Course Design Document – English for Specific

Instructor: Hisbulloh Arif (120401090131)
English Education Department
Kanjuruhan University of Malang

Course Description

This course is designed both for learners who are preparing for their careers in security,
hospital security, hotel security, etc. Working as security on the hospital and hotel you will find
many types of guests or visitors. While you are working many guests will speak English, so that
security needs to learn English language. Whether security’s job are made their area conducive
and help the peoples, English language can make security’s job easier because guests from other
country usually speak in English. The focus of the course’s approach is a communicative
approach which involves English skills such listening, speaking, reading, and writing, but in this
course emphasizes in speaking skill. The number of the meeting in this course is 16 meetings
which are divided 3 meetings each week with duration 90 minutes per meeting at 07.00 p.m.
until 08.30 p.m. These course will begin on January 6
until February 10

1. Learners
The learners who will study in this course are:
1. Hospital Security
2. Hotel Security
3. People who want to work as a security

2. Taking Place:
a. Meeting
The number of the meeting in this course is 16 meetings. On a week there are 3
meetings of the teaching and learning process.
b. Day
The days of learning process are on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
c. Time
The time of teaching and learning process is at 07.00 p.m. – 08.30 p.m.
d. Duration
The duration of this course is 90 minutes each meeting.

3. Content
Course Agenda
Meeting Date Day Unit : Topic/Material - Activity
1 Jan, 6
Mon - Introduction to the course
- What is English for Security?
- Course Outline

2 Jan, 8
Wed Unit 1: Greeting and Introduce Themselves
1. Speaking:
- Greeting: Hello! Good morning!
- Welcoming: Welcome to Pelangi Hotel!
- Introduce themselves: My name is
2. Structure:
- Simple present tense.
3. Vocabulary:
- Telling the time.

3 Jan, 10
Fri Unit 2: Introduce Other People's and
Offering help
1. Speaking:
- Introduce other peoples: Her name is
- Offering help: What can I do for you?
2. Structure:
- To be and question form
- Simple sentence
3. Vocabulary:
- Adjectives: The nature of person
- Nouns: Jobs

4 Jan, 13
Mon Unit 3: Describing Room
1. Speaking:
- Describing room: This is pharmacy and
you can buy medicine here.
- Thanking: Thank you.
2. Structure:
- Article: a, an, and the
- Demonstrative pronoun: this, that,
these, those.
3. Vocabulary:
- Nouns: Rooms
5 Jan, 15
Wed Unit 4: Asking and Giving Direction
1. Speaking:
- Asking direction: Could you tell me
where is toilet?
- Giving direction: Go straight on and
keep walking about 20m then you will
find crossroad and turn left.
- Saying don’t understand: I’m sorry, I
don’t understand.
2. Vocabulary:
- Direction
- Compass

6 Jan, 17
Fri Unit 5: Suitcase Checking
1. Speaking:
- Asking about possession: Is it your
- Checking information: Is that right?
- Asking about suitcase: What is in the
2. Structure:
- Possessive pronoun: my, mine and your.
- Answering yes or no question: yes I do
/ No I don’t.
- Personal pronoun
3. Vocabulary:
- Verbs
- Nouns

7 Jan, 20
Mon Unit 6: Check Log
1. Speaking:
- Asking the worker to check log his ID:
Have you check log your ID?
- Reprimanding: You are late!
- Making a suggestion: You should come
2. Structure:
- Conditional sentence.
3. Vocabulary:
- Nouns
- Verbs (Present participle)

8 Jan, 22
Wed TEST 1
Materials: Vocabulary, grammar, and
giving direction.

9 Jan, 24
Fri Unit 7: How to be a Good Security
1. Reading:
- Reading text: How to be a good
2. Writing:
- Making summary: How to be a good
security text
3. Vocabulary:
- Find some difficult word from How to
be a good security text.

10 Jan, 27
Mon Unit 8: Drill Commands
1. Speaking:
- Giving command: Dress right, dress!
Present arm!
- Respond command: Sir, yes sir!
2. Structure:
- Imperative sentences
Let’s + not +verb
Don’t + let + obj + verb
Polite imperative
3. Vocabulary:
- Verb

11 Jan, 29
Wed Unit 9: Interrogate Criminal People
1. Speaking:
- Asking name: What is your name?
- Interrogate pickpocket: What did you
do just now?
2. Structure:
- Simple past tense
3. Vocabulary:
- Verb 2
- Nouns

12 Jan, 31
Fri Unit 10: Make a Telephone Call
1. Speaking:
- Opening a telephone call: Good
morning, is police office?
- Asking the caller: Who is in other
- Asking the content: What’s up? What
happened sir?
2. Listening:
- Listening a telephone conversation.
3. Vocabulary:
- Verbs
- Nouns

13 Feb, 3
Mon Unit 11: Solving Problem
1. Speaking:
- Asking problem: What’s going on?
- Solving problem: Calm down please!
You may disturb others
2. Structure:
- Present continuous tense
3. Vocabulary:
- Verb-ing

14 Feb, 5
Wed Unit 12: Job Application Letter
1. Writing:
- Writing job application letter
- Writing curriculum vitae

15 Feb, 7
Fri Unit 13: Job Interview
1. Speaking:
- Job interview simulation
16 Feb, 10
Mon TEST 2
Materials: Vocabulary, grammar, and