPlay will approach a low cost strategy as we are aiming to sell to households of all income groups. With a low cost pricing we will be able
to obtain a larger consumer base, and we are able to sustain the low cost due to a low supplier power in the industry.
The overall strategy is therefore Cost-leadership
3.7 Value Chain Activity: Service after the sal e
Service after the sale is the most important value chain activity as if we are able to provide a good service after sale experience we will not only
keep our customers happy, but we will also be able to use their opinions and feedback to further improve both WorknPlay’s effectiveness in
curing gaming addictions and its assistance in learning.
3.8 Busi ness Processes
3.8. 1. CUSTOMER FEEDBACK PROCESS – To ensure that our customers are getting the best experience and that WorknPlay is performing at its
utmost potential, the customer feedback process is invaluable as it allows us to have an understanding from the customers’ point of view of

how to improve WorknPlay to do so. When customers have inquiries we will store their inquiries into the database for future references, if the
inquiry is related to WorknPlay’s functions we will provide immediate support to resolve the problem. After the problem is solved we will get
further feedback from customers for future references on our customer support, all to ensure a good customer experience for our customers.


3.8. 2. SOFTWARE UPDATE PROCESS – Software update process will be a crucial process for us to ensure our service after sale is being performed
at the highest quality standard by ensuring our customers the highest quality product. The process starts off by processing through the
database and then determining whether or not they are useful data, the useful data are categorized and once again evaluated to determine
their feasibility. After these steps, the unfeasible data will be deleted and a future update list will be generated awaiting to be applied to
WorknPlay at a later date.


3.9 Functionalities
 Processing and determining data usefulness
 Categorizing data and transforming them into information
 Analyzing information and create future update plans
 Store suggestions for improvement of WorknPlay
 Check if customers’ problems are attended to
 Provide customer support
3.10 Systems

3.10.1. DATA ANALYZING SYSTEM – The data analyzing system will allow us to process our database more efficiently by prioritizing
inquiries based on their importance and also identifying useful data, which will guide us towards our vision of providing a cure to gaming
addictions and proper education to all.
3.10.2. PRODUCT IMPROVEMENT SYSTEM - To be able to act on our vision of providing a proper education to all, we must ensure that
WorknPlay is performing at the desired level where it is able to assist users in learning. Therefore the product improvement system is essential
as it gives us an understanding of how the product is currently performing in the eyes of the customers, and it will allows us to update and
improve WorknPlay to the standards of our customers.


3.10.2. CUSTOMER SUPPORT SYSTEM – Our vision to create an effective and cheap solution for gaming addiction requires cooperation from
our customers, as their experience is what determines the success of WorknPlay. The customer support system will allow us to assist our
customers with their usage of WorknPlay, hence guaranteeing the quality experience with WorknPlay for our customers and proving its
effectiveness in curing gaming addiction.

3.11. Summary Table: Value Chain to Systems

Value Chain
Processes Functionalities Specific Information
Broad Information

after the
1. Processing and determining data
2. Categorizing data and transforming them
into information
3. Analyzing information and create future

Data analyzing system

Action planning system

Product improvement system

Enterprise resource

Decision support system

1. Store suggestions for improvement of
product in the future
2. Check if customers’ problems are attended
3. Provide customer support
Data storing system

Customer support system
Customer relationship

Enterprise resource


The current educational software industry lacks an effective educational software that is
suitable for all ages, while being affordable and accessible to all income groups. We believe
that WorknPlay will be the one program to achieve that, and that it will both help the future
generations learn and keep them happy at the same time. For our company to succeed we
will incorporate a number of information systems such as customer relationship
management and enterprise resource planning, as they will help us work towards the goal
both more efficiently and effectively.

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