Eigo Enshu Ted Talk: February 23, 2017

Name: Kanon Minagawa

Topic: Crying from movies

Scoring out of 5= 5: Excellent 4:Very Good 3:Good 2:OK 1:Needs Improvement


Opener (first 30 seconds): Grabs audience’s attention with a story, question, etc. (topic is not clear) 3 /5
You should focus less on telling the movie’s story, and more on your own
emotional reaction

Body (middle 60 seconds): Information is clear, focused, and interesting 4 /5
Good examination of emotional response, but I’d like to see more examples and
Closer (last 30 seconds): wrap up and state your main idea clearly and inspirationally 4 /5
**give us something to think about or some action to take
good advice, but the idea of “emitting emotions” was not explained enough—
give more info
Vocabulary Usage: Simple, natural, easy to understand. If difficult words are used, the speaker explains them 4 /5
Some words merit explanation or examples

Grammar: Grammar is correct, simple & clear 4 /5
A few of your sentences were too long—break them into shorter pieces for us
Voice Inflection: clear emotion, strong intonation, charisma 3 /5
Your energy was a bit low—if you practice and memorize more thoroughly, you
can engage
Gestures/Eye Contact/Posture: connecting to audience 4 /5
Good natural gestures

ELI5: Speaker’s speech is easy to understand, speaking slowly, small pauses between phrases 4 /5
Not bad—just simplify a few of your sentences/vocabulary
Memorized: Speaker doesn't use notes, speaks with confidence and memorization is complete 7 /10
More practice—your stumbles made your speech more difficult to understand

Time: 4:40 Total speaking score: 37 /50
Total writing score: 50 /50

Your speech has great promise—it just needs a little editing, and some more practice.
If you were to fix a few of the minor issues with it and practice for another week, it
would be a fantastic TED talk! The benefits of crying/emoting from books/movies/etc.
seems like something many students would be interested to know about. Keep
practicing your English speaking skills. They will serve you well in the future!